April 05, 2010

Dregs : More winger bullshit

First up, some freakshow testified before Congress that her research showed that the stimulus money was disproportionately sent to Democratic districts. Nate Silver took a look and noticed rather rapidly that the research was, to put it nicely, deeply flawed.

Actually, it was all a load of crap.

That de Rugy has testified before Congress on the basis of her evidence, and never paused to consider why the top five congressional districts on her list overlap with Sacramento, Albany, Austin, Tallahassee and Harrisburg, is mind-boggling. The presence of a state capital is the overwhelmingly dominant factor it predicting the dispensation of stimulus funds. This could have been discerned in literally five minutes if she had bothered to look at the apparent outliers in her dataset and considered whether they had anything in common -- a practice that should be among the first things that any researcher does when evaluating any dataset.

Then there was this which was just too funny... from This Week (via Krugman)

Rove: “This thing is paid for with Bernie-Madoff-style accounting. … It’s a gigantic disaster.”

Plouffe: “Karl and the Republicans would be familiar with that.”

Rove: “You will bankrupt the country if this bill passes. … For God’s sake, will you stop throwing around epitaphs [sic] and deal with the facts for once, David? … We will fight the election on this,. and the Democrats will have significant losses in the House and Senate as a result of this bill.”

Plouffe: “If Karl and a lot of Republicans want to call the election already, they ought to break out that ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner.”

Rove: “That’s cheesy, David. … You should not denigrate the mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln.”

Yes, Karl, break out that banner. It would be Teh Awesome.

Americans For Prosperity, the Republican group that supports a growing economy by advocating for positions that really won't do much to grow the economy (tax cuts, for example, when we're on the left side of the Laffer Curve without even a thought to what the inevitable deficits will do the economy), is apparently chock full of some really stupid people willing to lie for energy companies including Koch Industries regarding climate change. As usual, the dumbest member of the club is from Texas.

Peggy Venable, AFP's State Director for Texas, is less restrained. In an opinion piece titled The Feds are Messing with Texas in The Lone Star Report (29 January 2009), she says: "The scientific establishment has dropped the ball. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. On the contrary it makes crops and forests grow faster. We exhale carbon dioxide." She goes on to discuss the science-based finding by the EPA that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare (its "endangerment" finding). Specifically, she praised a response to EPA's endangerment finding that was being contemplated by the state of Texas and suggested by an AFP ally "who proposes attacking the EPA as a purveyor of bad science under federal statutes that prohibit junk science by agencies."

I guess it should obvious that Peggy never really understood that it's better to be quiet and thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Peggy doesn't understand that escalating CO2 levels actually are detrimental to plant growth (it's stunting) not to mention that increases in temperature usually alter weather patterns and lead to desertification (which we're already seeing, one of the reasons the Chihuahuan Desert is expanding). Granted, it's obvious to us because we know that the methane and CO2 saturated atmosphere of Venus has acted like a pressure cooker on that planet. We also know that an increasing CO2 level in the atmosphere leads to increased levels of carbonic acid which is super bad for the plants there who suck up a lot of atmospheric CO2. That algae exists in a rather narrow band of Ph and more acid ain't so much a good thing.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Peggy doesn't get it. She probably still thinks deficits don't matter and that Iraq has nukes. As long as you pay her enough, I bet she'll believe anything the Koch's tell her to believe.

Some good news... Scott Roeder is going away for a very, very long time.

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March 01, 2010

Dregs : Did the NAACP ever get an apology, Kuff NAILS it and more

Sorry about my absence, at least the Mayor and Kroc have been keeping you all up to date on our candidate endorsements. Look out later today for a few more that I know Mojito will probably expand on...

  • In 2006, the NAACP asked alleged entertainer Kinky Friedman to apologize for his racist remarks regarding African Americans over a period of more than 25 years. My question is did they ever get it?
  • The Daily Texan encourages Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. REALLY?!?!?
  • Writing about the endorsement of Kinky Friedman released by the El Paso times, Kuff mentions something interesting...

    Much like the Star-Telegram, it’s not really clear why they think he’s the better choice. I mean, the “Sure he’s an idiot, but he’ll have smart people around him so who cares if he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing” thing worked out so well with our last President, didn’t it?

    After 20 years of amateur hour Commissioners at TDA, it's time for a professional. Even Kinky admits that's Hank Gilbert

  • Speaking of the Kinkster, he's been using a line that caught my attention... 'Todd Staples wants to be Rick Perry when he grows up'. It's a funny line, to be sure, but what's not so funny is that Kinky ripped it off from (you had to see it coming) Hank Gilbert. Of course, this is just one of the many great ideas Kinky's ripped off from Hank... let's not forget producers co-ops and making Go Texan a real marketing force for Texas products.
  • Y'all have a goodun!

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    Dregs : Did the NAACP ever get an apology, Kuff NAILS it and more

    Sorry about my absence, at least the Mayor and Kroc have been keeping you all up to date on our candidate endorsements. Look out later today for a few more that I know Mojito will probably expand on...

  • In 2006, the NAACP asked alleged entertainer Kinky Friedman to apologize for his racist remarks regarding African Americans over a period of more than 25 years. My question is did they ever get it?
  • The Daily Texan encourages Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. REALLY?!?!?
  • Writing about the endorsement of Kinky Friedman released by the El Paso times, Kuff mentions something interesting...

    Much like the Star-Telegram, it’s not really clear why they think he’s the better choice. I mean, the “Sure he’s an idiot, but he’ll have smart people around him so who cares if he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing” thing worked out so well with our last President, didn’t it?

    After 20 years of amateur hour Commissioners at TDA, it's time for a professional. Even Kinky admits that's Hank Gilbert

  • Speaking of the Kinkster, he's been using a line that caught my attention... 'Todd Staples wants to be Rick Perry when he grows up'. It's a funny line, to be sure, but what's not so funny is that Kinky ripped it off from (you had to see it coming) Hank Gilbert. Of course, this is just one of the many great ideas Kinky's ripped off from Hank... let's not forget producers co-ops and making Go Texan a real marketing force for Texas products.
  • Y'all have a goodun!

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    November 03, 2009

    Dregs : More poll bullshit and ELECTION NIGHT!

  • Well, more information came out this afternoon about the Texas Tribune/YouGov (remember them?) poll

    On the Democratic side, nobody had great numbers. Kinky Friedman leads the pack, with 19 percent, followed by Tom Schieffer, with 10 percent, former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, with 5 percent, Mark Thompson, with 3 percent, Felix Alvarado, with 2 percent, and Hank Gilbert, who got 0.3 percent. Earle hasn't declared, but is looking, and Thompson withdrew from the race after the poll. (The numbers might not add to 100, due to rounding.)

    Of course, we now know that Hank Gilbert wasn't in the poll which ran from October 20-27th. They 'repolled' the 'same' respondents over Halloween weekend. Repeated questions regarding how many of the respondents actually WERE re-polled have been unanswered. Also unanswered were what was offered to entice respondents the first sampling period and what was offered over the weekend. Obviously, with a poll of this nature, you'll get better responses over the week when the original poll was done than you do over the weekend when Hank was supposedly added. Oh, and we still don't know how that addition was done.

    The funniest piece was this...

    "On the Democratic side, the question is, 'Is Kinky going to hijack the Democratic primary just on name ID," said pollster Daron Shaw, a professor of government at UT-Austin.

    Kinky might concern some folks, but this poll shouldn't be the reason. What Daron isn't telling you is that the poll was of partisan self identified possibly registered voters, not of likely Democratic primary voters who actually were registered. A sawbuck says in that poll Kinky is lucky to break 6%.

    Needless to say, this poll has all the validity of the one you take that involves me and everyone else you know. The idea that this was anything other than a methodologically questionable poll is laughable. And it makes me seriously doubt the integrity of the Tribune management who made the decision to run this deeply flawed data as real news and play it off as if all candidates were treated equally.

    Just so we're clear, I mean YOU Ross and Evan. Seriously, this was used douche splashed across a screen. And if you're pissed about your launch getting shit on and looking for someone to blame, face a mirror. It was your decision to run this garbage that made everything happen the way it did. Take a bow, fellas. I still believe in what you guys are trying to do (and you have some tremendously talented people there to make it happen) but this was a real stain on what should have been a good day.

  • Interesting reads all around regarding Democratic losses in VA and elsewhere where Democratic turnout was down heavily because of weak candidates. There are also some really big WINS in Michigan where an anti-gay measure put to voters and soundly defeated and in NY where the Limbaugh/39%/Palin axis of loserdom lost what really should have been a Republican congressional seat to a Democrat. I think it's clear... this election is less about a change in the electorate and more about the electorate hating blue dogs AND teabaggers. It's time for Democrats to act like Democrats.
  • In Houston, Annise Parker is heading into a runoff with Gene Locke. Sorry Peter Brown. You tried and you failed. It's over for you.
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg as of tonight has spent more money masturbating his ego than any other candidate in history. He spent $90 million of his own money to win re-election in NYC

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    October 15, 2009

    Dregs : Sen. Snowe (R-Moron), 39%'s arson link and more

  • Scarecrow over at FDL reminds us that it was Sen. Olympia Snowe who helped jack up the stimulus package, directly putting more than 40k people out of work... because of politics.
    “When history calls . . .” we’d better hope Olympia Snowe is not the only one listening. Snowe was among those responsible for weakening the stimulus, and now she’s in a position — because that’s where the White House wanted her — to do similar damage to health care reform.

    Ms. Snowe was the center of what Krugman called the “destructive centrists” whose demands on weakening the stimulus bill led to the firing of 40,000 or so teachers and thousands more state workers by stripping state budgets of a desperately needed federal rescue.

    So we have Sen. Snowe to thank for allowing the states to become dozens of anti-stimulus time bombs that are still going off, as they cut spending, raise taxes and lay off hundreds of thousands of workers tied to those budgets.

    Now she’s become a major obstacle to fixing the abysmal Baucus health bill, and so far she’s staked out positions that, if honored, will leave the Democrats with a bill no one should vote for unless they’re hoping to earn the contempt of the American voters.

    And now, she's looking to do the same thing to the public option in particular and health care in general, despite massive public support for the public option. The sad thing is that we don't need her, but the White House and certain chickenshit Congressional D's have given her this power. Never before has someone so worthless been given so much power.

  • Irony for the week... 39%'s general counsel when he denied the stay of execution for Willlingham (the guy who, it turns out, was likely innocent) was indicted for insurance fraud and... wait for it... ARSON.
  • Over in Houston, Musing has an interesting story up about some trouble for Gene Locke.
  • As it turns out, even doctors support the Public Option. So why doesn't Sen. Snowe? Or Sen. Baucus?
  • 39% and Sen. Hutchison spent some time recently fellating Grover Norquist. It's always heartening to see two Republicans giving it up to a dirtbag who isn't even from Texas. Which makes them, at best, whores.
  • Speaking of Senators, our own Junior John is now talking about how much he hates deficits. But Kuff, oddly, remembers a time when he not only loved them, he let them gang rape him and finish off with a chilli dog using his moobs. He also has a huge thing for Grover Norquist.
  • Y'all have a goodun!

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    May 18, 2009

    A different view on drug legalization

    I've long been a fan of legalizing most narcotics, not because I want to use them but because it would cut down on crime and violence related to narocotrafficking. Here's a well done counterpoint to that idea.

    There may be good reasons for legalizing some or all drugs, and in a libertarian vacuum perhaps there is a compelling case that individuals should be free to ingest whatever poisons their mind and bodies desire provided that the government is not required to pick up the costs from the inevitable wreckage in their addicted lives. However, the notion that legalization will remove the involvement of the drug cartels and other organized crime groups simply is preposterous.

    The fact is that not only did the repeal of Prohibition fail to eliminate the Mafia in America but it failed even to eliminate the role of the Mafia in the liquor business. For decades after Prohibition organized crime groups controlled neighborhood bars, liquor distributors and licensing boards. Indeed, just last February federal prosecutors in New York City indicted several members and associates of the Genovese crime family for allegedly taking "an ownership interest in a Manhattan bar after its owner could not keep up with weekly interest payments on a series of loans totaling approximately $100,000," and "transporting across state lines eighteen cases of premium vodka that they understood to be stolen." Moreover, from the 1930s through the 1980s there were violent struggles involving murders and arson within and among the Mafia families in American cities for control of the liquor and bar businesses which further provide opportunities for illicit money laundering, drug distribution and profit skimming operations.

    Yeah, I'm not so much sold. For one thing, there is far more legitimate activity now in the liquor business than illegitimate. That wasn't the case during Prohibition when it was all illegal and the mod controlled much of it. Same thing here. The narcos could not maintain control of a legalized and controlled narcotics industry.

    As for the argument that it would lead to greater numbers of addicts, given the ease of obtaining drugs now, this seems like the most ridiculous arguments to be made. Frankly, not everyone is the same and addicts, regardless of how tough you make it for them to get a fix, are going to get what they 'need'. All you're doing by keeping drugs illegal is maintaining a far-too-large prison population and enriching some very nasty people.

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    April 14, 2009

    McCain : Embrace Teh Gay

    McCain has begun urging the Republican Party to embrace equal rights for gays and lesbians. The questionable tranny's and indecisive bi's can fend for themselves, apparently...

    "At the most basic level, sexual orientation should not be a factor in how you are treated. If the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support from a wider, younger base, we need to get past our anti-gay rhetoric. As you can imagine, the road for gay Republicans hasn't been an easy one. Most seem to find the words 'homosexual' and "conservative" inherent contradictions, much the same way so many people can’t seem to reconcile fiscal conservatism and the big-tent philosophy of freedom and justice for all."

    Oh... I guess I should mention this wasn't Senator John McCain. It was his daughter, Meghan, who is proving to be quite the provocateur. As Republicans trend closer to Democrats, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes Ann Coulter's head to explode.

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    April 01, 2009

    Republican? What's that?

    The Grand Old Party Just "Ain't Republican" Any More

    - by Peter Stern

    I've been a Republican since the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration --- for those of you too young or without a memory, that's since the 1950's --- and yes, I'm old!

    The current party just "ain't" the same. It's evolved --- or intelligently designed itself --- into something totally different. The old GOP believed in less government intervention into state affairs and people's lives.

    Call me "the last of the independent pioneers" or just plain ornery, but I don't want my government telling me how to live, what books and movies I can watch, that my kids have to pray in public school, or that my property can be seized by the government for development purposes.

    Perhaps the current GOP needs to change its name to something more contemporary and "catchy", something more in tune with its philosophies and platforms --- maybe like WWYMLU, short for the We Want You More Like Us Party.

    Or maybe a name like NEO-CON, short for Neo-Fascist Conservative Party. After all, when government believe it has the right to tell you and your neighbors unequivocally what you can and can not do, that nation goes from a Democratic Representative Republic to a Fascist orientation.

    But if you don't like the name change idea, how about if the "real" Republicans of the current GOP leave it to start their own older version of the Republican Party, you know, a platform like fiscal conservatism? They could become the OGOP, as in the Older Grand Old Party. Granted, it may be a bit much "old" in it and we all know the GOP needs new blood, but it makes the point and nostalgia is "in" these days.

    The main idea I am trying to convey is that during the past several decades the Republican Party has become into a totally different organism than its founders had intended, one that believes in more government control, an increase of taxing the lower income general public under the guise of "No New Taxes" and doing as little as possible to improve the overall quality of most American lives.

    In addition, the GOP has become the operating mechanism and party of the wealthy corporate sector. It has lost touch with and in the process virtually wiped-out middle America.

    Clearly, a political and historical view indicates that the GOP no longer maintains a true Republican platform and philosophy. This is an instance of when "...a rose is not a rose...".

    Former President Eisenhower must be shaking in his grave.

    But don't get me started on the Democrats!


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    March 19, 2009

    Karl Rove talks the walk

    In response to: Obama Gives the GOP an Opening by Karl Rove

    Mr. Rove,

    Don't you think you are "jumping the gun" re: Obama since the man has been President for a mere 2 months?

    Considering that the GOP wants Obama to fail as President and from day 1 has erected a stone wall regarding communications with the President and his administration, isn't it a bit unrealistic to proclaim that Obama has gone against his campaign pledge to bridge the partisan gap and work with Republicans? It does take 2 to tango, does it not?

    In reality, should Republicans and Democrats work and play well together for the next 4 years isn't that a death certificate for the GOP's chances to seize power in the 2012 Presidential Election? Isn't that really what you and the party are hoping to avoid? Could it be that this is the reason for all the tension and animosity on Capitol Hill? It takes more than one man in power to generate open communication across battle lines.

    As for spending more tax dollars and increasing the national debt, is it not the very reason for doing so a direct cause of the Bush administration's lack of good management skills, special interest pandering and lust for profiteering? After all, did not the Bush administration give corporate America everything it wanted, including significant deregulation, easy credit and unprecedented revenues? And still our economy failed?

    Finally, we all know about the Bush years. They are documented historically. In a strong economy that administration set the pace for a trillion dollar deficit, a breeding ground for corruptive influences and the significant means for a crumbling decay of our economy. The final days of Bush were focused on bailing out Wall Street and financial markets due to 8 years of robbing the poor to give to the rich.

    Blaming Obama for our current ills is NOT going to change the last 8 years of American history.

    Your article is an obvious attempt to undermine the current administration's efforts to slow the economic downtrend and bring back financial markets, uplift the economy and spur on employment. In addition, your not so veiled intent to persuade Americans to reject the new President's vision, promises and actions highlights the attempt by the GOP to maneuver itself into a hill-top position to seize-back control in 2012.

    Nice try, but I believe most Americans won't buy it.


    Feel free to send Karl Rove your own response:



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    March 12, 2009

    Dregs : Voter ID; Norris and Powertool Sex Injuries

  • Republicans shove through voter suppression in the Senate. Abbott remains silent on evidence.

    My thinking? This has always been a bullshit issue and Texas Republicans have proven that they are peerless at wasting time and money.

  • Chuck Norris apparently thinks that Texas is just aching for secession. You know, since it worked out so well last time. Would someone please put this old bastard to sleep?
  • Mayor McSleaze, who is currently enjoying a richly deserved break, wanted you to see this.
    Maryland State Police airlifted the 27-year-old woman to Prince George's County Hospital Center early Sunday morning after she was injured in an incident involving a sex toy attached to a saber saw blade, TheBayNet.com first reported.

    McSleaze also wanted you to know that there is no gravity. We're held to the ground by how much Chuck Norris sucks.

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    March 02, 2009

    Dregs : Van de Putte, 39% waffles and more

  • It looks like Sen. Van de Putte has a some nice support out there urging her on to run for Governor.

    1)She's a strong, positive, progressive Democrat, period. She's concise and pointed when she speaks about our failed current public officials but not nasty or divisive. Working families are her natural constituency and she resonates incredibly well with them. On every important issue for Democrats, she's on the mark and then some, with the legislative record and advocacy history to back it all up - without reservations, asterisks, or apologies. To top it all off, she's effective at her job and serves her constituents well. Think about what a breath of fresh air that would be - not just for us as activists, but for thousands of like-minded Texans who have given up on the Texas Democrats ever having the cojones (ganas?) to make it worth showing up at the polls for them. Our lack of a clear and concise message, coupled with an abject fear of wielding real money to hard-sell plausible outcomes to a statewide audience, has cost us the respect of a generation of Texas voters and led to our marginalization as a statewide party. LVdP doesn't come from timid stock and isn't content to wander in the wilderness of either the Bill Whites or the David Van Oses. She'll tell it on the mountain and the Valley, clearly and convincingly, and while I don't know this for sure, I'd bet she'd be glad to spend the jack to get it out there in something 50% of Texas voters can relate to and digest easily.
  • I continue to hope she'll run for Lt. Gov.

  • While bank lending has declined, it's held up relatively well. What hasn't is the securitization market which is larger than bank lending. And here's the plan to get it going again. I don't think the mechanism is good... what we really need to is to guarantee existing securitizations instead of cramming them down. Plus, this puts taxpayers in a prime loss position without much reward. Always a treat.
  • The stimulus package included money for high speed rail. While there's no plan for a train from LA to Vegas, there are two lines for Texas.
  • Censure Leo Berman!
  • Deficit hawks are attacking entitlements. As it turns out, while something needs to be done, it's rather more minor than Peter Peterson (who first served in government during the Nixon Administration which, of course, speaks volumes) would have you believe. Y'all already knew that but it's always nice to hear it again.

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    February 27, 2009

    Still no relief for Texas taxpayers

    Where is the Cavalry?

    Still no relief for Texas taxpayers

    Three years ago when Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, former House Speaker Tom Craddick and various other elected officials smacked each other on the backs - because they believed the Texas State Legislature had provided Texans with "real" property relief - I wrote an article telling the truth about that tale.

    Currently the truth, which is finally being realized by media editors and the public, is there is no real relief provided to overburdened Texas homeowners and there doesn't appear to be any in sight.

    Foreclosures, currently at an all-time high, will continue to escalate if Legislators continue to refuse finding alternative tax resources to finance public education.

    Overburdened homeowners still need tax relief. In addition, they continue to pay doubled home insurance premiums, which remain the highest in the nation.

    First of all, in reality there was NOT a property tax cut in 2007 as the "top dogs" publicized. The legislature simply replaced one tax with another.

    It's amazing, how these politicians make it sound like they have walked on water for the people of Texas.

    Far from it!

    It is high time Texans get rid of these useless, special-interest elected officials - like Perry, Dewhurst and Craddick - and replace them with more honest and (as of yet) unbought replacements.

