March 12, 2010

Perry: Defy "Burdensome" Federal Time Change Mandate

Continuing the tough anti-Washington rhetoric from his primary campaign, Governor For Life Rick Perry denounced the advent of Daylight Savings Time this weekend. "Texans know how to set their own clocks without interference from federal bureaucrats," he said in a press release. Perry announced his counter-initiative, State Sovereignty Savings Time. At 2 AM Sunday morning, Texans will set their clocks back 150 years.

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January 04, 2010

Non-Human Personality

Accoding to this story dolphins are actually close enough to humanity's intellectual prowess that we should consider granting them the status of "non-human persons".

Studies into dolphin behaviour have highlighted how similar their communications are to those of humans and that they are brighter than chimpanzees. These have been backed up by anatomical research showing that dolphin brains have many key features associated with high intelligence.

For example, a survey of dolphins found that by and large the aquatic mammals found the recent Hugh Grant/Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle Did You Hear About The Morgans? "vapid, lackluster".

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October 04, 2009

Today In History

In 1945, President Truman signed an Executive Order restoring the standard spelling of "cigarette". The name of the tobacco product had been shortened to "cigaret" in 1942 to make more t's and e's available for the War Effort.

The efforts of the War Spelling Board also paid off in helping to identify nazi agent Bruno Schurzmann, put ashore by U-Boat in 1943 to sabotage the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Schurzmann's persistent use of the prewar spelling aroused the suspicion of the FBI. When he also insisted that the Chicago Cubs were in the American League the would-be saboteur was arrested, tried and executed.

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September 14, 2009

Your Political Infotainment Wrapup

After performing at a Labor Day Tea Bag 'n' Dip Rally in West Virginia, legacy country singer Hank Williams Junior was seen sulking backstage. Sources report that Mountain State folklorist Farrell Dobbs had explained to him that the old song "Big Rock Candy Mountain" wasn't about that kind of rock candy.

Changing his mind after flirting with a run for Lite Governor, restaurateur Marc Katz will now challenge embattled Court of Criminal Appeals Justice Sharon Keller. "What can I tell ya, my courtroom never closes!" commented the Austin pastrami slinger

Following the widely-awaited release of the Beatles Rock Band video game, international bad guy Osama bin Laden has shipped a new audio tape in an attempt to seem relevant. While analysts have not yet confirmed that the voice on the tape is actually that of bin Laden, there is no doubt that it is of recent origin, since the recording does refer to Kanye West as a douchebag.

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August 10, 2009

By Their Cheetos Ye Shall Know Them

For some years now liberals have joked about outfits like the Fighting 101st Keyboard Brigade: rightwing bloggers who wholeheartedly supported Bush's invasion of Iraq and global sabre-rattling but whose taste for all out warfare toe-to-toe with the bad guys stopped short of logging off and actually enlisting themselves. Now it seems that this not-so-well regulated militia may be transformed into a more professional "fighting" force.


I thought I was under blog attack once, but it was just something I ate.

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July 19, 2009

Chrysler and its connections have deceived the American people, Congress and at least 2 Administrations!

by Peter Stern


It is unconscionable and then we bailed them out, let them go bankrupt and give them more bail-outs?

Let the public beware! Follow the money trail!

Dear President Obama, Administration and Congress:

How did you let Chrysler, et. al., get away from you people? There is no accountability to the American people. There is no punishment to those who deserve it.

(...with thanks to Steve, Sandie and others re: help with various links on this issue...)

FYI,Cerberus in ancient mythology was a ferocious 3-headed dog

Subject: More on Chrysler and its connections...!

There is a little known fact about Chrysler ownership that is not publicized or even mentioned in the press. Until bankruptcy Chrysler was owned by Cerberus Capital Management, who bought the Chrysler assets from Daimler Benz. The Chairman of Cerebus is a guy named John Snow. Snow was W. Bush's secretary of Treasury in the first two years of Bush's first term. He resigned in two years and became CEO of Cerberus. Cerberus soon took over Chrysler.

If that isn't political enough, check this out. The Chairman of the company's international unit, Cerberus Global, is non other than Dan Quayle.

Since Cerberus is a private company and not publicly traded, they don't have to expose a lot of financials to the press. I got this information because I was interested in who the hell is Cerberus? Even private companies have to submit a 25K report which is registered with Hoovers and this information is available with some digging on the net. Which I did out of curiosity.

I don't know what all this means exactly but Chrysler took the bailout money before declaring bankruptcy. Cerberus also owns GMAC which is the financial arm of GM. But the big puzzler is why doesn't the press pick up on this??

Check this org chart out and you can see how protected they are by all the layers of organization.

