June 27, 2008

McBlogger does... Haiku

See if you can guess, from the following, what's going on in my life...


checkcard, spoofed. Again
stolen numbers must pay well
thieves are cocksuckers

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May 15, 2008

Are you serious...

When will these people STOP?

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May 14, 2008

A minor request : Part 10089

Would someone please put Adam Sandler and Mike Myers out of the universe's misery? Both have summer movies coming out that make it pretty clear that both are fighting one another to become the next Jerry Lewis. Why we'd need another isn't nearly as clear.

So, yeah, if someone would help me out with this it would be great.

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November 09, 2007

You'll have to excuse me for a second...

I'm going to have to step away from the blog for just a minute as I've been overcome with a mixture of anger and frustration. I was already having issues due to the fact that I want to see No Country For Old Men this weekend and I don't live in NYC, Toronto or LA.

And, just as that disappointment reached it's apex, I read this weeks Watson Wire. The sheer inanity has really unbalanced me and I'm going to need a break. I'll probably have a drink and a cigarette. Maybe listen to some relaxing music. You should, too.

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October 11, 2007

Draw your own conclusions...

Naomi Klein has written a thoroughgoing indictment of Milton Friedman and his Chicago School of economic theory which is functionally supply-side with a penchant for what Friedman called 'economic shock treatment'. Basically, you create the conditions that allow the economy to get sooo bad that the people will accept a change, any change, that promises to fix the problems. In theory, it should expand services and create wealth across every economic level. In practice, it creates massive stratification and does little to fix or create critical services. It also makes everyone not already wealthy destitute...

Klein argues that Friedmanian free market rules do exactly what they were designed to do: they don’t create a perfectly harmonious economy, complete with the much-lauded “trickle-down” effect, but rather, turn the already wealthy into the super-rich and the organized working class into the disposable poor. Further, she describes these orchestrated raids on the public sphere in the wake of catastrophic events, like war, as exciting marketing opportunities or “disaster capitalism.”

So, why even mention this? Simple. This is about to happen to us and you might as well be prepared for it. Since the supply-side revolution Reagan ushered in more than 26 years ago, we've seen economic stratification climb to alarming levels not seen since the Gilded Age. Despite the fact that it doesn't really help anyone other than those already rich.

Which brings us to the tax issue we mentioned yesterday. The supply siders will tell you that cutting taxes will increase economic growth and create surplus revenues. That's actually not true since it's dependent on the Laffer Curve and even it is subject to the law of diminishing returns. What's needed is a balance in marginal tax rates and efficient use of the money by the government, not endless deficits, mounting debt and low taxes for the already rich. That and the fact that tax policy has less of an impact on business conditions than interest rates.

Think, for a second, about our crumbling infrastructure, our rising deficit, underfunded entitlement programs... it's all leading up to a situation in which things will spin violently out of the control. Of course, when that happens, then we'll be ready for shock treatment.

Think it can't happen here? Cause a massive economic disruption in the US and people will accept anything that will fix it.

They elected Reagan, didn't they? Think of that as a dry run.

One other note about investments and taxes... I'm a HUGE fan of massive capital gains taxes, especially on gains realized in less than two years. Why? Because I hate traders and speculators. I'm a long term investor...THAT more than anything done by private equity companies actually provides long term stability and growth in businesses. It also stabilizes the retirements of hundreds of millions of people.

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June 06, 2007

Fear and loathing (mostly loathing) in Grapevine

I'm in lovely Grapevine tonight. Seriously, it's lovely. No, really. I love the DFW mid-cities. They rock. Damn y'all, I'm really becoming an Austin snob, aren't I? Well, fuck it. It's not my fault y'all don't live in Austin.

I'm at some stupid hotel called the Gaylord Texan (laugh it up Kroc and McSleaze). What's funnier than the name?


No, I'm not kidding. The bitches have a nice little placard on the night stand that has some random bullshit about the hotel being a non-smoking environment and that guests will be charged $250 for smoking in the room. Do the windows open? Nope. Sealed fucking shut, kinda like Libby's sphincter right about now. I have to get on the elevator and go the hell outside. I'm not pleased. And it's creeping me the fuck out because it seriously reminds me of the Overlook Hotel in the original Shining.

If you read the comments in my post about the trip to Houston earlier this week, you know I don't have a picture ID at the moment (thus, my trip up the 35). This is mentioned to preface my oh-so-hilarious check in story in which Mr. Takes-His-Clerk-Job-Way-Too-Seriously at the front desk PUT ME THROUGH THE WRINGER about not having a picture ID. From my POV... I'm paying and have a credit card the name on which is matched by my paper temporary. Charge it up and let me into my room, cunthair. From his POV, 'I need to ask a manager about this'. Sure, pal, go ask your manager who right about now is finishing off his eighth Jack and Coke while watching Japanese scat. Your dumbass is worried about my ID being a paper temporary? His job would be a lot easier if he didn't try to think.

And with that, I go now to pollute the air in Grapevine with all my horrible cigarette smoke.

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June 05, 2007

I'm traveling...

I'm in Houston tonight, then on to Dallas. I'm not happy. I had dinner at some awful place called Massa's in Houston (REPULSIVE) and am staying at what has to be the shittiest Hyatt Hotel in the entire chain (yes, Sister Ruth... it's the same one from the TDP convention in 2004). This shitbox hotel only has wireless through T-Mobile. They also have wired but when I called down to inquire as to the location of the Cat 5 plug, the asshat who answered asked 'What's Cat 5?'

I now have an account with T-Mobile. Yay.

To top it all off, my smoking room doesn't have a fucking ashtray. So, I'm improvising with a soapdish. At $300 per night, natch.

To my peeps in Houston Metro (Hey Y'all!) I can only say don't get mad at me for not calling. Honestly. You sooo wouldn't want to be around unhappy McBlogger right now. Remember the good times... I know I certainly will. I don't want to find myself hating on Houston where I've had some DAMN good times (Hey Muse!)

The Mayor will be entertaining you during my inevitable absences. In the meantime, for the Houstonians, please tell me what the fuck is the problem with the 10? It took me AN HOUR to get from Hwy 6 into downtown. Are people in Katy just stupid or what?

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May 27, 2007

Mass. Senator wants to steal childhood

I just can't believe this...

A state senator is taking aim at a childhood food staple: Fluff.

Sen. Jarrett Barrios was so outraged his son Nathaniel, a third-grader, was given a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich at the King Open School in Cambridge, he said he plans to file legislation to outlaw the marshmallow spread in school lunch programs.

"A Fluff sandwich as the main course of a nutritious lunch just doesn't fly in 2006," Barrios said. "It seems a little silly to have an amendment on Fluff, but it's called for by the silliness of schools offering this as a healthy alternative in the first place."

Barrios said he will offer an amendment to a junk-food bill that would severely limit the serving in schools of marshmallow spreads such as Marshmallow Fluff, concocted by a Massachusetts man before World War I and which still is made by a family owned business in Lynn.

Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter sandwiches -- known as Fluffernutters -- have long been a favorite of New England kids.

"I've been eating Fluff nearly my entire life," said Don Durkee, 80, whose family started the company that makes Fluff in 1920. "The irony of this is Marshmallow Fluff happened to be invented in Somerville, Barrios's home district."

This is like that bitch Combs trying to ban PB&J from schools. Or was it cupcakes? I forget... ANYWAY, marshmallow fluff is one of the few purely American foods. Hating it is like hating America. And the troops. And flag. And your grandma. It deserves better than to have some overzealous douche of a Senator running it down. It should be respected, admired even.

And don't tell me about nutrition, asshat. There are carbs AND protein AND fats in a fluffernutter sandwich. EVERYTHING a growing child needs to be among the first picked on the playground when it's time to divide up and play kickball. Seriously, if your kid ain't eating fluffernutters, he may as well be the dork kid that always gets picked last. And you know what happens to that guy.