    Please consider the realities - or at least a different view - of what is happening here in Texas regarding property taxes.

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    May 02, 2008

    Cocktail Flu and early conference calls

    It's been a rough morning at McBlogger HQ. We overdid things last night first at the SFA, then at the Alamo where we went to see The Beast Within.

    I probably wouldn't have had quite so much had I known that the downtown Alamo has a LIQUOR LICENSE, making it a vast improvement over all the Alamo's in existence and those that came before. And now we don't have to sneak in a flask.

    Quit judging me.

    Truth be told, it's less alcohol and more lack of sleep since I had a conference call that started at 7:00.

    YES. I can go to bed at 3:00 and wake up at 6:30. I'm cool like that. And by cool, I mean ready to bitchslap folks for even minor infractions.

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    January 04, 2008

    Newsweek and the TTC

    You know, it pisses me off when I have to link to something on World Net Daily. However, they are spot on regarding the NAFTA superhighway, known here in Texas as the TTC.

    Hell, I don't think there is a conspiracy to combine all of North American into one super government. However, the road is real. In fact, despite all the bullshit from the Lege about a moratorium, Cintra is moving full speed ahead. Only now they are operating under a Texas DBA named 'Bluebonnet Infrastructure'. You know, you morons can change the name all you want, but it's still the same shitty road, with the same shitty funding mechanism and it's still going to be stopped.

    So much for Carona's love affair with TXDOT. Way to get something accomplished, you fatass blow hard.

    EOW also has some great information up about the appointees to the legislative study committee... no surprise, they're all pro-toll and pro-TTC. $100 says they'll find tolls the only way to fund our transportation infrastructure. Another $100 says no one in the press will call bullshit.

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    December 15, 2007

    Catching up...

    Sorry about not posting anything yet. Some of us are just waking up. AND QUIT SHOUTING AT ME, at least until I get the first bloody down.

  • Ronnie Earle is retiring. He's also not running for re-election. I'm kind of pissed because I really like the guy. Still, he's been in office, what, 30 years? After that kind of run, you deserve some time off. Thank you, Mr. Earle for your service.

    God help us with the clusterfuck of campaigns that are about to start to replace him. What are there, six possible candidates? Ronnie, you couldn't have waited until Feb 1st just to have saved us some pain?

  • According to the Kronberg, AG Abbott has 'no opinion' on CradDICK's theft of power in the House. CradDICK is saying Abbott agrees with him. Which we really couldn't find,other than some bullshit about the Speaker being an officer of the State. Brooks has more on the timing of the release. Hermana, you're going to have to find way to do this crap from a blackberry!

    180 days. 31 pages. No decision. Is there ANY doubt in ANYONE'S mind at this point that Wheelie is thoroughly incompetent? It's largely irrelevant since this old bastard won't be Speaker in January, 2009. The fun will be after that... will the members actively shun him and work against everything until he resigns? Y'all better.

  • That special election up in FW is STILL set for Tuesday so get your ass in gear if you're in DFW...GO HELP DAN BARRETT!
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    November 13, 2007

    Dregs : Some things you missed

  • Bush refused to allow a Marine Corps lawyer to testify on waterboarding.
  • Speaking of waterboarding, the Senate voted to confirm 'Let's-Take-A-Bath' Mukasey as our new Attorney General! Frank Rich wrote a brill piece on why this was not such a good idea for our esteemed sellouts, Senators Schumer and Feinstein. Just as a reminder, give money to Senate candidates. Don't bother giving to the DSCC because Schumer will waste it on losers. Like himself and Feinstein.
  • Ahead of still more protests in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto is once again under arrest. By order of our good friend and ally in the war on terror, General Musharraf (the same one Frank Rich also said some things about in the piece I linked above),
  • The really big winner from last Tuesday's election? No, it's not our good friends at Zachry Construction, it's none other than T. Boone Picken's who created his own water district so he could use tax payer subsidized funding to transfer water from the depleted panhandle wells to Dallas/Fort Worth. You're the suck, Boone.No, really, you are. I know suck and you, my friend, are defintely the SUCK.
  • ELLN has a good post up about the IEA's conversion to environmental concerns, not to mention their questions about the feasibility of making the investments necessary to continue running the world off fossil fuels. Their estimate? It'll cost $22 trillion, or far more than it'll cost to convert the planet to biofuels.
  • Texas Monthly calls for the impeachment of Sharon Keller
  • Oh, there's more...

  • Dungeon Diary has a post up about a whistleblower at AT&T who's coming clean about the Administration's illegal wiretapping.
  • Jenny Hoff over at KXAN is doing an interesting series on her trip to Afghanistan
  • Once again, Texas ranks #1 in the nation for the most expensive home owner's insurance. And that's after all the tort reform 'savings'. You can thank the Republicans for that. I suggest you do it when you go to vote next year.
  • Congrats to the D's in Congress who voted for the Tax Relief Act... to those who voted along with the Republicans, we're hating on y'all.
  • Have a goodun!

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    September 25, 2007

    Roundup time in the TPA...

    You like the roundup? Well, frankly, so do I and not just because someone else compiles all the posts, codes them and send them out to me. I also love reading what all these amazing people have to say. But the not having to do any work part is real nice...

    This week's installment is compiled by the amazing Vince from Capitol Annex.

    It's about one thing. TXsharon at Bluedaze tells us why we have to make it about something else.

    Bill Howell of StoutDemBlog, a new member of the Texas Progressive Alliance, takes a look at Kirk England's recent party switch as well as other recent party switches in Dallas County in Rove's Permanent Majority Collapses: Now What Do We Do With All These Defectors?

    Boadicea at Texas Kaos wonders if MoveOn doesn't owe John Cornyn a thank you note.

    Musings discovers that the lead GOP presidential contenders are too busy for Black and Latino sponsored debates, while the local Harris County GOP claim they are home to Hispanics because of their once a year bike give away.

    Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News has word on Mayor Manlove of Pasadena entering the race to challenge Lampson for Congress and the mayor's race it opens up He also has a short colorful digest of Naomi Klein promoting her book on Disaster Capitalism.

    WCNews at Eye on Williamson posts on recent news that Gov. Perry and Speaker Craddick - who Krussee excoriated at the end of the legislative session--will appear at a fundraiser for him in Krusee Throws Reagan Over The Wall And Under The Bus.

    Mayor McSleaze at McBlogger takes a look at some of the dumber things to come out of the right this week, like Bill O'Reilly's trip to a Harlem hot spot where he discovered that it was just like a 'real' restaurant, you know, like Olive Garden.

    Off the Kuff looks at the causes and effects of Kirk England's party switch.

    Refinish69 at Doing My Part For The Left looks at UT football and ask a simple question - UTLonghorns or UT Thugs.

    Burnt Orange Report and its diarists are following the Kirk England switchover with enthusiasm. After breaking the story on Wednesday, the entirestaff, welcomes the newest Democrat to the House.

    KT at Stop Cornyn shows how Junior Senator John Cornyn is wasting time again. Instead of getting funding for CHIP or getting our troops the armor they need, John Cornyn forced a vote condemning MoveOn.org. Yet another example of failed leadership and Junior John being out of touch with Texas needs.

    at the Caucus Blog covered two major stories this week. First, after months of investigation, discussion, and debate, the Houston GLBT Political Caucus has decided to endorse the HISD bond proposal. Second, Evan has looked into the history of the fight for a federal Employment Non-discrimination Act in the post "ENDA Deja Vu."

    Bradley at North Texas Liberal discusses how Washington, D.C. almost had the vote, but lost it due to greedy Senate Republicans. Only eight Republicans could be bothered to vote for the legendary bill that would have allowed the District a voting member of Congress.

    The marriage of the Republican party to theocracy is no accident. Right wing investors like Richard Mellon Scaife are molding US churches, notes CouldBeTrue at in "What does an El Paso Church have to do with the right wing" at South Texas Chisme.

    It was quite a week for Senator Box Turtle; he led the Senate charge against free speech, voted against habeas corpus, and against adequate down time for our soldiers. As PDiddie at Brains and Eggs points out, he now owns the war on terror -- in addition to the war on the Constitution and all Americans. But he did unwittingly sponsor a successful fundraiser for MoveOn.org, so he wasn't a complete failure.

    WhosPlayin joins a local Republican activist in opposing tax abatements for speculative real estate development in Lewisville.

    Vince at Capitol Annex has been keeping tabs on the Texas Conservative Coalition and its town hall meetings across East Texas in which they propose to eliminate property taxes in favor of an expanded sales tax, and points out that at least one new candidate has already started drinking their Kool-Aid.

    Hal at Half Empty was at a campaign kickoff fundraiser for Ron Reynolds who is running for State Rep in HD 27. He took videos and did a series. Links to the series is at his summary posting: Ron E. Reynolds is Running for State
    Rep in HD 27

    Blue 19th notes that Randy Neugebauer can't hide his contempt for veterans from everyone. So which party was it that supported our troops? Oh yeah, the one that doesn't start with "Republican".

    No? No! Yes? Yes! Texas Cloverleaf reports on Trinity Vote Trickery Confusing ballot language and campaign slogans cloud the upcoming Trinity Toll Road vote in Dallas.

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    September 17, 2007

    Dregs : TPA Round Up

    It's Monday, and that means it's time for another Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up. This week's round up is compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex. As the TPA welcomed aboard a few new members this week, you may notice some new names and blogs.

    Muse at Musings liveblogs Lap Dog Cornyn’s portion of Petraeus’ appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee this past week and notes that he slobbers all over himself praising the surge.

    McBlogger at McBlogger goes to the CAMPO meeting on the Phase 2 toll roads and finds lies, damn lies and statistics as well as an Austin City Council Member who seems hell bent on ending his political career. Is resurrection possible? Sure... if you believe McCracken is the second coming. Spoiler alert: McBlogger doesn't.

    While on vacation, PDiddie at Brains and Eggs discovered quite a few similarities between the Texas Legislature and the Nevada State Assembly.

    Good news brought by TXsharon at Bluedaze: Bush Economy Solves Obesity Problem!

    Could Be True at South Texas Chisme notes that the Republican tactics of purging voter rolls, creating barriers to voting, and discouraging new voter registration are moving right along and could get serious in Bexar County.

    After the demolition of yet another historic structure in Houston, Charles at Off the Kuff looks at what can be done to abet preservation efforts going forward.

    Adam Silva of Three Wise Men, blogging for the UNT Democrats, provides a detailed analysis of competitive U.S. Senate races for 2008.

    City life can be complicated-but it includes an awfully lot of conveniences that we take utterly for granted-as long as they work. In Houston, We Have a Problem, on Texas Kaos, The Houston Organization of Public Employees (HOPE) invites all of us to get a little taste, so to speak, of what it takes to keep the fourth largest city in the nation running.

    WhosPlayin notes that some Republican Members of Congress just don't know when to stop digging a hole in continuing to support a failed president.

    Evan Leslie at Caucus Blog reviews the Houston GLBT Political Caucus's deliberations over its potential endorsement of the Houston Independent School District bond

    Since 9/11, an increasingly strident message of xenophobia has seeped into both fringe and mainstream political movements. A new climate of exclusion has formed as a result of this country's heightened anxiety against racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. Whether or not intended as such, new Texas Progressive Alliance member Xicno Pwr at ¡Para Justicia y Libertad! tells us we are in the midst of a growing culture of hate as the number of hate crimes in this country are on the rise.

    WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the unintended consequences of the 2003 GOP redistricting scheme in Are Democrats Statewide Prospects Improving Because Of GOP Gerrymandering?

    Refinish69, another recent addition to the TPA, at Doing My Part for the Left examines sex scandals and hypocrites in the Repugnant Party and Texas Stonewall Caucus.

    Have Republicans moved in a "ringer" to challenge Chet Edwards in TX-CD 17? Vince addresses that in a post at Capitol Annex.

    The Texas Clover Leaf (a new member of the Alliance) notes that Alan Keyes has entered the GOP race for President, but asks if he is actually the Republican's version of Obama.

    Texas Toad at North Texas Liberal tells us about the controversy surrounding the preservation of trees at the Trinity Trail in Ft. Worth.

    John at Bay Area Houston tells us that Jared Woodfill, Chairman of he Harris County Republican Party, must think Hispanics are stupid with his recent op-ed in the Houston Chronicle "Hispanics can feel right at home in the Texas GOP".

    Jack Cluth at The People's Republic of Seabrook notes that it would seem that we've learned nothing from the 60s. Today, in allegedly-enlightened 21st century America, a man or woman can be fired from their job in 31 states for the simple fact of being a homosexual. Regardless of how you feel about the "lifestyle", how can anyone who values liberty and freedom be OK with this...especially with Americans dying in Iraq to "protect and defend out freedom"?

    Jaye at Winding Road in Urban Area addresses several things, including machine-gun-toting cops in a 'brain dump,' post, The Stream of Consciousness Just Overflowed the Toilet. (Please flush!)

    Todd Hill (another new addition to the Texas Progressive Alliance) blogging at Burnt Orange Report tells us all about a North Texas Tribute to Speaker Jim Wright.

    Matt at Stop Cornyn tells us how John Cornyn worked to disenfranchise minority voters while he was Attorney General.

    Don't forget to check out other Texas Progressive Alliance blogs, too: BlueBloggin (new member!), The Agonist, Blue 19th (new member!), In The Pink Texas, Grassroots News U Can Use (new member!), The Caucus Blog (new member!), The Texas Blue (new member!), Casual Soap Box, Common Sense, Dos Centavos, Easter Lemming Liberal News, Feet To Fire, Marc’s Miscellany, Rhetoric & Rhythm, Three Wise Men, Truth Serum Blog, and Wyld Card.

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    September 05, 2007

    Dregs : TPA Round Up 9/2

    (I was totally supposed to post this on Monday but I forgot. Because I was getting some fantastic head from a US Senator)

    Even though it's Labor Day, Texas Progressive bloggers are still hard at work, and so the Texas Progressive Alliance is proud to present the TPA Blog Round-Up for September 3, 2007. This Labor Day edition was compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

    In the opening part of his in-depth series on the policies of the Democratic presidential candidates, Phillip Martin at Burnt Orange Report examines where the candidates fall on issues concerning energy and the environment. From their stance on CAFE standards to new coal plants, to renewable energy and greenhouse emissions, the post provides a well-sourced comparison of all 8 of the candidates' platforms.

    Texas Toad at North Texas Liberal lets us know that, even after embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resignation, Texas' unpopular Sen. John Cornyn is still defending Bush's crony.

    As Bush prepares to ask Congress for $200 billion in supplemental spending TXsharon at Bluedaze tells us just who The Iraq War Profiteers are.

    Muse at Musings liveblogs NASA Administrator Michael Griffin's press conference about astronauts and alcohol use and finds his "sensationalism" and "urban legend" accusations of the independent commission¹s report a little tiresome. Not to mention defensive.

    Over at Texas Kaos, in "Clinton Did Nothing to Stop Bin Laden" Is a GOP Lie, Krazypuppy takes on the Republican lie that Democrats are soft on terror with some of them facts we in the Reality Based Community are always on about. As one commenter notes, Dems aren't weak on terror, they're weak on Republicans. Time for that to change, for America's sake, Iran's sake, and the entire world's sake.

    Someone shoved a press release under Hal at Half Empty's nose: Ron E. Reynolds will challenge Dora Olivo for state Representative in HD 27.

    WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on TxDOT's plan to buy back interstate highways from the federal government and put tolls on them and asks Will TxDOT' Plan To Toll Interstates Be Tipping Point?

    The last public hearing prior to METRO choosing a route for its Universities light rail line was this past Tuesday. Alexandria Ragsdale attended the hearing, made her statement in favor of a Richmond Avenue alignment, and blogged all about it at Off The Kuff

    Whosplayin.com shares correspondence with his Congressman urging the avoidance of pre-emptive war against Iran and shares a study regarding the administrations probable plans on the matter.

    John at Bay Area Houston claims the recent changes to the Texas Residential Construction Commission makes it the most expensively worthless Commission in Texas.

    Vince at Capitol Annex examines some interesting questions raised by the lawsuit against the changes to the pledge to the Texas flag made by the 80th Legislature.

    Unchecked development in Texas now threatens the continued long-term existence of an iconic bird species, the Whooping Crane, notes Peter at B & B.

    CouldBeTrue at South Texas Chisme shows how El Paso Women are taking a stand against NAFTA. These courageous women staged a hunger strike for the Labor Day weekend to bring attention to the loss of American jobs due to NAFTA.

    And, McBlogger will be celebrating a birthday soon and has some conveniet gift ides for everyone.

    Be sure to check out these other great Texas Progressive Alliance blogs, too: Brains & Eggs, Casual Soap Box, Common Sense, Dos Centavos, Easter Lemming Liberal News, Feet To Fire, In The Pink Texas, Marc's Miscellany, People's Republic of Seabrook, Rhetoric & Rhythm, Three Wise Men, Truth Serum Blog, Winding Road In Urban Area,
    and Wyld Card.

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    August 27, 2007

    Dregs : TPA Round Up for 8/27

    It's time once again for the weekly Texas Progressive Alliance blog round-up. This week's round-up is brought to you by Vince from Capitol Annex.

    Getting this week's round-up off to a great start, we want to thank our friends over at the 50 State Blog Network for taking note of our round-up and mentioning it in their round-up.

    John at Bay Area Houston thinks it is time to drag Ari Fleisher out of town for using disabled vets in his pro-war commercials.

    After the space shuttle safely landed this week, Krazypuppy at Texas Kaos wonders "Who Does an Astronaut Have to Bleep to Get Some Attention From the Media?"

    At Bluedaze, TXsharon tell us that Barnett Shale drilling with it's insatiable thirst for fresh water is just another kind of blood for oil war. Barnett Shale Drilling: It's not sexy but Noriega for TX US Sen. is.

    Alexandra Pelosi screened her documentary "Friends of God" in Houston last Thursday, and PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has the report.

    WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the lawsuit filed against Round Rock Independent School District for allowing prayer at high school commencements in Graduation Prayer At Three RRISD High Schools Draws Lawsuit.

    Todd Hill at Burnt Orange Report talks impeachment. Funny thing is because independent Linda Curtis is working to "Impeach Perry".

    Stop Cornyn talks endorsements this week. Watts has picked up a few mayorial endorsements in the Valley and Lt. Col. Rick Noriega is getting the endorsement of some big statewide Democrats Monday. Our chances continue to look good in 2008.

    Steve Southwell at WhosPlayin.com finds himself agreeing with a Republican city councilman regarding the government's role in banning smoking in restaurants and bars.

    Vince at Capitol Annex continues his exploration of the last days of the 80th Texas Legislature and the events surrounding the resignations of the House Parliamentarians and uncovers a smoking gun--an opinion drafted by former Legislator and now-Parliamentarian Terry Keel days before he was appointed to the post.

    Muse muses about 8th graders--including her own--who are on the front lines of Texas' education accountability system.

    Texas Toad at North Texas Liberal asks some important questions concerning education and a forthcoming campaign for intelligent design in the classroom.

    Easter Lemming spots censorship and uncivil airwaves on Houston radio news. He relates that to the censored radio guest and himself become less conservative years ago when exposed to the Wall Street rape of employees in leveraged buyouts.

    McBlogger takes some time out of his far too busy schedule to bash all the immigrants in Austin.

    Half Empty writes about Rick Noriega's Enthusiastic Ovation at the SDEC quarterly meeting this past weekend.

    Off the Kuff asks how students can be expected to understand the debate over evolution and "intelligent design" when it's clear that neither SBOE members nor newspaper reporters really understand it.

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    August 23, 2007

    Dregs : Allstate gets slapped down; War Vet gets used and a new blog

  • EOW has the details on the insurance commission's (which has apparently grown balls) slap down of Allstate's rate hike...

    Allstate’s increase in home insurance rates was abruptly canceled by state Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin on Tuesday, just one day after the company announced it was raising them to cover potential increases in property losses.

    Besides rejecting the insurer’s proposed 5.9 percent statewide rate hike, the commissioner also slapped the company with a related order that blocks Allstate from raising premiums without prior approval from the Texas Department of Insurance. Only one other company – State Farm – is under such state supervision of its rates.

    Mr. Geeslin said he had no choice but to act quickly since Allstate announced Monday that it would immediately increase the cost of its homeowner policies as they came up for renewal.

    The reality is that Texans, compared to the rest of the nation, pay exorbitant rates while receiving less coverage. Of course, Allstate will threaten to leave... and the state should call their bluff and raise them self-insurance. Sorry, but if private companies can't get the job done better than the government, then why the hell do they even exist.

    Try again, Allstate

  • From Dungeon Diary comes word that our friend Ari Fleischer, formerly the President's shill, has decided to use a wounded Iraq Vet to promote a more positive attitude about the war. The only problem is the douchebag can't remember the guy's name.

    “What bothered me the most is that Ari Fleischer didn’t even know the guy’s name.” said Rieckhoff. “He’s willing to run a multi-million dollar campaign, utilizing the personal story of a soldier, and he couldn’t tell you on national TV what that soldier’s name is.”

    Nice, Ari.

  • Finally, there is a new website up documenting just how bad Republicans have been for Texas. Check it out to see if your state rep is among the worst

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    August 07, 2007

    Dregs : TPA roundup

    It's Monday, and that means it is time once again for the Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Blog Round-Up, where we review the best in Texas blogging from our various member blogs. This week's installment is brought to you by Vince at Capitol Annex.

