May 08, 2006

Kiplinger names Austin 5th smartest place to live in US

In a move certain to drive still more people from SoCal to Austin, Kiplinger's named Austin the 5th smartest place to live in the US. That's not so unbelievable. What IS unbelievable is their second choice, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MINNESOTA. They're ahead of us? We don't turn to a block of ice for 8 months of the year and STILL they're ahead? August isn't THAT bad!

The sun burns bright on Barton Springs as mothers and toddlers wave from the tiny train that tootles around Zilker Park. Down the road, at Chuy's, diners tuck into tacos under the benign gaze of a cardboard Elvis. Two doors over, at the Shady Grove, outdoor tables are already packed with beer-drinking boulevardiers.

They left out, between Chuy's and Shady Grove, Baby Acapulco because the only thing good about it are the drinks.

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April 12, 2006

This morning is BORING

too many more this sedate and I'll begin to think I can start handling more than my usual pitcher of bloody mary's.

  • Josh at Something Awful has an exhaustive analysis of the 'dragon shirt' up. Here's an except to get you to click the link

    Image hosting by Photobucket
    Fascinating Dragon Shirt Statistics

    In 2000 the United States Census Bureau began asking residents questions about dragon shirt ownership. This is what they learned:

    65% of dragon shirt wearers have ponytails.
    49% have terminal neckbeards.
    67% have been to an anime convention.
    67% reported experiencing true happiness for the first time at an anime convention.
    26% believe that they actually are a dragon on the inside.
    12% own motorcycles and are over 50.
    87% of people that own a dragon shirt own another dragon shirt.
    100% of dragon shirt wearers are lame.

  • BREAKING - ROMNEY SUCKS OFF KENNEDY AT PRESSER. The link is an older article and I'm trying to find footage of the press conference. Ladies and gentleman, I think the R's have a front runner for 2008
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