John Snow:

Dan Quayle: Dan Quayle is Chairman of an international division of Cerberus Capital Management, a multi-billion dollar private equity firm, and president of Quayle and Associates. He is an Honorary Trustee Emeritus of the Hudson Institute Dan Quayle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Global Politician - Economy: Cerberus Acquisition of Chrysler Makes Little Sense
Economy: Cerberus Acquisition of Chrysler Makes Little Sense

Prof. Peter Morici - 2/21/2008

Cerberus will acquire control of the Chrysler Group from DaimlerChrysler. Cerberus will pay $7.4 billion for 80.1 percent of Chrysler Group and assume the North American Automakers™ pension and health care liabilities. Daimler would retain 19.9 percent ownership.

This arrangement fails to address Chrysler's fundamental competitiveness problems on three fronts.

First, the legacy health care costs impose a severe disadvantage on Chrysler. None of the Detroit Three can carry these liabilities and produce vehicles equal in quality and content to the North American transplants of Asian manufacturers.

Although the United Autoworkers Union has surprised observers by endorsing the acquisition, it is not clear how the legacy health care costs can be wholly removed from the cost of building vehicles without Cerberus sinking billions in new funds and partially frustrating the claims of present and future retirees.

Given the tough competition and slim profit margins that characterize the U.S. and global auto markets, whatever residual claims remain would come back to haunt the new company.

Second, the legacy costs aside, the company carries substantial labor cost disadvantages owing to work rules, job classifications and other elements of the UAW contract that raise the hourly cost of labor at Chrysler above those at Toyota and other North American facilities of Asian manufacturers.

Despite Cerberus's strong track record of cutting costs in other firms it has acquired, the concession accepted by the UAW in deals with Chrysler, Ford and GM indicate a Cerberus-UAW deal will not completely and adequately align non-legacy labor costs with Toyota and other transplants in the United States. Without that, Chrysler engineers would have to be superior in every way to Japanese and Korean engineers, which is absolutely inconceivable.

Third, the new company will still be tethered to Daimler in elements of vehicle development, which is why Daimler retains 20 percent ownership. Mercedes and Chrysler enjoy some of the worst reliability and quality records in their classes of cars. A continued alliance would preserve some of the worst elements of the failed merger. Daimler has failed to put a good product on the road in North America, and a continued permanent alliance with Daimler would be foolish.

The additional capital Cerberus will put into Chrysler could be invested by DaimlerChrysler but Daimler chose not to invest such funds, because Chrysler is not a good bet. Cerberus has not demonstrated how it changes Chrysler's fundamental matrix of liabilities.

Prof. Peter Morici teaches at Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland.

Cerberus - Press Releases Public Statements (Snow has been with them since 2006)

(July 18, 2007) Prepared Remarks of John W. Snow Before the National Press Club

(July 11, 2007) Prepared Remarks of John W. Snow Before the Detroit Economic Club

(June 19, 2007) Cerberus Capital Management Acquires Torex Retail

(May 14, 2007) Cerberus Takes Over Majority Interest In Chrysler Group

(January 23, 2007) Handelsblatt Europe Op-ed "In Praise of Europe's Growth" by John W. Snow

(October 19, 2006) Cerberus Capital Management Appoints John W. Snow as Chairman

(April 3, 2006) GM Reaches Agreement to Sell Controlling Stake in GMAC

Look at this one: Cerberus to boost Aozora stake by $416 million- Global Markets-Markets-The Economic Times (Indian Bank)

Cerberus to boost Aozora stake by $416 million

3 Mar 2008, 1443 hrs, REUTERS

TOKYO: US private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management will pay up to $416 million to raise its stake in Japan's Aozora Bank Ltd to nearly 46

per cent, soon after the midsize lender cut its earnings outlook on subprime losses.

Cerberus, which currently holds almost 38 per cent of the bank, will pay as much as 42.9 billion yen ($416 million) to boost its stake by 8 percentage points, Aozora said in a statement, adding that it supported the bid.

The private equity firm will bid 325 yen per Aozora share, a premium of 17.8 per cent on Aozora's closing price of 276 yen on Monday.

The increased investment comes a little more than a month after Aozora said it would miss its full-year profit target by 58 per cent, hurt by $300 million in losses on investments linked to the US subprime mortgage market

Cerberus took Aozora public in 2006 after acquiring its failed predecessor, Nippon Credit Bank.

The increase in investment mirrors a similar move by US buyout firm J C Flowers & Co LLC late last year. Flowers, which revived Aozora rival Shinsei Bank, in November bid about $1.8 billion for almost a third of that bank.

What is the President going to do about it? What is Congress going to do? What will the American people do? What about the Judicial sector?


Peter Stern of Driftwood, Texas, , a former director of information services, university professor and public school administrator, is a political writer well-known and published frequently throughout the Texas community and nationwide. He is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and holds three post-graduate degrees.

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Quitter Sarah Palin is Hustling $$$$ for the 2012 Presidential Election

Palin PAC is Trying to Build a War Chest

by Peter Stern

With more than 3 years to go it seems not too early to start collecting money for the 2012 Presidential Election, but what Americans want a quitter to run for President? Apparently, many still do. Palin is an ongoing mistake at best.