    TxSharon at BlueDaze brings us an interesting story about drilling companies in Wise County getting caught lying about water usage. Sometimes, the truth just slips out as it did when an oil field worker told TXsharon the truth about water usage in
    Barnett Shale drilling: Depleting and polluting our water in Wise County, Texas.

    Texas Toad at North Texas Liberal asks " Will There Be Mercy For Kenneth Foster?"

    John C. at Bay Area Houston Blog tells us about the newest corporation and industry to exploit the Federal Arbitration Act-- Comcast, in Another
    Consumer Scam: Comcast Arbitration

    If you want pictures of Rick Noriega at YearlyKos, Charles at Off The Kuff has them here.

    McBlogger at McBlogger looks at the mortgage industry brouhaha and decides the sky isn't falling after all.

    Easter Lemming does another of his Liberal News Digest's from progressive media. There really is a liberal news media, if you know where to look outside the mass media.

    WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts regarding Williamson County County Attorney Jana Duty filing a brief with AG Greg Abbott regarding whether County Judge and Commissioners can use outside counsel without the County Attorney's consent in County Attorney Asks AG Abbott For Opinion On Hiring Of Outside Legal Counsel.

    Hal at Half Empty points out that if you want quality education don't come to school bond issue meetings with box cutters.

    Vince at Capitol Annex
    takes a look at the briefs filed before the Attorney General in the opinion request on the power of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    South Texas Chisme tells how FEMA dollars are being used to shill for Allstate agents.

    And...Several Texas bloggers were also represented at Yearly Kos in Chicago, and did some great liveblogging. Here are some samples: Burnt Orange
    ; Muse from Musings was liveblogging all over the place, including at her blog where she brings us the ePluribus interview with Rick
    ; Markos
    of DailyKos' special endorsement of Rick Noriega
    ; a session on female bloggers; liveblogging of the the
    presidential forum
    ; and at Capitol Annex where she blogged more on the female blogger session here,
    the MSN-blog panel (also here,
    and here); and on the Local Blogging Round-Table at Musings.

    And, don’t forget about these other Texas Progressive Alliance Members:
    Three Wise Men,
    In The Pink Texas,
    Marc’s Miscellany,
    Common Sense,
    The Agonist,
    People’s Republic of Seabrook,
    B and B,
    Brains and Eggs,
    Texas Kaos,
    Feet To The Fire,
    and Who’s Playin’.

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    July 25, 2007

    Dregs : 39% in another scandal; Ciro has a weak opponent; Judge Criss and Noriega takes command

  • Vince at Capitol Annex has more on the newest scandal to hit 39%, that of poor Republican management at the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

    Hundreds of residents at Texas’ state schools for the mentally retarded have suffered serious abuse and neglect at the hands of those paid to watch over them, a Dallas Morning News review shows.

    Documents released by all but three of the 12 state schools operated by the state Department of Aging and Disability Services outline everything from horrific physical violence and neglect to frightening verbal threats, derogatory slurs and pranks.(DMN)

  • Matt at BOR has a great piece up about Ciro Rodriguez's presumed Republican opponent, Francisco Canseco, and his fuzzy fundraising. Apparently, Canseco is loaning himself money, then talking about what a brilliant fundraiser he is. Anyone seen a picture of this clown? Does he have an L on his forehead?
  • Finally, Judge Susan Criss has a new website up as part of her campaign for the Texas Supreme Court! If elected, Judge Criss will make the first rational, intelligent person elected to the Court since Bob Gammage. She'll also be the first Democrat to serve since Gammage. Wait... I'm being redundant.
  • You're invited to witness the Change of Command Ceremony when Lt. Col. Rick Noriega (yes, THAT Rick Noriega) will take charge of the 1st Battalion 141st Infantry Regiment (The First Texas) on Saturday, August 4th at 9:00 AM. As in the morning. People in the military do shit WAY too early in the day.
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    May 16, 2007

    Dregs : VoterID, Tolls and Oh My God, could TYC suck more?

  • Voter ID (HB218) finally made it's debut in the Senate today when walking buttplug Dewhearse decided to take advantage of Sen. Uresti's illness to bring it to the floor and suspend the rules. Dewhearse, I liked you better when you were CradDICK's bitch. At least then I felt sorry for you. Now I just think you're a lame ass chunk of corn shit.
  • There is now a toll compromise that leaves things as they are in North Texas. Which sucks ass for those of you living in DFW. Of course, it sucks ass to live in DFW anyway so you'll probably not notice. J/K... you'll notice because it'll suck a lot more than it does now. BOR has more about a voter backlash (I keep warning y'all) and Somervell County Salon has a great post up about how inconvenient it is that people keep considering public roads theirs
  • Scott Henson overt at Grits for Breakfast has more on TYC's decision to let go one of the people who blew the whistle on the rampant problems there. Just another reason why TYC needs to be cleaned out, from top to bottom. Seriously, could y'all suck more?
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    April 28, 2007

    Dregs : NAIS-lite; Burka's advice; King loves some TXU and more

  • Somervell County Salon has a great post up about the Lege passing the 'NAIS-lite' (now with VOLUNTARY compliance!) as well as news from Hank that the fight continues for full repeal. How did this happen? How was strong, popular support for full repeal hampered? Let's just say all boats weren't sailing in the same direction. And it's the absolute LAST TIME I WILL EVER take FARFA seriously. You guys shot yourselves in the foot on this and caved to Patty Rose when there was no need.
  • What is it about Paul Burka that compels him to give advice to people? The wrong advice? Paul, hermano, we love you here. Seriously, you're a top notch reporter and one of the few who's really digging into the bullshit. However, your advice to Democrats is WAY WRONG.

    hope that cooler heads prevail. The anti-Craddicks have had their fun with Craddick's bill. It's time to grow up now. Do I have to bring up the name "Arlene Wohlgemuth?" Has everybody forgotten the Memorial Day massacre when she killed the calendar in the waning days of the session? Nobody thought that was OK. It was irresponsible then and it's irresponsible now. Dunnam and the rest of the Democrat leadership have been an effective opposition this session, but they will marginalize themselves if they become total obstructionists. This has been a session when Democrats have been able to participate as equals in committee and to influence bills, even pass them. Don't throw a hissy fit over not being allowed to kill the calendar.

    The 'obstructionist' label only works if there is a silence from the accused. In case you haven't noticed, the D's are running circles, when it comes to message, around the Republicans to whom no one is listening anyway. It's funny, but of all people I would have expected Burka to realize that the world is changing. Rapidly.

  • Rep. Phil 'Burger' King is all about hugs and kisses for TXU... so much so that he's making it easy for them to continue their price gouging in North Texas by watering down the House version of SB 483. Nice work, douchie!
  • Tenet's book comes out on Monday and it should be loads of fun watching him pound away, mostly on Rice and Cheney. Rice, for her part, is declining the subpoena issued by the House. I guess no one told her she can't quite do that. Dem's in Congress: Would y'all hurry up with the subpoena, cite her for contempt and impeach her worthless ass?
  • John McClelland is running for Dallas City Council. The DMN decided not to endorse him because he thinks the Trinity Toll Road is a wasteful project that's doomed to failure. He happens to be right and the DMN happens to be wrong (seriously, anyone keeping a running list on how often the DMN fucks up on policy?). Here's his response...
  • As part of the investigation into the firing of US Attorneys around the country, Congress is asking for emails sent by Karl Rove through an RNC server. What else might have been transmitted by Rove during this time? Possibly details on election fraud in Ohio

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    February 15, 2007

    Dregs : Bush cuts VA benefits; Paris Hilton; Breaking the cap

  • Texas Kaos has more about the cuts made by the Bush Administration to the VA... in the FY 2009 budget. That's right, the coward wants to wait until he's just about out of office.
  • In case you were looking for more reasons to dislike Paris Hilton, XicanoPwr at ¡Para Justicia y Libertad! has a great post up about what was found in her storage building (the videos are a hoot... if you like words like 'faggot' and 'nigger'. Pandagon has more on how much she loves her bodyguard.
  • And in Texas news (you knew we had to go into it sometime), the Senate voted to exceed the Constitutional spending cap, mostly along party lines. The Democrats were trying to tax reductions for seniors into the package and the Republicans refused... so they could give a property tax cut to Exxon.
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    January 26, 2007

    Dregs: Gilbert, CHIP and Clean Air

  • Hank Gilbert is planning a rally in in Austin on March 2nd as part of the Don't Tag Texas campaign. We'll have details as they become available but for now, make sure you're going to be here that day! Win, lose to draw, Hank keeps his promises which is one of the reason we supported him during the general election and continue to support him today!
  • Matt Glazer has a post up about Democratic efforts to restore full funding to CHIP. Vince at Capitol Annex some information us as well. I don't have children so it's kinda hard for me to go anywhere with this. At least, anywhere that won't piss off those of you who do have children.
  • Rep. Ana Hernandez has filed a bill to establish enforceable standards for clean air in Texas. The next step is forcing TCEQ to actually, you know, enforce them. Just look at the lulu's they give to coal burning power plants now. This is great work, Representative... however, you gotta have agency oversight for it to work!

    Next up are comments made by Phil King and others regarding clean air, as well as a review of a wonderful new film titled "TXU goes to Washington", which is about a stodgy old company, eager to remake the world... and change Washington. It's Capra-esque only in the sense that it takes place in Washington. It actually borrows from both Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It's A Wonderful Life and combines the best both in that it's Mr. Potter (TXU) who goes to Washington (Washington)

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    January 15, 2007

    Dregs : Granger, The Eminent Domainatrix; Shitting in the river and PWT

  • The always insightful Todd Hill, who has recently joined the BOR team, has a great post up about Congresswoman Kay Granger's love of her family and all things eminent domain.

    Fort Worth Republican Kay Granger has been bitten by the same bug that has recently tarnished the Republican Party in demonstrating the art of cronyism with a hint of corruption. It all adds up to a recipe for the Trinity River Project that will end up screwing the taxpayer, and certainly the poor working class in the end. Working with State Representative Charlie Geren (R-Fort Worth), both have managed to ensure that the potential the Trinity River Project had in economically revitalizing Forth Worth is riddled with perks for family, friends, and Republican-leaning entities. In the end the working class, small business owners, and minority neighborhoods surrounding the area affected will be negatively impacted.
  • News 8 says that the Colorado received a whole lot of rain and 'a little wastewater' on Saturday.

    The City of Austin said their South Austin Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant released partially treated wastewater mixed with fully-treated wastewater and rain into the Colorado River.

    How much is a little? 1.6 MILLION GALLONS of full treated and partially treated wastewater. Way to play it down, News 8.

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Seriously, I love me a picture of PWT all worked up about 'emmigrents'

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    December 19, 2006

    Bring the Funny

    Seriously. Someone. Please Bring the Funny.

    Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D) will make the case for his presidential candidacy on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight.

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    November 20, 2006

    Dregs : Houston janitors win; drafting a new Draft; and Ogden's gone crazy

  • It appears that SEIU's strike in Houston to help minimum wage janitors has done the trick. From SEIU (viaTexas Koas)

    We have reached a tentative agreement for a 3 year contract for janitors.

    Wages: $1.15 increase the first year, $1.00 the second year, and $.50 the third year.

    Health Care: The third year is when single payer health insurance will kick in and janitors will pay $20 per month into that plan. It is a plan
    designed and managed by SEIU and we are hoping to get all of our members nationwide on this plan.

    Vacation: Two weeks paid vacation per year

    Holidays: 6 paid Holidays

    Hours: 1st year everyone must work a minimum of 4 hours a day, 2nd year everyone must work a minimum of 5 hours per day, 3rd year everyone must work
    a minimum of 6 hours per day.

    Protection: We have a grievance procedure in place. We have protection for all of the striking workers to get their jobs back with no discipline, We have a disciplinary proceedure in place so that no one can be illegally fired for no reason any more.

  • Representative Charlie Rangel is filing a bill that would reinstate compulsory military service in the United States. It's unlikely the bill will pass, still those who advocate sending ever more troops to Iraq will be hardpressed to square that opinion with the fact that our all volunteer military is stretched to the max. It's worth noting that Representative Rangel served during the Korean War (unlike just about everyone in the Bush Administration), lest you think this is some draft dodging Democrat filing the bill.
  • Sen Steve Ogden (R-Crazy) apparently thinks the tolls are going away on SH130, 45 and Loop 1. EOW takes him apart on that.

    “Once a road has been built and the money from tolls have paid for that road, the tolls should go away,” he said. “I also want to review the TxDOT comprehensive development agreement for the Trans-Texas Corridor to understand if employing a foreign-based company for the job is the best thing in order to make sure we're not making a huge mistake. There will be a lot of attention to the Trans-Texas Corridor.”

    Senator Ogden, no offense but you really suck. You voted to make these permanent toll facilities. That bears repeating, YOU VOTED TO MAKE THESE PERMANENT TOLL FACILITIES. Of course the tolls should eventually go away. Of couse a TXDoT should be running these roads, not a private contractor, even if they are going to be tolled. None of that is in question, Senator Ogden. What is at question is your poor judgement in passing the legislation that created this mess in the first place.

    Senator, you're going to have a primary challenger in 2010. You'll also have a Democratic opponent. Either way, you are not going to be serving as an elected official in 2011. Trying to save your ass with lip service will not save you. If you really feel this way, THEN FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  • I promise...last thing on tolls today. I got an email from a reader that tolls on 45/1 have been provisionally set at 12 cents/mile or a little less than half what I estimated earlier. Still, even with that, you're going to be paying an additional $2.40 cents per gallon, as opposed to the more rational gas tax alternative which even at the highest estimate would only be 17 CENTS per gallon. Let's start calling the tolls what they really are, a massive tax increase from the same Republicans who crow endlessly about not raising taxes. No one should think tolls are a better way to finance road construction in the United States.

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    November 06, 2006

    Dregs : Welcome to the fam, Doogie; Censorship of NOW and Suprise! It's Saddam!

  • Neal Patrick Harris, long suspected homosexual, has officially come out of the closet. I'm still trying to figure out why this was frontpage on CNN.com
  • Was the NOW segment on Mary Beth Harrell censored? EOW and Al Stanley at Daily Kos certainly think so... are they right? Certainly looks like it. I guess that makes John Carter (R- Lardo McFatness) a pretty big pussy. I hope Mary Beth totally makes him her bitch on Tuesday.

    The good news is that KNCT relented and is allowing the program to air, un censored. Score yet another victory for Team Harrell

  • ELLN has a link to a Nation post about a November suprise regarding the sentencing of Saddam Hussein. Yesterday, in fact. Basically, it was planned months ago that the announcement would be made on November 5th. Personally, I don't think it'll have any effect on the elections. Mostly because Iraq is a nightmare and will continue to be even if Saddam is dead.
  • Soon you may need permission to leave the country. Remind you of anything? Has Homeland Security lost it's collective mind?
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    November 02, 2006

    Dregs : Economy in the crapper, Craddick blames 9/11 and more

  • The Fed kept interest rates steady last week, indicating that energy driven inflation is still a factor and that the while economy has slowed dramatically, we still need to keep our rates up to attract foreign invesment. As an added bonus... more evidence that the housing market isn't 'cooling', it's collapsing
  • Speaker CradDICK (R-Luby's) says that the reason TRS and ERS are underfunded is... 9/11? Seriously, shitheel actually blamed the post-9/11 market drop, regardless of the fact that the market has recovered (even if it DID take more than 5 years... thanks to the spirit of American business and despite bad R economic policies), coupled with a retirement surge for underfunding in the state retirement systems. The real reason, for those of you keeping score, is bad investments and underfunding by the state. The R's don't know a damn thing about running a pension plan. Blaming retirements?! Fuck, have none of you ever heard of acturial analysis? It's not like the retirements couldn't have been predicted, CradDICK. You guys just fucked up and are now trying to pin the blame on the something other than your failure. Just like United Airlines when they threw their employees under the bus rather than placing the blame where it belongs, on bad management and politics.
  • Perry announces a surplus... on the backs of children.
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    September 27, 2006

    Dregs : NIE Online; More on John Davis; Arctic ice sheet dilutes the drink

  • So Bush has been bitching like a 16 year old whose phone has been taken about the release of pieces of the NIE. So, he's going to release more of it. The sad part? He's hoping the parts he released will at least not make the White House look too incompetent. Which means they fucked up pretty bad because from what I've seen so far, it looks like those who expected the Bush Administration to totally fuck things up were spot on
  • Muse has been doing a kick ass job of beating down the already pathetic John Davis. Never one to rest on her laurels, she hits his sorry ass again. We love you Muse!
  • Somervell County Salon has a good post up about some really bad news... at least it's bad if you're not to so much for global warming. Apparently, some of the perennial ice in the Arctic has melted away. How much? Apparently, it was a chunk the size of Texas. Yeah. Which reminds me, go visit Myron and tell him what a douche he is.
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    September 19, 2006

    Dregs : Amaranth and TRS?, Coal isn't dirty, damnit!, John Davis ethically challenged

  • Amaranth Advisors, a large NY based hedge fund disclosed yesterday in a letter to investors that instead of the fund being up 22% for the year it was actually down 35% because of one bad bet on natural gas futures. The actual dollar amount of the losses on the contracts is unknown but it's estimated to be around $4 billion based on Amaranth's stated equity value of more than $9 billion. I wonder how long it will be until we find out that UT's endowment fund was invested in it, along with TRS?
  • Kip Averitt has got to be an idiot... both Sumervell and CapAnnex have posts up about his claim that air in Central Texas will not be adversely effected by FOUR new coal burning TXU plants. My amusement stems from his assertion that certain emissions will be less from these plants than from existing ones because of permitting. I guess no one has told the Senator that power companies can run generating units on a long shut down or start up cycle and the permits don't account for emissions during those times. In fact, pollution out of these plants will likely be more than double what they are permitted.

    CapAnnex also has a post up about some retard newspaper beating up on Laura Miller and Bill White for fighting against these new pollution generators.

  • Is John Davis using his campaign kitty to afford his rock and roll lifestyle? Sure looks like it. Muse has a nice piece up about his problem riddled ethics filing. Thank God Sherri Matula is running against this guy! We love you Sherrie!
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    September 14, 2006

    Al Qaida to nuke US late in the month

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinguh, yeah... whatev. As a side note, if a significant portion of an American city DOES evaporate suddenly in a nuclear fire, wouldn't that mean that everything the R's have been feeding us for years is bullshit?

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    September 03, 2006

    Dregs : Hokey Pokey with Ciro; Hezbocrats? Fuck you, Wal-Mart

  • Ciro backs out. Ciro's back in. It's like the fucking hokey pokey. Or the bunny hop. I'm tired of it
  • What would you say if I told you that one Wal-Mart's front group lackeys, Herman Cain, referred to Democrats as Hezbocrats?

    But, yesterday, Herman Cain, one of the steering committee members of Wal-Mart’s front group and a well-known right-wing commentator, completely crossed the line in a column he wrote by describing Democrats who are standing up, on behalf of working families, and asking Wal-Mart to be a responsible corporation as “Hezbocrats.”

    What an idiot and waht a fuck up for Wal-Mart. Click here to let them know that pisses you off. Also, check out this site... very nice

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    August 29, 2006

    CBS all excited about Survivor:Race War

    I don't watch reality TV, mostly because it makes you dumber and as we all know that's the last thing I need. For instance, I set myself on fire last night while boiling pasta. And I wasn't even drinking yet, can you beat that? I thought not. Don't even try to compete with me in the stupid olympics. I win every time...

    Apparently, the NYC City Council has decided to take the initiative and enter the stupid olympics as a team, despite the fact that they are sure to lose to my vastly superior retardation.

    NEW YORK - As CBS prepares to launch a new season of the hit reality show "Survivor," this time featuring teams divided by race, enraged city officials are saying it promotes divisiveness and are calling for the network to reconsider. ADVERTISEMENT

    "The idea of having a battle of the races is preposterous," City Councilman John Liu said Thursday. "How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?"

    Well, Councilman Liu, it is CBS, the network that brought us King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond and The Nanny. I would say they are pretty damn desperate.

    Still, I won't watch and isn't that really the best way to get a network not to do something? Protest all you want but a sure and certain way to get a show 86'd is to just change the channel.

    Honestly, I don't know why anyone would think that CBS would mishandle Survivor: Crackers v. Heebs v. Meskins v. Coloreds v. Chinks v. Dagos v. Drunken Micks.

    Did I miss anyone? Seriously, let me know in the comments if there is an ethnic slur I left out. I think racism is stupid, but to completely ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist is even dumber. Let CBS run their show. We've got bigger things to worry about.

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    August 28, 2006

    Homeland Security couldn't secure a paper bag

    What a damn joke. First up was this piece from a guy flying in Canada where it appears people are just as insanely stupid about security as they are here in Estados Unidos. Apparently, the dork (he took his iPod with him to the lav... it's a like a little kid dragging their favorite things all over the place) lost his iPod in the toilet which stopped it up and caused the flight crew to go batshit crazy and head for an emergency landing. Because of an iPod. Seriously, as dumb and loserish as this guy was (you don't know the half of it... click the link) for taking them damn thing with thim to the lav, the next part is balls out insanity.

    Then comes word that TSA can't tell the diff between makeup and a bomb. In West Virginia, natch.

    "The bomb squad is on site and the woman is being interviewed by the FBI," the TSA's Amy von Walter said. "It looks like there were four items containing liquids ... two of those containers tested positive."

    But law enforcement sources say the substances that tested positive were cosmetic-based products and not a threat CBS News reports.

