October 16, 2006

You sexy motherfucker...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is the man who would be Senator. Specifically, the man who would be Senator from District 14. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Robert 'Rock' Howard Jr., or as we at McBlogger have started calling him, The New Hawtness.

This sexy beast is the Libertarian candidate in the race for SD14. Against Kirk Watson. Why?

But if politics provided the spark to get him into the race, a longstanding grudge against Watson over Liberty Lunch cinched the run.

"I moved to Austin in 1989 for two reasons: high tech and to put together a band and play at Liberty Lunch. Watson killed my second goal (by tearing down Liberty Lunch as part of the Smart Growth development initiatives in the downtown) and I have never forgiven him for that."

Don't you totally think of a guy who looks like The New Hawtness when trying to picture a rock star in your mind? Yeah, Watson was the one who ended your dream. In a town where any dive bar will let you play as long as you don't piss people off. Right. And you were sooo going to play Liberty Lunch, TNH.

TNH became a Libertarian because of sobriety checkpoints. He hates them. So do we. However, just because we agree on that doesn't mean we want you to be our Senator. Dude, that's a real job...

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