October 31, 2008

A little something else for you...

Child Molestation and You

I don't know... just seemed perfect for Halloween.

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This is why Obama will win...

(This was originally written September 8th. It got lost under the recap plan and the fact that the economy was sliding downhill, fast. In hindsight, I wish I'd published it)

A week ago last Friday, McCain introduced the rest of the US to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I thought surely it's some kind of joke, until I saw her speak on Wednesday. She didn't have command of the issues and clearly still doesn't. More importantly, she typifies the Republican base in a desire to be willfully ignorant. The scary part is that her brand of folksy snark appeals to a lot of voters.

Oh, they were still going to lose. However, what the Obama campaign has done since her coming out party on the 29th has been spot on perfect.

This will not have any effect on the 25% of the country that loves Bush and the Republicans and thinks that Sarah Palin actually gets briefed at the same level as Sen. Biden (no joke, I got an email saying that earlier today). This will fire up Democrats, even the moderates. It'll also have a positive impact on independent voters (it's not mean, it's truthful and it hits).

There is one thing that is absolutely certain... Bob Shrum is NOT running this campaign. And Obama is going to annihilate McCain.

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While making black holes

It's the part at the end that really got me... because when I'm not around, this blog doesn't exist. Mostly because no one else will post on it. Because they're all shiftless bums who deserve to live on under the bridge at Braker & MoPac.

Especially Barfly.

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Ideology. FAIL.


Said Greenspan: "Yes, I found a flaw. That is precisely the reason I was shocked because I'd been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.''

The flaw, Alan, was in thinking that markets were perfect and regulation was unnecessary. Of course, you weren't the only one to blame. There were all these people as well.

The hard-to-accept reality is that Greenspan, of all these people, was probably the one who actually did get something right, his fixation on inflation and the ridiculousness of the Bush tax cuts. Which even now those on the right are going on and on about as if continuing them is something other than leading us to disaster.

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In which a crook speaks to tweety

PhotobucketI'm not posting the video here, you can see it by clicking here. I just can't put up an embedded video of Tom Delay, one of the nastiest, most ignorant people in the universe.

Far more disgusting is what Tweety says about him at the end. Chris Matthews, I thought your show was 'Hardball' not 'Hardballs (in my mouth)'. Seriously, yo, watching you fellate Tom Delay is sick. Like watching japscat. It's not that I want to censor Tom Delay... it would just be nice if one of our infotainment journalists were smart enough to call him on his shit. AND PRESS HIM DOWN WHEN HE'S WRONG.

Of course, that's not Matthew's style. He's only a tiger with State Senators.

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October 30, 2008

Bye-Bye, Fred

Despite getting the Tysabri he desperately needed, Dallas attorney and Democratic fundraiser Fred Baron passed away today. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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Have bad liver, will travel...

PhotobucketThe Statesman has been putting up some great stuff on medical tourism. For those of you who don't know, it's when someone (say a US citizen) goes to another country to get a medical procedure done. For those of you who don't live in Texas this concept will be alien and a little scary. For those of us who live in Texas, this is basically like a trip down to the clinica in la farmacia, know what I mean?

What the Statesman did stumble onto are plans by insurers to force people from the US to seek treatment in other countries.

See, doctors and nurses? I told you eventually the insurers would fuck you guys like they've been fucking us for years. Still think socialized medicine is bad deal? Still think 'free' trade is awesome? It's pretty scary when you compete against someone who make a tenth of your salary.

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THIS is a good endorsement

I'm still thinking Rick was a 'tard for this, but the endorsement in the Chronicle is SPOT ON.

Over the years, Noriega has worked his way up through the ranks. He has distinguished himself as a soldier in Afghanistan and on the Texas-Mexico border, and as an elected official in Austin. During Hurricane Ike, he performed duty above and beyond the call helping those in need at the George R. Brown Convention Center. He richly deserves a promotion to Washington.

Noriega is showing himself to be the model of an effective Democrat — a centrist, moderate Texas Democrat — in a time when most voters are sick of political extremes. As such, he may one day set the standard for what a strong Texas senator can be.

Rick, stick close to Dodd on financial issues. Oh, and Sen. Bentsen would have voted for the bank recapitalization. Better yet, just call me. Melissa's got the number.

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RSB 2008 : Ticket information

I know you're excited about Red State Blues! We just got an update from the promoter and you can, apparently, get tix at TCDP coordinated HQ (11th@35) for $25. Online there's an additional charge so if you have a chance I'd run over to TCDP and pick up your tix!

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In which we bid on the Statesman

We are seriously considering a bid for the Statesman which is, as many of you are no doubt aware, being put out on the lawn (like knick-knacks from grandma's trip to Oklahoma) in Cox's garage sale of Texas media properties.

We can report that will be submitting a cash and a securities offer that, to say the least, is impressive. For us. The securities (or, as our adviser calls them, 50 year IOU's) we are issuing as part of the transaction have a notational value in the hundreds of millions. Their current cash equivalent is $19.32 which we think is extraordinarily fair.

And yes, Statesman staff, we'll be giving you all raises should our bid be chosen. Even you, Gardner.

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What gives AT&T nightsweats?

Apparently, AT&T is all hot and nervous about D's winning next week, mostly because they've had the R's in the bag for a decade. Still, they really needn't worry so much... after all, it was all but one of the Republicans and a few D's who voted for retroactive immunity for T and it's competitors.

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You SUCK : Governor Sanford (SC) Edition

PhotobucketSouth Carolina Governor Sanford spent Wednesday in Washington at hearings regarding another stimulus package. People on both sides agree one is needed to boost states and cities, mostly to rebuild crumbling infrastructure (which is, coincidentally, the single BEST thing you can do for commerce nationally) and to get consumer (and then business) confidence back up.

...House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee demonstrated bipartisan support for tens of billions of dollars for infrastructure projects such as highway construction, water and sewer projects and modernization of schools and public housing.

There, lawmakers and witnesses such as New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, touted public works projects for both creating jobs and making the economy more efficient.

"Every billion dollars in spending on infrastructure, on highway and transportation expenditures does result in 35,000 new jobs," said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla.

I did say people agree but that's not really true. It was MOST EVERYONE on one side and Governor Sanford stupidly on the other. Sanford, it appears, has not had that stunning Come-To-Jesus moment where we all realize that we're not islands unto ourselves, no matter how much we love Ayn Rand.

"I'm here to beg of you not to approve or advance the contemplated $150 billion stimulus package," Sanford said. "This $150 billion salve may in fact further infect our economy with unnecessary government influence and unintended fiscal consequences."

By Sanford's count, the federal government has already pumped $2 trillion into the economy this year through a previous stimulus package, the financial services bailout, and rescue actions for specific firms.

