November 18, 2007

Wingnut emails and the lies they tell...

I got this from my father who just loves to antagonize Barfly and I...

Just when you thought you might have some money in your 401(k)- Read the last paragraph even if you skip the rest ~ this woman is a nut case! You aren't going to believe this. Madam speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401Ks and Mutual Funds! Alas, it is true - all to help the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed Minorities! Boy, are we in trouble... This woman is frightening. Take special note of the last paragraph. Is she really this whacked out? Nancy Pelosi condemned the new record highs of the stock market as "just another example of Bush policies helping the rich get richer". "First Bush cut taxes for the rich and the economy has rebounded with new record low unemployment rates, which only means wealthy employers are getting even wealthier at the expense of the underpaid working class". She went on to say "Despite the billions of dollars being spent in Iraq our economy is still strong and government tax revenues are at all time highs. What this really means is that business is exploiting the war effort and working Americans, just to put money in their own pockets". When questioned about recent stock market highs she responded "Only the rich benefit from these record highs. Working Americans, welfare recipients, the unemployed and minorities are not sharing in these obscene record highs". There is no question these windfall profits and income created by the Bush administration need to be taxed at 100% rate and those dollars redistributed to the poor and working class". Profits from the stock market do not reward the hard work of our working class who, by their hard work, are responsible for generating these corporate profits that create stock market profits for the rich. We in congress will need to address this issue to either tax these profits or to control the stock market to prevent this unearned income to flow to the rich." When asked about the fact that over 80% of all Americans have investments in mutual funds, retirement funds, 401Ks, and the stock market she replied "That may be true, but probably only 5% account for 90% of all these investment dollars. That's just more "trickle down" economics claiming that if a corporation is successful that everyone from the CEO to the floor sweeper benefit from higher wages and job security which is ridiculous". "How much of this 'trickle down' ever gets to the unemployed and minorities in our county? None, and that's the tragedy of these stock market highs." "We democrats are going to address this issue after the election when we take control of the congress. We will return to the 60% to 80% tax rates on the rich and we will be able to take at least 30% of all current lower income tax payers off the rolls and increase government income substantially." We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income in our country and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest." When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied : "We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long ways to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as 'Americans'." Send it on to your friends. I just did!!

Ah, yes... please send it on. It's all a lie and when the people you send it to discover that, you lose credibility with them on political issues.

Actually, for those of us who value stability and steady growth in the public markets, a massive tax on short term capital gains would be a good thing. It would certainly deflate $100/bbl oil and who out there will tell me that's a bad thing?

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March 30, 2006

Kinky disses taxpayers and other bizarre things from today...

  • Kinky decided that today was the day to release his 'tax plan' which wasn't so much a 'tax plan' as it was a handout from the state from one group to another group of taxpayers. Texas currently has a surplus of $4.3 billion at the STATE level. State taxes include the cigarette tax, vehicle registration and (everyone's favorite) taxes on gasoline just to name a few. You may have noticed that PROPERTY TAXES aren't in that group. That's because those are collected and set by LOCAL governments, not the State. As Tom Dynia over at KABBlog points out, Kinky wants to give a massive amount of money to property tax owners as a 'rebate' on money they never paid.

    Let's forget for a moment that it does nothing for CHIP or public education. Let's just focus on the fact that when you rebate taxes, it's always best to pay the rebate to people who actually, you know, PAID THE FUCKING TAXES.

  • A friend sent me a bizarre invite for a birthday party...
    Friends of Homer the Homeless Goose would be honored by your presence at
    Homer’s 18th Birthday Bash
    Saturday. April 1st
    2:00 —4:00 pm
    Town Lake at Auditorium Shores

    Click here to find out more about Homer. I won't be going (I didn't see the words FREE and BAR on the invite, did you?) so if you do... well, you're kind of a tard. Just for illustrative purposes, here's a pic of Homer with some dirty hippy.
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  • On Tuesday, Conversations with Michael Eisner premiered to an audience of 95,000. Not 95,000 households, mind you. 95,000 PEOPLE. Good show, Mikey.

    His inaugural guest was Martha Stewart, who I'd love to see interviewed by someone who doesn't understand the concept of 250 threadcount (or greater) bed linens. Seriously, I'm a HUGE fan of grossly uncomfortable situations and the image of Martha having to sit and talk to someone who probably has a can of SPAM in their pantry is (at least to me) very funny in that 'Oh-I-Just-Ran-Over-Your-Kid's-Cat-And-You-Saw-Me-Sorry-About-That' kind of way.

  • I don't remember how this came to me today but click the link and tell me what you think about a product with this description
    Photodynamic ultrasonic skin softening, photodynamic ultrasonic fat dissolving and weight reducing, photodynamic galvanic skin tensioning, ultrasonic wave cosmetic shovel and skin cleaning, photodynamic galvanic introduction
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    March 24, 2006


    Just when I thought life had lost all meaning, I got this. As the razor blade was hanging perilously close to my wrist, it came to ME. Imagine my happiness, my absolute joy, upon receiving an email from KVUE.

    I long ago forgot that I registered for their shitty site so imagine my suprise when I found the following in my home email...


    IHOP? Oh, I think IHOPE is far more appropriate. Click here for the location closest to you. Then you to can enjoy whatever the spastics have managed to come up with to fatten us up.

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