You may remember that a fluffernutter sandwich endorsed TDP Chair Boyd Richie last year. Need we say more?

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May 15, 2007

Wiretapping the internets... now even easier!

Monday was the deadline for ISP's to install equipment to make it easier for the FBI to set up wiretaps. Which is good because you never know when godless terrorists will be using some random blog to plot the downfall of Republicans America.

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May 12, 2007

Assraped by the florist

I'm standing in a florists shop. It's the third one I've been in today. The last one took me for $43. This one... She looks greedy as fucking hell.

Saturday mornings are meant for sleep. Unless you go to see your parents and your father is a dumbass who forgot to order flowers for the mothers with whom we'll be having lunch tomorrow. Then left you and your Visa in charge (pardon the pun) of procuring flowers.

You suck, Dad!

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Assraped by the florist

I'm standing in a florists shop. It's the third one I've been in today. The last one took me for $43. This one... She looks greedy as fucking hell.

Saturday mornings are meant for sleep. Unless you go to see your parents and your father is a dumbass who forgot to order flowers for the mothers with whom we'll be having lunch tomorrow. Then left you and your Visa in charge (pardon the pun) of procuring flowers.

You suck, Dad!

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May 08, 2007

A word on comments

OK, y'all...the introduction of TypeKey was supposed to automate a lot of the process. However, it's not... if it's your first time posting, you're getting trapped in the junk queue. I'm clearing y'all out about once a day so don't get pissy if you comment doesn't instantly appear. Once I clear it out I also put you as trusted and you'll not have that problem again.

No, I'm not afraid of what you might say. I have the mouth of a longshoreman. You guys are mostly sugar lipped compared to me.

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March 25, 2007

Recovery is kind of a mess...

You've probably noticed that we've not been too active today. It's because we're all feeling like shit, at least I am... the trip to Vegas wiped me out and since I returned I've been dealing with some personal issues. All I can say about that is that emotions are bitch and it's never easy when someone shits all over you.

To all the players out there, I salute you. May you find something that makes you happy so you'll stop fucking with the rest of us. God knows we're all sick to death of your sociopathic bullshit.

That aside, The Mayor informs me that we've not been nearly mean enough to Cornyn. Look for that to change rapidly. Also, expect more on the tolls and vouchers as things move forward in the Lege. FloShap is still pimping her jackass bill, using autistic kids and this families as a shield from negative PR.

Needless to say, the bullshit is flowing freely from the Lege and we're back in town. A little angry and a whole lot sad but we're back. And loaded for bear.

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March 22, 2007

A few notes from the road...

So, I'm here. Finally and only after a very rough flight courtesy of the aforementioned American Airlines. The hotel is nice, much nicer than the Minnesota trip (not to mention the OC trip which shall be forever known as the trip to hell).

  • I got a sandwich at the Schlotzsky's in Bergstrom. Question: Am I the only one who thinks they are skimping on meat? I mean really, calling what I ate a turkey club is laughable. It would kill them to give me some bacon?
  • On the flight from Austin, about three minutes after asking us to turn off our mobiles, as the bitch stewardess walks past the guy in a row in front of me, his phone goes off. She stops, turns, looks directly at him and if beams could shoot out of her eyes fucker would have been dead in seconds. The looks made me laugh and she looked back at me fr a split second. The really funny thing? He worked for American(I saw his badge)
  • My final destination on this trip is a well known resort spot. As we were taxiing from the gate at DFW they played the in flight safety bullshit on those drop down LCDs. When they descended from the overhead bins, everyone around me cooed and awed. No shit. Welcome to fucking dogpatch
  • The hotel I'm staying in has an assortment of things available for sale on the dresser under the flat panel TV. The most expensive item? The 'Intimacy Kit' which I'm assuming is a condom and some lube for $25. There is a 375ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot for $55 in the fridge. Damn good thing I don't like champagne.
  • Having fun. Now, I'm going to bed. Have a goodun!

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    March 21, 2007

    I'm out...

    I'm on my way to a super fun corporate meeting so blogging is going to be a little tough. The Mayor will be posting for your pleasure as I sit through meeting after meeting, occasionally managing to squeeze something out on my BlackBerry. The one bright spot? Watching some of the mooks I work with slobbering over themselves at the prospect of face time with the VP's and hitting on skanks in the hotel bar.

    Yes, I'll be drinking. A lot.

    A word of advice... don't piss off McSleaze. He's wicked mean, drunk or sober, and would just as soon punch you in the gut as look at you. Then he'd put your kids to work in his sweatshop.

    And you bitches thought I was the mean one?

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    January 12, 2007

    Fun and excitement... in your very own house!

    It's Friday night and I'm working... no joke, I'm actually sitting here underwriting on one computer while I blog on another. Talladega Nights is playing. My God, this is not the way life should be.

    I once had a life. I used to go out. Now I sit on my ass and back check documentation to make sure it matches LP findings. For those of you out doing amazing, fun things with amazing, fun people (and, hopefully, doing those same people), just one thing: I hate all of you.

    Not really, I'm just jealous. Like the kid with mono looking out the window at other kids playing.

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    January 10, 2007

    Girl... I needs some help!

    As many of you know, when it comes to highly technical things I am a tard. I can calculate the note rate off an APR, but I can't make things work on this blog. In fact, the only reason things DO work on this blog is because Mike Nicholson, truly a prince among men, has taken the time to help make them work.

    At least when it comes to design. For all the backend operations, I'm SOL.

    I'm restoring comments and pulling TypeKey for now since I obvs don't know how to install it. Annatopia has graciously volunteered to help with that and a WYSIWYG editor for entries (yeah, we've been coding the HTML and yes, it does suck ass). I think she only wants my first born which is totally cool since I didn't plan on keeping #1 anyway.

    For now, comment away, sellers of Viagra and Phentermine.

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    January 06, 2007

    Comments are fucked up...

    Yesterday afternoon I noticed the blog was running at close to 25k comments in junk, and over 9k in the general. So, I disabled it and have activated TypeKey. However, it's not working so I'm top posting a comment we received earlier today regarding the Speaker's race in the supersize. It's a point counterpoint regarding the excuses given by Democrats for supporting CradDICK.

    Ok, but aren't the spots on Appropriations coveted for the value they provide the constituents of a district, too? Is it not a great service to the east side of Austin to have a member sitting on Appropriations? These chairmanships and apps. seats aren't just a popularity contest. The members develop influence and knowledge that can help their districts, while also serving the more "altruistic" purpose of monitoring/developing a state budget.

    It just seems completely strange that you're casting disparagement on members for that reason- everyone knows a committee appointment means something for the members' constituents.

    If you believe, on the other hand, that all Democrats should vote as a bloc for a speaker they believe will better serve Texas, it seems like a more debatable point. In this matter, it seems clear that this race is more about reducing the powers of the Speaker and less about the personalities of the candidates-- the same charges of "strong arming" existed under Laney, it's just that you probably didn't notice it because your party was in the majority.

    I think the ability for strange bedfellows to mix it up and overcome an incumbent speaker to be a very healthy exercise. But it is troublesome to observe falsehoods, like an Appropriations seat being irrelevant to a member's district, being used to attack a member-- it stops the debate completely and forces everyone to huddle in the fringes developing a defense. Dukes is a Democrat serving in a highly coveted seat on Appropriations under the opposing party's leadership, and Central Texas is better served. Surely you can acknowledge it.

    (By the way, I hardly know her, and I don't know you at all.. I just read your blog from time to time and have often thought you were reasonable.)

    I see what you're saying and I think I might understand your confusion. The community is not benefiting from Dukes' spot on Appropriations. Central Texas is not better for her being in that spot. If anything, it's given some of the more disastrous things the Republicans have done a thin veil of bipartisanship.