Palin simply quit halfway through her term as Governor of Alaska, letting down the people of the largest American state. Perhaps her conservative followers believe God told her to do it? Or, maybe she is hearing and listening to voices no one else can hear?

Basically, Palin quit in order to raise contributions for her questionable run for President in 2012. Her Palin PAC has announced it has raised $732,867 in the first half of 2009. If you care to sign up for a moron, you can visit HERE.

Apparently the National GOP has not learned its lesson. Having Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee is a self-fulfilling prophecy of failing.

Neither Republicans or Democrats sincerely want to do what is best for the American community. The poor quality of candidates highlights that fact.

Most hardworking Americans are now hardly-working Americans thanks to the 2-party rule that cares only for wealthy special interests who continue to purchase the best government money can buy. The majority of Americans don't matter any more.

In a short time the economic chaos will throw more families into the streets without jobs, homes or cars. The firing of police and firefighters will increase the economic decay until some sort of anarchy will prevail. What other alternative is there if our own government refuses to provide stimulus money directly to the majority? There is no money, no jobs, no more unemployment for millions who already have had benefits extended twice, more foreclosures and more debt.

No doubt if the government continues to ignore a more direct monetary process to the people, along with new jobs, anarchy and civil disobedience will emerge.


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July 08, 2009

I Found Your Leg: Elizabeth Ames Jones Stole It!

If you take a look at this Victoria's Secret ad, it very much looks like someone has stolen the model's leg. Who stole it? Where did it go?

Clearly the culprit is Texas Railroad Commissioner and current "omg i'm totally running for u.s. senate if kay bailey hutchison resigns, me too, me too, hey why is no one paying attention to me" Republican candidate Elizabeth Ames Jones.

She stole her leg, and inserted it into her neck. OMG, not even joking this shit is real.


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June 01, 2009

Holy #@%^*&#@!!! What does it take for Texans to get SMART?

How much longer will Texans continue to vote in these corrupt and unethical lawmakers?

How many times must you smack a nail over the head until it sinks in?

I've been writing about it for the past decade.

VOTERS!!! Get rid of these special interest varmints! Vote-out all long-time deadwood incumbents during the next several elections and vote-in some new blood!

What does it take for Texans to get smart?

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May 21, 2009

America's Health Care Crisis

Americans are Crumbling Under Excessive Health Care Premium Costs

- by Peter Stern

Is it too late to help Americans? Is the damage done?

According to a report by Families USA, April 2009 it is urgent that health care must be made more affordable for all families, regardless of income.

The diagnosis from the report outlines a dismal view of the current health care system:

"Long before the current economic crisis began, Americans were already straining under the burden of two related trends: shrinking coverage and rising health care costs. Over the last decade, millions of Americans have joined the ranks of the uninsured, and millions more have become underinsured as the value of their coverage has declined. At the same time, health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs have risen steadily, and the number of families who are facing unmanageably high health care costs has grown. Left unchecked, health care costs will keep going up, forcing more and more American families into debt—and even into bankruptcy and foreclosure.

To better understand the magnitude of the health care cost crisis, Families USA commissioned The Lewin Group to analyze data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Census Bureau that reveal how many Americans face very high health care costs. This analysis allowed us to determine how many non-elderly people are in families that will spend more than 10 percent of their pre-tax income, and more than 25 percent of their pre-tax income, on health care in 2009.

Our analysis paints a stark picture: Nearly one in four Americans under the age of 65—some 64.4 million people—will spend more than 10 percent of their family income on health care in 2009. The vast majority of these people (82.6 percent) have health insurance. And 18.7 million non-elderly Americans—more than three-quarters of whom have health insurance—are in families that will spend more than 25 percent of their income on health care in 2009."

To read more about this report and its findings, see the article:

The amazing, if not disgusting, point is that health care premiums have risen more than 6 times faster than wages. Add to that the increasing number of unemployed Americans and also companies who have stopped or cut-back on covering their employees and you have a major contagion of an escalating number of Americans who 1) are not insured, 2) can no longer afford to maintain their coverage and 3) are paying up to 30 percent of their pre-taxed income to keep their family insured.

You don't have to be Einstein to determine that the negative forces have cancelled the worth and success of our health care system and that another more affordable health care system is needed.

Will lawmakers and the health care industry learn quickly enough, or will we soon have a similar as occurred within the financial sector, another decay of one of our infrastructures? What happens to private insurance when the government must provide alternative health care services to all those Americans to whom the current antiquated health care system crumbles to the Earth in a pile of dust?

Apparently, Americans will not have to wait too long to find out.


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March 14, 2009

CNBC to cancel "Mad Money"?

Word on the street is that, following Jon Stewart's recent shamwowing of Jim Cramer (jeez, he's really let himself go since Seinfeld), CNBC is considering dumping their tarnished star's infotainment show, Mad Money.

What's in the works to replace it? Going Galt, which would be the financial network's first foray into the reality show genre. According to insiders, Going Galt would feature two dozen of the smartest, most productive individuals plucked down on an island and freed to build their perfect society based on Ayn Rand's philosophy of unrestrained self-interest. WARNING: May not be suitable for viewers who are squeamish about cannibalism.

