August 15, 2007

Elaine vs. The Bloggers : like shit telling vomit it stinks

The editor of the San Antonio Current, Elaine Wolff, the one who has slammed Draft Rick Noriega in several columns in the past few weeks, failed to disclose, until this week, that her husband contributed $2,300 to Mikal Watts. Not necessarily a big deal for a spouse to donate to a candidate. It is a big deal when the other spouse works for a major metro alternative paper and takes it upon herself to trash the opposition.

Elaine didn't limit her integrity bypass to not disclosing this campaign contribution in the four previous articles she wrote about the Senate candidate, Mikal Watts (all which were mostly puff pieces and only pointed out the obvious negatives that any first time candidate has). She went after one of the other two candidates in the race, Rick Noriega. Wolff recently excoriated the blogosphere for supporting Noriega over Watts while 'pretending to maintain journalistic integrity'. Pretending? Doll, we post endorsements of ELECTED OFFICIALS FROM A GIANT WAX COCK. We've never made a claim to having any journalistic integrity. Of course, when WE support someone, we announce why and we disclose that up-fucking-front. Maybe, just maybe, we have some integrity. Certainly more than Elaine.

As if shilling for hubby's beloved wasn't enough, Elaine has taken to upbraiding staff (some of whom are now FOMRER SA Current staff) for 'attacking' her husband's candidate, Watts. Her failure to remove herself from the editorial loop concerning a race in which her family was involved ultimately led to discord among her staff and
one staffer--the one who made the initial discovery that Wolff's husband gave to Watts--ended up leaving the publication. Wolff never volunteered any information about her husband's associations with Watts before she posted on the bulletin boards of the SACurrent website last week. It was not information ever volunteered in her Current columns prior to last Friday.

Wolff also allegedly took another SAC staffer to task for writing a derogatory piece about Watts. Wolff's husband is a zoning commissioner in San Antonio where Watts is now a political force. Could his aspirations help explain why Elaine is so concerned with what is written about Mikal Watts? Though I have no political aspirations, maybe I should so try this tack with the writers here that either aren't supporting Noriega or have decided to support Watts.

Wolff has also allowed her husband to write pieces for the Current without disclosing that he is her husband or a political figure. Gee, we've never seen that happen, have we? What is it with Texas publications never fully disclosing information? Like the time we found out a commentator for the Star-Telegram shilling for toll roads wasn't so much an advocate, she was an interested party. Kind of like Elaine.

You still want to talk about your vaunted 'journalistic integrity', Elaine? If so, let's also throw honesty into the mix.

One last thing... we've not been mean to Watts, not the way we could be. Actually, none of bloggers who are supporting Noriega have been nearly as nasty as you've been toward us and the candidate we've chosen to support. That can rapidly change. Never pick a fight with someone meaner than you, Elaine.

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September 26, 2006

Dumb Ass Headlines

From the "Poop smells like shit and tastes like it too" department of research and writing comes this STUNNING headline from today's Daily Texan.

Gubernatorial candidates securing endorsements: Anti-abortion group backs Perry, AFL-CIO supports Democrat Bell


Next thing you know they'll be shocking us with tales of Republicans supporting tax cuts and Democrats helping the poor.

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August 12, 2006

Perry v. Strayhorn v. Kinky (or, Stop the world, I want to get off)

Seriously, this is getting retarded. Drool coming down the chin, mouth breathing retarded. To what in this ridiculous race am I referring? Why accusations of ethics abuses (and now Kinky'sDicky's nasty, smelly ass has dropped into the debate, as if anyone really gives a good goddamn what the drug addled fuckwit has to say) of course!

Perry has accused Strayhorn of abusing her office which is (as the category in which this is posted implies) analgous to shit telling vomit it smells. Anyone remember when Perry just had to travel to Fort Worth because he had to sign that anti-gay marriage amendment? Well, he neither had to go out of town nor sign it. The entire trip was a... wait for it... fucking campaign stop. OSB made a stop in Hempstead last year and used the opportunity to kick Perry in the gut (I would say balls but at that time they were still in CradDICK's desk) and campaign a bit and it was all captured by people who have the lame task of following her around, not to mention that they must really feel like losers since they have to work for a buttplug like Perry. Come on, can you think of any other job that would devastate your self esteem more? Even cleaning toilets at a truck stop would have more job satisfaction... can you imagine what Robert Black has to do every day just to get out of bed? I would assume it involves a massive dose of lithium.

Did I go off subject?

Dicky has now jumped in to the mix by filing a complaint with the Travis County DA's office. Just what we needed... another opportunist politician jumping on an issue that is too stupid to even address. Now, I'm having to post about it which makes me want to punch Dicky in the head. Hard. Again, I renew my plea... DICK, PLEASE DRINK YOURSELF TO DEATH. SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!