After Paterson and Sanford offered heady arguments featuring quotes from noted economists and novelist Ayn Rand, the committee heard from another witness, Mayor Douglas Palmer of Trenton, N.J.

He had a much simpler message, quoting "that great poet John Lennon of the Beatles."

"Help!" the mayor said.

Would someone, please, take aside our ertswhile Realtor turned politician and explain to him that little actual money has been spent... and it's entirely probable that little actually will be spent before the markets recover?

You might also want to clue him into the fact that Rand just doesn't, you know, jive well with the real world. Where we live. You know the type of people who are obsessed with the overly simplistic Rand? People like this guy...
Who is apparently the next Governor from South Carolina.

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Vouchers... again.

Like cockroaches, vouchers keep popping up despite the best efforts of EVERYONE to get rid of them. WHY? Because James Leininger wants MORE government money than he already gets. In late 2006, it was Sen. Shapiro who was talking about this. Now, it's Bill Keffer in his quixotic quest to retake the seat he lost to Rep. Allen Vaught.

Let's be clear... these vouchers will not be enough, on their own, for most families with ASD kids. Further, it's the responsibility of the district to provide for special needs kids, and children with ASD fall into that group. However, they often don't have the money to create the learning environment these parents demand. BECAUSE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE UNDERFUNDED. THERE is one part of the reality these parents don't want to face. The other is that even with a voucher, they still wouldn't be able to afford the school.

This honestly pisses me off because we need to be doing better for ALL TEXAS CHILDREN, regardless of their abilities. Bill Keffer, time and again, has done everything he can to make that impossible. It's high time we stop worrying just about individual kids and start focusing on solutions that will help all kids.

Help out Rep. Vaught.

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October 29, 2008

And you thought Palin was the only one

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Jeri Thompson. Fresh off forcing her geriatric husband to run for President, Jeri has decided to take on Sarah Palin as her cause du jour. As part of Team Palin, she'll remind Americans just why they hate bitchy, hungry, nasty women.

Jeri, have a jelly donut and STFU. 'Governer' Palin represents fewer people than the Mayor of Austin and her accomplishments include, well, nothing. Even the pipeline she's all about is a pipe dream.

And make sure that donut comes from Krispy Kreme, K?

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Really? No, I mean REALLY?

PhotobucketJoe The (unlicensed) Plumber wants to run for Congress.

Today he was busy campaigning for McThuselah in his native OH (you know, where he owes back taxes) talking about how afraid he was of Obama tax plan (which is funny since he doesn't, you know, pay his taxes) and how Obama would destroy Israel, which is an obvious lie, kind of like Joe's plan to buy a business and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seriously, Republicans, THIS SCHMUCK IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?!?!?!?!

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KXAN.com gets a facelift

Loves. It.

Nice work, Charlie Ray & Co! And, to LIN, way to go making a deal with Time Warner. Pretty stupid to begin with since the ad revenue is way more important. And your problem there is NBC's shitty programming.

It's easy to make phat bank when people are watching your shows.

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Why is Dobson all about the gays?

PhotobucketSeriously, WHAT'S YOUR DAMAGE, HEATHER?!?!

Dr. Dobson of the Lunatic Fringe has spent a lot of time thinking about gays and how they are destroying America. With what, you may be asking? Good taste and style? Wicked sharp wit? Drinks parties?

Silly, people... gays are destroying America by irritating Dobson who has gone so far as to pen a Letter From The Future. A future dominated by gays who apparently are exercising some kind of bizarre control over EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

The most far-reaching transformation of American society came from the Supreme Court’s stunning affirmation, in early 2010, that homosexual marriage was a “constitutional” right that had to be respected by all 50 states because laws barring same-sex marriage violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. Suddenly homosexual marriage was the law of the land in all 50 states and no state legislature, no state Supreme Court, no state Constitutional amendment, not even Congress had any power to change it. The Supreme Court had ruled, and the discussion was over. This was a blatant example of creating new law by the court, for homosexual marriage was mentioned nowhere in the Constitution, nor would any of the original authors have imagined that same sex marriage could be derived from their words.

Uhm, he DOES realize that the SC doesn't change when there's an election, right? And that there's ZERO chance of this SC allowing gay marriage? Or has he finally taken that fall down the rabbit hole of senility?

What IS it with this guy and his obsession over teh gays?

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Stand up for Sherrie!

Coby has a good run down on John Davis than and now... and, I gotta tell you, it's a good piece on someone who has absolutely no integrity. And would say anything to stay in office.

He'll also take money from anyone to stay in office. Which makes him something of a poliwhore.

Help Sherrie Matula today to send Davis back to Houston next week.

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Really, this is one of the most perfect things I have ever read.

I don't know about that, but it seems a bit coincidence that three's the number of lines they give me on the WIC forms I got to fill out every five damn seconds. Why do they need to keep bugging me all the time? Shit, I ain't losing 'em. I still got the same number of babies as last time you asked. And they need they cornflakes.

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Hypocrisy is my FAVORITE

Why does ANYONE still listen to Rove?

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High efficiency solar...

Solar panels generate electricity when photons in sunlight knock loose electrons in silicon or another semiconductor. Other concentrated photovoltaic makers magnify sunlight about 500 times. SUNRGI says it can multiply that by four because it has a system to instantly cool its germanium-based semiconductor from 3,300 degrees to 20 degrees above ambient temperature. High temperatures can melt a solar cell.

Also pushing down costs are a highly efficient semiconductor that converts 37% of the sunlight to electricity, more than double the industry average. The unit's compact size allows it to be made at electronics or PC factories, avoiding the need to build new plants.

With that out of the way, would someone please work on a high efficiency battery? You know, for cars?

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October 28, 2008

The market is ALWAYS right... even when it doesn't really exist

Isn't it great when we have the free market to help us realize savings in fantasy land? It'll come as no surprise that electricity dereg has failed if you've been, you know, READING this blog regularly (which reminds me, we need to talk... we need to see you more often. Think of McBlogger as something you do every morning. Like pooping). But in case you're one of the millions who haven't been reading us, the Texas Observer has this.

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Sarah Palin, 2008...

...meet Iranian show mom, 1988.

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Oh, I feel hella bad

for this bitch's husband

Overfed and under read, the perfect southern fried cracker combo. And, if I may speak directly to little miss Freakeyes McFatterson, rather than make up ridiculous excuses why not just say "I'm not voting for That One". It'll be easier on you.

And for the love of all, would you please lay off the Ho-Ho's? Maybe go out into the world and find a job that pays you something so as to take a little pressure off your poor husband?

Sorry about that... apparently, the fuckballs at Jumpstart Productions removed the video from YouTube. It was PBS, yo! What, did they think they wouldn't get paid?