    In my profession, it's a bad bargain that doesn't benefit all parties. I'm reasonable, but I'm not stupid. I realize when I'm dealing with someone who is thoroughly uncompromising that I am wasting my time. I'm dealing with someone who's self-serving and working with them is wholly impossible. CradDICK is such a person. He consistently screws over those who have supported him. How long, for example, has he dangled that medical school carrot in front of Chavez? Meanwhile, Midland gets public funding for every little project that can be dreamed and Republicans who are liked by CradDICK get all kinds of things.

    The Democrats get meaningless titles and assignments. Consider this:

    Tom Craddick appointed me to the Appropriations subcommittee on health and human services where I’ve been able to be influential . . . especially on issues involving the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Accenture contract (with the state). Knowing that Craddick has the votes, I want to be in the position to be able to continue to fight the fight.” (source :AAS)

    She was able to do nothing for either. In fact, I'm not even sure what she 'tried' to do or what fight she was fighting. The program still got screwed and the contract was awarded.

    Dukes seems extremely bright so I have to question her motives for working with such a person. As I stated in the post, there are a ton of excuses given for voting for him. There are no reasons. There is a difference between the two.

    This is one of those times where the votes of a few Democrats will end up deciding the Speaker. It's important that they not go to someone who has shown over and over again that he puts self-interest and ideology above all else. Dukes and other CradDICK supporters need to know guilt by association is just as damning.

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    December 29, 2006

    A Dildo interviews the Photobucket TOS 'tard

    dildo.jpgThe Dildo, pissed about having to take ANOTHER picture, decided to talk to PhotoBucket about their 'Terms of Service' by interviewing the person at PhotoBucket (one Censor McCensorson ... what, you thought we'd post his/her real name?). Honestly, I thought the idea was dumber than a box of rocks but The Dildo persuaded me that it was, in fact, a fabulous idea. And by 'persuaded' I mean threatened to beat me to a point close to death, then comsmetically 'enhance' me until I looked like Dr. Hospital Bed. Not wanting to be fucking ugly, I graciously accepted The Dildo's more than reasonable proposal.

    The Interview

    D:Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I'll just go ahead an jump right in by asking you what it's like being such a douche.

    CMcC: Well, I don't think of myself as a douche-

    D: Your self image is largely irrelevant. You are, in fact, a douche. So how does that feel?

    CMcC: I'd really rather not answer that.

    D: Alright. What's it like sitting in a room being a censor?

    CMcC: I don't really think of myself as a censor. I just do my job which is to monitor pictures stored by users for violations of our Terms of Service.

    D: Do you even HAVE sex? I mean, come on... only someone pretty fucking lame and tight would have a problem with a picture of a dildo and shots of Britney's cooter. Have you ever been laid? Kissed a boy or a girl?

    CMcC: They warned me you might get a little abusive...

    D: "They" warned you? Who's "they"? As for abusive, you don't know the half of it. This is me being nice. You're lucky I haven't decided if I want to make you my bitch.

    CMcC: Whatever that means.

    D: How long have been a communist?

    CMcC: What?

    D: You heard the question...

    CMcC: I'm not a communist.

    D: Oh, I assumed you were since you have their flair for censoring the press. I noticed you also removed the image of the Todd Staples buttplug. What was wrong with that?

    CMcC: It was another picture of a sexual nature that violated our ToS.

    D: So it wasn't removed because it bore Todd Staples likeness?

    CMcC: Hell no. That guy is a douche.

    D: Well, we agree on that. Tell me what it's like to be a pedophile.

    CMcC: (clearly uncomfortable) I'm not a pedophile...

    D: Oops. My bad. That was a question for my Mark Foley interview.

    CMcC: So, are we done here?

    D: Sure, except for the part where I molest you in a number of different ways.

    CMcC: I thought you were kidding about that.

    D: So did I, but as it turns out not so much.

    At this point the interview ends except for screaming, moaning and other noises commonly heard when someone is being fucked by a giant dildo from hell. I really hope I never have to do this again.

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    December 16, 2006

    I fucking HATE HALLMARK...

    I feel like Hallmark is trying to turn me into a retard with their stupid commercials and inane musical cards. I hate the way the person who receives the card in the commercial always breaks into a 'genuine' smile when it plays a song. I can't be the only who feels this way... these cards are dumb, right?

    Who the hell buys cards anyway? My grandparents used to buy and send them without fail, every brithday, Christmas, Easter, hell, I think they even sent them out for Veteran's Day. But no one I know buys and sends cards now. Everyone I know who even bothers to send out holiday cards is sending out those obnoxious photo cards, the ones with fam in front of the fireplace with the dog. Or in the backyard. Or at Sears.

    Sorry to bug y'all with this. Just saw my third Hallmark commercial of the day and something snapped. I'm much better now. Really. Now I'm watching Cheryl Ladd as Grace Kelly. But that's another rant.

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    December 11, 2006

    Can we stop with the nutters who like to shoot people when they don't get their way?

    A guy who invented a toilet seat for trucks (like I could make it up) entered a law firm specializing in Intellectual Property and Patent law and began shooting people.

    Joe Jackson forced a security guard at gunpoint to take him up to the 38th floor offices of Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer, which specialized in intellectual property and patents. He carried a revolver, knife and hammer in a large manila envelope and chained the office doors behind him, police said.

    Jackson, 59, told witnesses before he was shot that he had been cheated over a toilet he had invented for use in trucks, Police Superintendent Phil Cline said Saturday.

    Now, before we go any further, I'm not anti-gun. I love guns and have used them since I was a kid. I AM anti-crazy people with guns. However, I have no solution for that little problem. Anyone have any ideas? Or is the only real solution to accept that fact that a very few people in our society are going to have psychotic breaks at times and begin shooting people? Is that just the price we pay for the 2nd Amendment?

    I'm not saying that's a deal killer by any means. I'd rather get to keep my guns and live with a little more risk. Kinda like I'm not about to give up any rights to 'protect myself from terrorism'.

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    December 05, 2006

    OMG... does photobucket suck or what?

    I posted this last week. As you can see, Britney's cooter apparently violated Photobucket's terms of service. I guess there is something in there about PWT snatch.

    Whatev. Try to do something nice for the breeder's and the lesbians and this is what I get. Thanks a lot, bitches.

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    OMG... does photobucket suck or what?

    I posted this last week. As you can see, Britney's cooter apparently violated Photobucket's terms of service. I guess there is something in there about PWT snatch.

    Whatev. Try to do something nice for the breeder's and the lesbians and this is what I get. Thanks a lot, bitches.

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    November 27, 2006

    My ordeal, part 2

    OK, so it wasn't so much and ordeal as it is whining. I get it. However, it was a PAIN IN THE MOTHERFUCKING ASS. I was in Waco this afternoon for two and a half hours. Just for reference, it normally takes me less than 6 minutes to flye through Waco. Seriously, I timed it once when I was trying to beat my previous best for a trip from Dallas to Austin (two hours fifteen minutes. Top that, bitches).

    If ever there was a testament to the need for expansion on 35 NOW, today was it. TTC 35 might be ready for traffic in 13 and that's not soon enough. The Lege and Perry have to act now and they have to make them freeways... if the economy is to a keep growing in Texas, it's vital that the surplus everyone in Austin is crowing about be used to fund a rebuild of the 35 freeway.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    While heading into hour two I decided to pull out my camera as I noticed people getting out of their cars.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Some people were out playing football in the ROW on the frontage road. I'm not kidding. This was about the time my bladder was about to go POP.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This is the dickhead who cut me off about an hour before the picture was taken. I guess he took this literally.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    The offending tractor trailer. No idea how the driver is doing.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    The remainder of the trailer.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Some how a crane was involved.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Smooth sailing for me, not so much for the northbound folks. As I passed them I though 'sucks to be y'all'. The jam up went on for miles but at least their frontage road was moving. Occasionally, so were their main lanes.