    So, the next time you go through the check point at your local airport, don't for a minute feel secure. You aren't because at anytime a terrorist iPod might fall into the toilet (and yes, they asked him if he wanted it back).

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    August 13, 2006

    Six lessons from the airplane bomb scare

    Great article up at AlterNet on the appropriate lessons from Thursday's arrests. I doubt Lieberman or the White House will learn them, but it's worth throwing them up in the superize. Here's snapshot

    Fifth, the plot again reveals how ill-equipped the U.S. Government has been in anticipating plausible attack scenarios and taking steps to prevent them. Liquid bombs were so hard to figure out? Al Qaeda already tried it. DHS has almost completely missed the threat, just as they are missing the vulnerability of cargo holds and God knows what else. Thomas Kean, the former GOP governor and co-chair of the 9/11 Commission, called this liquid bomb error “appalling” and wondered, on an NBC program four months ago, why no progress had been made. What are the tens of billions being spent on? This is Katrina II.

    Six Lessons from the London Airline Bombing Plot
    By John Tirman, AlterNet
    Posted on August 12, 2006, Printed on August 13, 2006

    What we now know about the London-based plot to destroy ten civilian airplanes points to six conclusions.

    First, what stopped this plot was law enforcement. Law enforcement. Not a military invasion of Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, or Iraq. Old-fashioned surveillance, development of human sources, putting pieces together, and cooperation with foreign police and intelligence services.

    Second, the conspiracy — if it resembles the London bombings of last summer — will likely be home-grown, another of the growing jihad "fashion" in Europe that comprises the new street gangs of this world. It is not a religious movement, it is not fundamentalism. These are thin veneers. It is at root sheer violence undertaken by young men resentful of many things (not least the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Lebanon) and ready to kill in return. Under different cirucmstances, it could be Tamils or Red Brigades or Michigan Militiamen, and has been.

    Third, if al Qaeda was involved (allegedly from Pakistan), we can thank the failure of the war in Afghanistan and the cozying up to Musharraf to destroy them.

    Fourth, there was no involvement by any American-based “cells,” according the FBI Director Robert Mueller. As many of us have been saying for nearly five years, and as the 9/11 Commission Report showed, there is virtually no plausible American jihad organization at work, and never has been.

    Fifth, the plot again reveals how ill-equipped the U.S. Government has been in anticipating plausible attack scenarios and taking steps to prevent them. Liquid bombs were so hard to figure out? Al Qaeda already tried it. DHS has almost completely missed the threat, just as they are missing the vulnerability of cargo holds and God knows what else. Thomas Kean, the former GOP governor and co-chair of the 9/11 Commission, called this liquid bomb error “appalling” and wondered, on an NBC program four months ago, why no progress had been made. What are the tens of billions being spent on? This is Katrina II.

    Sixth, and most important, we must end our involvement in Iraq and sharply refocus our presence in the region. The war president’s approach is not working. It’s a diversion from the real threat. It’s a spur to bitter revenge. It’s a big feedback loop that will endanger us for years, if not decades. Our lives are now at stake because the Bush catastrophe has created thousands of new terrorists.

    Naturally, the politically expedient are trying to gain an edge. Defeated Senator Joseph Lieberman immediately attacked his victorious primary challenger Ned Lamont, saying that Lamont’s leave Iraq policy is somehow connected to this. It’s the opposite — the war distracts and inflames. We will see the crowing from the Bushies now, when in fact they were again asleep at the wheel, only this time the Brits saved the day. The war v. law enforcement contrast — remember how John Kerry was ridiculed by Cheney for uggesting that aggressive police work and human intelligence were anti-terror linchpins? — is now buried by conflating the “war against terror” in Iraq with this Scotland Yard and MI5 success.

    Reversing America’s colossally destructive series of interventions in the Middle East — a cause, a trigger, a recruitment fountain, and a charity for jihad — will require an entirely different mindset, not just an adjustment or a measured retreat. When America responded, after being prodded, to the tsunami victims in Indonesia early last year, it profoundly changed Indonesians’ views of the United States. New attitudes of support and cooperation suddenly sprang forth. This “natural experiment” should be examined to learn from, possibly to emulate, in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere.

    We’re now viewed as destroyers, and destruction is the retort. This is the “new Middle East” that is aborning — one of relentless violence — if we do not end our own relentless violence there. The would-be bombers in London are a reminder of how close it is.

    John Tirman is Executive Director of MIT's Center for International Studies. His most recent book is 100 Ways America Is Screwing Up the World (Harper Perennial, 2006).
    © 2006 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
    View this story online at: http://www.alternet.org/story/40221/

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    August 09, 2006

    Dregs: GOP playbook and how to defeat it and What's up in 22

  • BondDad over at BOR recenlty posted a great piece about the R economic talking points for this fall... and how to beat them. Check them out here.
  • Muse has some terrific (and funny) stuff up over at Musings on CD 22 and what DeLay is up to. Stop by and give her a shout.
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    August 08, 2006

    Early Happy Hour : Staples, Lebanon, Casting Call and Roy's Taxi closes and more

    Only 2:30 and already I'm bored with the day...

  • The Statesman has a couple good articles up about the ménage à trois between Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah which can be summed up as follows: Lebanon is interested only in a cease fire that has the Israeli's leaving Lebanon, Israel balks and Hezbollah is buying candy for the little Lebanese kids. Tie it altogether and much like President Bush in 2003 with Iraq, the Israelis have pissed off a neighbor they should be working with and allowed their enemy to win the hearts and minds of the civilian populace.

    Let me say that I support Israel's right to defend itself. However, it goes without saying that the way they have prosecuted this conflict is nothing short of retarded.

    Even Bush get's it...

    Bush said any cease-fire must prevent Hezbollah from strengthening its grip in southern Lebanon, asserting that "it's time to address root causes of problems." He urged the United Nations to work quickly to approve a U.S.-French draft resolution to stop the hostilities.

    I know, I know... if he'd only been that clever a couple of years ago.

  • Live in Austin Metro? Wanna be in a family movie? If you, unlike me, have some concept of what that means then check this out.
  • Roy's Taxi, the Dollar General of Austin taxi companies, is going out of business... I never really thought they were that bad, though the cabs were ugly as hell.
  • Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMessage to Garder Selby... Stayhorn is popular in Travis County as well (basically, everywhere but around the Capital where all those R foreigners work). Still doesn't mean she's going to win. However, if her media strategy involves TV that has her doing anything BUT being a giant, she's got a hell of a shot.

  • Delay to support a write-in? Could the R's get any more lame?

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Shit... I stand corrected. Sorry, I forgot about him

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    August 04, 2006

    Dregs : Teachers in Trouble, Help out troops, Frost Bank Building sold and more

  • EOW has a great piece up about upcoming 'pension reform' which is republicanese for 'Let's strip pensions and benefits from public employees and teachers'. Honestly, I have mixed emotions about this... I think it's horrible and it's all the result of bad management at the funds and retard politico's too stupid to realize they should have been putting more money into the system.

    Let me make it clear: ANY ORGANIZATION THAT COMPLAINS ABOUT PENSION BENEFITS IS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY HAVEN'T PUT ENOUGH AWAY TO PAY BENEFITS. Everytime I hear about how expensive pensions have become I want to throw something because all this is the result of demographic changes that were ANTICIPATED decades ago. Actuaries have been saying since the early 80's that American businesses and governments are not putting away enough to meet future obligations. Don't let them get away with it!

    The mixed part? Some of them DESERVE to become accustomed to eating catfood in their dotage. There are a significant numnber of teachers and public employees who've been 'voting their values'. Time y'all woke up and started voting your wallets and purses.

  • PD tells me that he's not received much from you people for his military care packages. Seriously y'all, if you can help out please do! These folks deserve more than what the government gives them and unfortunately it's up to us to make something happen (it's not like the R's are going to do much).
  • It's only been up for a couple of years and already the Frost Bank Building has been sold... to a group from Chicago. The Statesman has additional information. The price? $188 Mn. Kinda makes that that $500k you dropped on a condo look like chump change, no?
  • Phillip over at BOR has more information up about the DeLay ballot scam decision out today (which Tinky Binky and the retards over at the RPT are appealing to the SC...), including this choice qoute from the 5th Circuit.

    We fail to see how removing DeLay from the ballot would protect the voters, inasmuch as it was the voters themselves who selected DeLay as the Republican candidate for the general election.

    Good job, TDP!

  • Have a goodun!

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    July 25, 2006

    Dregs : Oil Independence in five years; polls reveal more of the same

  • Vinod Khosla, famed venture capitalist, is all over the place pimping for CA Prop 87 as well as more ethanol. Here's video of him at a google conference that's making the rounds (Easter Lemming tipped me, I found source @ Wired). The video is about an hour (here's a link to the PPT presentation). Honestly, it's compelling and interesting if you like hearing someone talk for an hour about energy independence and how much cellulosic ethanol makes.

    Needless to say, I'm sold.

  • New TX Governor Poll is out and Perry is showing some resilience about 5 points over where I was thinking he'd be but within the MOE still. The big news is that Kinky's strength continues. If you want to know why Bell and Perry aren't neck and neck, it's Kinky... not OSB. Come on, Chris. You gotta headbutt the son of a bitch sooner or later. Now's the time.

    Radnofsky is continuing to gain mo against KBH which is very good news indeed. Hank, of course, is soundly stomping Staples (at least I'm SURE that's what the data would show were there a poll in the field:))

  • Have a goodun!

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    July 16, 2006

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    There's an old theory that if you move far enough to the left politically, you find yourself within handshaking distance of the Right. Then there's another theory that the continent is tilted to the west so lots of loose nuts end up in California. Recently evidence to support both of these ideas has turned up in the form of a collection of West Coast crackpots styling themselves the "Patrick Henry Democratic Club".

    Normally I wouldn't give a second thought to what some people half a continent away talk about when they get together at Denny's. But it seems that they are sticking their noses into Texas business. If you go to their website, which is sort of a Tiger Beat for fans of Dennis Kucinich put together with the graphical skills of a three year-old, you will see that they are also fans of a certain Texas congressman.


    Thank Dennis Kucinich, Jim McDermott, Ron Paul and Pete Stark for being the only consistent votes against the rush to war with Iran. To those who don't know, in February, the House voted overwhelmingly for a resolution "condemning the Government of Iran for violating its international nuclear nonproliferation obligations and expressing support for efforts to report Iran to the United Nations Security Council." While some others voted "present" and some did not vote, these four had the courage to stand up and be counted against this resolution fast-tracking the next war. In April, another bill looking like a declaration of war with Iran was approved by the House. These four, joined by others, voted against that. Then, in May, these four and others voted against a bill which appears to call for the overthrow of the elected government of Hamas. Pelosi lead the majority of Democrats in voting with the Republicans in support of all three of these bills. We are very proud of Dennis Kucinich, our Congressman of the Year, for leading the opposition to war against Iran and Palestine.

    Everyone here is encouraged to donate to these four individuals who have consistently stood up as lone voices for peace. Their web sites are http://kucinich.us, http://www.mcdermottforcongress.com/, http://www.ronpaulforcongress.com/, and http://www.petestark.com/.

    That's right, these "Democrats" are raising money for Ron Paul, the incumbant republican congressman whose bizarro world libertarian beliefs occasionally result in him making statements that are somewhat soothing to liberals' ears. Yes, Ron Paul is against the war, but as an excellent post on BOR recently reminded us, he is also against aid to the poor, against affirmative action, against helping the victioms of Hurricane Katrina, against Medicare. And his openly racist views were expressed yet again just last week when he voted against the extension of the Voting Rights Act.

    A few years ago, when Tom DeLay and Tom Craddick carried out their infamous redistricting of Texas' congressional districts, their mission was to cement republican dominance. If Ron Paul actually represented a threat to the GOP thugocracy in Congress, he would have been gerrymandered into oblivion. Instead, The Hammer actually sliced off some red-voting territory from his own district to strengthen Paul's.

    Shane Sklar, the Democrat running against Paul certainly has his work cut out for him, even without so-called Democrats from out of state sending checks to his opponent. The republican leadership knows that they have a solid ally in Ron Paul. Too bad the PHDC can't seem to figure that out.

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    July 14, 2006

    Dregs : Isreal v. Hezbollah, Vote for BAR, VRA passes House

  • Abram over at Casual Soapbox has a great post about Stratfor's analysis of the current conflict between Isreal and Hezbollah.

    It would appear Israel will invade Lebanon. The global response will be noisy. There will be no substantial international action against Israel. Beirut's tourism and transportation industry, as well as its financial sectors, are very much at risk.
  • BAR is running third in Barbara Boxer's PAC For Change contest. This time I'm not prostituting, I like BAR and BB. Go give 'em some support...

    Current Vote Leaders

    Claire McCaskill (MO) 17%
    Bob Casey (PA) 16%
    Barbara Radnofsky (TX) 14%
    Pete Ashdown (UT) 11%
    Sherrod Brown (OH) 9%

    Cast your own online ballot at www.barbaraboxer.com/vote!

    Over 14,000 people have already cast online votes for the Democratic Senate challenger who will be featured in the next fundraising email from PAC for a Change.

    But we haven't heard from you yet. Please cast your ballot now!


    This is a big decision for our community to make. We are only six seats away from winning a majority in the Senate, and the candidate who wins this online vote will get a critical financial boost as we move ever closer to the November elections.

    We saw the power of our PAC for a Change community at work last month when, thanks to your support, a fundraising email raised more than $80,000 for my friend and colleague Sen. Maria Cantwell in her race against the deep-pocketed Mike McGavick in Washington.

    Now we can do the same thing for a Democratic Senate challenger in one of these important races across America -- races that will determine whether or not we close the gap and take back control of the Senate this November.


    The early voting leader was Bob Casey (PA), but he was overtaken just this morning by Claire McCaskill, showing how tight this race is right now. These two are followed closely by Barbara Ann Radnofsky (TX), Pete Ashdown (UT), and Sherrod Brown (OH).

    But we've still got more than a week left until our online balloting wraps up on July 21st -- and another 12 candidates who are close on the heels of our early voting leaders -- so those results could still change dramatically between now and then.

    The best way to help your favorite Senate challenger is to vote. So please, take just a minute right now to participate in this exciting community-driven decision-making process.

    Which candidate will our PAC for a Change community choose to support next? The decision is in your hands.

    In Friendship,

    Barbara Boxer

    P.S. After you cast your vote at www.barbaraboxer.com/vote, be sure to forward this message to your friends and family so they can participate as well. Help us make sure we get as much input as possible about who will receive a fundraising email to our entire community!

  • Vince over at Capital Annex has the Texas Delegation's recorded votes on the Voting Rights Act Renewal. It passed the House today and is now on it's way to the Senate where I'm sure Cornyn will find something to hate about it.
  • Have a goodun!

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    July 10, 2006

    American Ayatollah's, New Blog on the Block and more

  • Boadicea has a great post up on the top ten religious 'reich' organizations that's worth the read. Pat Robertson is on it (186 Million Dollars?? I soooo need to start that church I've been talking about) as is our favorite, Falwell the Fatass.
  • The Houston GLBT Caucus has a new blog. Click the link and welcome them to the blog-o-sphere (sorry, I fucking hate that word. We need another. That's a project for you).
  • I LURVE BONDDAD! He posted a great piece tearing down Larry Kudlow.... with the one thing Kudlow doesn't like, facts and things that contradict his worldview.

    Larry Kudlow is at it again - using really bad economic analysis to tell Republicans "It's all OK. Our policies work. Everybody is fine" Powerline and Instpundit (who claims "I've always found Kudlow to be reliable") have of course linked to the article, further reinforcing the right wing echo chamber. Unfortunately, Republicans take this guy seriously. So, it's time to put on the waders and walk through another pile of Kudlow's bullshit.
  • Have a goodun!

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    July 06, 2006

    NY Appeals Court : Not so much with the Gay Marriage

    From CNN.com:

    "We hold that the New York Constitution does not compel recognition of marriages between members of the same sex," the appeals court said in its 70-page ruling. "Whether such marriages should be recognized is a question to be addressed by the Legislature."

    In February, New York's law was upheld in a lower appeals court, forcing the fight to the State Court of Appeals.

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    July 05, 2006

    In case you missed it, CIA closes Bin Laden Unit

    The CIA says it's still looking for him but they have closed the unit that was tasked with finding Bin Laden and existed prior to September 11, 2001.

    The unit, known as Alec Station, was disbanded late last year and its analysts reassigned within the C.I.A. Counterterrorist Center, the officials said.

    The decision is a milestone for the agency, which formed the unit before Osama bin Laden became a household name and bolstered its ranks after the Sept. 11 attacks, when President Bush pledged to bring Mr. bin Laden to justice "dead or alive."

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    July 04, 2006

    Happy Fourth and Abbott, Perry's AG

    Happy Fourth. I'm off to a wedding and you're not. At least I'm pretty sure you're not. If we do run into one another you can really get into my good graces by making sure my glass of champagne has a shot of vodka in it.

  • Vince over at Capital Annex has a great post up about the VRA. Check it out here.

    As we celebrate freedom and American independence, let us not forget that there is a price for independence, and a constant struggle for our freedoms.

    Great post, hermano!

  • Pdiddie has an interesting piece up about Attorney General Greg Abbott and the money he's accepted from Houston homebuilder and all around shithead (he was the schmuck who funded the swift boat liars), Bob Perry, while ruling on matters affecting Bob Perry and his business.

    Since the Attorney General and his staff likely started their holiday weekend early last Friday and couldn't get back to Casey with a response, we'll just have to answer for him:

    "There IS no limit, according to my well-documented Christian principles. There is NO MAXIMUM amount of money I will accept that would prevent me from passing legal judgment in favor of my largest campaign contributors.

    "After all, billion-dollar corporations are people, too."

  • Have a goodun!

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    July 02, 2006

    Thanks, but no thanks

    Okay kids, learn from Peggy Noonan's mistakes. If you must mix scotch and valium, step away from the keyboard!

    LBJ felt anguish; there are pictures of him, head in hands, suffering. Bush the Elder wept as he talked, with Paula Zahn, about what it was to send men to war. Bush the Younger would breastfeed the military if he could.

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    June 24, 2006

    Dregs : TDP Training and Tina shoots her mouth off

  • TDP is rolling out training in July. Looks like a good deal. Check it out here. Obviously, you're going to want to check the TDP Training in Austin.

    Here's what's on tap

    Campaign Management for Campaign Staff- If you are currently working on a campaign or are interested in becoming staff on a campaign within two years, then join this track. You will learn the fundamentals of political campaign management such as fundraising, field organizing, media relations, volunteer coordination, get-out-the-vote, targeting, candidate relations, and campaign technology.
    Campaign Organizing for Local & County Party Leaders - This track is designed to give you and your election team the modern management fundamentals necessary to be successful at the grassroots level. Topics will include: voter contact programs; budgeting; planning; recruitment; volunteer coordinating; event fundraising; earned media; and creating a local party plan. You will learn the basic skills that are essential to putting your candidate or local committee in the best position to win.
    How to be a Better Candidate - The candidate track prepares participants for a run at elected office. Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by elected officials and some of the top political professionals in the country.
  • Musing's has a great piece up about what's going on in CD22. It would seem that TGOP Chair'woman' (seriously, is 'she' or is 'she' a 'she' like Jennifer Gale?) has been talkin' smack about TDP TRO on their selection of a candidate to replace disgraced former Representative Tom 'Bugsy' DeLay.
  • Have a goodun!

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    June 20, 2006

    Lazy mother and obviously desperate daughter sue MySpace

    Y'all know I think MySpace is lame so I'll not dip back into that well. However, the only thing lamer than MySpace are lazy parents who blame MySpace for their daughter hooking up with a perv. Sorry, Mrs. Lamerson, you don't police your kid's activities online then there is a very good chance they are going to get hit on by some kind of freak.

    "MySpace is more concerned about making money than protecting children online," said Adam Loewy, who is representing the girl and her mother in the lawsuit against MySpace, parent company News Corp. and Pete Solis, the 19-year-old accused of sexually assaulting the girl.

    No, MySpace doesn't give a fuck about your kid. Frankly, neither do I mostly because fat chicks who are into MySpace and macrame are pretty gross. They are only providing a service, namely that of webspace for dorks. Sounds to me like your daughter was a perfect fit.

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    June 15, 2006

    Sore Loserman

    Senator Lieberman, obviously very worried about the challenge posed by Ned Lamont, is now threatening to leave the Democratic Party.

    Ned Lamont started running radio ads across Connecticut today asking Senator Lieberman to support the winner of the August 8th primary, just as Ned already has. If Senator Lieberman abandons the party, he will certainly divide Democrats and could not only potentially cost us the Senate seat, but governor's race and top-tier House races.

    Listen to the ad and add your name to the letter asking Senator Lieberman to remain a Democrat and support the primary winner on August 8th.

    Pardon me while I take a moment and say I FUCKING HATE JOE LIEBERMAN! In fact, let's have a 'new names for Lieberman' Contest in the comments. First prize is drinks with the Mayor and I (your treat. I kid!) And I'll kick things off with SENATOR SUCK.

    (Note: The Mayor is having to post stuff for me since my computer is being fixed by the nice folks at Computer Geeks. Make sure your Anti-Virus sw is up to date, boys and girls!)

    And Mayor MacSleaze adds:

    Even more revolting is the news that Chuck Schumer, head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, says the DSCC might support an independent race by Joementum against the actual choice of Connecticut Democrats.

    What the fuck, Chuck?