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In which Mike McCaul (and Mike Rosen)...

...get their dicks knocked in the dirt.

Vince over at Capital Annex (who is now an ardent supporter of Larry Joe Doherty) penned a piece in the primary that wasn't terribly flattering for LJD. One of the many mouthbreathers that do webwork for Republicans (the doucheriffic Colton Brugger) decided to post that particular piece on an anti-Larry Joe website.

They didn't bother to get Vince's permission.

Now, content can be used pretty freely from most bloggers. Sometimes people ask in advance and, as a general rule, I let people use stuff gratis as long as they blockquote and link back to me even if they don't ask. However, I reserve the right to pull back that implied permission. At any time. So do most bloggers. Once we send you a notice, you better pull the content down.

And that's just what Vince did. By sending a notice to the McCaul campaign, he expected them to comply and remove the post since they were, ostensibly, running the site. BUT, being the morons they are, they decided to issue a press release mocking the demand (we think that was the idea of legendary dipshit Mike Rosen formerly of Fox 7). So Vince, being the nice, patient person he is, decided to send a letter to their service provider.

And within hours, all of Brugger's sites were down. Not just the anti-LJD site, ALL OF THEM.

Just FYI, if you get a DMCA notice from someone, heed it. K, Mike? And for all you folks wondering about LJD's chances, McCaul is worried. And the 10th is in play.

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Hank has some fun with Cornyn's guy

Hank Gilbert was campaigning for and with Rick Noriega in East Texas yesterday. While at the Smith County Democratic Party HQ, Hank noticed a guy with a video camera. Hank asked who it was and he was told that the guy worked for the Cornyn Campaign.

Which tickled Hank and when Hank walked up to the guy and asked him to leave, the idiot actually asked if he was serious.

No, the poor guy didn't end up at Mother Francis with a boot stuck up his ass. But he sure as hell didn't stay in the office at the Smith County Democratic Party.

This little story made me realize

1) That Hank Gilbert STILL rocks!
2) That John Cornyn is scared to death of Rick Noriega.

Go help Rick out today!

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RSB 2008 : A Concert For Change

In what has been an historic year, Austin has stood out. We have been one of the largest, most supportive communities for Democrats in the country but this year the bright, shining star in the center of Texas got the attention of the nation. And Red State Blues is continuing that by sponsoring A Concert For Change next week.

Red State Blues
A Concert For Change
A one night concert event that fuses the temperature of our historic political times with modern music for all to celebrate!

Austin Music Hall
Monday, November 3rd
Doors Open for General Admission? at 7:00 pm

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
James McMurtry
General Admission $25.00?
(tickets can be purchased online)

VIP Reception Happy Hour
Musical Performance by Paris 49 with Special Guest Chrysta-Bell
Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cocktails
VIP Reception ticket to concert is just $75.00
(tickets can be purchased online)

All proceeds will benefit the Travis County Democratic Party and the Sims Foundation, two very worthy causes both seeking to make Austin (and Travis County) a better place.

For more information visit Red State Blues Concerts.

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Roundin' Up The TPA

It's time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Roundp-Up. This week's edition is compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

Oh, and don't forget to vote early!

The Texas Cloverleaf helps spread the truth about ACORN.

McBlogger takes a look at our own Congressman from Clear Channel, Mike McCaul, and discovers that he is indeed different.

jobsanger points out the dysfunctional aspect of this year's Republican campaign, first in Palin Disagrees With McCain, and then in Repubs Can't See The Reality.

BossKitty at TruthHugger is sad to recognize that while America’s Foreign Policy Suffers - Unemployment Soars - Religion Goes Toxic America's short attention span has been grabbed by personal survival and courted by political and religious philosophies.

As early voting begins Eye On Williamson charts the early voting numbers in Williamson County. HD-52 Democratic candidate Diana Maldonado continues to rack up the endorsements and launches her latest ad, taking on the insurance companies and high homeowners insurance.

Neil at Texas Liberal posted the second part of his Who I Would Have Supported For President series. The latest entry covered the years 1824-1852.

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News is keeping the early voting info up for the voters who need it but did notice that all the PUMAs have come home to Obama.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that the Texas Association of Business has finally pleaded guilty in connection with its 2002 violations of Texas' campaign financing laws and that State Rep. John Davis (R-Clear Lake) and State Sen. Kim Brimer (R-Fort Worth) have taken big bucks from a company the TCEQ fined more than a quarter million dollars last week for polluting.

CouldBeTrue from South Texas Chisme has some hints about how to get your specific sample ballot. Be prepared!

Off the Kuff analyzes the high level of early voting in Harris County so far.

XicanoPwr analyzes the GOP attack on ACORN and the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters carried out by Paul Bettencourt in Harris County.

John McCain describes the economy as a drive by shooting. The Texas Cloverleaf calls it a whack job.

North Texas Liberal reports on Sarah Palin's $150,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and discusses why it could signal the end for her and John McCain's faltering campaign.

As Democrats in Harris County appear on the verge of something historic, the trends in the extraordinary early voting turnout portend the same blue surge that the rest of the country
is about to experience. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has the deets.

refinish69 at Doing My Part For The Left wants everyone to say thanks to Barbara at Avenue Gallery- NOT!!!

nytexan at Bluebloggin points out just how McCain and Palin are alike with their FEC violations. We’ve gone from 8 years of the “emperor has no clothes” to “the empress has new clothes.” The GOP is priceless. Palin is following in McCain’s footsteps for FEC violations, what a pair of mavericks. CREW Files FEC Complaint Against Palin. And, for McCain, apparently he and Palin have an affection for Russia; McCain’s New FEC Violation: Asks Russia For Campaign Money.

George at The Texas Blue wants you to know your job's not over just because you voted. We look at the early voting excitement across the state and remind you that it's critical
to tell your friends and family to vote as well!

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Divided Nation?

No, Richard Schiff, your wife is just an idiot.

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October 27, 2008

A little something for you...

Report Card

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Someone take Palin's Neimans card away

The most irritating thing about this whole 'Palin+Neiman's+Sak's' (other than the fact that Madam Hick managed to find a Neiman Marcus) is that it's given Biden another reason to remind everyone that he's an average Joe.

It's funny to note how rats always jump from the sinking ship. We can't wait to bring all our old hits back when Governor Palin decides to reinvolve herself in politics in 2012 or 2016.

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The Crystal Method ft. Obama

CM has remixed Now Is The Time and incorporated Sen. Obama's acceptance speech. Download it for free here.

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October 26, 2008

Tator-tot assaults self

Photobucket This is 20 year old Ashely Todd. She's a College Republican working for McCain in PA. She claimed she was assaulted by an Obama supporter but as it turns out, she was lying like the dog she is.