You know, I like none of these people (which is not to say I'm all in love with Bell either. If he wins in November it will be in spite of himself. Still, he actually has a heart AND and IQ in the triple digits, two things the other three don't possess). I think the best way to make Texans truly happy would be to put Dick, Perry and OSB in a box. Then drop that box into the deepest part of the Gulf. At least then they couldn't fuck up the state anymore than they already have.

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February 03, 2006

Alec and Meryl are dissapointed in the Senate D's

NYDN has a wonderful article about the dissapointment of Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep in the actions of the Senate Democrats for letting Alito slip through...

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"chicken-bleep Democrats in the Senate. We have a bunch of budding Zell Millers down there," referring to the crusty Georgia senator who backed the Republican agenda in 2004. Although that was almost two years ago, Baldwin says, "I loathe and despise him on a daily basis."

Uhm, Alec... we're all a little upset that the D's couldn't get it together. Calling them a bunch Zell Millers is kinda counterproductive and not at all accurate. They aren't nearly that ugly. Not even Landrieu.

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Streep has yet to be inspired by any of the likely Democratic presidential candidates. Her requirements are simple. "I want a candidate to come out of nowhere and have no conflicts," the Oscar winner joked. "I want major campaign reform. I want Jesus to come back and throw the money lenders out."

Yeah. Meryl, my advice is to you is to shit in one hand and wish in the other. See which one fills up first, sweets!

Bitter? Fuck yeah. ESPECIALLY when actors and actresses WHINE about politics. Where the hell were they leading up to the vote?!?! People who whine after the fact, even though they did nothing, suck ass.

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January 19, 2006

Osama show cancelled, Kerry and we're heading for a recession, part 200

  • The ever tedious Osama was back in the news today. He threatened more attacks and offered a truce, but no terms and would say nothing about what he'd give up. Bitch sounds like one of my exes.

    The amusing thing about it... no one gave a fucking damn. No one. The stock market kept going up and people went about their lives. What could this possibly mean? No one's scared of him. Or al Qaida. Or willing to accept a bunch of shit from Bush for protection.

  • Kerry's panties are in a twist over an article in GQ... A) no one reads GQ. B) no cares about Kerry. Notice this is cross posted under poop tells vomit it stinks?
  • Bush fucked up by not letting all members of the intelligence committee updated about the illegal wiretaps. In both houses of the Congress. Oh, and the taps were illegal.
  • The TIC report came out yesterday and in a word, ugly. Foreign capital inflows to the US continue to prop us up (Federal debt plus Current (mixed in with Trade) account deficit requires us to borrow almost $1 Trillion/year). Disturbingly, an increasing amount of money is going to hedgies in the Caribbean. You remember them... the Asian Currency Crises of 1997-1998? And now they're loading into dollars. Hedgies like to pump and dumb. Look for $2 to the Euro.
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    January 16, 2006

    Blunt vs. Boehner : Douche Battle Royale

    Blunt said today he 'has the votes to be majority leader'. Boehner says 'we'll see'. I didn't realize douche was comprised of self important arrogance but apparently it is.

    Then there is this from a guy in Dallas...

    Blunt says he has the votes to win.

    I hope so. I’m for Blunt, too. I like to see the Republicans step in it, particularly when it serves a public purpose and not merely a partisan one. Unless the Republicans get their olfactory sense repaired before their Party caucuses in February, they are going accomplish this smelly deed all by themselves, meaning they won’t even be able to blame Bill Clinton.

    Oh yeah, I'm for Blunt, too. More bad hair and horrendous plastic surgery on the R side of the aisle? Bring it on!

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    December 13, 2005

    Helen Thomas calling for balls from the D side of the aisle...

    Calling out pussies like Rahm Emanuel and Hizzaly Clintizle is easy because when the game is on they fold up like the passenger seat in a Honda coupe. We get it, we see it, we aren't forgetting it. For Helen Thomas, one of the great journalists in this country, to waste an entire piece chiding spineless Democrats (instead of focusing on the gutsy ones like Pelosi, Murtha, Boxer and Dean) over their lack of leadership is just stupid. THEY aren't leaders; they're placeholders.

    I have an idea Helen: How about calling out your fellow journalists who DEFINITELY need some help with that whole integrity thing? It's only in the last few months that we've seen any real balls among the White House Press Corps. You should be lamenting the dick licking journalists like Bob Woodward who gladly make the deal with Lucifer in exchange for crumbs from the desk of el Presidente.

    I've stopped giving money to the DCCC, DSCC and others and began giving directly to members of Congress for whom I have some respect. WE'RE WORKING ON SHAPING THEM UP, HELEN. However, we can't do much to the press. So, rather than focus on the politicos, why not have a Murrow moment and call out some of your colleagues for their lack of courage? Seems to me if anyone has the stature to do it, it's you.

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