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    June 14, 2006

    Defiant Pride march in Poland

    So the President of Poland says don't march and what do Polish gays do? They MARCH. As it turns out, the opposition was mostly retarded and light. Why?

    Right-wing anti-gay groups in Poland had threatened to stage other protests, but called them off, citing the World Cup as reason for staying away.

    How fucking pathetic. You don't even hate the gays enough to miss the World Cup? I think we've found an anti-gay movement even more lame than The Nutters' Phelps.

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    June 13, 2006

    My First Convention...and the INCIDENT

    Well, I've survived my first Democratic State Convention. It was verrrry innnterrestink. Let me just say, I love hanging out with Democrats. We're an earnest bunch. We care. It really is all for the children.

    I met some great people yet only managed to have one drink with the Keep Austin Blue people, which is a crying shame. My fave caucus was the Pro-Choice meeting, Chris Bell stopped by to let the totally packed house know that he was actually for considering women competent stewards of their own uterii. Nice of him. The other stand out speaker at the lady party was a woman running for county comissioner. She performed a slam poem. That's right a slam poem. I gave her a 9.2 and an "E" for EFFORT. I left when the old guys started to talk about population control and headed over to the Pro-Life booth. What? A Pro-Life booth at the Democratic Convention, surely you're joking? ...No, it's true. I guess we'll let anyone in. I wanted to know what they were actually doing to prevent abortions. What their initiatives were regarding reproductive health care. Well, as it turns out, they didn't really have any. According to the very nice woman in the plum sweater set, "We don't get involved prior to cenception." She also felt like many Democrats were "close minded" when it came to Pro-Lifers. I suggested that it was actually her organization that was a little light in the open heart and mind department. I walked off and cried.

    After I had lunch with some party operatives that I'm not entirely impressed with professionally, but I do genuinely like, I headed over to my district caucus. What's better than a Texas Democrat? ...A Travis County Democrat of course. We had a great time, and by far the best speaker was Diane Henson. When is that woman running for gov? She was the most inspired speaker of the weekend. AND...with the help of a lot of wonderful people, I managed to get elected to the Resolutions Committee. Ruth Epstein (my worthy opponent) and I buried the hatchet, although I think she would have preferred to have buried it in my head, but hey, them's the breaks. Ruth let us know that she was on the Board of the ACLU. I let the assembled know that while I wasn't on the Board, I have had drinks with the Board of the ACLU....and that my friends is an important distinction.

    Which brings me to the INCIDENT. As soon as the election was over, a very nice woman in a tropical print blouse asked me where I was staying, in case the Resolutions needed to get a hold of me. I responded, "That's a funny story." You see the first night of the convention I got thrown out of my hotel room at the Cares-A-Lot Inn because the manager smelled pot in the vacinity of my room. So, at 2:30am on Thursday night, the very caring people at the Cares-A-Lot tossed me out on my ample butt. It didn't help that I had a bagful of both salty and sweet snacks in tow. I guess there's no other explanation for bean dip and powdered doughnuts. They also charged me 269.00 for the pleasure of keeping my luggage there for 6 hours. I spent the rest of the weekend scrambling for a place to stay, and let's just say that Bank of America got an earful from me as soon as I got back to Austin. Am I disputing the charge...YES I AM. You see, I'm fairly sure there would have been no INCIDENT had I not complained, upon my arrival , that the hotel wasn't nearly as nice looking (or smelling) as it had appeared on their shabby, little web site. I suggested that I might not actually stay with Cares-A-Lot for the duration of the convention because it simply wasn't worth the price of admission. At that point, my guess is that they were looking for a reason to get rid of me as well as make a little money. So, when 4:20 rolled around, the pointy-headed manager took special notice. PS...I also mentioned that I was attending the Democratic Convention. The woman at the desk said, "Oh. Well. Whatever." Methinks I got Swift Boated!!!

    I guess it wouldn't be a Democratic Convention if someone didn't get popped with the not so medicinal herb!


    OK...this has to be the first of a two part series. I have to jump into the shower and then head on over to some donor meeting for the National Poetry Slam. I was directed to dress nice and keep it clean. Believe it or not folks, I attempt to do that every day!

    More later. Coming up... The lamest floor vote ever. Who elected that legislator to run the Resolutions Meeting. And finally, how to avoid being shanked by a biker chick.

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    June 05, 2006

    Australia's not so much for religious extremism

    I often get nutter email from my father, usually something regarding Hillary Clinton being a lesbian or some kind of a cold calculating bitch who orchestrated the murders of JFK AND Jimmy Hoffa. Usually a quick trip to snopes.com is enough to disprove whatever the email is about and then I graciously chastise my father for not fact checking his forwards.

    The one I got on Friday WAS actually true. It featured a number of qoutes from Australian elected officials talking about an absolute intolerance for religious extremism. The intended target was the very small and unfortunately vocal minority of Australian Muslims who really want Sharia law in Australia.

    Treasurer Peter Costello, seen as heir apparent to Howard, hinted that some radical clerics could be asked to leave the country if they did not accept that Australia was a secular state and its laws were made by parliament. "If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you," he said on national television. "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia, one the Australian law and another the Islamic law, that is false.

    I was a little shocked as I realized this is one of the few times when my father and I will EVER be able to make common cause on an issue. Neither of us like religious extremists and he thinks as highly of Pat Robertson as he does of the Iranian Ayatollah.

    What's lacking here is a Democrat willing to get up and SAY THIS. We ARE a secular society, a fact which sometimes gets lost in the shuffle for those Democrats out there who are so eager to embrace religion. This shouldn't just apply to extremist Muslims... it has to be made perfectly clear to dominionists and Christianista's as well that the US is a secular Republic. Don't like it? Go.somewhere.else.

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    May 31, 2006

    US SC : Whistleblowers don't have First Amendment protections

    Yesterday the US Supreme Court (featuring prominently recent Bush appointee's like John 'BSD' Roberts and Sammy 'Just One More Drink' Alito) bitchslapped government employees into continuing their shamed silence, then screamed "STFU! See how crazy you make me??!?!?".

    By a 5-4 margin, the justices said the government's interest in effectively managing operations outweighs the interests that protect employee speech, even in cases where employees may be reporting inefficiencies or wrongdoing.

    So, I guess we won't be hearing much about $20,000 hammers at the Pentagon anymore, now will we!

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    Is Texas ready for another Rita?; Paying interest; Jeb2012 and the best photoshop in years

  • The Statesman has a great article up about the State's preparedness for another Rita-like hurricane since we are confronted with what is anticipated to be a very active hurricane season. Though Perry's office says plans will be ready by Thursday, many just don't believe it'll enough and even doubt that it will be implementable.

    "It's unrealistic to say that come June 1, everything is going to be done," said John Simsen, Galveston County emergency management coordinator. "There are not enough hours in the day."

    For example, the state's evacuation and shelter plan still isn't ready, though the governor's office says it will be by Thursday.

  • The NYT has a great op/ed piece up about the Federal Debt. Foreign ownership of US sovereign debt has increased dramatically as Republican tax cuts for the rich have been financed by borrowing. Theoretically, if pure supply-side economics worked, we'd see enhanced economic activity that would produce taxable transactions and offset the cuts with increased tax receipts. It hasn't happened. So, we've had to offload our obligations to foreign governments who now appear to be backing off on further extensions of credit to us. Which means higher interest rates will become a necessity. Yay.

    Paying the interest on the foreign-owned portion of the debt will be a burden on future Americans, draining their wallets and siphoning off the nation's wealth.

    Thanks for the burden, you boomers and senile old people who voted for Bush!

  • Will Jeb run? Not 2008. Who cares anyway? Other than Newt Gingrich and other R hopefuls, does anyone really care about Jeb? I'm only posting this because I thought it was funny that George has been calling him fat.

    In the meantime, the current president keeps talking up his younger, larger brother — up to a point. When a member of the audience in Chicago last week told the president that "we love your brother" and that "he's been very good to the restaurant industry," Mr. Bush, not missing a beat, responded to laughter that "he has been eating a lot, I noticed."

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnything to that? Let's take a look at a recent photo...

    Yep. I would say el Presidente has a point. My hand to God, I didn't alter this image at all.

  • SuperWow! over at Pink Dome posted this yesterday.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Sen. Frist, [far, far] right, unsure whether to use his Super Pandering Powers to battle gays getting married or extinguish a flag on fire.

    Go read the post and say thanks for the way cool 'shopping!

  • That's it boys and girls! Have a goodun!

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    May 29, 2006

    Memorial Day

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    1934, Gettysburg

    On these hills of Gettysburg two brave armies of Americans met in combat. Not far from here in a valley likewise consecrated to American valor, a ragged Continental army survived a bitter winter to keep alive the expiring hopes of a new nation, and near to the battlefield and that valley stands the invincible city where the Declaration of Independence was born and the Constitution of the United States was written by the fathers. Surely, all this is holy ground.

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    May 28, 2006

    Don't kid yourself. Myspace is lame.

    So last night I'm having drinks with some friends and two of them get into a discussion that quickly developed into a full fledged argument regarding who had the better myspace page.

    At first I thought they were kidding. I mean who on Earth actually takes myspace seriously? It's an AOhelL Homepage on steroids; A place where the challenged (like my two gimp friends) can revel in their self-importance, shitty music, bad images and even tackier friends who are also myspace dorks.

    'Oh, but it's a community' they say and I think they're right. A community of dipshits. To wit, I leave to get a drink thinking 'surely they will resolve this by the time I return' and 'I need way more scotch'. When I return fuckall if they WEREN'T STILL TALKING ABOUT IT. I finally started to laugh at which point one of the lames noticed and asked what was so funny. I replied that the argument was funny. The other friend asked 'how so?' to which I replied

    Two people arguing about who has the cooler myspace page is a bit like two retards arguing about which is smarter.

    I went out for a cigarette at that point. I didn't talk to them anymore. Frankly, given how they spend their free time I'm not sure I want to ever again.

    Of course, I can say all this because I'm a blogger and everyone knows bloggers are way cooler than myspace losers.

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    May 23, 2006

    This will never catch on here

    Pity the poor lawmakers of Oregon.

    SALEM, Ore. --Oregon legislators and staff members should not be drunk while performing their official duties, a citizen panel says.

    The Public Commission on the Oregon Legislature adopted that recommendation Monday, although the panel decided to leave it to House and Senate leaders to draft rules against intoxication and possible penalties.

    The new policy was suggested by Steve Doell, president of Crime Victims United, who said he and another member of the group noticed alcohol on the breath of at least one legislator at the end of the 2005 session while they were advocating tougher drunken-driving penalties.

    Next thing you know they'll be banning legislators from cruising around with loaded firearms, picking up hookers.

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    May 19, 2006

    Dregs : Castillo guilty, HB 3 is now law, Inflation kills stocks and more

  • Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWilliamson County jurors today found Fermine Castillo guilty of felony murder and intoxicated manslaughter relating to an accident he had in 2005 which resulted in the death of a migrant farmer.
    The Round Rock man faces up to life in prison for the felony murder conviction and up to 20 years in prison for intoxication manslaughter. He is the fifth person in Texas tried on a murder charge, rather than only intoxication manslaughter, after a fatal wreck involving alcohol.

    Jurors decided Castillo was drunk when he drove his Jeep Cherokee the wrong way on Interstate 35 near Jarrell and slammed into a van carrying 10 members of the Dyck family, Mennonite migrant farmers who live in Mexico and Canada. The April 21, 2005, wreck killed Isaac Friesen Dyck, 20, and severely injured the remaining nine members of the family.

    The jury of eight men and four women deliberated a little less than four hours before finding Castillo guilty.

    Photo:Ralph Barrera AMERICAN-STATESMAN

  • Goodhair signs HB3 into law, then immediately leaves the ceremony to fellate CradDICK and Dewhearse. Jason Embry at the A-AS has the predictably laudatory story along with a little bit of reality at the end

    During the next two-year budget, the Legislative Budget Board predicts, the property-tax cuts and school-spending measures will cost $10.5 billion more than the new revenue will bring in. That's caused some to warn that lawmakers will have to drastically cut services or raise the sales tax.
  • US Stocks end lower ... AGAIN as the reality of higher inflation (and subsequently higher interest rates) begins to set in.
  • Greenspan says the housing boom is over, throwing more cold water on an already bad economic outloook.

    "This has been quite an extraordinary boom," Greenspan said in remarks at the Bond Market Association's 30th anniversary dinner in New York. "Home sales are off, applications are off, everything is going in the same direction. The boom is over, and you can say that with a fairly strong degree of confidence."

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    May 12, 2006

    Skinny Jeans are back? This has to be a joke

    From the NYT Style Section:

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    First thought? This has to be a joke. Second thought... this has the potential to be both tragic AND funny. You know there is a neverending supply of fashion victims who will be buying these and will wear them even though they are EXTREMELY uncomortable. So, there should be some rules to wearing them...

  • Under 25 only please. Sorry, if you're older than this (like me) just don't bother. Unless...
  • ... you happen to have the legs of a prepubescent boy. Even then, think twice before shelling out $340 online at Barneys
  • If you're fat and you wear these, it's on. You don't get points for bravery or being uncomfortable. We're going to mercilessly rip on you. Sorry.
  • I'm sticking with a happy medium... not too skinny, not too wide. I may be out of style, but I'm 31 and I've actually got muscle on my thighs and a burning desire NOT to let the world know if I'm circumcised while walking down the street.

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    May 11, 2006

    Dregs : Mary Cheney, Net Neutrality and ShittyBill 1 passes

  • Rawhide over at PinkDome has posted up his take on Mary Cheney's umbrage at remarks made during the 2004 campaign by Senators Kerry and Edwards (you may remember them as a Democratic candidates for President and Vice-President, respectively) regarding the fact that she is a lesbian.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Cheney saves her harshest words for Bush's 2004 opponents, calling Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry a "son of a bitch'' and his running mate, John Edwards, a "total slime'' for discussing her sexual orientation during nationally televised debates during the campaign."John Kerry didn't 'out me', nor did he offend or attack me by calling me a lesbian. It wasn't a secret that I was gay, and I certainly couldn't be offended by the truth,'' she writes. ``What was offensive was that he was obviously trying to use me and my sexual orientation for his own political gain.''

    Oh sure... like your father, el Presidente and all the R's in Congress aren't doing the exact same thing by proposing that Federal Marriage Amendment.

    We'd LOVE to feel bad for dear, sweet Mary Cheney and if she'd denounced the anti-gay stance of the 2004 Republican campaign I might have some sympathy for her. However, integrity is important and waiting until you have a million dollar book deal to speak out is just repulsive.

    Oh and Mary, that haircut SOOO doesn't work.

  • You've Been Left has a great piece up on Net Neutrality for those of us that aren't, you know, overly technical.
    Bascially, it means that ALL information that goes through the internet's "wires" has the same priority. Everything else being equal, Google's web page should load into your computer just as fast as MySpace or Aunt Millie's Page Full O' Kitten Pictures... everything is neutral.

    The thing is, there are no laws on the books that require net neutrality, and companies like AT&T want to use that to start charging customers more money if they want their webpages to go faster. So if Microsoft pays AT&T $5K/month, and their website is traveling through the wires and runs into Aunt Millie's... her site will be forced to slow down and allow Microsoft's to pass. That would also mean that this blog, or League City's website, or any small business will NOT be as easily accessible as someone's site who has a lot of money.
  • By the way, if you want to see them in full compromise mode in the Senate on school finance, click here. HB 1 passed a few hours ago and Phillip over at BOR has a good breakdown showing just how bad this piece of shit is.
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    May 10, 2006

    Lazy Links : It's lunchtime and I'm bored to TEARS

  • Rawhide over at PinkDome has a post up about favoritism in the Bush Administration in granting government contracts. Apparently, the HUD Secretary, an idiot named Alphonso Jackson, decided to reverse the decision to award a contract to an advertising contractor when the equally stupid contractor thanked Jackson for the contract then proceeded to tell Jackson that he had a problem with Bush. One would think the whole process would have been faster if the political appointee (who better hope Democrats in Texas have short memories when he returns to Dallas) had simply told the contractor that the contract would be decided based on who had the bigger dick. We're sure Alphonso would win that one with his 4.75" of lovin'.

    Yeah, Alphonso, girls talk.

  • Karen Brooks of the DMN has an insightful article out about what the Republican's will do when they fail to fix school finance (for what, the 20th time?). Having already banned gay marriage (and not quite prepped to set up 'homosexual re-education centers'), they'll turn their attention to abortion and stem-cell research ensuring that Texas falls even further behind the curve in biotech.

    E-mails, office visits and intense lobbying by both sides of the abortion/stem-cell/morning-after debate have shone a spotlight on those issues – as Rep. Geanie Morrison discovered when she filed a bill creating hundreds of millions in tuition revenue bonds for universities and colleges.

    Ms. Morrison, R-Victoria, couldn't get the bill passed during the regular session in 2005 because it took a back seat to public-school finance.

    So this session, her bill was waiting for the governor to give the green light when the conservatives persuaded her to revise the part that allows the bonds to pay for an adult stem-cell research center at the University of Texas at Austin.

    If you'd like to give Ms. Morrison a shout out and let her know how little you think of her for being so easily intimidated by stupid christianista's you can reach her here.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Make sure you tell her how cheesy that suit is. What is it with female Republicans and Chanel knockoff crap?

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    May 09, 2006

    Dregs : Austin Prop 6, Gas Prices, English-only ballots

  • I'd just like to take a moment, on behalf of all the crew here (even the jackasses who CLAIM to be writers yet have never posted a thing), to thank Vince Leibowitz of Capitol Annex for the kind mention in his post on Texas Blogs at DallasBlog. Seriously... it was much kinder than we deserved, especially since he made no mention of our near constant use of profanity. Or profligate drinking
  • Healthcare for Austin wants us to make sure that if you live in Austin, you have voted (or will vote) in the municipal election FOR Prop 6. Early voting ends tomorrow and Saturday is election day. Polling locations (early and election day) are here... no excuses boys and girls.
  • Karl-Thomas at BOR had this great chart linked showing gas prices (actual and inflation-adjusted) over time. Check it out if you were wondering if gas prices were really all that high (they are, it's not just you being an old person)
  • House Republicans want english-only voting in the US. I know, it's about as big a suprise as the revelation that they've been sleeping with hookers. Still, wasn't something like this tried in Texas? Just seems like something Mary Denny or Linda Harper-Brown would have championed. Bitches
  • Phillip Martin at BOR has a great post up about 'Christianism' or what we should be calling the radical right's bizarro mixture of religion and politics. I guess that would make Falwell and Robertson 'Christianists' or 'Christianistas'. Andrew Sullivan's original piece on this subject is here
  • Eye On WillCo has a great piece up about the REAL tax-n-spenders, the Republican's in the Texas Lege. While they glide right through passing tax increases, they never seem to get around to the cuts. Oh, yes... they DO suck.
  • Fatal Contact : Bird Flu in America premieres Tuesday night at 7:00 CST on ABC. Yes, I'll be watching it too since I want to see what a fictional government would do in an outbreak, knowing our 'real' government wants us just to not shake hands. And stand three feet away.

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    May 02, 2006

    Shitting on Vets, Could Dewhurst SUCK more? and War Games, Rummy style

  • So the Secret Service is going to release records on Abramoff's visits to the White House... am I the only one who really doesn't give a crap?From the AP via the KC Star
  • TomDispatch has a great piece up regarding how the severely underfunded (thanks Kay Bailey!) VA system is unable to meet the demands of the thousands of wounded returning from Iraq.

    While the GAO's findings, when describing the VA's budget manipulations, were couched in such relatively polite bureaucratic euphemisms as "misleading," "lacked a methodology," and "does not have a reliable basis," the conclusions nonetheless were striking. "The GAO report confirms what everyone has known all along," American Legion National Commander Thomas L. Bock commented. "The VA's health-care budget has been built on false claims of 'efficiency' savings, false actuarial assumptions and an inability to collect third-party reimbursements -- money owed them. This budget model has turned our veterans into beggars, forced to beg for the medical care they earned and, by law, deserve. These deceptions are especially unconscionable when American men and women are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan." Some veterans are calling it fraud. Rep. Lane Evans (Dem.-Ill.) of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee calls it "Enron-styled accounting."
  • Oh Dewhurst... leading the Texas Senate to previously unknown heights of mediocrity. Did I mention I hate the Lege? There's also an update here on the passage of HB's 2 & 3.
  • This bit of funny came my way from MJ who ROCKS! Apparently, when war games didn't go so well for Rumsfeld in 2002, he changed the rules.

    "Mr. Rumsfeld has failed 360 degrees in the job. He is incompetent," Van Riper concluded. "Any military man who made the mistakes he has made, tactically and strategically, would be relieved on the spot." One event that shocked Van Riper occurred in 2002 when he was asked, as he had been before, to play the commander of an enemy Red Force in a huge $250 million three-week war game titled Millennium Challenge 2002. It was widely advertised as the best kind of such exercises - a free-play unscripted test of some of the Pentagon's and Rumsfeld's fondest ideas and theories.
    The referees stopped the game, which is normal when a victory is won so early. Van Riper assumed that the Blue Force would draw new, better plans and the free play war games would resume.

    Instead he learned that the war game was now following a script drafted to ensure a Blue Force victory: He was ordered to turn on all his anti-aircraft radar so it could be destroyed and he was told his forces would not be allowed to shoot down any of the aircraft bringing Blue Force troops ashore.

    Read the whole thing after the jump.