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January 01, 2009

Feeling The Pinch, Justice Roberts Goes Moonlighting

If you're jonesin' for late night fast food in Silver Spring, Maryland, be prepared to do a doubletake at the drivethru window. You might recognize the employee handing you your Baconator and Frosty from his day job: Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts.

Finding it increasingly difficult to scrape by on his meager $217,400 salary, Roberts took a part-time night shift at a Wendy's in the DC-area suburb to help make ends meet. Attorney Jane Sullivan Roberts, his wife, is also pitching in to help the family's finances by running a dog-walking service for neighbors and colleagues.

Justice Roberts praised his 27-year old supervisor, Lennie "The Man" Mandrake, for arranging a flexible schedule that allows him to keep up with his busy schedule of hearing cases and writing opinions.

"I could go to Congress and simply ask them for more money," Roberts said. "But in these difficult economic times it's important that those of us at the highest levels of government show that we can solve our own problems, not expect Uncle Sam to solve them for us."

Legal scholars report that while unusual, Roberts' action is not without precedence, citing Nineteenth Century Chief Justice Taney's weekend job in a livery stable. And while there is always the chance of a conflict of interest arising when a justice has outside financial interests, most precedent-setting decisions concerning the fast food industry were handed down decades ago by the Burger Court.

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November 21, 2008

So That's What the "Members" Lounge is For...

With all the hubbub about the renovations of the Members Lounge at the capitol, one wonders what goes on in there. Maybe little Ricky Perry has some bad memories and is looking out for his political mates.

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September 24, 2008

I KNEW IT! Clay Aiken Trips Gaydar

As if this post was not foretelling. American Idol pop-singer Clay Aiken has finally come out as gay.

Will Young could beat his ass any day. Actually, I take that back. Forget Clay's ass, really, forget it. Young can beat mine instead.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture, yet again.


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September 16, 2008

Annals Of Medicine

Bush has benign lesion removed from forehead

To borrow a remark from Evelyn Waugh, what a triumph of science to have removed the only bit of him that isn't malignant.

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August 21, 2008

So Gaydar is Real

Another recent study, this time from Tufts University (like THAT doesn't sound like its full of poofs), is lending evidence to the idea that, No Shit Sherlock, Gaydar might work!

Published in July's Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the study claims that people could guess fairly accurately ("better than chance") whether men were gay or straight by looking at photos of their faces.

For the study, 15 undergraduate students, both male and female, were shown photos of faces of 90 men, evenly divided between gay and straight. The photos were taken from Internet personal ads and from Facebook. The study's lead author, graduate student Nicholas Rule, says men were used in this study for convenience, because they have a greater presence on the Internet than women.

The researchers found that subjects could accurately determine in 50 milliseconds — one-twentieth of a second — whether the men were gay or straight about 60 percent of the time. Rule says all the subjects were accurate 55 percent to 70 percent of the time.
WOW. This is stunning news. To further test this out, I have placed a series of photos below for you to test your skills. Leave a comment with your guesses.





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August 10, 2008

Are You Good Enough ANd Smart Enough?

And Darn It, will Presidnet Barrack Obama like you?

Persoamally, I scored a 14 on that scientific test, which makes me a embarracksment to our futire presidnet.

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August 09, 2008

Plug-in Hybrids: The Devil's Wheels?

That's the word on the street, yo.

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August 07, 2008

Austin Prefers Mini Donuts

Austintonians gave delicious mini-donuts the thumbs up as their favorite fair food, beating out cheese curds and corn dogs. To tell, the truth, I'm kind of surprised, I would have thought some sort of cooked meat would be more popular in Texas. But then again who can resist yummy frosting? Especially yummy fronting on a minidonut, where the proprtion of surface area to overall volume is greater. I guess that's why frosting and entire longhorn cow never caught on.

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Expert: Twin Towers Destroyed By Hyper-Intelligent Kitties Recruited By Knights Of Malta

This was most probably accomplished through the use of nano-thermites, which are hightech energetic materials made by mixing ultra fine grain (UFG) aluminum and UFG metal oxides; usually iron oxide, molybdenum oxide or copper oxide, although other compounds can be used (Prakash 2005, Rai 2005). The mixing is accomplished by adding these reactants to a liquid solution where they form what are called “sols”, and then adding a gelling agent that captures these tiny reactive combinations in their intimately mixed state (LLNL 2000). The resulting “sol-gel” is then dried to form a porous reactive material that can be ignited in a number of ways.

Hratch Semerjian, long-time director of NIST’s chemical division, was promoted to acting director of NIST in November 2004, and took over the WTC investigation until the completion of the report on the towers. Semerjian is
closely linked to former NIST employee Michael Zachariah, perhaps the world’s most prominent expert on nano-thermites (Zachariah 2008). In fact, Semerjian and Zachariah co-authored ten papers that focus on nano-particles made of silica, ceramics and refractory particles. Zachariah was a major player in the Defense University Research Initiative on Nanotechnology (DURINT), a groundbreaking research effort for nano-thermites.