The sad part, she's from Texas. The good part (for all you straight boys) is that she's not in Texas.

Bless her heart!

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October 25, 2008

Roundin' Up The TPA

It's time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance's weekly round-up. This week's round-up is compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

The Texas Cloverleaf took part in Blog Action Day this past Wednesday. Find out how you can combat poverty in your neck of the woods.

Bay Area Houston listed the fines for State Representatives and Senators issued by the Texas Ethics Commission in 2007 and 2008. Enjoy!

jobsanger discusses voting and registration. He says the E-Voting Can't Be Trusted without a paper trail, and ACORN Is Not Committing Fraud in their effort to register over a million new voters.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that State Rep. John Davis (R-Clear Lake) is misleading voters about his poor record on education in his newest mailer, and that the mainstream media is calling John Cornyn's performance in the final senatorial debate "less than senatorial."

In the first of a series of posts on past presidential elections, Neil at Texas Liberal offers up Who I Would Have Supported For President 1788-1820.

WhosPlayin goes off on a Republican County Chair who thinks a candidate's sexual preference is more important than the substance of his ideas.

Off the Kuff takes a look at why some people won't be able to cast their ballot during the first few days of early voting.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants a fair election without Republican voter suppression and questionable electronic voting machines.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the fake controversy about voter "registration" fraud, Gone nuts about ACORN. And Diana Maldonado released her first TV ad this week, HD-52: Diana Maldonado is on TV, "Texas' Comeback".

Now that McBlogger has torn him a new cesspool, Joe The Plumber's fifteen minutes of fame are OVER

North Texas Liberal dissects Obama's wide lead on McCain in the polls and the projected electoral map. Also, former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Obama for president. (Start following us on Twitter for mini-updates and breaking news!)

North Texas Liberal dissects Obama's wide lead on McCain in the polls and the projected electoral map. Also, former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Obama for president. (Start following us on Twitter for mini-updates and breaking news!)

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News has put up his Early Voting Info post but also announced he is rapidly becoming a clueless Cassandra.

BossKitty at TruthHugger is sad to recognize that Sex Scandals, Scams, Phishing and Your Bank Account are signs of deeper disorders. Power, Money and Sex are hopelessly intertwined with EGO.

Justin at AAA-Fund Blog laments the loss of Gordon Quan as a future candidate.

Burnt Orange Report takes a look into the numbers of the latest poll in the U.S. Senate race and tells why it might be even closer than it looks.

Over at TexasKaos, fake consultant discovers a Gaint Load of Hooey in one of THOSE emails. Just for fun, he investigates the "facts". The result is an education in how desperate the McCain-Palin crowd have become.

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October 24, 2008

Ahh... to have the late 90's back

In case you're wondering it's Tamperer ft. Maya and it's about ten years old. Think about how much fun you were having in 98 and 99 and remember to vote for a return to that on November 4th.

Yeah, I know as a political statement it's pretty lame. HOWEVER, it's Friday and if this song doesn't make you feel just a little lighter and happier, then you're just fucked.

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You SUCK : Michelle Bachmann Edition

We knew Michelle Bachmann was hella stupid but we had no idea she was aspiring to be the female version of Joe McCarthy.

PhotobucketBACHMANN: And they can’t take it because the point is what are Barack Obama’s policies? Are they for America or will they be against traditional American ideals and values? And I’ll tell you what. Punishing tax rates, redistribution of wealth, socialized medicine, inputing censorship in the form of the un-Fairness Doctrine and taking away the secret ballot from the worker has nothing to do with traditional American values. That’s why your listeners need to know. Otherwise the United States may be literally changed forever.

Given how stupid and wrong she was on the Economic Stabilization Act, I'd sooner listen to a drunk bum on the street than Michella. It's good to know that her challenger is doing well and it's heartening that her special brand of hate mixed with idiocy in a venti-size cup is winning friends and influencing people... to endorse Democrats.

Go support Michelle's opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg.

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Lend, damn you!

DealBook is reporting that some banks are planning not to spend some of the bailout money they are getting from the Fed via equity swap.

"It doesn't matter how much Hank Paulson gives us," an influential senior official at a big bank that received money from the government told Mr. Sorkin. "No one is going to lend a nickel until the economy turns."

This is precisely why commercial banks suck. First off, they lend with no safety net and lever themselves up irresponsibly. THEN, when the shit hits the fan and they get some help to stabilize the economy, they decide to leave their book frozen. The bigger problem for the banks is that sitting on that cash is doing nothing for their profit and loss since they don't make money sitting in cash. In fact, it's probably costing them. Which means eventually they will be forced to start lending again.

If they don't, then Treasury needs to nationalize, wipe out the shareholders and terminate everyone above branch VP for cause with no severance. Banks exist only by the grace of the government which charters them to further commerce for the benefit of the people of this country. If they won't do that, then there is simply no reason for them to exist in their present form. Know what I mean?

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SNL : Bush, Paylin and a bashful McCain

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Mike McCaul's not like you or me...

PhotobucketWhile we ARE better looking than Mike McCaul, we are most definitely not richer than Mike McCaul. Apparently, Mike wanted to keep it that way by voting against the Economic Stabilization Act that recently passed. This was the bill that, just in case you were wondering, kept us from a Depression.

Smart people, Democrats and Republicans, worked hard to create this legislation but Mike McCaul said he was against it. Against stabilizing markets. Against passing something that would keep the economy from going into a tailspin. It's really very easy to understand why he'd do something like this. He's rich. He won the ovarian lottery AND he married well. Which is nice. For him.

It does, however, kind of leave us to twist in the wind when something that effects us (but doesn't touch him) happens. It's especially funny since his 'no regulation' ideology caused this mess in the first place.

It's time to cast off the failed leadership of Micheal McCaul. Frankly, we all deserve better. Especially our troops which Congressman McCaul regards much as one would used kleenex.

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October 23, 2008

Sorry to hear about your mom...

Leave it to Beaver, this ain't. A woman and her son decided to secretly cremate the remains of her mother after she died according to her wishes. On the barbecue. They then decided not to tell anyone so those phat social security checks would keep on rollin'.

Hosler says her daughter, 50-year-old Kathleen Allmond, and her grandson, 30-year-old Tony Ray, told investigators they left the body on her bedroom floor for a week before cremating the remains in their backyard fire pit. They then covered the pit and remains with soil and planted a tree on top, according to investigators. The family's home sits in the midst of a 10-acre olive grove, remote from neighbors.

Detectives say the daughter also fashioned a two-inch piece of her mother's skull into a necklace. Hosler said Ray took a photograph of Kathleen Allmond wearing the necklace, as well as a beaded wire tiara that she believed would ward off radio waves, to post on a social networking Web site.