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    November 26, 2006

    I knew this would suck

    I'm on the road heading back to Austin. I have now been stuck for 45 minutes because the 35 is shut down. A wreck, you ask?

    No. Traffic's not jammed all to hell for a wreck. It's jammed up because TXDoT shut down the fucking freeway. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    Brill idea, TXDoT. Y'all suck ass.

    UPDATE: I've now been sitting in this miasma for 2 hours, 20 minutes. Apparently, this wasn't TXDoT being stupid (which is not to say they aren't dumb... They are), it was a north bound tractor trailer that decided to cross the median. Needless to say, quite the clusterfuck.

    I'll have some pix up later...

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    I knew this would suck

    I'm on the road heading back to Austin. I have now been stuck for 45 minutes because the 35 is shut down. A wreck, you ask?

    No. Traffic's not jammed all to hell for a wreck. It's jammed up because TXDoT shut down the fucking freeway. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    Brill idea, TXDoT. Y'all suck ass.

    UPDATE: I've now been sitting in this miasma for 2 hours, 20 minutes. Apparently, this wasn't TXDoT being stupid (which is not to say they aren't dumb... They are), it was a north bound tractor trailer that decided to cross the median. Needless to say, quite the clusterfuck.

    I'll have some pix up later...

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    November 23, 2006

    Thankful that I'm posting

    Traveling with the 'rents. Thanking God for high speed wireless. Ready for pie and a cocktail (fuck a bunch of turkey).

    How's your Thanksgiving?

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    November 17, 2006

    When happy hour becomes happy hours

    I went out to drinks with some friends earlier. I expected to be home around 7:00, maybe 7:30. But, due to a conspiracy involving a very good waiter (who was cute as hell... I know you're not supposed to date the help but it kinda appealed to that dirty side I indulge far too infrequently) and the fact that the bar had decent scotch, I got home far later than anticipated. I am so drunk, in fact, that I can't sleep. Not because of spins (what am I, in college?!?!). I'm just charged up and watching

    The Food Network

    How fucking cool is that? Being a blogger is so rad, right? I just suffered through Paula Deen's A Very Gross Thanksgiving filled with sickeningly sweet foods (seriously, girl lurves her brown sugar) and am njow on Sandra Lee's Half-Assed Gourmet which actually prompted this post...have y'all seen her show? She kinda cooks shit but uses a lot of prepared ingredients that I know are loaded with MSG. I wonder if people that eat at her house ever realize why they feel like shit after the meal?

    I just saw an ad for Ritz Crackers featuring a Rachel Ray recipe for some kind of ham dip. Now I'm going to throw up.

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    November 15, 2006

    Yeah, sweets. The fucking light is green

    Ladies (and some of you men, but mostly the ladies) would you PLEASE for the love of all that's good, holy and not Republican, buy a fucking handsfree headset for your phone?

    Mere moments ago I was behind a car driven by a woman that was on the phone. The intersection was the southbound frontage of MoPac at the Lake Austin Blvd. light. I was behind Ditzy McDumbass when the light turned green to turn left onto either 5th or 1st (it's a fucked up intersection...those of you in Austin will be able to relate in particular, the rest in general). Keep in mind this is one of the 10 fastest lights in Christendom (seriously, it was in Fucked up Traffic Control magazine...its bi-monthly, kinda like me except for the bi part). So, knowing that, you understand that when that damn thing turns so green you can smoke it, you put the accelerator the floor.

    That's not what Talky Bitcherson did. I kinda phoned that in, didn't I?

    No joke girls and boys. I know your hair is important but please, do us a favor and buy a headset. It'll help you concentrate and keep others (like me) from wishing you'd burst into flame.

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    October 25, 2006

    On the damn call

    I want a cigarette. Thanks to Mickeysoft NetMeeting, I'm stuck in front of the computer in my house. I don't smoke in mi casa because it's gross and makes everything smell like ass. I'd rather limit that assfunk/old smoke smell just to my car, know what I mean?

    Anyhoo, Chimpy is giving a presser. About the changing strategy in Iraq. That's right, I wrote 'change' and 'Iraq' in the same sentence. You should understand it's historic because He Who Doesn't Look At Polls is making changes that happen to indicate that he does, in fact, look at polls. And knows he's about to get his butt stomped.

    Will it be enough? At this late stage of the game, after so many bait and switch games, I'm going to guess probably not. You're about to get spanked, dipshit.

    He's just admitted there have been mistakes in the Iraq war to which I would like to say, "No shit. You invaded them in the first place, fuckwit". And with that bit of clever I must leave... my VPN has already crashed twice and I'm a little behind on my super fun conf call (which is neither 'super' nor 'fun')/

    That's how much I love you. Bringing you the news even when my boss is making me listen to him.

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    October 15, 2006


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    October 13, 2006

    Yes, I'm still alive

    You may have noticed that we're a little light on posts for today. It's not because I died, nor is it because some ninja's broke in and cut off my hands though that would be a fantastic excuse.

    I moved to a different company about a month ago. Yesterday afternoon I finally got my new computer from them so I can now get into our internal systems. See, new company has all kinds of security and crap so I have to use one of their computers which sucks ass because frankly, it's a piece of shit. That's what has distracted me all day. That and Sister Ruth calling about some inane thing or another.

    Of course, there could be more posts if the 1,000 people (other than myself and The Mayor) who CAN post actually DID post. But they don't. I blame the extraordinarily pleasent weather we are having today in Central Texas. The Mayor is blaming alcohol. Which reminds me that it is very close to quitting time and so I'm off to enjoy a beverage of my own.

    Yes, I'll be posting this weekend and should be back to full strength on Monday. Which reminds me, anyone have any ideas for another ¿Quien es mas macho?, Ask A... or even have some endorsement announcement ideas?

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    October 02, 2006

    Mouthbreathers will decide the election...

    The Statesman has a pretty decent article up about voter indecision being the key factor in this years election. They place the undecideds at 10-20 percent of the electorate, which would put all of the candidates potentially over the top.

    Especially in a year when undecideds may not know which of the three little pigs they'll vote for, they do know they don't want Jimmy Perry again. I think even is mom is voting against him, but I digress since his mom really isn't the point (she made her decision because she always liked OSB. They share a degenerative neural disease... you get to guess which one).

    So, what did the Statesman do? They went out and found them some undecideds. And you gotta read this shit...

    My comments in italics much liek this one

    Martin Thomas, 41

    Home: Owns a home with his wife in South Austin; two daughters, ages 5 and 8

    Work: Freelance graphic designer, animator and illustrator

    Worth noting: Spends free time going to movies or kids' birthday parties with his family

    Plans to vote for: Strayhorn, Bell or Friedman

    A couple of weeks ago, Martin Thomas got a newsletter from his kids' school, Lee Elementary, saying the PTA is raising money to keep art, music and physical education teachers on campus full-time and to pay for Spanish classes, which the district does not provide.

    The father of two wonders about "all this talk about the lottery" for education when his kids' school requests parent donations for classes such as art.

    Education funding and "sticker shock" upon seeing his latest property tax valuation have contributed to Thomas' dissatisfaction with the current administration.

    "I'm in the anybody-but-Rick Perry camp," he says. "I want to go with whoever has a good chance to win."

    He likes the fact that Strayhorn, a former Austin mayor, knows Austin well. But Thomas, who said he often votes for Democrats, doesn't like that until recently, Strayhorn was a Republican.

    As for the Democrat in the governor's race: "I don't even know who it is."