Most of the so called eyewitnesses on the ground have been identified as either Fundie Christians or defense officials or party faithfuls of the Republican kind.That opens up questions about their reliability.

The only eyewitness that passes the smell test, Amber Theoharis,was a helicopter traffic reporter for Channel 4 in New York who happened to be near the area where the plane was supposed to have impacted WTC2.She was live with her anchor,Susan Hansen, and did not even utter a word about seeing a plane.Instead she reported about an explosion at the Tower.

In the many videos released about the event,a plane is shown entering the Towers at a high speed and simply vanishing inside, leaving behind no damage.This Alice-in-Wonderland fairy tale was important to the perps because the preservation of an intact fuselage was necessary to maintain the lie that a plane had impacted the Tower.That lie became necessary because a clamor for the evidence would have resulted if the plane was shown as broken up.

The intact plane was also necessary to maintain the fiction that the Towers collapsed from the impact of the plane and the heat from the combustion of the fuel. This story sustained the perps for a long time until Professor Jones destroyed that myth.

Because of the lengths to which this administration has gone to sustain the myths,it is necessary to ask how this plane myth even came about.From the very beginning, this administration has made it clear that it needed a New Pearl Harbor to draw the United States into seizing the oil resources of the Middle East,especially the one in Iraq, for the purpose of maintaining US Supremacy for the next century.The New Pearl Harbor had to be an event that would shock the conscience of Americans and at the same time the perps had to be identified as Arabs.Because in the American way of viewing things, an Arab is an Arab is an Arab,it would not matter if it was a Saudi or Iraqi or a transgender Moroccan.Any Arab will do.

The ground work for this operation had been laid long before in 1993 when one of the Towers sustained an explosion set off by a truck bomb.That was clearly the work of an Arab saboteur.Half a world away, Ramzi Yousef, a Pakistani, was supposed to have sent a telegram to Osama Bin Laden that he should blow up the WTC Towers as a way to teach the Americans a lesson.He proposed that air planes be employed to do the dirty work.It is very likely that was disinformation because of the details it disclosed about the operation and the intended target.

In order for Eugenics to work properly, someone would have to select the ideal bloodline first and then systematically prevent the mating of this ideal bloodline with inferior stock.That would call for genocide on a massive scale.

The American disciples of Galton, notably Mrs Harriman (Averell's mother)and Mrs.Walker,influenced their sons to see the wisdom of Galton's thesis and so, the American Eugenics Society was born on the campus of Yale which, for nearly a century, has been the breeding ground of vicious racists, spies and Empire builders of various stripes.

This would have been an academic topic on the campus of Yale except for the fact that the two men,Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman, were both financially and politically well connected and were in a position to bring their ideas to reality in short order.The most explosive of these connections involved a German aristocrat by the name Fritz Thyssen, who owned steel and coal companies in the Ruhr Valley.Because the Treaty of Versailles after WWI prohibited the rearmament of Germany, Thyssen was hampered by lack of markets for his steel.He turned to Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman to find a way to open up markets for his steel.The remedy Prescott and Averell came up with was to find a way to evade the Treaty of Versailles and start the rearmament of Germany in stealth.To accomplish this they needed a strong man who would take over the Weimar Republic and implement their proposals in defiance of international laws.Sort of like a George W.Bush of the twentieth century.

Fortune smiled on these aristocrats as a man called Hitler emerged from the streets of Vienna to rail aginst the unfair treatment of Germany by the victors in WWI.He said that the clauses in that treaty were written to humiliate Germany.What is more, Hitler claimed that Germany only lost the war because of traitors who stabbed it in the back.He identified these traitors as Jews, the supine aristocrats and liberals and the Bolsheviks who were mostly Jews following the teachings of Marx and Engels, two more notorious Jews.

Hitler was a spell binding speaker and could sway an audience to his way of thinking by performing theatrics in concert with his speeches.Thyssen was mesmerized by Hitler's speeches, especially the part where he identified the Bolsheviks with the Jews.When he met with Bush and Harriman, Thyssen introduced them to Hitler and the threesome provided the financial backing Hitler needed to win the election that led to the demise of the Weimar Republic and Hitler's elevation to the Chancellorship and later as the Fuehrer.

A few months ago, I noticed something odd and decided to dig deeper. It turns out that on each of the 4 flights, aside from the pilot and co-pilot , there was at least one passenger that was a pilot (and we're not talking arab hijackers).

This means that on all four planes, even if one or both of the pilots were overpowered by slightly built, poorly-armed arab hijackers, there was a passenger who would have been able to fly the plane. So why doesn't the Official Myth include even one brave passenger pilot attempting to take over a plane? Why wouldn't anyone want to notice these potential heros?

So how did the pilots on four separate planes get overtaken to begin with? All of these pilots were in very good physical condition. Almost all of them, including the passenger pilots, had fighter pilot experience. No one fought back? No one attempted to save their plane? Something doesn't make sense here.

