May 10, 2009

Election Results

Is it me, or does Mike Martinez look really jealous in this photo? Of Julie.


Oh, and btw all of us here at Team McBlogger are SUPER pleased with the results of the election. Especially Chris Riley's win and his new plan to ban polluting cars and trucks from city roads.

Not for nothing but this represents the views only of TMG and, I assume, Spamburgler. They were two dissenters on our Place 1 selection of the AWESOME Perla Cavazos. The Mayor and I are seriously considering selling them either into some kind of forced labor thing or exiling them to St. Helena where they will be forced to live out their lives in what is, essentially, a giant speaker that will play nothing but the collected speeches and standup comedy of Kinky Friedman.-McB

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December 25, 2007

The Ghost of Christmas Cards Past...

...forwarded these Huckabee family greetings from when they were living in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion.


Was there a three-for-one sale at the Big and Tall Outlet that year?

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December 16, 2006

Who didn't see this one coming?

Company that built a border fence pleads guilty to hiring illegal immigrants

Didn't Nostradamus write a quatrain about it?

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October 23, 2006

The shape of things to come?

Soon-to-be ex-congressperson Katherine Harris gives a glimpse of enhancments to come...
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July 30, 2006

Continued Important Coverage of Lance Bass

We hear that he'll be teaming up with J. Depp for Ass-Pirates of the Carribean.

Seriously, we only tease Lance because he teased us for so long.

And because the politics of it all- so hawt!

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July 16, 2006

LaBare-ing Your True Beliefs

This story was just too great not to pick up and pick apart.

Austin tries to close male strip club

Officials in Austin, Texas, are trying to close down a male strip club that caters to women, arguing that LaBare lives up to its name.

The club's owner, Kevin Cox, told the Austin American-Statesman...

Wait. Stop right there. LaBare is owned by a man named COX?!?!? Fucking awesome. I think it should be pointed out right here and now that the ASS, I mean, AAS is owned by, yes, wait for it, COX Newspapers, Inc.

...the dancers do not go beyond the topless stage, with boxers or briefs covering their genital areas.

Who wears boxers at a strip club? Where are the thongs people? I wouldn't want to go see some ladies prancing around in granny's knickers! Hell, that's a better reason to shut the place down.

He describes the dance routines as fantasies in which the strippers do standup comedy or dress up as firefighters or police officers.

What is this, the YMCA? Or do I just really not understand what the hell straight women think is a 'hot night out at the strip club'?

But city officials say some of the routines imitate sex acts and the men sometimes bare their rear ends. Because the club is within 1,000 feet of the Texas School for the Deaf and Town Lake Park, that would be illegal.

The school for the deaf?!?! So just how bad is the dance music and that stand up comedy act? *eye roll* Somehow I'm really doubting that anyone is going to LaBare while class is in session. You know, because most people go to class during the daylight hours, and to strip clubs when it's dark outside?

Still, this story would be about 249% more hilarious if the strip club were within 1,000 feet of the Texas School for the Blind. Or if LaBare was the headquarters for Quest Personals phone division.

So here is my solution for the whole bootylicious problem with LaBare and the School for the Deaf.

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July 12, 2006

Is your refrigerator running?

As Oscar Wilde said, there are two kinds of bloggers... those who recognize satire, and those who are total fucking idiots. Guess which group includes this right-to-lifer...

Murder without conscience

.Here are some quotes from a pro-abortion person, Miss Caroline Weber, who wrote an article at The Onion online magazine.

The Onion Article

When referring to the killing of her child she said:

"I am totally psyched for this abortion!"

"Those pro-life activists made it pretty clear that, unlike me, they actually think abortion is bad and to be avoided. Are they nuts? Abortion is the best!"

"It wasn't until now that I was lucky enough to be pregnant with a child I had no means to support."

"I just know it's going to be the best non-anesthetized invasive uterine surgery ever!

Who does Miss Weber blame her abortion on? The pro-life movement.

"The funny thing is, I actually have the pro-life movement to thank for this opportunity."

It's our fault? She says:

"If my HMO wouldn't have bowed to their pressure not to cover oral contraceptives, I never would've gotten pregnant in the first place."

Sorry ma'am, if you hadn't had sex you wouldn't have gotten pregnant, it's not the HMO's fault for not supporting your promiscuity while not married.

To sum it up, Miss Weber said:

"I realize there are people who will criticize me, calling me selfish and immature because I took "the easy way out." I realize there are those who will condemn me to hell for what I'm about to do. Well, I don't care what they say: It's worth it for all the fun and laughs I'm going to have at the clinic. So listen up, world: I'm pro-abortion... and I love it! See you at my post-abortion party, everybody!"

Miss Weber, you have killed your child, which you admit is a baby/human being, intentionally. That does make you an admitted murderer. I'm not going to "condemn you to hell", I'm going to pray for your forgiveness and for the suffering which you will endure when you realize what you have done. Every baby you see from that moment on is going to wake you up to the realization that you killed your child.

Speak out against abortion. Don't just complain about it. Join the Monthly Call for Life at We call, email and/or march to let our representatives know that we will not stop until they stop the killing of innocent human beings!

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July 08, 2006

Even a blond mammoth would have been easy to spot

If you've been laying awake at night, wondering what color woolly mammoths were, ponder no longer.

Some of the curly tusked animals would have sported dark brown coats, while others had pale ginger or blond hair.

The information was extracted from a 43,000-year-old woolly mammoth bone from Siberia using the latest genetic techniques.

Writing in the journal Science, the researchers said a gene called Mc1r was controlling the beasts' coat colours.

The scientists said they were unsure why different-coloured mammoths existed..

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July 03, 2006

Holy sneak attack, Batman!

It looks like the War on Drugs isn't going any better than the War on Terruh.

Crack Found in Foam on Shuttle

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