  • Commentary
    After losing war game, Rumsfeld packed up his military and went to war
    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    WASHINGTON - Of those generals who have stepped forward to criticize Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and his conduct of the Iraq War, none has pointed out the mistakes of a man who admits no error with more specificity than retired Marine Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper.

    Van Riper is widely respected as a military thinker who emerged from combat in Vietnam determined to help get to the bottom of what went wrong there and why and how it should be fixed.

    Van Riper, who commanded both the Marine War College at Quantico, Va., and the prestigious National War College in Washington before retiring in 1997, told an interviewer in October 2004 that the military got the lessons all wrong after World War II and that mistake resulted in two disasters - Korea and Vietnam.

    "My great fear is we're off to something very similar to what happened after World War II, that is getting it completely wrong again," the general said of the course in Iraq.

    The general made it clear he is no anti-war crusader. "We have to stay," he said of Iraq this week. "We have to finish it, but let's do it right."

    Van Riper told Knight Ridder that in looking at Rumsfeld's leadership he found three particular areas of inability and incompetence.

    First, he said, if any battalion commander under him had created so "poor a climate of leadership" and the "bullying" that goes on in the Pentagon under Rumsfeld he would order an investigation and relieve that commander.

    "Even more than that I focus on (his) incompetence when it comes to preparing American military forces for the future," Van Riper said. "His idea of transformation turns on empty buzz words. There's none of the scholarship and doctrinal examination that has to go on before you begin changing the force."

    Third, he said, under Rumsfeld there's been no oversight of military acquisition.

    "Mr. Rumsfeld has failed 360 degrees in the job. He is incompetent," Van Riper concluded. "Any military man who made the mistakes he has made, tactically and strategically, would be relieved on the spot."

    One event that shocked Van Riper occurred in 2002 when he was asked, as he had been before, to play the commander of an enemy Red Force in a huge $250 million three-week war game titled Millennium Challenge 2002. It was widely advertised as the best kind of such exercises - a free-play unscripted test of some of the Pentagon's and Rumsfeld's fondest ideas and theories.

    Though fictional names were applied, it involved a crisis moving toward war in the Persian Gulf and in actuality was a barely veiled test of an invasion of Iran.

    In the computer-controlled game, a flotilla of Navy warships and Marine amphibious warfare ships steamed into the Persian Gulf for what Van Riper assumed would be a pre-emptive strike against the country he was defending.

    Van Riper resolved to strike first and unconventionally using fast patrol boats and converted pleasure boats fitted with ship-to-ship missiles as well as first generation shore-launched anti-ship cruise missiles. He packed small boats and small propeller aircraft with explosives for one mass wave of suicide attacks against the Blue fleet. Last, the general shut down all radio traffic and sent commands by motorcycle messengers, beyond the reach of the code-breakers.

    At the appointed hour he sent hundreds of missiles screaming into the fleet, and dozens of kamikaze boats and planes plunging into the Navy ships in a simultaneous sneak attack that overwhelmed the Navy's much-vaunted defenses based on its Aegis cruisers and their radar controlled Gatling guns.

    When the figurative smoke cleared it was found that the Red Forces had sunk 16 Navy ships, including an aircraft carrier. Thousands of Marines and sailors were dead.

    The referees stopped the game, which is normal when a victory is won so early. Van Riper assumed that the Blue Force would draw new, better plans and the free play war games would resume.

    Instead he learned that the war game was now following a script drafted to ensure a Blue Force victory: He was ordered to turn on all his anti-aircraft radar so it could be destroyed and he was told his forces would not be allowed to shoot down any of the aircraft bringing Blue Force troops ashore.

    The Pentagon has never explained. It classified Van Riper's 21-page report criticizing the results and conduct of the rest of the exercise, along with the report of another DOD observer. Pentagon officials have not released Joint Forces Command's own report on the exercise.

    Van Riper walked out and didn't come back. He was furious that the war game had turned from an honest, open free play test of America's war-fighting capabilities into a rigidly controlled and scripted exercise meant to end in an overwhelming American victory.


    Joseph L. Galloway is the senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder Newspapers and co-author of the national best-seller "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young." Readers may write to him at jgalloway@krwashington.com

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    April 30, 2006

    If you want it up, you gotta point it out

    We've received some interesting letters from y'all with the messages running the gamut from 'I love your site' to 'I hope you rot in hell you liveral(sic) scumbag'. There was one in particular I'd like to point out

    "I wish you guys would run stories about other parts of the country. It get's a little old hearing about Texas and National stuff all the time"

    OK, in our defense, we OFTEN point out funny, odd or interesting things from other parts of the country. The reason Texas gets so much coverage is that all the writers on this site are in Texas. Most of us have a front row seat to the best show in Texas politics, The Lege in Session. Rest assured, it won't last longer than a few more weeks. Until then, if there is something going on in your area, write it up with links and send it to me. I'll use whatever name you tell me to use (I don't give out your real ID) and post it. Seriously, we all have full time jobs so we'll literally cut, paste and post.

    If you want to hear something about CA, you gotta step up and let us know about it. And it's LIBERAL, not LIVERAL.

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    April 28, 2006

    Breakfast: Breaking the oil monopoly, Lobbying Reform, Soldiers Screwed and more

  • The Sacremento Bee has a great piece up by Clifford May of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies that pretty clearly states it's time to move away from petroleum. It's some common sense on energy that's really what we should be hearing from the politicos.

    News bulletin: The technology to run cars on alternative fuels already exists. The cost: less than $150 per vehicle. If the government would provide tax incentives - for manufacturers, motorists, maybe both - millions of Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) could be on the roads in short order.
  • House Republican's managed to pass their weakened, watered down lobbying reform bill according to the AP via the Boston Globe. It did, at least, give D's a chance for a good quote

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    As Republican leaders huddled to try to salvage the bill, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., criticized their efforts. "This is a bill they thought they could get away with," Pelosi told a press conference. "It's a ruse, and I think they thought it was worth a try. But people are seeing through it, and their members are hearing from the public."

  • Soldiers, according to the Washington Post, are being hounded by the DoD and it's antiquated accounting systems for "everything from errors in paychecks to equipment left behind on the battlefield". The equipment was normally what was removed from them WHEN THEY WERE WOUNDED. That's right... these men and women have been wounded in battle and go on to recieve COLLECTION NOTICES.

    "We found that hundreds of separated battle-injured soldiers were pursued for collection of military debts incurred through no fault of their own," the report said.

    Granted they've known about this for a while... but it's only NOW coming to light. Can we PLEASE get this fixed?

  • Phillip Martin over at BOR has a good breakdown of the pros and cons of HB5, better known as 'Let's Fuck Smokers'. As a smoker (part time only now... usually there's alcohol involved, just as it is in most of my bad decisions) I really don't care if they jack up the tax $2.00. Still, it's a cheesy way for the state to raise money for an unspecified purpose. Wait... it's going to 'property tax relief'! Right! Just like money from the Lotto goes to the schools exclusively.

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    April 27, 2006

    Yes, Bitches, I DO OWN A GUN!

    Though several of you have doubted it, I'm indeed real. Here I am at my family's ranch... you know, existing and shooting at things. You know what? I was DRINKING, too. I wasn't driving, though. Not in this picture at any rate.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    No, I didn't shoot any of the cows. There are people that come to take them to the auction, then on to slaughter. I thought about it though as I LOVE a nice, juicy steak.

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    April 25, 2006

    Moyers and The Baptists

    After the fold is the text of a speech given recently by Bill Moyers upon the establishment by Marilyn and James Dunn, of the Wake Forest Divinity School, of a scholarship in religious freedom in the name of Judith and Bill Moyers.

    It's a great speech about the foundations of this country and the reality of a codified Separation of Church and State. As for Mr. Dunn:

    It was all about a free conscience in a free state, and James Dunn has spent his life as a champion of both. No one in my time has been a greater defender of "soul freedom" - the competence of each man and woman to interpret their own experience of God in the light of faith and reason. When James stood up against fundamentalists who would have the state recognize their literal reading of the Bible as the foundation for public policy, they smeared him. They demonized him. They tried to fire him from his denominational position. But they couldn't silence him. He stood against them when they set out to turn the Southern Baptist Convention into a monolith of dogma run from the top down by a cabal of credalists demanding doctrinal conformity. He riled them when they sought to turn the pews of their churches into precincts of partisan politics. He infuriated them when he opposed their plotting with the White House to draft a Constitutional amendment that would trivialize prayer by reducing it to a perfunctory ritual approved by the state. Said James Dunn: "The Supreme Court can't ban prayer in school. Real prayer is always free." When the fundamentalists and their obliging politicians claimed that God had been expelled from the classroom, Dunn answered: "The god whom I worship and serve has a perfect attendance record and has never been tardy."

    Bill Moyers | A Time for Heresy
    By Bill Moyers

    Wednesday 22 March 2006

    Bill Moyers is President of the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy. This is the prepared text of his remarks delivered on March 14 upon the establishment by Marilyn and James Dunn, of the Wake Forest Divinity School, of a scholarship in religious freedom in the name of Judith and Bill Moyers.

    When Dean Bill Leonard asked James Dunn to join him here at Wake Forest's new Divinity School, my soul shouted "Yes!" These two men personify the honesty and courage we need to meet the challenge of faith in the fundamentalist dispensation of the 21st century as radical interpretations of both Islam and Christianity seek, in the words of C.Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance, "to take over the government and use cause structures to advance the ideology, hierarchy, and laws" of their movement.

    James Dunn and Bill Leonard are Baptists. What kind of Baptist matters. At last count there were more than two dozen varieties of Baptists in America. Bill Clinton is a Baptist. So is Pat Robertson. Jesse Jackson is a Baptist. So is Jesse Helms. Al Gore is a Baptist. So is Jerry Falwell. No wonder Baptists have been compared to jalapeno peppers: one or two make for a tasty dish, but a whole bunch together will bring tears to your eyes.

    Many Baptists are fundamentalists; they believe in the absolute inerrancy of the Bible and the divine right of preachers to tell you what it means. They also believe in the separation of church and state only if they cannot control both. The only way to cooperate with fundamentalists, it has been said, is to obey them. James Dunn and Bill Leonard are not that kind of Baptist. They trace their spiritual heritage to forbearers who were considered heretics for standing up to ecclesiastical and state power on matters of conscience. One of them was Thomas Helwys, who, when Roman Catholics were being persecuted by the British crown, dared to defend the Catholics. Helwys went to jail, and died there, for telling the king of England, King James - yes, of the King James Bible - that "Our Lord the King has no more power over their [Catholic] conscience than ours, and that is none at all."

    Baptists helped to turn that conviction into America's great contribution to political science and practical politics - the independence of church and state. Baptists in colonial America flocked to Washington's army to fight in the Revolutionary War because they wanted to be free from sanctioned religion. When the war was won they refused to support a new Constitution unless it contained a Bill of Rights that guaranteed freedom of religion and freedom from religion. No religion was to become the official religion; you couldn't be taxed to pay for my exercise of faith. This was heresy because, while many of the first settlers in America had fled Europe to escape religious persecution at the hands of the majority, once here they made their faith the established religion that denied freedom to others. Early Baptists considered this to be tyranny. Said John Leland: "All people ought to be at liberty to serve God in a way that each can best reconcile to their own consciences."

    It was all about a free conscience in a free state, and James Dunn has spent his life as a champion of both. No one in my time has been a greater defender of "soul freedom" - the competence of each man and woman to interpret their own experience of God in the light of faith and reason. When James stood up against fundamentalists who would have the state recognize their literal reading of the Bible as the foundation for public policy, they smeared him. They demonized him. They tried to fire him from his denominational position. But they couldn't silence him. He stood against them when they set out to turn the Southern Baptist Convention into a monolith of dogma run from the top down by a cabal of credalists demanding doctrinal conformity. He riled them when they sought to turn the pews of their churches into precincts of partisan politics. He infuriated them when he opposed their plotting with the White House to draft a Constitutional amendment that would trivialize prayer by reducing it to a perfunctory ritual approved by the state. Said James Dunn: "The Supreme Court can't ban prayer in school. Real prayer is always free." When the fundamentalists and their obliging politicians claimed that God had been expelled from the classroom, Dunn answered: "The god whom I worship and serve has a perfect attendance record and has never been tardy."

    I think of people like Dunn as primal Baptists. Traces of their mindset go all the way back to the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel in the book of Genesis. I relish the interpretation of this ancient story of Davidson Loehr, a former carpenter, combat photographer, and scholar who is now a minister in Austin, Texas. He reminds us that technically Jacob's adversary was not an angel; it was the local deity who stood guard at the boundary beyond which Jacob was not supposed to venture. Local gods were everywhere in those days, protecting parochial fiefdoms. This one told Jacob he couldn't leave, to turn around and go back. But Jacob wouldn't turn back; he had miles to go and promises to keep. He was called to discover his destiny, move out to the great world awaiting him. If he turned back he would spend the rest of his life in a place too narrow, with a god too small. So Jacob had to go to the mat with this presumptuous authority figure and they wrestled all night. It must have been a terrible struggle because when morning came and Jacob had pinned the god for the last time, his leg was on fire with pain. He crossed the river and on the other side he got a new name - now he would be known as Israel - but for the rest of his life Jacob walked with a limp. Pain comes with freedom - it's just the deal. The little gods don't want you to grow, learn, think for yourself. But you have to test their truth claims against your own life's experience - against your own faith and reason. To cross over to freedom you have to show the bogus gods at the border that you have a mind of your own.

    It's fascinating what is revealed to you. Joseph Campbell told me a story (also recently recounted by Davidson Loehr) about the Australian tribe that used the bullroarer to keep people in awe of the gods. The bullroarer is a long flat board with notches, or slits, at one end, and a rope at the other. When you swing it around your head, the action produces a musical humming. The sound struck the primitive tribes as other-worldly, causing them to tremble in fear that the gods were angry. So the elders would go into the forest and come back with word of what it would take to placate the gods. And the people would oblige.

    Now when a young boy in the tribe was ready to become a man, a ritual took place. Wearing masks, the elders would kidnap him and take him into the woods, tie him down, and with a flint knife slice the underside of his penis. It was painful, but the medicine man said this is how you became a man.

    It meant shedding one's innocence. At the end of the ritual one of the masked men dipped the bullroarer in the boy's blood and thrust it in his face, simultaneously removing his mask so the boy could see it's not a god at all - it's just one of the old guys. And the medicine man would whisper, "We make the noises."

    Ah, yes - it's not the gods after all. It's just the old guys - Uncle George, Uncle Dick, Uncle Don. The "noise" in the woods is the work of the old guys playing gods, wanting you to live in fear and trembling so that you will look to them to protect you against the wrath to come. It takes courage to put their truth-claims to the test of reality, to call their bluff.

    We need such courage today. This is a time for heresy. American democracy is threatened by perversions of money, power, and religion. Money has bought our elections right out from under us. Power has turned government "of, by, and for the people" into the patron of privilege. And Christianity and Islam have been hijacked by fundamentalists who have made religion the language of power, the excuse for violence, and the alibi for empire. We must answer the principalities and powers that would force on America a stifling conformity. Either we make the heretical choices that will inspire us to renew our commitment to America's deepest values and ideals, or the day will come when we will no longer recognize the country we love.

    Here's what I mean.

    Two years ago, the American Political Science Association produced a study entitled Democracy in an Age of Rising Inequality . The report said people with wealth - privileged Americans - are "roaring with a clarity and consistency that public officials readily hear and routinely follow" while citizens "with lower or moderate incomes are speaking with a whisper." The study concluded that "progress toward realizing American ideals of democracy may have stalled, and even, in some places, reversed."

    The following year - 2005 - the editors of The Economist, one of the world's most pro-capitalist publications, produced their own sobering analysis of what is happening in America. They found great and growing income disparities. Thirty years ago the average annual compensation of the top 100 chief executives was 30 times the pay of the average worker; today it is 1000 times the pay of the average worker.

    They found an education system "increasingly stratified by social class" in which poor children "attend schools with fewer resources than those of their richer contemporaries." They found our celebrated universities increasingly "reinforcing rather that reducing" these educational inequalities.

    They found American corporations no longer successful agents of upward mobility. It is now harder for people to start at the bottom and rise up the company hierarchy by dint of hard work and self-improvement.

    The editors of The Economist studied all this evidence and concluded - and I am quoting a pro-business magazine, remember - that the United States "risks calcifying into a European-style, class-based society."

    Let that sink in: The United States "risks calcifying into a European-style, class-based society."

    In 1960 I heard John F. Kennedy promise that "a rising tide lifts all boats." He was right then. He would be wrong today. Just this past weekend The Washington Post, in a lead editorial, called for a second look at the old belief "that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules can attain the American dream by sharing in the fruits of economic progress." As great wealth accumulated at the top, the rest of the country is not benefiting proportionally. Across the country working men and women are strained to cope with the rising cost of health care, pharmaceutical drugs, housing, higher education, and public transportation - all of which have risen faster than typical family income. The economist Robert J. Gordon, quoted in The Financial Times (another pro-business publication), says there has been "little long-term change in workers share of U.S. income over the past half century." The top ten percent of earners have captured almost half the total income gains and the top one percent has gained the most of all - more in fact, than all the bottom 50 percent.

    We are witnessing a marked turn of events for a nation whose DNA contains the inherent promise of an equal opportunity at "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." We were not supposed to be a country where the winners take all. The great progressive struggles in our history were waged to make sure ordinary citizens, and not just the rich, share in the benefits of a free society. Today, however, the majority of Americans may support such broad social goals as affordable medical coverage for all, decent wages for working people, safe working conditions, a good education for every child, and clean air and water, but there's no government "of, by, and for the people" to deliver on those aspirations. America is no longer working for all Americans.

    How did this happen? By design. For a quarter of a century now a ferocious campaign has been conducted to dismantle the political institutions, the legal and statutory canons, and the intellectual, cultural, and religious frameworks that sustained America's social contract. The corporate, political, and religious right converged in a movement that for a long time only they understood because they are its advocates, its architects, and its beneficiaries.

    Their economic strategy was to cut workforces and wages, scour the globe for even cheaper labor, and relieve investors of any responsibility for the cost of society. On the weekend before President Bush's second inauguration, The New York Times described how his first round of tax cuts had already brought our tax code closer to a system under which income on wealth would not be taxed at all and public expenditures would be raised exclusively from salaries and wages.

    Their political strategy was to neutralize the independent media, create their own propaganda machine with a partisan press, and flood their coffers with rivers of money from those who stand to benefit from the transfer of public resources to elite control. Along the way they would burden the nation with structural deficits that will last until our children's children are ready to retire, systematically stripping government of its capacity, over time, to do little more than wage war and reward privilege.

    Their religious strategy was to fuse ideology and theology into a worldview freed of the impurities of compromise, claim for America the status of God's favored among nations (and therefore beyond political critique or challenge), and demonize their opponents as ungodly and immoral.

    At the intersection of these three strategies was money: Big Money.

    They found a deep flaw in our political system and zeroed in on it.

    Our elected officials need huge sums of money to finance their campaigns, especially to buy television. The average cost of running and winning a seat in the House of Representatives - the so-called "People's House" - now tops one million dollars. The chairman of the Federal Election Commission said just this weekend that anyone who expects to run for the nomination for president - the nomination - in 2008 will need to have raised one hundred million dollars by the end of 2007. That money isn't going to come from regular folks - less than one half of one percent of all Americans made a contribution of $200 or more to a federal candidate in 2004. No, the men and women who have mastered the money game have taken advantage of this fundamental weakness in our system - the high cost of campaigns - to sell democracy to the highest bidder.

    Some simple facts:

    The number of lobbyists registered to do business in Washington has more than doubled in the last five years. That's 16,342 lobbyists in 2000 to 34,785 last year. Sixty-five lobbyists for every member of Congress.

    The total spent per month by special interests wining, dining, and seducing federal officials is now nearly $200 million. Per month.

    But it's a small investment on the return. Just look at the most important legislation passed by Congress in the last decade.

    There was the energy bill that gave oil companies huge tax breaks at the same time that Exxon Mobil just posted $36 billion in profits in 2005, while our gasoline and home heating bills are at an all-time high.

    There was the bankruptcy "reform" bill written by credit card companies to make it harder for poor debtors to escape the burdens of divorce or medical catastrophe.

    There was the deregulation of the banking, securities, and insurance sectors, which led to rampant corporate malfeasance and greed and the destruction of the retirement plans of millions of small investors.

    There was the deregulation of the telecommunications sector which led to cable industry price-gouging and the abandonment of news coverage by the big media companies.

    There was the blocking of even the mildest attempt to prevent American corporations from dodging an estimated $50 billion in annual taxes by opening a P.O. box in an off-shore tax haven like Bermuda or the Cayman Islands.

    In every case these results were driven by the demands of Big Money in the form of campaign contributions and the cost of lobbying.

    And in every case, the religious right was cheering for the winners.

    You've heard about Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff, I'm sure. Let me tell you a little more than what you might have heard.

    Tom DeLay was a small businessman from Sugar Land, Texas, who ran a pest extermination business before he entered politics. He hated the government regulators who dared to tell him that some of the pesticides he used were dangerous - as, unfortunately, they were. DeLay got himself elected to the Texas legislature at a time the Republicans were becoming the majority in the once-solid Democratic south, and his reputation for joining in the wild parties around the state capital earned him the nickname "Hot Tub Tom." But early in his political career, with exquisite timing (and the help of some videos from the right-wing political evangelist, James Dobson) Tom DeLay found Jesus and became a full-fledged born-again Christian. He would, in time, humbly acknowledge that God had chosen him to restore America to its biblical worldview. "God," said Tom DeLay, "has been walking me through an incredible journey Š God is using me, all the time, everywhere Š God is training me. God is working with me Š."