    Friedman has some appeal as an outsider, he said. "He's fun for people to get behind, but when it comes to making their mark in the voting booth, they won't do it."

    Nelson Aguilar, 35

    Home: The Rio Grande Valley native lives in a South Austin apartment

    Work: Pre-kindergarten teacher at Dawson Elementary

    Worth noting: Guitar player in the band Maneja Beto

    Plans to vote for: Friedman or Werner

    At Austin's Dawson Elementary, where Nelson Aguilar teaches, 88 percent of students are economically disadvantaged. Aguilar sees many families struggle to get health care and find affordable housing.

    That leaves him dissatisfied with the current administration and concerned that businesses, not ordinary people, benefit most from Texas policy.

    "It seems to me like (Texas) is becoming Mexico — the middle class is disappearing," says Aguilar, whose grandparents immigrated to Texas from northern Mexico.

    His students' families aren't the only ones feeling an economic crunch, he said. Teachers with Aguilar's amount of experience — six years — earned about $39,000 last year at Dawson.

    "Thirty years ago, a teacher could afford to buy a home," he says.

    Aguilar is concerned about immigration and border issues, but none of the candidates has offered what he thinks is a viable plan.

    He knows he's not voting for a Republican or Democrat, nor is he a fan of independent Strayhorn. "She says she wants to represent teachers, but I'm not buying it — it's just lip service."

    Aguilar was leaning toward Friedman but was turned off when the independent said recently that Texas could curb illegal immigration by offering Mexican generals money to police the border.

    "That's just insane. I hope something will turn around with Kinky — it would be really cool to have him win."

    GREAT IDEA, NELSON. Vote for the Libertarian. You might want to look into this a little more, Mr. Teacher, since the Libertarians aren't so much for public school, they certainly hate property taxes and that combo will leave you without a job. And while it may be 'cool' to have a governor who stinks of sweaty old man and cat sick, he's not going to do a damn thing either. Open your eyes... I think I get more upset by teachers who don't know what's going on than I do by teachers who voted for Perry. You guys better get on the same page and help us get rid of Jimmy. Otherwise, you can forget any sympathy from me... you deserve your hell.

    Cassandra Sanchez, 25

    Home: Lives with her mother in Round Rock

    Work: Recent St. Edward's University graduate looking for a job in marketing or public relations

    Worth noting: Fifth-generation Texan

    Plans to vote for: Bell, Strayhorn or Friedman Cassandra Sanchez considers herself part of a what she calls the 9/11 generation. By that, she means young people who never experienced adulthood without the fear Sept. 11 brought.

    "What we thought our world was going to be like, what we were taught in high school what it was going to be like, when we got out it was completely different," she said.

    One of her top concerns for Texas is safety. She doesn't think the Perry administration is equipped to protect Texans from terrorism or natural disasters. She worries about a repeat of the Hurricane Rita evacuation last year that caused a massive traffic jam.

    As the daughter of a teacher, she likes Strayhorn's commitment to education. She hasn't heard much from Bell but hopes to learn more.

    And Friedman is a possibility.

    "You're thinking, 'Well, maybe,' if anything, just to mix it up a bit," she says of Friedman.

    Sanchez's family moved to Round Rock from the Texas Panhandle when she was 8. Her father is an Austin police officer; her mother is a teacher.

    She seeks a change for Texas.

    "I think that people my age are really saying, OK, we need to fix something; we need to try to make something work."

    So I guess indecisiveness runs in this 'post-9/11' crowd.

    Liz Shelton, 28

    Home: Just bought a house in Buda with her husband after living in Austin for a decade

    Work: Biotech company in Austin

    Worth noting: Coaches a running group

    Plans to vote for: Strayhorn, Friedman or Bell

    Each weekday morning, Liz Shelton leaves her house at 7 a.m. to try to beat the Interstate 35 rush hour race to Austin.

    Traffic is one of Shelton's main concerns as she considers the governor's race. She sees that residents northwest of Austin will benefit from the planned commuter rail line. She sees east side residents getting Texas 130, now under construction. But for those who use I-35, she doesn't see a long-term plan.

    "It seems like certain parts of town are being excluded while other parts will have a nice rail," she says.

    And she doesn't like the idea of tolling existing roads. She thinks Kinky Friedman "stands up for what the people want" on transportation.

    As for Perry, she thinks "he is one of those career politicians who says one thing and does another."

    But it doesn't bother her that Strayhorn has a long career as a politician. She likes Strayhorn's plans for education ("she has all these ideas on where the money should go") and has confidence in the comptroller's expertise on budgets.

    Shelton says she has voted for both Republicans and Democrats. "It depends on the topic and the person."

    Bell, Liz. Bell.

    Marilyn Folta, 49

    Home: Owns a home near Bee Caves Road and MoPac Expressway with her husband

    Work: Recruits engineers for tech companies

    Worth noting: Grew up in the Philippines; plays soccer

    Plans to vote for: Strayhorn or Friedman

    As a corporate recruiter, Marilyn Folta sees plenty of résumés. She notices that foreign job candidates often have more advanced degrees than local ones. She thinks the Texas educational system could use more emphasis on academics and less on football. "We seem to be lagging. It's very sad."

    Folta considers herself a Republican but doesn't think she will vote for Perry.

    Since he's been in office, "I haven't really seen a vast improvement," she says. "The taxes are still unreasonably high, always going up."

    Folta lives in the Eanes Independent School District, which has been sending more than half its property taxes outside the district as part of the state's share-the-wealth law. Although her two children have graduated from Westlake High School, she worries about the tax dollars flowing away.

    "We can't put our schools in jeopardy because we're giving money out," she says.

    She's leaning toward Strayhorn.

    "She's a mom. She's not really looking for a career to move up to; it's more the issues she believes in," Folta says. "She seems pretty passionate. But I've got to see more, do more research."

    She hasn't heard much about Chris Bell. She said Friedman is "just too odd" but later said she's willing to consider him because she disapproves of his opponents attacking him for long-ago racial remarks Folta thinks were taken out of context.

    Uhm... your property taxes keep going up because the value of your home keeps going up. That's right... the shack you paid 100k for in the early 90's is now worth 800k. Congratulations. As for the comments of Matzo being taken out of context... not so much. In fact, I think the only ethnoracial group he didn't rip on is filipino.

    Gordon Hamilton, 69

    Home: Owns home with his wife in Northwest Austin

    Work: Retired dentist

    Worth noting: Volunteers at SeniorNet Computer Learning Institute at Austin Groups for the Elderly

    Plans to vote for: Perry or Bell

    Gordon Hamilton passionately believes in the possibilities of embryonic stem cell research.

    And the retired dentist's vote may hinge on that.

    "I don't see it as a strong moral issue as other people do — I see it as a scientific issue," he says. "I don't think we're going to stop this kind of research by ignoring it or saying it's immoral."

    Perry is against embryonic stem cell research, his campaign said. No state money now funds such research.

    Hamilton is impressed by Bell's desire to change that.

    On most other issues, Hamilton agrees with Perry. When he considers Perry's achievements — closing loopholes in the corporate franchise tax and launching a network of congestion-easing toll roads and rail — he's impressed.

    "When you see it all added up, I think, 'Hmm, that's not a bad legacy, not bad at all,' " says Hamilton, a native of Illinois who has lived in Austin for 30 years. "He tends to take care of the business without all the hoopla."

    But Hamilton, who says he usually votes Republican but is not committed to the party, would like to hear more about what Perry plans for another term. As he learns about Perry's agenda, "it may inspire me. Perhaps that will take precedence over the stem cell research."

    As for Strayhorn, Hamilton thinks she'd be a good education commissioner. Friedman, Hamilton thinks, will polarize voters.