"It gets really weird when you have a piece of mom's skull hanging around your neck," Hosler said. "I'm not aware of any religion that allows you to burn your family members in the backyard and collect their pension."

I bet Christmas this year with the rest of the family (the ones who weren't set on fire and made into jewelry) will be a little awkward.

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Vote NO on Prop 2

If you live in Austin, you probably know that some of the peeps on Council voted to give tax incentives to a mall filled with high end retail because the developer whined that they just couldn't do it any other way. Flash forward a couple of years and there I am, able to finally go to Neiman's without a trip to Dallas.

Wait... that wasn't my point. OK, it was about the tax incentives. Yeah, I think those were a super bad idea in the case of the Domain . However, PROP 2, which seeks to override those incentives, is the wrong way to go. For one thing, the Council has already changed the guidelines for incentives. For another, this ties the hands of the City so dramatically that the best analogy is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I'm not a big fan of development incentives mostly because it skews the economics of a project and can lead, rapidly, to overbuilding beyond what the market will support. However, for large employers coming into Austin as part of a large development project, they are a necessity. Was it in appropriate to use them at the Domain? Yes. Does that mean we have to go overboard and tie the hands of our elected officials? No. We do that at the ballot box when we decide on whether to keep or replace them.

We urge you to vote NO on Prop 2.

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You SUCK : Albert Gonzales Edition

You may have heard that Albert Gonzales, who lost to Karen Huber in the Democratic Primary, decided to endorse Libertarian Wes Benedict. If you were one of the, like, 20 people who know who Albert Gonzales AND Wes Benedict are.

We at McBlogger would just like to let you all know we think sour grapes suck. And so does Albert Gonzales.

Karen DID beat you, Albert and she'll win the general. And you'll still be sitting there, sucking.

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October 22, 2008

Yaburnt, Bitches!

From Harvey

When you get past the consultants, it is obvious that the general mood among Republican incumbents facing challengers is glum. While not euphoric, Democrats are upbeat if not downright enthusiastic about their prospects.

A reliable pollster told us a month ago there was no evidence of a Democratic wave in Texas…but that was a month ago.

The bottom line? This election is a knife fight and, for the moment, Democrats have the power of the trends behind them.

My question to Harvey... who was that reliable pollster?

My only other comment, there is a wave and it will hopefully lift up those of you who have run lackluster (or, to put it another way, RETARDED) campaigns. You know who you are. Mostly because I've already told you I thought you were doing a shitty job.

In other words, some of you are going to win on accident.

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Things that you can tell just by looking at polls

I gotta tell you, I'm pretty sick of this cycle. I'm tired of the inept people running the online portions of the campaigns who have decided to masturbate by sending 20-30 emails. A DAY. This long ago stopped being communication and has become polivomit.

Take the latest from the Obama campaign imploring us Texans to go to Ohio. Or New Mexico. As if Texas was solidly red and not at all in play. Obvs, it was written by someone who has no idea WTF is going on here, how close things are in Lege races and good local races around the state are looking.

Of course, while I'm irritated about all the emails from the campaigns, I'm even less tolerant of all the puma garbage coming over...

As a former Clinton supporter, y'all can go fuck yourselves. Slowly. With a telephone pole. Seriously, you may not like Obama but making shit up about him is just goddamn stupid. Even dumber is using the goddamn NY Post as a source. And your defense of Joe The Plumber was laughable. Seriously. The only reason the media cares about old Joe is because McThuselah kept using it over and over again in the debate. Unfortunately for McThuselah, his campaign didn't bother to vett him beyond the 'he doesn't like Obama' stage.

All this campaign garbage is a necessary evil. You have to win if you want to govern. However, we can't ever forget that the right is to blame for the mess we're in. The right got what they wanted, control over a major political party. They used this power, along with some help from some stupid Democrats and more moderate Republicans, to create the most business friendly environment since the robber barons. Ideologically, the right won and we've had 30 years of concentrating wealth at the top, stagnate wages and a deteriorating standard of living. Now we're at the point where tax cuts won't work to stimulate the economy... and no one is buying the bullshit.

And no, Grover, this wasn't the failure of Bush. It was the failure of you, your friends and your desire to put ideology over reality.

So, here I am realizing that the emails aren't done quite yet and that, in the end, they irritate me less than Grover Norquist.

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October 21, 2008

Good news in CD 10

The Statesman has a good piece up about just how competitive CD 10 is...

Now Democrats are giving McCaul his toughest challenge yet in the form of Washington County lawyer Larry Joe Doherty, the former star of a TV courtroom show.

McCaul's district, which includes much of northern Travis County, stretches east along U.S. 290 to the western suburbs of Houston. Doherty can expect to run well in Democrat-friendly Travis County but will need to eat into McCaul's sizable advantage in the conservative areas near Houston and between the two big cities.

Given Larry Joe's roots in the Houston area, it's likely that McCaul's advantage there will be cut down significantly from 2006. If the numbers hold, it should be enough (if LJD can hold on to Ankrum's voters in 2006) to elect LJD.

Of course, this will help...

McCaul is an engaging, interesting former prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice. But his low profile and support for so much of the Bush administration program over his past two terms makes him an ill fit for Austin. That's one of the reasons we are endorsing Larry Joe Doherty for this seat.

This is a particularly interesting endorsement given The Statesman's support in the past for McCaul. Of course, most of that was driven by the execrable Rich Oppel who lived in McCaul's colon when he was in town.

Go help Larry Joe today!

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But, Senator McCain! She IS a liar!

Click here for Sen. McCain's latest race baiting piece of filthy advertising. It's what prompted me to wonder exactly HOW Senator McCain could claim Senator Obama was out of bounds for calling Governor Palin a liar. She DOES lie. It's been well documented and she continues to do it.

I think what's really eating McSame is that a black man is telling the truth about a white woman. The reality is that she's incompetent and a liar. Of course, lying and philandering is nothing new to John. Just ask his first wife.

Time to put the n*gger in his place, right Senator McCain? I know how you can pull yourself up! Talk some more about your imprisonment. We've not heard nearly enough about that and why you think it qualifies you to be President.

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Looking on the bright side

They say every cloud has a silver lining. I know some might be puzzled as to how that might apply to Sarah Palin. The only thing I have come up with is that it has made Saturday Night Live really good again. I, like many, have loved Tina Fey's impersonation and enjoyed seeing her back on the show every week. So perhaps I should be grateful to Sarah Palin for getting me to watch the show again. It's a good thing, because I liked this.

And I absolutely LOVED THIS!

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October 20, 2008

It may not make you much smarter...

...but apparently it will slow Alzheimer's.

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Go, Sherrie, GO!

Go help Sherrie today!