Oh and did I mention, at least one on each flight was a fundie xian?

It would be interesting if someone could reverse the process and find out what software was used by the perps to project the images that have come to traumatize us since 911.

Computer aided smokescreen is what I call it.No planes,just a simple demolition and an avalanche of TV images to seize control of our minds.

It gets better as one explores the activities of Bush and Harriman from the days of the Weimar Republic to the rise of Hitler.Hitler, as usual, was fascinated by the Science of Eugenics and was stumped as to how to achieve the extermination part.This is where Bush,Harriman and Thyssen helped him out along with corporations like IBM,Dupont and IG Farben.This team that was part of the Final Solution that Hitler devised, was instrumental in planning the extermination camps at Auschwitz.Thyssen and Krupp provided the steel for the furnaces and the cattle cars for transporting the innocent victims.IBM provided the data processing capability to keep track of all the inmates arriving and not leaving.Dupont collaborated with IG Farben in making the Zyklon B tablets that released the deadly cyanide gas in the "showers".To think that the Americans, who provided not just the intellectual underpinnings but the entire mechanism for carrying out the Holocaust have clean hands is to believe in the tooth fairy.The fact that Mr.GHW Bush, would even think of pursuing the Eugenics idea nearly twenty years after the War ended tells me that he was remorseless about the entire event.

It is now possible to see why the American state has become such a malignant factor in the world.The ruling class in the US believe that the world has an inordinately high number of less desirable peoples,usually with brown and black skins that need to be eliminated in order for the "right" type of people to prosper and flourish.Unfortunately,the brown and black skinned people hold vast amount of resources in their territories.To plunder these resources and at the same time gradually eliminate these populations, a long term strategy was devised.Kissinger, no less an adherent than Prescott Bush called this the Depopulation Solution. His entire rationale for the War in Vietnam was based on the Depopulation Strategy.The killing of three million Vietnamese by carpet bombings was how that strategy was executed.I recall that when Peter Arnett and April Oliver disclosed that the US had used chemical and biological weapons in Laos, how exercised Kissinger and Haig got,to the point pressure was brought to bear on CBS to terminate them.It is also telling that a man of Arnett's reputation was unable to find any work in our media after this incident.

In Iraq, the strategy has been further refined by using weapons like the Depleted Uranium bombs that release low level radiation over a long time during which the exposed populations are,in effect, condemned to a life without any future.Offspring of these populations are usually subject to all sorts of birth defects and in a few generations they are unable to reproduce.That may be the entire rationale for the Iraqi War,to decimate an entire population over time without leaving a trace.The perps,of course, would feign their concern for the problems faced by the Iraqi people knowing full well what has caused their dire straits.

When Mr.McClennan disclosed the deceptions that Bush used to sell the Iraq War to the American people, he did not cover the full extent of it.It was not just the Press that was complicit.The entire Congress, especially, people like Hillary Clinton who voted for the IWR,were in on the game of enabling Bush to achieve what his grandfather and his father could not.

Now we also know why Impeachment is off the table.

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July 23, 2008

Britney Spears To Undergo Sex Change, Enter Politics

...and what dropped into your spam folder today?

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July 14, 2008

You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie

This is Bastille Day. I became aware of the French Revolution when my father first plunked Allan Sherman's latest record, My Son The Nut on the hifi one day in 1963. There followed, in the majesty of monaural sound, to the tune of La Marseillaise...

Louis the Sixteenth was the King of France
In 1789
He was worse than Louis the Fifteenth
He was worse than Louis the Fourteenth
He was worse than Louis the Thirteenth
He was the worst
Since Louis the First

My parents' somewhat evasive explanations about just what a guillotine was and just why it might have been employed to leave a king with "no place to wear your crown" didn't entirely satisfy my seven-year-old curiosity. And the rest is history. Or my love of history, anyway.

I suppose if instead I had been more taken with Sherman's witty deconstruction of suburbia Here's To The Crabgrass my shelves might groan under the weight of sociological tomes instead.

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July 13, 2008

When Life Imitates SNL

Doggie Downers no longer just a joke.

But WalMart still insists there's no such thing as a Bass-O-Matic.

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July 02, 2008

Why is this Man Happy?


Watermelon, the new viagra.

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June 09, 2008

Available Accessories

Sister Ruth called to say she'd bought a bicycle. My first reaction was to ask if it came with an ashtray.

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April 21, 2008

Happy San Jacinto Day!

On an April afternoon, after enduring heartbreaking weeks of disaster and defeat a ragtag army turned against its better-equipped and more numerous foe, scattering them to the winds and changing the course of history.

But enough about the Presidential primary.

Terms like "history's turning point" are thrown about pretty cheaply, but I think that Sam Houston's victory over Santa Ana back in 1836 qualifies for that sobriquet. Had the Mexican army won that day, or had the battle never been fought and the Runaway Scrape continued until the Texian settlers were driven across the Sabine, the North American settlements in Texas might have been forgotten as a historical footnote; another of colonization's deadends like the Norse in Vinland or the Huguenots in Spanish Florida.