    Gordy, come on, man! You're impressed by toll roads? What ELSE has Perry done? He didn't even close the biggest loopholes and school funding is a wreck. Remember when you go to the polls... 'Stem Cells' and 'Bell', all I'm saying...

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    September 26, 2006

    Changing opinions and saying you were wrong...

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI hate being wrong. I mean, I really hate it like a motherfucker. However, 'someone' at BOR has posted more from Matzo's 1980 performance. Last week they posted audio clips which actually did (out of context) sound like satire. Granted, extremely unfunny and lame satire, but satire nonetheless.

    However, now they have some more of the show posted up and the only thing I can say is I was wrong. This ISN'T satire, this is playing to a fucking racist crowd and using almost every ridiculous racial stereotype under the sun. As for the oft repeated "it was an equal opportunity offender", a white, Jewish, racist homophobe is still a white, Jewish, racist homophobe even if he IS on a fucking stage.

    I can't say I'm disapointed... to be honest, I'm glad this hasn't come back on the folks over at BOR or others in the TexasRoots who weren't quite as willing to give Matzo the benefit of the doubt. I'm glad that in context the whole argument about it being satire falls on it's ugly, smelly face. Much like Matzo after a fifth of Jamisons. I'm not happy that we've all had to listen to it, but I am happy it's out so people know who and what Matzo really is before they cast a vote for him in November. I never liked Matzo as a person or a candidate but I never thought he was a racist mostly because in my eyes that's a heavy accusation and one that I think made far too lightly.

    I know there are some readers out there still thinking of supporting Matzo. All I'll ask of you is that you follow the link and listen to the audio. Originally, I too thought this was just some bad satire. Again, it's not. Go have a listen.

    I've always thought Matzo was a miserable, mean, talentless old drunk. I guess we can add racist as well.

    You suck, Matzo.

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    September 25, 2006

    Greetings from Minnesota...

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMany of you (read:one) have written to wish me well while traveling. Thanks for that. I am currently in an interesting place called MINN-E-SO-TA. Yeah, that's what I said upon arriving after a not altogether tedious, but rather slightly annoying flight. What made it annoying? Onion Boy in front of me. Yep, BO continues to haunt my travels. I do have to say I like my new employer so far... the HR person who called to confirm my flight actually asked which airline I'd like to fly and the time I'd like to leave. Rock!

    I've seen Minnesota portrayed in movies and much like movies about Texas can say they are pretty much spot on. People DO talk the way you'd think and on the whole are very friendly. And fat. At least from what I've seen so far. There's also some gigantic maul nearby which I'm told we'll be visiting before I leave manana.

    So, enjoy your day in nice, warm and comfortable Texas while I am in a place where September is colder than it should be and feels more like late October in Texas. Lighting cigarettes with matches thanks to the diligent work of the fine people of TSA at Austin-Bergstrom.

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    September 11, 2006

    Five years ago...damn, I hate memories

    A few hours from now will be the fifth anniversary of the worst drive I've ever taken down MoPac. I was on my way to a training session at a company I left within a year and was listening to music coming out of my old school HP Jornada (remember those?) when the battery, which I'd forgotten to charge, died. I flipped around the radio to hear nothing but talk and was about to change over to KFAG (or, well... it used to be KFAG) when something caught my ear. Something going on in NYC, a plane crashing into a building or something. I listened intently because I had friends in NYC, many of whom worked in tall buildings in lower Manhattan.

    That was the first inkling that anything was wrong. I screamed at the radio to tell me what the fuck was going on! WHICH BUILDING GOT HIT?

    I picked up my phone and busily began dialing my former employer (the line was busy) and then cell phones of friends and former co-workers ('All Circuits Are Busy. Please Try Again'). I kept dialing over and over until finally I got through to one of my best friends and found out he was OK. His only request? "Call my Dad (who was vacationing in Colorado at the time) and let him know I'm OK". So, I spent the rest of my irritating (the traffic!) drive down MoPac dialing 970-xxx-xxxx. I wasn't able to get through until I got to the office and called from a landline.

    I rode the subway with people who worked in the WTC. I knew people who worked in the WTC. I didn't know anyone who died there that day. I'm glad I didn't and I have no problem admitting that. However, it doesn't stop me from feeling empathy for people who died there, for people who lost loved ones there, for people who lost friends there.

    I still talk to a lot of those people, but we never talk about that day. I've told people about it in the past... we all have stories we tell about what 'I was doing that day'. Something hit me tonight, though, and I realized I'm not really comfortable talking about it, mostly because I'm happy I didn't lose someone I cared about that day. That may make me petty; I frankly don't care. It's a horrible thing to realize that a place you used to walk through doesn't exist anymore because some assholes decided to make a statement. It's quite another to lose people you care about there. I think that's why some of the people I know in NYC and still talk to occasionally have never been quite the same as the people I knew. They did lose people in the WTC. In a way, I guess, I did lose people I cared about.

    I remember President Bush standing on the remains of, I think, One WTC. I remember him saying that those responsible would hear from us soon. They did, but the job wasn't finished and now they are resurgent in Afghanistan. I thought, off hand, the night of September 11, 2001 that Bush would use those horrible attacks as an excuse to invade Iraq. I dismissed it as soon as it popped into my head.

    By Janurary, 2004 I was angry and still am today. I will forgive President Bush and Republican's for politicizing the attacks on September 11, 2001. I know I will at some point because I'm that kind of person. However, I'm not going to do it now. They haven't asked for forgiveness.

    That's all I have to say about September 11, 2001.

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    September 04, 2006


    The Crocodile Hunter is dead.

    A DOCTOR and witnesses have told of the desperate efforts to save Australian icon Steve Irwin after the Crocodile Hunter was struck in the chest by a stingray barb today.

    Irwin, 44, died this morning after being fatally injured while filming a nature documentary off Queensland.

    The news has shocked the nation and prompted a rush of tributes from politicians and the public alike.

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    August 09, 2006

    Bennigans... now you can choose your torture

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingBennigans, that rather mediocre chain of Irish-style pubs, has announced that it will allow patrons to vote on items to be included in the menu or taken off.

    We thought it was time to allow our loyal patrons the privilege of picking their poison, so to speak. We're excited that people will finally have a chance to vote up or down on the food they sometimes love and mostly hate. - Chris 'Monty Chris-to' O'Shaunessy, token Irish employee of Bennigans.

    Vote here when you have a chance. As if any of you actually go to Bennigans. Just the thought of Bennigans makes me want to

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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    August 02, 2006

    Plan B OTC? Maybe but don't throw the coat hangers away yet...

    The FDA announced as part of a maneuver going into the confirmation hearing of Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach that it was moving to allow the sale of Plan B as an over the counter medication.

    the Food and Drug Administration said Monday that it was moving toward endorsing sale of the morning-after pill without a prescription for women 18 and older, signaling what may be the end of one of the most controversial health policy debates of the Bush administration.

    The agency's acting commissioner, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, has asked for a meeting with the drug's manufacturer, Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc., to finish plans for allowing over-the-counter sales of the emergency contraceptive, called Plan B. The FDA said it hopes that "the process can be wrapped up in a matter of weeks."

    What's the skinny on this? Apparently, Dr. von Eschenbach is worried about the ability of certain Senators to place a hold on a floor vote to confirm him.

    "Today's announcement is nothing more than a delay tactic," said Democratic Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., and Patty Murray, D-Wash., in a joint statement. The senators are members of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that is scheduled to hear from von Eschenbach today.

    Assuming that von Eschenbach is approved by the committee, Clinton and Murray said they would block a floor vote on his confirmation until the FDA makes a final decision on the drug's sale.

    The senators removed a similar hold last year that had blocked former FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford's confirmation hearings. At that time, Crawford assured them that a decision on the drug would be made by Sept. 1, 2005, the senators said.