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Tolls : Get ready for the mileage tax

With the decline in the relative value of gas tax revenues (because the tax isn't being adjusted for inflation), the government is looking for new ways to tax folks to pay for roads (tolls, for example, are just another tax). One idea is to outfit every car with GPS-equipped transceivers that will automatically track and upload your location (and where you've been) to the government. In fact, it's being tested out here and the government is looking for a few brave guinea pigs drivers to test out the new Omnipresent Tracking And Detection System (I should soooo get a job naming government programs, right?).

Seriously, it never occurred to you to take down people's mileage when they got their inspection stickers on an annual basis, then compare it to the year before and charge them monthly? Or, even better, why not just RAISE THE DAMN GAS TAX.

Seriously, the gas tax IS a mileage tax. Just raise it and let's get on with the improvements to infrastructure we all acknowledge we need.

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October 18, 2008

Hi, this is Rose Petal again

I’m so sorry to take forever to say something, but after Mr. McBlogger took back his website, Amalgamated said I had too many occurrences and fired me. I’m not sure what that is, but when I asked them about it, the HR lady called the security guard. Big whoop. He’s some speed freak with bad breath and really smelly feet. I just walked out. What a bunch of lames. Anyway, mama’s got the cancer, so I’ve been taking care of her.

One day, Mr. McBlogger called me. He said I was funny and asked me to come to his house to talk about a job. Well, anytime a guy says I’m funny and wants me to come to his place, they usually end up getting their swerve on, or want to talk about Jesus and then hit on me. So I had my guard up.

When I saw that he was some old gay dude, I felt pretty safe. Except he kept drinking liquor, and the more he drank, the louder and meaner he got. Just like my last two boyfriends and stepdad.

I don’t care if he’s gay. One time I went over to Sam’s dad’s duplex. Her name is Samantha, we just call her that. He had gone with his girlfriend to a casino in Louisiana for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. We started drinking and Sam went to her dad’s room and brought back a porno DVD. Most of it was women. I think she then put on somebody named Melissa Ferrick and started to give me a back rub and then hugged my neck. We made out for a little. I think she’s done this before. That’s all we did, because it didn’t do much for me, but if you want to have sex with your own kind, so what.

Anyway, Mr. McBlogger wanted me to write about politics, which I know nothing about, so I asked an old boyfriend who still has benefits, and he said Sarah Palin is a MILF. Who knew he was into old women.

He was going off about this and that, saying Obama was an Arab and hangs out with terrorists. Like I said, I don’t know much about politics, but after listening to Mr. McBlogger about the candidates, I knew my old boyfriend was talking stupid. I asked him why he doesn’t join the Army and go to Iraq if he was so all American. He got all pissy, and lame too. I cut off his benefits, so now he’s all nice and says he going to vote for Obama which I knew he’s lying since he’s not even registered to vote.

So I asked mama who’s always watching TV and reading magazines. She said that she had read that Palin cheated on her husband, and has a pregnant unwed 17 yr old daughter. Mama said she doesn’t care about such things, but said that what she’s seen so far of her was that she was a bitch and not too bright about finding good honest answers for problems.

I’m not sure what mama meant, so she explained, “Look, hon, Palin is that girl in high school who bossed everyone around and convinced you she had these great ideas and always got others to do the work, but then when all was said and done, had messed things up and you had to fix up her mess. She would take credit for the good things, and blame you for the bad. Or, she outright lied. But she’s conniving. I got to give her credit for that. You know those kids who tell on you? I don’t care much for them, but I sort of understand their reasons. But Palin was the kind that would blackmail you by threatening to go to your parents or teacher if you didn’t do something for her.”

I do remember a girl like that, but some people at school said they were going to show her. I don’t know whatever happened to her, but when I asked those people what did they ever do to her, all they kept chanting was “Heathers, Heathers, Heathers.”

That’s all I got right now. I’m looking for a new job. I had been working at Starbuck’s, but that one closed down. Since I got my GED, Granny said she’s got some money tucked away and would help with vocation school

Oh, and just between you and me, I think Mr. McBlogger needs a boyfriend, but he needs to lose some weight. Granny said, “Bless his heart.”

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October 17, 2008

Baron gets Tysabri

Wednesday morning we reported that Fred Baron was in bad shape and desperately in need of a drug that could save his life. From Bloomberg comes word that he's now being treated.

Our best wishes and prayers that what you've fought so hard to get will do the trick and get you back into fighting shape. And to Mr. Baron's family and friends, the best compliment anyone can pay another human being is doing everything in ones power not to lose that friend.

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Calling Bullshit : Uhm... but you're poor.

During the debate Wednesday night, you may have missed the mention of 'Joe The Plumber' by Sen. McCain. Since he mentioned it only ten thousand times. Basically, the story (and it IS a story) is that Joe Wurzelbacher came up to Sen. Obama during a campaign event and said he was planning on buying a business that earned between $250-280,000 per year and that he wouldn't be able to do that under Obama's tax plan.

I know it will come as a shock, but Sen. McCain tried to use that Wednesday night to prove Sen. Obama just hates small businesses.

Now, the truth is you pay taxes on income, not gross revenues. So, Joe's purchase would have to net him income of $250,000 and would probably cost him at least five times earnings which would put the purchase price at $1,250,000. Now, Joe is a pretty average, lower middle class guy. Here he is talking to Senator Obama...


I know looks can be deceiving, but this does not look like a guy who has $100 in checking, let alone $1.25 million. But maybe he could get a loan... except, he's probably pretty close on debt to income ratios given that he has an income tax lien against him, meaning he's actually spending way more than he makes. So much, in fact, that he can't even pay his taxes.

Wait... a guy who doesn't pay his taxes is bitching about paying taxes? Uh oh, Joe.

So basically, his planning to buy the business that earns more than $250,000 per year is dependent on the death of a rich relative. Or a lotto win. His fears about Obama taxing his newfound income? Completely unfounded and, frankly, more than a little stupid. However, one thing this has brought up is that Joe is not a licensed plumber and in his area of Ohio, they license plumbers. He also lied about his union membership (he was never a member of the local). And in the end all he's worried about, should his dream fantastically materialize and enable him to own a plumbing business earning more than $250,000 per year (most plumbers don't earn that, just FYI) he'd pay a grand total of $900 more PER YEAR. But, if he was confused and was confusing sales with income...

And his question to Mr. Obama about paying taxes? According to some tax analysts, if Mr. Wurzelbacher’s gross receipts from his business is $250,000 — and not his taxable income — then he would not have to pay higher taxes under Mr. Obama’s plan, and probably would be eligible for a tax cut.

At least Joe gets to feel like Britney Spears.