As it was, though, San Jacinto was the narrow end of the wedge that let the United States pry away the sparsely-settled and little-known northern half of the former Spanish Viceroyality of New Spain from its successor, Mexico. And in so doing, the annexation of new territory to the south exacerbated the great sectional conflict that led quickly to our Civil War and our national re-foundation on lines quite different from those envisioned by the 1776 Generation.

I don't mean to ignore the effect on Mexico, but imagining how our sister republic would have developed had she retained Texas, and California, and Arizona requires more imagination than I can spare at the moment. "The history of things that never happened has not been written."

So I invite you to take a moment this afternoon and reflect on how much our world is a product of things set in motion by Buffalo Bayou one hundred and seventy-two years ago today.

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January 11, 2008

Rudy, You Might Want To Bid On This

Via Bartcop, one of those EBay auctions that'll probably be taken down because The Man has no sense of humor.


This rarest of all artifacts, an actual tear from Madam Hillary Clinton's private, limited collection in an amber dram, is coveted by politicians and pundits alike for its potent campaign-reviving powers

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Rudy, You Might Want To Bid On This

Via Bartcop, one of those EBay auctions that'll probably be taken down because The Man has no sense of humor.


This rarest of all artifacts, an actual tear from Madam Hillary Clinton's private, limited collection in an amber dram, is coveted by politicians and pundits alike for its potent campaign-reviving powers

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September 21, 2007

Friday fun

Condi admits it...

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The Devil does my hair!

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September 18, 2007

Amazing Expressions of Religious Tolerance, Part 2355

Sometimes it's nice to see that other states have crazy people too.

Neb. state senator sues God in protest

LINCOLN, Neb. --Fed up with the threats, tired of natural disasters, the state's longest-serving state senator is using his legal muscle against who he says is the culprit -- God. State Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha sued the Almighty in Douglas County District Court last week.

Chambers says in his lawsuit that God has made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents, inspired fear and caused "widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants."

Chambers also says God has caused "fearsome floods ... horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes."

He's seeking a permanent injunction against God

I'm not an attorney, but I'm note sure it's prudent to sue anyone credited with being able to strike you down with a bolt of lightning.

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September 08, 2007

While I Was Out

I've been off-world for a few days, and I'm just getting caught up. I don't know if this has already been blogged but apparently there's a new Osama bin Laden video out and he is the new spokesmodel for natural male enhancement.

That's bound to wipe the smirk off Bob's face.

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September 05, 2007

It's Lonely At The Bottom, Part Deux

I think I know who Katherine Harris's political braintrust is working for these days.

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Republican presidential hopeful, U.S.,Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan. during a speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2007.(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

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July 17, 2007

In case you wondered

This is why we don't let children vote.

In 1972, Richard Nixon's campaign was caught in dirty tricks in its effort to rig the election of 1972. In July, 2007, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton were caught planning dirty tricks to rig the election of 2007.

Yes, Hillary and Edwards have fiendishly scheduled it for 2008. The bastards.

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July 12, 2007

The Internet is kaput

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

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July 11, 2007

National Organization Of Restoring Men

You have to read this, then this.

What is NORM all about? Please, just click the links.

My only question is, what does the giant wax cock have to say about this? I think now is the time for it to stand up and speak.

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July 09, 2007

Man dressed as tree robs branch bank

Which would you rather read? Another screed about toll roads, or this?

According to police, a man with tree branches duct-taped to his head and torso walked into a Citizens Bank just as it opened Saturday morning and demanded cash from a teller. Police said the disguise was the most bizarre they'd ever seen.

"He really went out on a limb," Sgt. Ernie Goodno said Sunday.

Sgt Goodno thinks he a comedian, eh? Better keep your day job, flatfoot.

The robber, who showed no weapon, fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. Though the branches and leaves obscured much of the man's face, someone who saw images from the bank's security camera recognized the robber and called police.

James Coldwell, 49, of Manchester, was arrested at his home early Sunday morning. He was expected to be arraigned Monday.

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July 04, 2007

Who knew a Prius could go a hundred miles an hour?

I am impressed. And apparently some famous guy's son was driving it.

Al Gore III, 24, of Los Angeles, was allegedly driving a blue Toyota Prius on the southbound San Diego (5) Freeway about 100 mph about 2:15 a.m. when a sheriff's deputy stopped him at the Crown Valley Parkway exit, said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.

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June 22, 2007

Mars, bitches!

Wanna play spaceman?

The European Space Agency is looking for people who would like to go on a pretend trip to Mars — for about a year and a half.

The 520-day experiment involves a crew of six living in sealed modules at the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow.

Promising a program "as close to a real Mars mission as possible," the space agency plans to simulate a 250-day trip to Mars, 30 days to experience the planet and 240 days to make it back home.