    Yes, indeed: God does work in mysterious ways.

    In addition to finding Jesus, Tom DeLay also discovered the power of money to power his career. By raising more than two million dollars from lobbyists and business groups and distributing the money to dozens of Republican candidates in 1994, the year of the Republican breakthrough in the House, DeLay bought the loyalty of many freshmen legislators and got himself elected majority whip, the number three man in Newt Gingrich's "Gang of Seven," who ran the House.

    Here's how they ran it: On the day before the Republicans formally took control of Congress on January 3, 1995, DeLay met in his office with a coterie of lobbyists from some of the biggest companies in America. He virtually invited them to write their own wish list. What they wanted first was "Project Relief" - a wide-ranging moratorium on regulations that had originally been put into place for the health and safety of the public. Soon scores of companies were gorging on his generosity, adding one juicy and expensive tidbit after another to the bill. On the eve of the debate 20 major corporate groups advised lawmakers that "this was a key vote, one that would be considered in future campaign contributions." On the day of the vote lobbyists on Capitol Hill were still writing amendments on their laptops and forwarding them to House leaders.

    Watching Tom DeLay become the virtual dictator of the House, with the approval of party leaders and the blessing of the Christian right, I was reminded of the card shark in Texas who said to his prey, "Now play the cards fair, Reuben; I know what I dealt you." They were stacking the deck against the people.

    Consider what they did to the bill for Medicare prescription drug coverage. As the measure was coming to a vote, a majority of the full House was sympathetic to allowing cheaper imports from Canada and to giving the government the power to negotiate wholesale drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries. But DeLay and his cronies were working in behalf of the big pharmaceutical companies and would have none of it. So they made sure there would be no amendments on the floor and they held off the final roll call a full three hours - well after midnight - in order to strong-arm members who wanted to vote against the bill.

    There are no victimless crimes in politics. The price of corruption is passed on to you. What came of all these shenanigans was a bill that gave industry what it wanted and gave taxpayers the shaft. But when the deeply flawed bill passed in the wee hours of the morning, the champagne corks popped in the offices crowded with lobbyists for the big drug and insurance companies. They were about to be richer on the backs of America's senior citizens.

    When Tom DeLay worked the system to reward the rich and powerful, he had come a long way from Sugar Land, Texas. The people who had voted for him had the right to expect him to represent them, not the big lobbyists in Washington. This expectation is the very soul of democracy. We can't all govern - not even tiny, homogenous Switzerland practices pure democracy. So we Americans came to believe our best chance of responsible government lies in obtaining the considered judgments of those we elect to represent us. Having cast our ballots in the sanctity of the voting booth with its assurance of political equality, we go about our daily lives expecting the people we put in office to weigh the competing interests and decide to the best of their ability what is right. What do they do instead?

    Well, as Tom DeLay became the king of campaign fundraising, The Associated Press writes "He began to live a lifestyle his constituents back in Sugar Land would have a hard time ever imagining." Big corporations provided private jets to take him to places of luxury most Americans have never seen - places with "dazzling views, warm golden sunsets, golf, goose-down comforters, marble bathrooms, and balconies overlooking the ocean." The AP reports that various organizations - campaign committees, political action committees, even a children's charity established by DeLay - paid over $1 million for hotels, restaurants, golf resorts and corporate jets used by DeLay. There were at least 48 visits to golf clubs and resorts; 100 flights aboard corporate jets arranged by lobbyists; and 500 meals at fancy restaurants, some averaging $200 for a dinner for two.

    Spreading a biblical worldview kept DeLay on the move and on the take. But he needed help to sustain the cash flow. He found it in a lobbyist and fellow ideologue named Jack Abramoff, who personifies the money machine of which DeLay, with the blessing of the political and religious right, was the mastermind. It was Abramoff who helped DeLay raise those millions of dollars from campaign donors that bought the support of other politicians and became the base for an empire of corruption.

    Just last month Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to bribe public officials. It's a spectacular fall for a man whose rise to power began 25 years ago with his election as chairman of the College Republicans. Despite its innocuous name, the organization became a political attack machine for the far right and a launching pad for younger conservatives on the make. Karl Rove had once held the same job as chairman. So did Grover Norquist, who ran Abramoff's campaign and would become the most powerful operative in Washington for advancing the movement's strategies. At their side was a youthful $200-a-month intern named Ralph Reed. Over the next several years they would yoke politics and religion to turn the conservative revolution into a rapacious racket.

    Ralph Reed found Jesus and wound up running Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition. Time magazine put him on their cover as "the Right Hand of God." Reportedly after seeing "Fiddler on the Roof" Abramoff became an Orthodox religious Jew who finagled fake awards to provide himself with credentials in the new piety-soaked world of conservative Washington politics. One of those bogus awards named him "a distinguished Bible scholar." He received the "Biblical Mercantile Award" from an organization which laundered money for Tom DeLay's junkets to plush golf clubs.

    It's impossible to treat all the schemes and scams this crowd concocted to subvert democracy in the name of God and greed. But here are two examples.

    Abramoff made his name, so to speak, representing Indian tribes with gambling interests. As his partner he hired a DeLay crony named Michael Scanlon. What they had to offer, of course, were their well-known connections to the political and religious power structure, including friends at the White House (Abramoff's personal assistant usefully became Karl Rove's personal assistant), members of Congress, Christian right activists like Reed, and right-wing ideologues like Norquist (according to one report, two lobbying clients of Abramoff paid $25,000 to Norquist's organization - Americans for Tax Reform - for a lunch date and meeting with President Bush in May 2001.)

    Before it was over the Indian tribes had paid them $82 million dollars, much of it going directly into Abramoff's and Scanlon's pockets. But some of the money found its way to the righteous. Ralph Reed, for one, had his hand out. Reed was the religious right's poster boy against gambling. "We believe gambling is a cancer on the American body politic," Reed had said. "It is stealing food from the mouths of childrenŠ [and] turning wives into widows." Reed was right about that, of course, but his distaste for gambling was no match for his desire to make himself some moolah by helping to protect Abramoff's gambling interests. When Reed resigned from the Christian Coalition - just as it was coming under federal investigation and slipping into financial arrears - he sent Abramoff an email: "Now that I am leaving electoral politics, I need to start humping in corporate accountsŠ I'm counting on you to help me with some contacts."

    Abramoff came through. According to published reports, he and his partner Michael Scanlon paid Reed some $4 million to whip up Christian opposition to gambling initiatives that could cut into the profits of Abramoff's clients. Reed called in some of the brightest stars in the Christian firmament - Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Phyllis Schlafly - to participate in what became a ruse in Abramoff's behalf. They would oppose gambling on religious and moral grounds in strategic places (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama) at decisive moments when competitive challenges threatened Abramoff's clients. Bogus Christian fronts were part of the strategy. Preachers in Texas rallied to Reed's appeals. Unsuspecting folks in Louisiana turned on their radios one day to hear the voice of God - with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson doing the honors - thundering against a riverboat gambling scheme which Abramoff wanted defeated because it threatened one of his own gambling clients. Reed even got James Dobson, whose nationwide radio "ministry" reaches millions of people, to deluge phone lines at the Interior Department and White House with calls from indignant Christians. In 1999 Abramoff arranged for the Mississippi Choctaws, who were trying to stave off competition from other tribes, to contribute over $1 million to Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, which then passed the money along to the Alabama Christian Coalition and to another anti-gambling group Reed had duped into aiding the cause. It is unclear how much these Christian soldiers, "marching as to war," knew about the true purpose of their crusade, but Ralph Reed knew all along that his money was coming from Abramoff. When he fiddled, his brethren on the Christian right danced.

    It gets worse.

    And here we get to the heart of darkness.

    One of Abramoff's first big lobbying clients was the Northern Marianas Islands in the Pacific. After World War II the Marianas became a trusteeship of the United Nations, administered by the U.S. government under the stewardship of the Interior Department. During World War II thousands of Marines died on the Marianas, fighting for our way of life and our freedoms. Today, these islands are a haven for tourists - first-class hotels, beautiful beaches, championship golf courses. But that's not the whole story. The islands were exempted from U.S. labor and immigration laws, and over the years tens of thousands of people, primarily Chinese, mostly women, were brought there as garment workers to live in crowded barracks in miserable conditions. The main island, Saipan, became known as America's biggest sweatshop.

    In 1998 a government report found workers there suffering severe malnutrition and health problems and subjected to unprovoked acts of violence. Many had signed "shadow contracts" which required them to pay up to $7000 just to get the job. They also had to renounce their claim to basic human rights. They were forbidden to engage in political and religious activities, to socialize or to marry. Some of the biggest names in the retail clothing industry were enabled to slap "made in the USA" labels on the clothes and import them to America while paying the workers practically nothing.

    When these scandalous conditions began to attract attention, the sweatshop moguls fought all efforts at reform. Knowing that Jack Abramoff was close to Tom DeLay, they hired him to lobby for the islands. Conservative members of Congress lined up as Abramoff's team arranged for them to visit the islands on carefully guided junkets. Conservative intellectuals and journalists, for hire at rates considerably above what the women on the islands were making, also signed on for expense-free trips to the Marianas. They flew first-class, dined at posh restaurants, slept in comfort at the beachfront hotel, and returned to write and speak of the islands as "a true free market success story" and "a laboratory of liberty."

    Abramoff took Tom DeLay and his wife there, too. DeLay practically swooned. He said the Marianas "represented what is best about America." He called them "my Galapagos" - "a perfect petri dish of capitalism."

    These fellow travelers - rightwing members of Congress, their staffs and their lapdogs in the rightwing press and think tanks - became a solid phalanx aimed at any and all attempts to provide workers on the islands with a living wage and decent living conditions. When a liberal California Democrat, George Miller, and a conservative Alaskan senator, Frank Murkowski, both indignant at the "appalling conditions," tried to raise minimum wages on the islands and at least prevent arbitrary deportation of the workers, they were stopped cold.

    After the 2000 election, when the spoils of victory were being divided up, Abramoff got himself named to the Bush transition team for the Interior Department. He wanted to make sure the right people wound up overseeing his clients in the Marianas. He enlisted Ralph Reed, who said he would raise the matter with Rove, to stop at least one appointment to Interior that might prove troublesome. It was about this time that Reed wrote an email to Enron's top lobbyist touting his pal Abramoff as "arguably the most influential and effective GOP lobbyist in Congress. I share several clients with him and have yet to see him lose a battle. He also is very close to DeLay and could help enormously on that front. raised $ for bushŠ[sic]"

    For his services to the Marianas Jack Abramoff was paid nearly $10 million dollars, including the fees he charged for booking his guests on the golf courses and providing them copies of Newt Gingrich's book

    To this day, workers on the Marianas are still denied the federal minimum wage while working long hours for subsistence income in their little "petri dish of capitalism" - "America at its best."

    There are no victimless crimes in politics. The cost of corruption is passed on to the people. When the government of the United States falls under the thumb of the powerful and privileged, regular folks get squashed.

    We are dealing here with a vision sharply at odds with the majority of Americans. These are people who want to arrange the world for the convenience of themselves and the multinational corporations that pay for their elections. With their fundamentalist medicine men twirling the bullroarers in the woods, they would turn America into their petri dish - a replica of the Marianas, many times magnified: A society "run by the powerful, oblivious to the weak, free of accountability, enjoying a cozy relationship with government, thriving on crony capitalism," in the words of Al Meyeroff, who led a class-action suit in behalf of the worker on the Marianas and learned what they were up against. Let this, too, sink in: If the corporate, political, and religious right have their way, we will go back to the first Gilded Age, when privilege controlled politics, votes were purchased, legislatures were bribed, bills were bought, and laws flagrantly disregarded - all as God's will.

    So, my friends at Wake Forest, there is work to do. These charlatans and demagogues know that by controlling a society's most emotionally-laden symbols, they can control America, too. They must be challenged. Davidson Loehr reminds us that holding preachers and politicians to a higher standard than they want to serve has marked the entire history of both religion and politics. It is the conflict between the religion of the priests - ancient and modern - and the religion of the prophets.

    It is the vast difference between the religion about Jesus and the religion of Jesus.

    Yes, the religion of Jesus. It was in the name of Jesus that a Methodist ship caulker named Edward Rogers crusaded across New England for an eight-hour work day. It was in the name of Jesus that Francis William rose up against the sweatshop. It was in the name of Jesus that Dorothy Day marched alongside auto workers in Michigan, brewery workers in New York, and marble cutters in Vermont. It was in the name of Jesus that E.B. McKinney and Owen Whitfield stood against a Mississippi oligarchy that held sharecroppers in servitude. It was in the name of Jesus that the young priest John Ryan - ten years before the New Deal - crusaded for child labor laws, unemployment insurance, a minimum wage, and decent housing for the poor. And it was in the name of Jesus that Martin Luther King Jr. went to Memphis to march with sanitation workers who were asking only for a living wage.

    This is the heresy of our time - to wrestle with the gods who guard the boundaries of this great nation's promise, and to confront the medicine men in the woods, twirling their bullroarers to keep us in fear and trembling. For the greatest heretic of all is Jesus of Nazareth, who drove the money changers from the temple in Jerusalem as we must now drive the money changers from the temples of democracy.


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    April 23, 2006

    Sunday Links Fun

  • Something Awful has a great Photoshop Phriday up and the topic was Yankee Candles like this one
    Image hosting by Photobucket check them all out here.
  • Washington Monthly has a couple of good reviews up of books you and I will NOT be reading. The first one covers the American Conservative 'Movement' (I know, I know... there should be a law) and The National Review's effect on it's shaping. The review is interesting because it details rather nicely the 'crackup' of said movement. THEN, they launch into what an HRC presidency would look like. The word 'nightmare' is one of the words used.
  • The Houston Chronicle (God help me! I'm starting to kinda respect them!) has an article up about younger military leaders coming out about Rumsfeld's leadership at Defense.

    An Army major who is an intelligence specialist said: "The history I will take away from this is that the current crop of generals failed to stand up and say, 'We cannot do this mission.' They confused the cultural can-do attitude with their responsibilities as leaders to delay the start of the war until we had an adequate force."
  • Bush's focus? Not on anything right now, other than Keeping Congress Republican, at least according to the Baltimore Sun.
  • Lastly, from Knight-Ridder courtesy of the Miami Herald, is a nice piece of commentary regarding the the Generals speaking out against Bush and the simple fact that What They Have To Say Matters

    They are, of course, entitled to the same right of freedom of speech as any ordinary American once they have taken off the stars and the uniform. Given their experience in military matters, their opinions carry a heavier weight.
  • Enjoy your Sunday! I'm off to drinks!

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    April 20, 2006

    Dregs: I'm The Decider the song, Clothes for the Dallasite in you and more

  • Pink Dome (who has ventured into the dreadful world of MySpace) found Bush's grammatical misstep set to music. Listen to it here
  • So you live in Dallas. You have the leased C-class Benz, a Rolex or Patek-Phillipe purchased with Amex and a bar tab that would rival my own. The only thing left is to visit the 30,000 Dollar Millionaire. It's a site so uniquely Dallas... well, I'm just going to get myself in trouble if I go much futher. Here's a sample ...

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Karate Kid Ringer
    Karate Kid Ringer
    Everyone's got a nice t-shirt. Everyone loves movie stars. Not everyone loves nice t-shirts and movie stars.

  • The Washington Monthly has a new piece up about the 'emerging environmental majority'. Think about that for a second then go read the article. Who'd have ever thought tofu-eating Greenpeace nutters would have so much in common with pick-up driving redneck GOBs? NO ONE... except a few smart folks at Earthworks.
  • $300 Million/day... THAT IS WHAT WE'RE NOW SPENDING IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ. While we have deteriorating infrastructure here at home (if you live in Austin NW just TRY to get the airport in less than 45 minutes), underfunded public schools and a huge shortfall in SS, Bush is spending like the drunk he so obviously is.

    Uhm, it's almost double what we spent on Vietnam annually in 2006 dollars. Yeah. So much for the R's and fiscal responsibility... at LBJ wasn't cutting taxes while spending an assload of money.

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    April 13, 2006

    TNR's been busy... with some BULLSHIT!

  • TNR has a pretty good review up of Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq.

    OK, it's not exactly riveting but it's a good read about the military's POV on what went wrong. I still think the original mistake was the invasion itself. However, it's interesting to read about it from the perspective of those who were planning and fighting.

  • Next up, their most recent takedown on Howard Dean, who despite the dire predictions of folks like TNR, has done a good job and been at the top of a party standing poised to make HUGE gains this November.
  • Finally, they come to an article about the new king of the R's, Mitt Romney, and his sudden love affair with universal health care... and small children (but not really)
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    April 11, 2006

    Midday is time for lunch

  • Italy 'elects' a new Prime Minister... or maybe not.
  • The Iranians already HAVE enriched uranium which leads one to believe they may have nukes but for the most part EVERYONE'S just thinking that Bush will use this as an excuse to invade before the midterms. Scumbag.
  • Immigration Protests recap, NY Times style...
  • Gas Prices could soar this summer to $3, $4 or even $5/gallon! I should point out that I will simply stop.driving.my.car.
  • A little hypocritical freak gets her panties in a twist over gay folks. Files suit (oh, how fucking original) and says this...

    Malhotra says her Christian faith compels her to speak out against homosexuality. But the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she's a senior, bans speech that puts down others because of their sexual orientation. Malhotra sees that as an unacceptable infringement on her right to religious expression. So she's demanding that Georgia Tech revoke its tolerance policy.

    Let me get this straight... you feel your 'faith' compels you 'speak out' against homosxuality? Little bitch... what about hateful speech about people whose faith is so weak they feel they must prove it with stupid ass lawsuits? Or hateful speech toward folks with stupid last names (you know, like Malhotra)? You can believe what you want, sweets, but you impinge on my rights if you make me listen to you. Why not just keep your shit to yourself like the rest of us? Yeah, because you sure as hell don't want to hear what I have to say about
    Image hosting by Photobucket
    what a bad picture you take, Shiney.

    What IS it with people and an inability to get along with those who have different beliefs?

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    Privacy vs. Transparency - an interesting argument

    Interesting article on TNR regarding privacy vs. transparency. I disagree with the premise (that government transparency is killing debate and good, progressive legislation) but it's an interesting read...

    Secret government snooping sounds Orwellian. But Orwell guessed wrong about some things. Today, the danger that American democracy faces is not that rulers will know too much about those they rule, nor that too many decisions will be made without public scrutiny. Another danger looms larger: that effective, active government--government that innovates, that protects people who need protecting, that acts aggressively when action is needed--is dying. Privacy and transparency are the diseases. We need to find a vaccine, and soon.

    Check it out here.

    UPDATE - The more I think about this, the more I dislike the idea of less government transparency. Political discourse has become shrill because polemics on both sides have never been taken to task by the leaders of either party. The other problem is Republican's whipping up anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-everything nutters and they have only themselves to blame if it harshens discourse or leads to violence.

    And yes, the offenders ARE Republicans. When was the last time you a Democratic activist bomb a bank or shoot an anti-Gay activist? Right, it doesn't happen. Only R nutters kill folks who disagree with them.

    Come to think about it, the author of this is an idiot. TNR soooo blows.

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    April 09, 2006

    Hello, Donald Trump Mortgage. How can I help you?

    OK, so I got tired of waiting for McSleaze and Aerialist. Point taken, hookers!

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Mr. Combover Deluxe, Donald J. (the 'J' stands for Jackass) Trump has decided to enter the mortgage business by starting his very own brokerage. Property development is a big thing for Trump, as is filing bankruptcy and defaulting on debt. It will be intensely interesting to see what happens when Mr. Trump's company begins originating loans, especially when the company gets called out for defaulted originations.

    ROCK ON, Mr. Trump! Welcome to the fucked up world of FICO scores, bad debt to income ratios and letters of explanation.

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    April 08, 2006

    A whole bunch of Shit...

    Unless either Mr. Mayor or Aerialist have something they're just dying to post, this is probably going to be it for the weekend as I have a life (though you clearly don't know it from all the jackass 'post more!' email I get from you guys... whining is not attractive, just FYI).

  • SomethingAwful has a thoroughgoing analysis of 'really bad porn'. The pics have been tastefully altered to render them PG and the write-ups are pretty amusing...

    Big Girls Description: Big Girls is a magazine catering to the tastes of men who prefer American girls over all those crackling fagots from Europe. These ladies are juicy with a capital "F" and, if you look closely enough, you can almost see the blue fibers from their Wal*Mart vest clinging to their moist butt cracks. The photography is amateurish struggling to be taken as professional. Horrible lighting heightens the ominous sensation that you're looking at things best not seen in daylight. Best Article Title: "Buttslamming Freaky Fatties Take Snake" Defining Quote: "The house I grew up in was totally obsessed with sex!" the 5'6", 38D-37-43, 189lbs. jumbo-sized juicy-cooze asserts. Most Depressing Image: Tragedy frozen eternally by the camera's unfeeling shutter. The girl is directionless, between sexualized poses, medically splayed and ugly like a deep sea specimen discolored by formaldehyde. Her vagina is not so much an aperture as it is a meaty tempest swirling betwixt her bloated thighs. The tongue is swollen, asphyxiating, the suggestion of a piercing or perhaps just a fly that has landed to scoop up a forgotten morsel or deposit its clutch of eggs. She gazes at nothing. Unattractive sexual aides await her attention. Perhaps one more pizza before we get to those. She probably smells like fry grease and despair. Bonus Image: A bonus image to offset the anguish. This woman has the happiest body of any human. Her folds of fat mirror the mad smile on her face. She's horrid, but she doesn't care! Try and stop her, world! Verdict: The perfect antidote for feelings of unmerited joy. Remind yourself that the world is a terrible place full of ugly beasts and pick up a copy of Big Girls!
  • Washington Monthly has a piece up about how the Congressional D's have 'found' the art of opposition. I think this is a little too premature, a few good days does not a turnaround make and they still prevaricate far too much. Still as the title implies, they're Not as Lame as You Think.
  • Immigration reform isn't quite dead, but it's definitely on life support. President Bush blames Harry Reid which is stupid because Harry's more popular than he is and everyone is going to naturally think it's HIS fault. I mean, come on, everyone already knows that everything else, all the other disasters, missteps and mistakes were exclusively the fault of President Bush, Sen Frist and Speaker Hastert (seen below plaing a video game in his office at the Capital).
    Image hosting by Photobucket
  • Enjoy your weekend, kids!