    "We lifted our hold in July 2005 on Dr. Crawford's nomination after receiving assurances that the FDA would act by September," Clinton said. "Instead, what they did was to make a decision, and their decision was not to make a decision. Almost a year later, we're still waiting for a decision."

    How retarded. Just approve the damn thing.

    The best part about this article are the comments after the story on the Statesman's site. Go read them and see if you notice what I did (it has to do with the assumed gender of the posters).

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    July 01, 2006

    Revising a comment

    Earlier this week I said something semi-nice about Ralph Nader. But today Sister Ruth dragged me to An Inconvenient Truth and all I can say is fuck fuck fuck Ralph Nader! And every clueless idiot who still defends voting for that egomaniacal scumbag in 2000 should be loaded on a rocket and shot into the Sun.

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    June 28, 2006

    Redistricting decision and Hammering on the roof

    My housemate hired someone to reroof the house. At 8:00 this morning. So, real work is out of the question. I'm blogging instread, which qualifies as 'real work' only if I'm drunk.

    And missing a hand.

    SCOTUS has decided that some of the congressional redistricting done in 2004 violated Federal law. One boundary has to be redrawn so this does little to help us out. As for the assertion that you can only redistrict once a decade, the Court shit all over it.

    On a different issue, the court ruled that state legislators may draw new maps as often as they like — not just once a decade as Texas Democrats claimed. That means Democratic and Republican state lawmakers can push through new maps anytime there is a power shift at a state capital.

    The Constitution says states must adjust their congressional district lines every 10 years to account for population shifts. In Texas the boundaries were redrawn twice after the 2000 census, first by a court, then by state lawmakers in a second round promoted by DeLay after Republicans took control.

    That was acceptable, the justices said.

    "We reject the statewide challenge to Texas redistricting as an unconstitutional political gerrymander," Kennedy wrote.

    Now, to all of you who didn't see this coming, this is reality. There is no other appeal. We know the stakes. Let's get to work and give ourselves the ability to redistrict every Republican out of existence in 2007.

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    June 20, 2006

    I'm sooo sick of Verified Voting

    Seriously, if we're ever at a bar and you introduce me to someone who can speak in excrutiating detail about verified voting, I'll kill you. With a swizzel stick shoved strategically in your eye.

    Can I just stipulate to the fact that the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio and numerous other places nationwide? Can I preemptively agree with you that racism was a factor in polling machine placements at voting locations? If I agree to that and whatever else you'd like to throw in, can we then move on?

    Election Fraud is nothing new, to democracy or the United States (Landslide Lyndon in 1948 ring any bells?). The point is that the victory was believable because there was NOT huge groundswell of Democratic support. Anyone can steal a vote that everyone thinks will be close. If Kerry had gone on the offensive in August, 2004 he'd be in the White House right now because there just wouldn't have been any way to shift the necessary number of votes.

    Go ahead and file lawsuits but PLEASE don't run make this the cornerstone of the Democratic Party's message in 2006 and 2008. It won't resonate and will probably hurt.

    What we need, even more than verified voting, are some progressive candidates who can speak like populists. Granted there are a few, but we need more. Until then, people will be able to steal the elections from us and there's really very little we can do, unless we have someone finally admit to altering votes.

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    June 19, 2006

    I'm back, kids... for now, at least

    My wireless network still isn't working to I plugged into the modem directly. Yes, I actually have cat 5 running to my computer for the first time in more than 3 years. Laugh it up.

    I'm still installing software so while I'll be posting it'll be light. I also have to figure out what jammed up my wireless. Still, I just wanted to let you all know that I have a working compter again!

    And for all of you who were so kind and sent emails, flowers and candy... my thanks. ALL OF YOU OTHER CHILDREN CAN ROT IN HELL.

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    June 16, 2006

    You may have noticed...

    ... I've not been posting much. Did you think I'd taken that long anticipated trip to The Betty? If so, you're an idiot. Seriously, you're fucking stupid.

    Sure, I've been posting but it's not really me. The Mayor is working posts for me that I type out (no shit) on the pitiful excuse for a keyboard that the people at BlackBerry were nice enough to provide on their eponymous handheld torture device.

    The real question is Why am I using that? Thanks for asking.

    Some pimply faced former math nerd with a penchant for mayhem decided to release into the world a very nasty little virus. So nasty in fact that the crew at Computer Geeks are stumped. You just know you're about to write a fucking massive check when they start a sentence with "Well, this is something new...". Splendid, no?

    I now have a computer courtesy of the nice people at Conn's. However, the fucker refuses to connect to my network. So, for now I'm working on my housemates computer and muddling through. Hand to God, if I ever find the programmer responsible I'm going to run him over with my car.

    Then set the corpse on fire.

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    June 01, 2006

    Bar has other meanings?

    My experience with Texas justice today has left me with a few questions. What the hell DOES 'bar' mean to lawyers, other than the one at which you drink? Harry, you want to chime in here? Maybe shed some light on the nefarious workings of legal system?

    Another question... why do they not take breaks more often? I walked into the courtroom needing to pee but decided against it since I was pushing 20 minutes late. Surely, I thought to myself, they'll have a bathroom or a smoke break at some point. I could not have been more wrong. They made us sit. And sit. And sit. Asking enough questions for me to not only deduce the nature of the case, but develop an opinion as to whether or not the guy was guilty. The prosecuting attorney's were cute as hell but couldn't have been more than a year or two out of law school. I called them bookends because they seriously looked the same. Very similar dark suits, both white and both had very straight blond hair parted in the middle. I think they were both named Kristen (one spelled it Krystin, though).

    The defense attorney I'll say nothing about other than a bit of advice... if you gain weight, get new clothes. All I'm saying.

    As for the smoking, you bitches don't let us smoke in courthouses anymore and some of us NEED A FUCKING CIGARETTE. Yeah, I usually don't smoke during the day but today was special... it was end of month and to top it off I HAD TO DRIVE DOWNTOWN TO SIT IN A SELECTION POOL. Yay me!

    At the end of it all, I wasn't selected. It was probably the first time in my life I was happy NOT to be picked for something.

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    May 31, 2006

    Jury Doodie

    Today at 1:00 I'll be doing my duty as an American. No, I'll not be voting or spending money to keep the economy going. I'll be participating in a jury pool. Needless to say the unfunny people who run American jurisprudence (read:clerks... what, you thought the attorneys and judges decided things?) aren't much for laptops and blogging from my blackberry is just not an option.

    So, if I'm able I'll email things to McSleaze. He probably won't post it but what are you gonna do?

    By the way... does anyone know if they have a bar? Smoking lounge?

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    May 18, 2006

    ...in which McBlogger is redesigned

    You may have noticed we have a bold, fresh new look. If you love it, thanks! If you hate it and are dumb enough to send us a critical note, we'll make sure and forward your address to a nasty spammer.

    The redesign was conceived and implemented by Mr. Melissa Nicholson. Thank you, Mike!

    Seriously, let us know what you think as we're still tweaking it a little and would love your input. We'd also love a pitcher of bloody mary's to help us cope with our post KAB hangover so hook me up!

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    May 12, 2006

    HB 1 and a ton of spineless Democrats


    136-8 and HB 1 goes to Perry to sign. For a recap on what a disaster this bill is click here. I've got to say I'm extremely FUCKING PISSED AT EVERY D WHO VOTED FOR THIS. Yes, Donna. That means you... maybe we should have all voted for Kathy Rider.

    The funding holes in this thing are tremendous and instead of making it all the R's fault and fighting it out this year, you guys made it BIPARTISAN so that the smell clings to you as well. When the disaster hits, do you really think Flo Shapiro and Craddick are going to take the blame? Hell no. THEY'RE GOING TO BLAME Y'ALL, just like every fucking Republican does everytime they get called on the carpet. "Blame the Democrats" is their mantra.