Weightlessness and radiation are not included, but the simulated out-of-planet experience offers isolation, confinement, crowding, lack of privacy, high workload, boredom with available food, and limited communication with family, friends and mission control.

Doesn't sound any worse than a cubefarm.

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May 28, 2007

Attack of the Nazi Racoons

No, it's not tonight's fare on the History Channel.

In 1934, top Nazi party official Hermann Goering received a seemingly mundane request from the Reich Forestry Service. A fur farm near here was seeking permission to release a batch of exotic bushy-tailed critters into the wild to "enrich the local fauna" and give bored hunters something new to shoot at.

Goering approved the request and unwittingly uncorked an ecological disaster that is still spreading across Europe. The imported North American species, Procyon lotor, or the common raccoon, quickly took a liking to the forests of central Germany. Encountering no natural predators -- and with hunters increasingly called away by World War II -- the woodland creatures fruitfully multiplied and have stymied all attempts to prevent them from overtaking the Continent.

Today, as many as 1 million raccoons are estimated to live in Germany, and their numbers are steadily increasing. In 2005, hunters and speeding cars killed 10 times as many raccoons as a decade earlier, according to official statistics.

Raccoons have crawled across the border to infest each of Germany's neighbors and now range from the Baltic Sea to the Alps. Scientists say they have been spotted as far east as Chechnya. British tabloids have warned that it's only a matter of time until the "Nazi raccoons" cross the English Channel.

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March 31, 2007

School has changed a lot since my day

All we ever got to do in shop was make candlestick holders.
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Only one high school was celebrating but it was V.E. Day yesterday – Victory in Etobicoke.

The delivery of a World War II Sherman Firefly tank, a combat veteran of the European battlefields, to Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, was a triumph for teacher Sean Carney after a months-long campaign that he was told he couldn't win.

"We'll have to rent a crane to get it off," said Alex Bihuniak, 16. He's more into muscle cars and hot rods but was beside himself with excitement. "To work on a piece of history like this ... it's mind-boggling. I've only ever seen these in the movies."

Laurie LeFresne, 15, was just as thrilled, even though she's more interested in horses. "Not everyone in this class wants to be a mechanic," she said. "This is so cool, so amazing. I'm so nervous but I can't wait to get started. It's ... a tank. End of story!"

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February 16, 2007

Medical bulletin

Reuters reports

A doctor removed two moles from President George W. Bush's left temple on Friday and they were believed to be benign, a White House spokesman said.

How perverse, removing the only bits of him that aren't malignant.

(Apologies to Evelyn Waugh)

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October 31, 2006

So Fat People Really Are More Stupid

At least, so say the French.

The new five-year study of more than 2,200 adults claims to have found a link between obesity and the decline in a person's cognitive function. The research, conducted by French scientists, which is published in this month's Neurology journal, involved men and women aged between 32 and 62 taking four mental ability tests that were then repeated five years later.

The researchers found that people with a Body Mass Index – a measure of body fat – of 20 or less could recall 56 per cent of words in a vocabulary test, while those who were obese, with a BMI of 30 or higher, could remember only 44 per cent.

The fatter subjects also showed a higher rate of cognitive decline when they were retested five years later: their recall dropped to 37.5 per cent, whereas those with a healthy weight retained their level of recall.

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September 19, 2006

Sometimes when Grimace is feeling fat, Travis County is the place to be

Travis County rules for fat people. Maybe.

From the Houston Chronicle:
AUSTIN — Travis County is considering a pilot program to offer weight-loss surgery to its employees after a review suggested the move could save money in the long run. County commissioners may decide today whether to pay for up to 15 bariatric surgeries per year during a five-year trial. The surgeries, which involve reducing the size of the stomach or rerouting the intestines, would each cost about $15,000 to $25,000, the county said. "Unfortunately, the program is obviously very needed," County Judge Sam Biscoe said. "We do have more than our fair share of employees who qualify."
Grimace is fat. But morbidly obese? Shit, better start eating some more Double Quarter Pounders.
To qualify, county employees would have to be diagnosed with morbid obesity and go through one year of monitored unsuccessful dieting and exercise. The county estimates that 300 to 400 of its 4,100 employees would be eligible for the surgery.

That shit looks hot like hades.

Where's my motherfuckin Double QP with Cheese? Make it fuckin bacon bitch.

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September 03, 2006

Cartoon torture

Thumbscrews? The rack? Those are soooo Spanish Inquisition!

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Toppled dictator Saddam Hussein is being tormented in jail – by being forced to watch HIMSELF in South Park.

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut was banned in Iraq on its launch in 1999 for showing Saddam as a homosexual.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone yesterday revealed Saddam is made to watch the movie “repeatedly” by the US Marines guarding him.

Speaking at Edinburgh TV Festival, Matt said: “I have it on pretty good information from the Marines on detail in Iraq that they showed him the movie."

Of course, things could always be worse. At least they're not making Saddam watch X-Men 3.

Tom Cruise, behold your fate!

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