April 23, 2009

How YOU should vote : Mayor

PhotobucketWe're sure it will come as a HOOOGE surprise, but we're telling you to go vote for Lee Leffingwell. As for denigrating Brewster, we're kinda bored with it (since we've hit it here, here and here). Especially with his ethical lapses which are summarized in the extended.

As for Buttfloss, the guy is a genuine slumlord. Oh, sure, he makes a big deal about his home for musicians and his halfway houses which the city subsidizes. What he doesn't share at endorsement meetings are his fines for properties that are out of code.

Oh, and Carole. LOVE your signs, sick to death of you. Your massive ego gave us another four years of 39% and yeah, we're not happy about that. Go fuck yourself... Austin doesn't need any more of your 'public service' fuckups. You have been a public douche for three decades and it's time to go-the-fuck-away.

McSleaze will be posting his thoughts on the race later and he has a really interesting take on it that we, of course, will enjoy. You might enjoy it but it's going to depend on whether or not you mouth words as you read them. If you do then you probably won't get it.


These are just a few of the issues we found on RTM's Campaign Finance Report...

He lists a $500 expense for renting out the Alamo Draft House for a fundraiser. It costs $2,100 to rent out the theater he did, and the owners are maxed out contributors.

He only lists paying $100 in rent for the last three months for his campaign headquarters in the Village Shopping Center off Anderson Lane. Which is a super good deal that no one else is ever likely to get.

There are no expenses listed for internet or phone service for his headquarters.

He has been advertising on golf carts that give rides on 6th Street for several months. No expense listed.

There are no payments listed to RTM's consultants, Christian Archer or Temo Figueroa.

There are no payments listed to Constant Contact, the blast email service that RTM has been using (with a disclaimer that reads: " Mayor Pro Tem Brewster McCracken | City Hall | Austin | TX | 78701").

There appear to be several instances of individuals giving more than $350.

There is lots of missing employer / occupation data that is required for donors over $200.

RTM's reimbursement payments are not reported properly.

The PO BOX that RTM has been using for his campaign was paid for with funds from his officeholder account, which can't be used for campaign-related expenses. We're guessing he's also using this account to pay for Constant Contact. Which means we're all, in one small way, helping pay for RTM's campaign.

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April 22, 2009

How YOU should vote : The other races

These are the collected endorsements of the Author Team at McBlogger. We're really quite proud of them as you can tell by the extensive writes ups which include a brief bio on the candidates and their backgrounds, then a lengthy review of our decision and why we chose a certain way.

Finally, we'd like to mention that, while we're not all that much for single member districts, we do think council should be expanded by 2-3 spots. We also think the gentleman's agreement is a load of shit that's outlived it's usefulness and is, in fact, pretty stupid.

Place Two - He Who Stands Up To Toby. Councilmember Martinez has done a great job and is a real asset to us all. He deserves to be re-elected by a large percentage of the vote. And we think he will be.

We would also like it if he bought us drinks when we next run into him around town. Just saying.

Place Five - Despite the overwhelming number of choices, we're thrilled to be able to tell you to vote for Bill Spelman. Now, the other candidates in this race lobbied hard to get the nod. Some of them even offered bribes. Needless to say, it was a tough decision for us to make and tested our integrity. Which is funny because we didn't know we had any.

In the end, the deciding factor was that Spelman was not imaginary and is, in fact, a real person. The other candidates were kinda 'not real'.

Place Six - Flip A Fucking Coin

We were supporters of Sheryl Cole during her initial run (when we should have been supporting Dwayne Lofton... we've been making up for it ever since). However, she's been lackluster at best, craven and sycophantic at worst, while on Council. That being said, her opponent, Sam Osemene, while a nice guy, seems a little too preoccupied by larger Constitutional issues of government rather than smaller ones. Which is interesting because the Austin City Council really doesn't deal much with larger Constitutional issues.

Seriously, flip a coin before you go into Randall's to vote.

Mayor McSleaze rants in the SuperSize

Single member districts? Hell Yes!

Austin city government as it stands is a self-perpetuating cabal of what Phillip Martin identified as the bikeway insiders. While the notion that electing the entire council at-large means that they all look out for the city as a whole might have still had some validity thirty years ago, Austin has long since grown past Ben White and Research Boulevards. And while the people who live in those neighborhoods may not be as hip as those who dwell in Hyde Park or 78704---might even shop at WalMart instead of insisting their lattes be fair trade---they still are entitled to representation.

Austin's current system of unrepresentative government is not the fault of any individual, nor is changing it the responsibility of any single candidate. Candidates focus their efforts on the historic high-turnout precincts because that's where the votes are under the at-large system. But if, as is claimed, the council as currently elected is supposed to look out for the interests of the city as a whole, then it is their responsibility to ensure real, geographic representation for ALL the residents of this city, not just those approved of by the Austin Chronicle.

One way or another, change will come to Austin's city government. I like to believe that we can be the authors of that change before it is imposed on us from outside.

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April 20, 2009

How YOU should vote : Austin Council Races

Endorsements are lame, especially when what we all mean is "Hey. Moron. This is who you should vote for. Those other people are trash". Seriously, is there is any doubt in anyone's mind that The Statesman didn't take us all for a bunch of double digit IQ's when they endorsed Release The McCracken. I don't know whether it's honest or if the ed board has taken up drinking during the day.

Regardless, their endorsements were pretty much the standard fare from a paper that less than 10% of it's audience actually reads. A paper that's so worthless, the land underneath the building is worth more than the business that sits on it. A paper so worthless that year after inexplicable year they continue to employ talentless halfwits like Arnold Garcia who'd rather pick fights with people than report, you know, the fucking news.

But really, enough about the 'tards at the Statesman and their pathetic endorsements. This is, at it's core, about us. In the next few days we're releasing the names of the people we feel you should be voting for. We may or may not spend some time tearing up the folks who didn't get the nod, so you can look forward to all that.

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