    So, when you call this fall, Oh 'Brave' Travis County D's, and ask for help don't expect me to do a GODDAMN THING. I'm going to be busy incorporating a Charter School so I can start sucking off the public teat!

    UPDATE - Here's the list of those voting no (from INPT):

    Lon Burnam; Garnet Coleman; Jessica Farrar; Rick Noriega; Rene Oliveira; Eddie Rodriguez; Marc Veasey; and Mike Villarreal.

    So, I guess there IS one Brave Travis County D. Thank you, Rep. Rodriguez!

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    May 03, 2006

    Austin City Elections

    Simple post, but I wanted it up just to let those of you in Austin know that there's an election for City Council. I'm voting for Will Wynn for Mayor and Mike Martinez in Place 2. As for the ballot initiatives, I hope you'll join me in voting yes on 1,2 and 6. 1 and 2 are the SOS and Open Government propositions. Both are extremely good and should be supported despite the best efforts of those who'd like to keep the public from knowing what goes on in municipal government. Prop 6 gives Austin the ability to provide health care benefits to the partners of employees (gay and straight).

    Early voting is going on at a Randall's near you!

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    April 28, 2006

    Something like this makes you glad for the death penalty

    I really, really want to think about this as little possible. The Chronicle is reporting more detail on the case of a 16-year-old Hispanic kid who was brutally beaten and then sodomized by two White teenagers. Supposedly, the victim tried to kiss a 12-year-old White girl. At that point, what happens next is unclear except for a few details that the Chron has up. I'm putting them below the fold because they're too fucking graphic. The Chron does have pictures up of the assailants....
    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Little fuckers even look mean.

    UPDATE : Pink Dome has this up as well. The story has now made it to CNN virtually reinforcing the wider perception that Texas is chock full of bigots.

    Photos: Harris County SO

    Prosecutor: Teen attacked with pipe near death

    Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

    A judge this morning ordered that one of two Spring men accused in the vicious beating and sexual assault of a teenager be held without bail as the victim continues fighting for his life.

    The 16-year-old victim, who was sodomized with a piece of rigid plastic pipe and was cut on the chest with a knife during a party at a Spring home last weekend, remains in extremely critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

    He suffered major damage to his internal organs and more than likely will not survive, prosecutors said.

    More details about the gruesome assault surfaced today as one of the suspects, David Henry Tuck, 18, appeared in court to answer a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

    Although Tuck's bail originally was set at $20,000, state District Judge Michael McSpadden ordered him held without bond.

    The other suspect, Keith Robert Turner, 17, also charged with aggravated sexual assault, is being held on $100,000 bond. His probable-cause hearing will be held in McSpadden's court once his case is transferred from another court.

    Prosecutors revealed in court today that a third person, a juvenile, may have participated in the assault. That boy, who is believed to have had minimal involvement, is being treated only as a witness and will not be charged, prosecutors said.

    The incident, which occurred in the 21300 block of Glenbranch, has drawn national media attention.

    Detectives believe the victim was attacked during the party about 11:30 p.m. Saturday after he tried to kiss a 12-year-old girl who lives at the residence. It is unclear whether any adults were present.

    The injured boy was left in the backyard, near death, for more than 10 hours before anyone called for medical help, said Lt. John Denholm of the Harris County sheriff's homicide division.

    During this morning's hearing, prosecutor Mike Trent told the judge that Tuck, of the 3400 block of Nutwood, was wearing steel-toed boots when he attacked the victim and kicked him in the head.

    Tuck and others are accused of dragging the victim into the back yard and shoving a PVC pipe into his rectum, Trent said. Tuck is accused of then kicking the pipe with his boots, the prosecutor said.

    "I don't mean just a little bit," Trent told McSpadden. "He kicked it in and shoved it so far in that he has caused major internal injuries and organ damage."

    As Trent spoke, Tuck stood before the judge's bench, dressed in the standard orange jail inmate's uniform.

    The suspects also are accused of pouring bleach on the boy, although Trent could not say specifically which one is believed to have done that. Sheriff's detectives said the bleach was used in an attempt to destroy evidence.

    The victim, who is Hispanic, also was subjected to slurs during the attack, investigators said. The two suspects are anglo.

    State prosecutors will not pursue the incident as a hate crime since that would not enhance the first-degree felony charges already filed or the penalty possibilities - but said any evidence of such a motive will be presented to jurors to consider if and when they weigh punishment, Trent said.

    The suspects have admitted their involvement in Saturday's attack, although "they're pointing fingers at each other as to who did what," Trent told the judge.

    Defense attorney Chuck Hinton, who was appointed today to represent Tuck, declined to comment. Hinton invoked the teen's Fifth and Sixth amendment rights during the hearing, asking that the District Attorney's Office not try to interview his client without contacting him first.

    After the hearing, Trent told reporters the charges against Tuck and Turner will be upgraded to capital murder if the victim dies.

    "It's pretty bad," he said. "...I've been told, more likely than not, that he probably won't survive."

    Trent said he isn't sure how many people saw the attack, but he confirmed that at least one person did.

    No more arrests are expected, Trent said.

    Turner, of the 21000 block of Star Grass, may not be ordered held without bond because prosecutors said they are ``pretty comfortable'' with his current $100,000 bail amount.

    If convicted of the aggravated sexual assault charge, the suspects could face anything from five years to life in prison.


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    April 21, 2006

    Please excuse the paucity of posts...

    ... I'm still a little hungover from the In the Pink Texas/Pink Dome special session party last night (click on them to see the partypix... like in college). I planned on being home last night by 10:00 until around the time I ordered by 8th scotch. After that and a great conversation with Karl-Thomas and Phillip from BOR, I didn't roll back to the house until closer to 1:30 (I didn't shut down the bar, which is VERY unusual for me).

    And no, I did not get 'molested' by PD. It's only molestation if you don't like it.

    The Mayor wasn't able to make it which sucks because I wanted him to come and is OK because he's probably better off without the hangover from hell which I'm, even now, enjoying.

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    February 28, 2006

    It's only February

    But I'm already sick of South By Southwest. I'm sick of wristbands, I'm sick of showcases, I'm sick of platinum passes... and I promise to rip the lungs right of the next fuckwit who utters the word "interactive" in my presence.

    I once had the misfortune to be on a plane leaving Austin on the last day of SXSW. The flight was packed with music industry weasels returning to their respective coasts. And what was all the chatter about? Some hot new band? The Next Big Thing? Errrrrrr no, it was all about how AWFUL the food was in Austin!

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    February 07, 2006

    Amazing expression of religious tolerance, part 2347

    Okay, this isn't exactly about (in)tolerance. It's just fucking sick.

    A Springfield pastor was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a witness told police he saw the pastor throwing puppies from a pickup truck, according to a report.

    "He was actually throwing them, not setting them down, but throwing them as far as the trees. Just chucking them," Tiencken said. "He said, 'I told my wife. You don't have to call the police. You don't have to call them.'"

    Tiencken called the police anyway.

    The detectives who tracked down Kohn said they found the malnourished mother of the puppies chained-up at Kohn's home along with four or five more puppies that had no food or water, according to the WJXT-TV report

    Posted by mayor mcsleaze at 02:46 PM

    December 15, 2005

    So, is this TIA?

    Today comes the admission that the government is spying on us. Didn't we, you know, elect these fucks?

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    November 29, 2005

    Oh, I hate this...

    I can't get the main page to display the way I want, let alone allow me to make modifications. I feel like a retard.

    glad you liked the line, by the way

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    The bloom is off the Warner rose

    "Lost his balls in a tragic polling accident.

    I'm still laughing about that.

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    I'm trying to get this damn thing to work

    Does the title tell you enough or should I spell it out? Check back later.

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