As a final note, I'm tired of poor people bitching all the time about taxes they don't pay. And voting based on pipe dreams that will never come true. And Joe, even if you do buy the two man business of your dreams, $63k is about your max. So you have nothing to worry about.

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The Chronic Awards...

people other than us for being 'Best of Austin'.

That (and Harry's pending lawsuit against them for ignoring us) aside, we're excited to see that several of our selections made it in this year, including BOR, Mike Martinez, Will Wynn and our accursed traffic. Eileen Smith got best local politics blogger which is very cool since she's one of the funniest people we know (we find her funny regardless of how much we've had to drink).

All in all, you gave up only a few of the good places and wisely selected Teh Suck (Molotov? VERY clever, y'all!) to trap the people who will read this over the weekend and start overwhelming these places. I am, however, pissed you bitches gave up Wink. Now we'll have to fight for our dinner with someone from Cedar Park who more appropriately belongs at an Olive Garden. In Cedar Park.

Click here to see all the awards... and the critics picks. We didn't get one of those, either. I blame Lee Nichols. And my content.

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October 16, 2008

Peering into the future

With all the hubbub and anxiety surrounding the election and the economy, some recent accomplishments in time-travel technology have been overlooked. It is now possible, through the magic of YouTube, to peer into the future, if only for brief moments.

For example, here's a snippet showing Senator McThuselah a few years after his embarrassing landslide loss in next month's election. Apparently, he gets out of politics altogether and becomes a film producer.

What's really impressive about this technology is that it even shows alternative future scenarios! Apparently, in a parallel future, McThuselah snaps in a major way and winds up in jail, where he is visited in jail by his friend, G. Gordon Liddy, who apparently decides to start wearing a toupee in the future

...or, maybe he has a total change of heart about the environment and becomes a leading advocate in the treehugging movement?

It works in reverse, too! Here he is telling his first wife he wants a divorce

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Paul's economic advisor speaks

Ron Paul's economic advisor, Peter Schiff, has a great piece up at the WaPo. Well, at least part of it is wonderful. This part...

Amid the chaos of recent days, as the federal government has taken gargantuan steps to stabilize the financial markets, realigning the U.S. economic system in the process, comes a nearly universal consensus: This crisis resulted from government reluctance to regulate the unbridled greed of Wall Street. Many economists and market participants who were formerly averse to government interference agree that a more robust regulatory framework must be constructed to cage the destructive forces of capitalism.

Sounds good, right? Just like what we've been saying for a while, no? Well, it is. However, he goes on to blame the government for PROMOTING HOMEOWNERSHIP AND NOT REGULATING WALL ST. which is bizarre. Why? Because it was the libertarian philosophies of Schiff and those like him that said the market would self regulate and that we needed to get the nanny state off our backs. Meanwhile people like me were screaming about what had become SOP at all the investment banks... lever 'til it hurts, baby! You guys won the battle of who could eliminate regs. But, as it turns out, my side wins the war because we're the only ones who still have money.

Never mind the fact that the entire economy almost fell off a cliff.

The part of the piece that really struck me was this...

Real credit can be supplied only by savings, so artificial steps to stimulate lending will only produce inflation.

Would someone, you know, take a moment to discuss monetary aggregates with Peter and that deflation is now a far larger concern than inflation considering that more than $ 4 trillion has evaporated from the economy?

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It Can't Happen Here

Or could it?

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October 15, 2008

Tonight, I lost all respect for Sen. McCain

I've seen some really dumb people in my life. Many of them have been politicians. One of them, as of tonight, is John McCain.

I once had respect for him, until he became George W. Bush's bitch in 2000. I did still think he was fairly intelligent and honest. I now look at him as just another lying politician. What I really hate is someone who will try to play guilt by association. I'm disgusted by people who will lie about trade and the economy. I hate someone who will tell me he'll balance the budget by cutting less than 1/2 of 1%.

Senator McCain, how are we supposed to build nuclear power plants with a spending freeze? How am I supposed to RUN MY GODDAMN CAR OFF A FUCKING NUKE PLANT?

It's time to call a senile old bastard, a senile old bastard. And it's very obvious that John McCain left his integrity in his first term and was never the man I thought he was. See you later you miserable, old, lying fuckball.

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I Predict A Very Tense Thanksgiving In This Family

From Raw Story

Man names baby 'Sarah McCain Palin' behind wife's back

A Tennessee man couldn't give much to the McCain/Palin campaign, so he gave his child's nomenclature.

"I took one for the cause," said Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton. "This is a little token to the McCain camp, and we are strong supporters of that ticket." Ciptak put "Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak" on his newborn daughter's birth certificate documents, ignoring the name he and his wife picked earlier.

"We actually came up with the name Ava Grace, and I secretively went and got another set of forms," Ciptak said. His wife Layla, he told the Kingsport Times-News still didn't know what he had done when he first talked to them. "Only some friends and family members who I have called for prayer support know at this point," he said. In a follow-up, Ciptak said that "she was not quite fond of me or of what I have done, but we've had some time to talk it over, and she has been really supportive through it all."

Ciptak's in-laws, on the other hand, are "planning my funeral behind my back," he said. "There's some resentment from the family."

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Oil : OPEC is so screwed

Even as speculation dissipates from commodities and oil begins to drop, Americans are maintaining their stingy ways and even accelerating them. Which has to scare the hell out of you if you're OPEC. For it's part, the oil cartel is planning on production cuts to stabilize prices. Which will cause a further acceleration in the transition to more fuel efficient cars and the development of alternative fuels. Which will drive down prices further, even with demand growth from cheaper fuels (mostly since bioreactors won't need any arable land so they can be scaled up quickly and dramatically).

What will be interesting is the change in the geopolitical landscape as oil rich nations destabilize. And it'll be hella funny to watch the US transition rapidly to a solid focus on Israel to the exclusion of all our former 'friends'.

Oh. and for those of you who think manufacturing synthetic oil is hard, as Exxon. They funded several research projects in the early '80's and, as it turns out, with the right feedstock it's pretty easy.

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Reading comprehension 101

Let's be honest, Sarah Palin is a very good natural politician. Her delivery is virtually flawless and her ability to connect with the Republican base has been likened to Reagan.

However, we also have to be honest and acknowledge that she lies like a dog. Take TrooperGate. The report was pretty clear, if a little like War and Peace in terms of length, that she abused her power. Period. She's saying it vindicates her which the dummies out in the hinterlands will believe because they are the product of Republican education systems and don't know how to read anything more complex than the graphics on Fox News.

For the rest of us who will not read the report (seriously, don't you have something better to do?) there's this from the Anchorage Daily News.

Sarah Palin's reaction to the Legislature's Troopergate report is an embarrassment to Alaskans and the nation.

She claims the report "vindicates" her. She said that the investigation found "no unlawful or unethical activity on my part."