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    April 06, 2006

    Comedy is so not about being funny

    There is cheese on every website (and more than lot of it is written by me on this site). However, in my wildest dreams, I would never think of jokes like this

    Property: How to clean ink spots? and flak? Save time, save money, save the maid…

    Example: if you spill fat on your clothes then dont wash them straight away. Rather, pour fairy liquid on it and leave to soak.

    I'm not sure if that's one joke or two but that's exactly what Rich Kyanka found when he visited the website of a fellow who clearly thought he was funny and that his sense of humor would be a natural fit for readers of SomethingAwful. Rich runs SA and received a message from Amir to post a link to his site touting his H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S SMS jokes. They had an email exchange you can see here (trust me, it's worth the visit to read the bad, racist and misogynistic jokes) wherin Rich takes Amir to school.

    FINALLY! We have proof that comedy can not be outsourced!

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    April 04, 2006

    I LOVE me some wedding announcements and the PRICE IS RIGHT!

  • Just had to share... there a video up here of someone VERY excited about the Price is Right. If this is the competitors behave normally on this show then I really need to start watching, just to see the gimp dance. Dance gimp, dance!
  • If you, like me, enjoy reading obnoxious wedding announcements/stories like this one...

    THERE are many ways for a man to prove his commitment to his fiancée: diamond rings, love poetry, the occasional tattoo. One of the most sincere, and certainly the most painful, is going through a religious conversion involving circumcision. But when Claude Brodesser, the son of Roman Catholic immigrants from Germany, proposed to Taffy Akner, an Orthodox Jew, he had no doubt about what he had to do.

    Then you'll LOVE WeddingAnnouncementReview, a site where snark reigns supreme mostly at the expense, not of politicos but instead of those unlucky enough to appear in the NYT Fashion&Style section. LOVING IT!

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    March 27, 2006

    This weekend... Chopstick environmentalism, Selling parks and Feingold

  • The NYT has an op/ed up about China's newfound love of the environment. Well, at least environmental regulation. I fully support the chopstick thing... just check my silverware drawer.
  • Who knew Yankees like to eat their own almost as much as Texans! Apparently, Alfonse D'Amato is causing all kinds of problems with Republicans in NY. Absolutely heartwarming!
  • Bush's new FDA nominee... what to do? Hummm let me see... maybe hold up his nomination until the morning after pill is approved? Yeah, that sounds like a marvelous idea especially since the R's seem hell bent on bringing back the coat hanger abortion.
  • Feingold ROCKS! And now we have post-Censure proposal numbers to prove it!
  • The Republican plan for balancing the budget? You know that Coldwell Banker sign in front of the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park... that should give you a clue.
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    March 26, 2006

    A weekend of protests...

    Well, I'm sure you've already heard about the 500m - 750m who marched yesterday in LA to protest the rather illconsidered US House bill that would prohibit and criminalize anyone who aids or shelters an illegal immigrant.

    Basically, it's Sensenbrenner's way of letting all the brown people in the US know 'just how he feels'.

    Image hosting by Photobucket
    (Photo: LATimes)
    This is a bunch of folks in SoCal letting Congressman Sensenbrenner know 'just how THEY feel'.

    Yeah, there's been a ton written about this and there will likely be much more. However, one area of protest you're not likely to hear too much about (if anything) is Belarus where police confronted thousands yesterday and today protesting against the election of a tool box by the name of Lukashenko. The election was widely seen as fraudulent and Lukashenko is commonly derided as Russian President Vladimir Putin's puppet. Is it little wonder why the people of Minsk are taking to the streets?

    All I did was go to the Travis County Democratic Convention yesterday. Damn, don't I feel like a loser...

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    March 25, 2006

    Amazing expression of religious tolerance, part 2353

    Police Charge Pastor's Wife in His Slaying in Tennessee

    Apparently, Mary Winkler had enough of being married to Matthew Winkler, the pastor of Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer, TN. Not one to just get up and walk out on her man, she shot him and fled to Alabama with the couple's three children. When apprehended she admitted the whole thing.

    Case closed, except for WHY. The locals who went to Winkler's Church were at a loss... but that didn't stop them from talking to NYT reporter Theo Emery (obviously working on his own, In Cold Blood):

    "I don't know what her reason is," said Betty Wilkerson, the church secretary. "I know we'll probably find out in the weeks to come. But I'm not going to judge her."

    And then there's this...

    Mr. Winkler's effusive energy "just wore you out," Ms. Sparks said with a laugh. She said she knew nothing about the family that would have predicted the killing.

    "Everything you saw belies what has happened," she said. "It just doesn't go together. There's something amiss, and we don't know what that is."

    Still, Ms. Sparks said, it had only been a year since the Winklers had come to town, and it was hard to know if something lay beneath the surface.

    "When you get right down to it, we didn't know these people," she said. "But do you ever know anybody? We don't really know what goes on when they go home and close the doors."

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    March 19, 2006

    Fatal Decisions

    Remember when Anne Heche was cool and a lesbian? Yeah, I bet she does, too.

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Check out her newest movie on Lifetime...

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    March 15, 2006

    Tuesday's over : I'm SO drinking right now...

    No, seriously, there is a giant scotch at my side. I mixed it with a little Fresca. It's yummy... you'd be drinking to if you'd had to hear Jennifer Gale tonight.

    Tom Dynia over at KABBlog has a great post up about Rummy's latest episode of foot-in-mouth disease.

    Formerly a dour war criminal, now he almost melts into a sticky, malodorous pool of evil as he pretends that Iraq is not descending into civil war.

    Tom soooo ROCKS!

    Wanna see a REALLY tedious discussion on the next TDP chair? Check out this post and the subsequent comment threads at BOR. To summarize, some don't want Glen Maxey because he's (Oh.My.God!) gay. There are other reasons, mostly specious and altogether silly. It basically boils down to those who win vs. those who want to maintain the status quo. As for me, I tend to vote for success so you know I'm going to Glen.

    Oil company exec's came to talk to Senators about the assload of profits they are reaping from low refining capacity. One of the Senator's had the temerity to ask if consolidation in the industry (all the M&A activity that brought us ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco), especially within refining, had played a part. Without so much as a smirk, the oil CEOs said it hadn't. Here's a simple rule... more refineries means that more gasoline is being made. Since 1995 US refining capacity as declined dramatically as operations are consolidated among major refiners and oil companies. Say it with me... LESS CAPACITY, LESS (AND MORE EXPENSIVE) GASOLINE.

    I would do the wrap up on the City of Austin endorsements from South Austin Democrats/Texas Environmental Democrats/Capital Area Progressive Democrats but I'm just too shell shocked after seeing Jennifer Gale's rambling performance.

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    March 10, 2006

    The Mayor called it... back to the funny...

    This is kind of a catch all from the last few days. Honestly, I'm not bitter about the primary, just extremely dissapointed. I wish Team Bell the best of luck. I hope Chris becomes the candidate that many of us want and the leader that Texas so desperately needs.

    On that note, first links (and a HUGE shout out) go to Karl-Thomas Musselman at BOR and Tom Dynia at KeepAustinBlue Blog. Both posted primary wraps far better than mine (and written while both were clearly sober unlike the one I did which started the night before and, inexplicably, I decided to post through the haze of a very brutal hangover). Good job, y'all! Wish I could write even half as well.

    Gale Norton is leaving the Bush Administration. 200 MM people in the US wonder aloud, "who the fuck is Gale Norton?" The answer, of course, is our Secretary of the Interior. Future plans include writing a book, becoming a BoiseCascade director and 'just hanging with friends at the mall'.

    PinkDome has a great video up that's loads of fun, especially for those who (like myself) REALLY enjoy aggies humiliating themselves on camera. Usually you have to sit through an entire football game to see something this amusing.

    The AP has a new poll up and it doesn't look good for el Presidente or the R's. This is the kind of comedy I could really grow to love! Watch as they stumble over themselves trying to run aware from the Failure in Chief. 67% of Americans now believe the country is on the wrong track. The mid-terms are going to be fun!

    Yesterday afternoon on my way to a meeting I stopped by TCDP to say hello to Patti and Garry. I also dropped off my precinct convention packet because I'm such a good Democrat. Or maybe because I was too lazy to drop it in the mail. AT ANY RATE, while there I overheard this story on the radio about a guy suing a woman over child support. You'd think he was suing her to help pay for the child he's raising. You'd be wrong.

    Apparently a court ordered Matt Dubay (see picture below... doesn't he look like Anthony Michael Hall did in Six Degrees of Separation?) to pay child support when his ex popped out a puppy. So, he filed a suit claiming that she lied to him about a physical condition that kept her from getting pregnant and demanding that court ordered payments stop. Matt, we here at McBlogger salute your effort to avoid responsibility and think you're a swell guy. With a giant cat and bad haircut! Yeah, just swell!

    Image hosting by Photobucket
    See what I mean about the cat... and AMH? Swell, I tell you! SWELL!

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    March 04, 2006

    FINALLY, someone puts the asshole in his place

    You may have heard of Fred Phelps, the nutter who runs the Westboro Baptist Church. In fact, I'm almost sure you have since he's so well known for his rampant homophobia and defective mind. Just in case you think this guy is really a rational person, here's the pic on his website
    Image hosting by Photobucket
    Seriously, this is the best they could do? I know the guy's crazy, but they couldn't have spent a few bucks and taken him to Sears for a slightly better photo?

    Recently, Crazy McCrazyson has been going from military funeral to military funeral protesting, natch, 'fags'. Keep in mind, these are US troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country (not to mention that they're doing their job even if a crazy fuck lied to them (and us) to get them to do it. So far, none has been identified as homosexual. Still, the Bitch Reverend From Hell goes to their funerals and protests. That's about to come to screeching halt.

    On Friday the Governor of Oklahoma signed a bill into law specifically preventing protests like Fred's at military funerals.

    I do have to say, I'd like to see these guys just beat the shit outta Phelps.

    One other thing... doesn't Phelps look at least a little like the creepy minister from Poltergeist2?
    Image hosting by Photobucket

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    March 01, 2006

    Nightmares for a week...

    Pink Dome has a post up about Karl 'ButterTroll' Rove's obsession with Hillary Clinton. Gross, right? Of course it's really disgusting when you pair the story with a graphic generated by a demon at PD labs...

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    I never thought I'd say it but there is finally a couple, even if hypothetical, that is more repulsive physically than Mary Matalin and James Carville. I'm going to have my brain martinized now.

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    January 31, 2006

    At least we can cancel this Commander in Chief

    Image hosting by Photobucket
    ABC shows mercy to beleaguered audience, Commander in Chief on hiatus

    Those of you who have, like me, watched episodes of the show will no doubt understand the ratings drop that has puzzled executives at ABC. The show, simply put, sucks ass. Nasty, skanky, ain't-been-washed-for-weeks ass.

    Here's a partial list of faults:

  • Impossibly simplistic story lines (calling them plots would be far to gracious)

  • Tortured, ridiculous dialog

  • Acting better suited to dinner theater

  • Those kids... those goddamn cutesy kids

  • Trite 'MacKenzie (played unendearingly by Davis) Knows Best' endings
  • Can you tell I've seen a few episodes...


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    January 20, 2006

    Four Kings:Not as bad as Joey but pretty fucking close

    I'm trying to give NBC the benefit of the doubt but it's hard as hell. I made the decision to start watching on Thursday's again after they rid the schedule of the odious Joey, a show which defied enjoyment almost as much as a healthy Jewish grandmother.

    four kings.jpg

    Tonight I watched their new mid season shitstorm, Four Kings. It could suck worse, I suppose, but I was unable to think of exactly how that would be possible. The thing that kept going through my mind was "A million monkeys with a million crayons..."

    Avoid this show. It's bad. Watch anything else... even NOAA weather radar.

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    January 19, 2006

    Osama show cancelled, Kerry and we're heading for a recession, part 200

  • The ever tedious Osama was back in the news today. He threatened more attacks and offered a truce, but no terms and would say nothing about what he'd give up. Bitch sounds like one of my exes.

    The amusing thing about it... no one gave a fucking damn. No one. The stock market kept going up and people went about their lives. What could this possibly mean? No one's scared of him. Or al Qaida. Or willing to accept a bunch of shit from Bush for protection.

  • Kerry's panties are in a twist over an article in GQ... A) no one reads GQ. B) no cares about Kerry. Notice this is cross posted under poop tells vomit it stinks?
  • Bush fucked up by not letting all members of the intelligence committee updated about the illegal wiretaps. In both houses of the Congress. Oh, and the taps were illegal.
  • The TIC report came out yesterday and in a word, ugly. Foreign capital inflows to the US continue to prop us up (Federal debt plus Current (mixed in with Trade) account deficit requires us to borrow almost $1 Trillion/year). Disturbingly, an increasing amount of money is going to hedgies in the Caribbean. You remember them... the Asian Currency Crises of 1997-1998? And now they're loading into dollars. Hedgies like to pump and dumb. Look for $2 to the Euro.
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    January 05, 2006

    When bad writers get blowjobs...

    They end up writing stuff like this...

    As excited as a freed colt, Austin-born Carole Keeton Strayhorn declared herself an independent candidate for governor this week. Her Tuesday stop here in shimmering sunlight with a reflecting pool and the towering San Jacinto Monument in the background must have looked pretty on TV.

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    December 29, 2005

    Something really terrible and The Worst Person in the World

  • It's kinda like looking in the sun for WAY too long. If you thought the marriage was bad, just take a look at Kevin Federline's site. Yes, it's really Kevin and it's really terrible.
  • 1115.org has put forth Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf as The Worst Person in the World for 2005. Why? Here's a hint...
    “You must understand the environment in Pakistan. (Rape) has become a money-making concern (for the victims). A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.”

    Here's Pervez with his kitties now...
    Pervez and his kitties.JPG
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    December 28, 2005

    So, does this mean the R's are the REAL liberals?

    You CAN threaten to kill me, but the War on Christmas is the theme that, much like Brad Pitt's shitty relationships, refuses to DIE. It's not my fault, but I am having some measure of fun with it. To wit:

    republican front page.bmp

    Courtesy of DemOkie, the Democrats of Oklahome blog, a reminder: "Remember the so-called 'War on Christmas'," in which Bill O'Reilly says you were a rank liberal, secular, pagan, anti-Christian Democrat if you said "Happy Holidays," instead of "Merry Christmas"?
    (Thanks to DH)

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    December 21, 2005

    Cheney:Still Batshit Crazy; War on Christmas FINALE and more!

  • You just thought Nixon was bad... these guys have abuse of power, secrecy, bluster and denial down cold!
    First the President and other officials within the Administration tell us the wiretaps were 'legal' which they weren't. In fairness, the illegality is questionable. If you're a retard.
    Then they told us that at least one part of the calls HAD to originate outside the US. Turns out, not so much.
    So we now know the lying part is down pat, as is the denail and now we get the bluster.

    Here's my favorite part:

    Mr. Cheney directly linked the effort to bolster the president's wartime authority to the nation's safety since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

    "You know," he said, "it's not an accident that we haven't been hit in four years."

    Hubris is a fucking BITCH, Mr. VP! Just when you think you can control the future, it has a nasty habit of coming back to fuck you in the ass. Hard.

  • There's something new in the air this holiday season, Santarchy! Now there is Bill O'Reilly folding like a cheap suit about this WoC bullshit. So, I guess BitchBoy DOESN'T speak for 'Christian America', does he?
  • You've probably already heard the big news of the day, from a judge who's not so convinced teaching intelligent design is constitutional. I'm posting it anyway since it made me laugh, laugh and laugh. Actually, saying he's not so convinced is kinda like me saying I'm not so convinced that illegal wiretaps are a good idea. He made it quite clear that id shouldn't be taught in schools. Period. So, I guess now we'll be returning to teaching... what was it again... ah, yes! SCIENCE! REAL SCIENCE!
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    December 14, 2005

    Plano ISD to O'Reilly : Fuck off

    Yes, it's time for MORE War on Christmas crap! This time one of Bill O'Reilly's dumbshit comments has come back to bite him in his ample ass...

    From Poynter Online via Wonkette comes a touching story of a school district in a VERY Republican area of Texas that's had enough. Seems Billy mentioned their ban on 'Christmas colors' which turned out to be total bullshit. The Plano Superintendent, Dr. Otto (no shit, real name) decided to call out reality in an email to parents... here is my favorite part:

    Dr. Otto said that our attorney requested of Mr. O'Reilly that, in the future, he ask his fact checkers to do a more thorough job of confirming the facts before he airs them.

    "It would be our hope that you would engage in fair and balanced reporting of this nationally recognized school district in the future," PISD's attorney wrote to Mr. O'Reilly.

    Fair and Balanced?!?!?! A little snarky, Dr. Otto, and we're LOVING IT!

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    December 08, 2005

    Misunderstood War on Christmas and Filibuster! The Musical!

  • There has been WAY too much talk about the 'War on Christmas' which I actually thought was the phrase for the fundy fight against the commercialization of Christmas (which is, apparently, OK). I now understand the WoC is actually America's Favorite Fatass Fucktard, Jerry 'Jowly' Falwell, attempting to remain relevant.

    Despite his overwhelming corpulence and outright contempt for the truth, people believe Falwell when he decides to whip up the emotions of the more gullible among us (read: stupid people)into a frenzy thinking some 'liberal' is going to 'take away' Christmas. OR something. Actually, it's some stupid book and Falwell, a leader in the mold of great Frenchmen throughout history, has decided to take up the cause and lead from behind now that he knows the direction of the mob, rather than just telling his slackjawed congregation that he 'liked the book'. He even managed to get Shelly riled up, but anything'll do that (especially if it has to do with Ann Coulter's box...of witty comebacks).

    What a douche.

  • Looks like Feingold got his Christmas wish early! The Messiah of The Bill of Rights will be running soon in a Senate chamber near you! I hope the Patriot Act meets the same fate el Presidente's Social Security Swindle met!
  • After bitching, moaning, whining and lying about Murtha's plan, it turns out to be PRECISELY what the Administration is going to do. Don't think we'll give you ANY kind of credit on this, losers. You had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this conclusion. Here's some Rummy for you...in happier days with former BFF Saddam Hussein
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    December 07, 2005

    Cloony v. O'Reilly, Shelly's whining about something, ball-deficient Dems!

  • DC Media Girl has something funny on Cloony v. FoxNewsPersonality O'Reilly. It's pretty sad when a network is KNOWN for a lunatic like O'Reilly who has an ego the size of an Airbus A380. Only in O'Reilly's deranged rat brain could he and Cloony be equal in terms of popularity or celebrity. Bill, come on man! Women WANT to have sex WITH him. The only woman who wants to have sex with you is maybe Shelly Malkin (I'm speculating). Or that 60-something cleaning lady in the building, the one who smells like Pine-Sol mixed with Doral's.
  • Speaking of Shelly, she's got her undies working her crack over Pearl Harbor.Shelly is whining about the 'fact' that Pearl Harbor Observances were down because of Katrina. Now I guess she wants to accuse Katrina of being unpatriotic, or something.
  • The Washington Post has a nice piece on a 'Democratic rift over Iraq' which is basically a few of the more spineless Dems running from remarks made by Pelosi and Dean. I guess we need a recap... there is no possibility of success in Iraq because we don't know what that would look like. Period. Bush thinks it's constant war, or maybe the establishment of an Islamic Republic, or maybe a glass desert. As long as we don't 'pull out too soon' and we 'support the troops' R's are OK with it. Of course, this is the same thing we've been doing while we've watched the damn thing spin round the drain. Dean and Pelosi are right, we got rid of Saddam, there IS an Iraq government, our continuing presence is driving the resistance and it's time to get the fuck out. I can't be the only one who gets this...
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    December 01, 2005

    This is it, I promise

    Yeah, I need to go to bed so here are some of the things that keep holding on...

  • Looks like today is the official end of Kerry 2008:Feel the boredom and the beginning of Feingold 2008:Fuck those Republican bitches! (DailyKOS)
  • You need a picture of Rumsfeld. We all do. Here's one showing our S DoD preparing for an attack from insurgents that aren't really insurgents. Or a rabid dog. Or Judy Miller. Fuck, draw your own conclusions. rummy afraid.bmp
    Kinda reminds me of LL Cool J's comeback that wasn't a comeback. I can't wait for Rummy's next epiphany
  • Christmas light overkill. If this person lived next to me I'd beat him to death. With an empty box of Christmas lights
  • FINALLY... they are releasing this in Texas this weekend! How about some love in Austin, Sarah?!?!
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