June 25, 2009

The Come To Jesus - Democratic Gov Primary edition

Let me preface this, once again, by saying that neither myself nor anyone who authors on McBlogger has a preference in the Democratic Primary for Governor. I think we're pretty unanimous regarding Perry on the R side but, frankly, we feel like a Democrat can beat Sen. Indecisive Old Bitch, too.

I'm going to be reprising my efforts in 2006 by once again working for Hank Gilbert as he gears up to win the Ag Commissioner's office which is the reason I'm posting this. Not for nothing, but we're playing to win and, frankly, the amateur hour fuckups in the D primary for Governor are giving me indigestion.

KT has a nice discussion post over at BOR regarding the race for Governor. The parts that caught my eye were the referenced quotes like this...

"And also remind people that this is not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard. And if they want to do that, I get to be governor. And if they don't want ot do that, I can go make money, and I've done my civic duty of trying to lay it out."

Well, Geewhiz, Tom. Looks to me like you're saying that we'll either make you Governor or we won't. It's awesome that you can so easily absolve yourself of responsibility. Like it or not, you can't just put your name on a ballot and hope for the best. You're going to have to persuade people to vote for YOU. We can help, but you gotta give us something to work with.

Tom, I like you as a person and I think you might actually make a good Governor. But this was just a fucking stupid thing to say. Of course, that was eclipsed by Mark Thompson. It's always the peanut gallery that chimes in with something pithy...

Tom Schieffer Channeling Sam Rayburn now to run as a Democrat? Didn't he channel Benedict Arnold to sellout the TX Democrat Party with Bush?

All bullshit aside, calling Schieffer a traitor just pisses me the fuck off. The man was asked by the President to represent the United States of America. He wasn't asked to change parties. He wasn't asked to sign off on Bush's policies and this is inexcusable politicking of the worst kind. It makes people hate you, Mark, and it validates the opinion many had of you as an angry, irritating fuck in 2008.

On the subject of also-ran Kinky Friedman, to paraphrase a very good friend of mine up in far North Texas, fuck me to tears. Anyone else remember his halting, ridiculous performance during the 2006 debates? Yeah, that was a real high-water mark for a campaign that featured nothing of any real value. His particular appeal centered on "Why not Kinky?". I'll refresh your memory... he's a miserable attention whore with an ego that comes close in size to AK Governor Sarah Palin's.

Now, let's not make this about keeping people out of the primary. I'm all for people running but they need to take it (and Democratic voters) seriously. So far we have half-assery, snide remarks that are largely buffoonish and off base and a lame comedy routine from the man you brought you 'nigger eggs'. Is it any wonder why no one is real excited right now about the D Gubernatorial field?

Texas Democrats deserve a whole lot better and so do the down ballot candidates. It's time for those who choose to run (don't act like you're doing us a goddamn favor) to straighten the fuck up and run like real people who are serious about doing a good job for their fellow Texans.

And it's 'DEMOCRATIC', Mr. Thompson. Quit channeling Tom Delay.

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