Her response is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian.

Page 8, Finding Number One of the report says: "I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act."

In plain English, she did something "unlawful." She broke the state ethics law.

Perhaps Gov. Palin has been too busy to actually read the Troopergate report. Perhaps she is relying on briefings from McCain campaign spinmeisters.

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Biogen Idec vs. Fred Baron

Biogen Idec has found itself in a rather unique position. It apparently has a drug that is extremely effective against certain cancers, specifically multiple myeloma which happens to afflict Fred Baron.

Here's the rub...

1) The drug, TYSABRI, is approved for treating MS and Crohn's.
2) Tysabri can cause, in a very few cases, a deadly infection in the brain
3) As a result of certain side effects in immunocompromised individuals, the drug's only available to registered patients. No offlabel uses are allowed.
4) Tysabri is already in a trial to treat multiple myeloma

Which is why it's not as easy as just getting Baron's oncologist to order treatment. Baron, to his credit, has gone to some extraordinarily lengths to get this drug including enlisting help from the FDA in letting the company know that this falls under a compassionate treatment variance. Baron has offered to sign a waiver of liability and FDA has apparently indicated that the MM trial will be unaffected by the results from this treatment which neatly punches holes in the arguments being offered by the company for refusing the request of Barron and his son (who kicked everything off with this letter) based on side effects.

This also opens a larger discussion on medicine and it's future in the United States, specifically the pharmaceutical industry which has been making some big money, especially off the Fed's prescription drug benefit. Doctors do the research and a private company benefits from that research. At what point to do ethical considerations, compassionate considerations, come into play? Simply put, at what point do we fully nationalize research that we are, to a large extent, already paying for with our tax dollars?!?!

Yeah, the vast majority of the medical research in the US is funded by ... wait for it... the United States government.

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October 14, 2008

Roundin' Up The TPA

It's time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance's Weekly Round-Up. This week's roundup is compiled
by Vince from Capitol Annex.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme agrees with Webb County Elections Commissioner Patricia Barrera and Webb County voters: Electronic Voting machines need a voter verifiable paper trail.

jobsanger thinks the Texas
Legislature should rescind the Texas Driver Responsibility Program,
which has one million href="http://jobsanger.blogspot.com/2008/10/texans-owe-815-million-in-fines.html">Texas
driver's owing $815 in fines, and wonders if a Denver mural is href="http://jobsanger.blogspot.com/2008/10/artwork-or-political-sign.html">artwork
or a political sign.

Justin at AAA-Fund Blog makes note
of near-violent anti-Iraqi
racism at Texas A&M

Captain Kroc at href="http://www.McBlogger.com">McBlogger has href="http://www.mcblogger.com/archives/2008/10/evangelical_sav.html">some
advice for evangelicals narrowly focused on abortion.

suppression by Republicans in Harris County is carefully
distinguished from href="http://brainsandeggs.blogspot.com/2008/10/conservatives-keep-on-shrieking-fraud.html">the
"voter fraud" the conservatives continually whine about, but
PDiddie's favorite (indeed his only) conservative
commenter studiously doesn't get it. At href="http://brainsandeggs.blogspot.com">Brains and Eggs.

nytexan of href="http://www.bluebloggin.com">BlueBloggin points out that once
again Bush lied and Congress went along with href="http://www.bluebloggin.com/2008/10/11/nsa-eavesdropping-on-americans-and-bushs-bs-war-on-terror/">NSA
Eavesdropping On Americans And Bush’s BS War On Terror. Americans
now have the pleasure of knowing that NSA has listened to US citizens.
Happy now!

Off the Kuff takes a look at
the href="http://www.offthekuff.com/mt/archives2/2008/10/012582.html#012582">30-day
finance reports for Harris County candidates.

in ballots returned for postage? It has already happened in Denton
County. The Texas Cloverleaf has more.

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News posted videos, from
Obama is leading in North Carolina to the new GOP base and other
stuff in one of his rambles around the web.

target="_blank">BossKitty at target="_blank">TruthHugger is saddened how some Americans cannot
progress beyond old thinking. href="http://truthhugger.com/2008/10/12/i%e2%80%99d-rather-not-say-its-about-race/"
target="_blank">I’d Rather Not Say Its About RACE
is an expose showing how Republican Politics exploits "old thinking" to
control voters.

If you live in Bellaire, Sugarland, Galveston, or another part of the
oddly gerrymandered SD 17, you may have gotten a "push poll" from folks
trying to whittle down Democratic candidate Chris Bell's lead in the
state Senate race. George at The
Texas Blue
points out some href="http://www.thetexasblue.com/dirty-tricks-in-sd-17">dirty tricks in
Texas' 17th Senate district.

Vince at Capitol Annex--freshly back from a six-day hiatus after moving
servers-- href="http://capitolannex.com/2008/10/06/election-2008-preview-twelve-hot-house-races/">has
ranked "Hot" Texas House races in anticipation of the 2008 elections.

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So... What Is The Market Value Of A Kidney These Days Anyway?

If there was a Nobel Prize for Crazy, Don Zimmerman would be a strong contender.

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October 13, 2008

Around Town : Jones gets endorsement; Eckhardt on CAMPO

  • Woodie Jones received the AAS endorsement for the CJ spot on the 3rd Court of Appeals. This comes as a huge surprise considering that Jones is by far the more qualified and capable candidate (not to mention having far more experience ON the Court than his opponent).

    Yeah, the Statesman endorsed a Democrat in a judicial race. Shocked the hell outta me, too.

  • Sam Houston and Linda Yanez picked up some important endorsements from the DMN and HousChron
  • In advance of tonight's CAMPO meeting, Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt released the following:

    Just over one year ago, at the height of public outcry over toll roads, the Policy Board of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) unanimously passed a set of covenants to govern the use of toll revenue collected from the Phase II toll roads. The covenants generally require that toll revenues stay within two miles of the road on which they were generated. The covenants allow for diversion of excess toll revenues from one toll road corridor to other projects only after specific public input and a 2/3 vote of the CAMPO Policy Board. Finally, the covenants require that tolls be reduced and eventually eliminated after the debt for the toll road has been retired and potential improvement projects within the corridor have been exhausted. On Monday, the CAMPO Policy Board will consider overturning some of these covenants, including the public meeting requirements.

    The first of the toll roads formerly known as Phase II is 290E, also known as the Manor Expressway. Because the project cannot stand on its own merits from a financing perspective the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is proposing to “backstop” the debt financing of 290E with toll revenue from 183A through the creation of a “system.” In this system comprised of 290E and 183A, toll revenue and resultant debt capacity/obligation for both roads would be commingled and belong to the system, not to the transportation shed in which the user fees were collected. This diversion of revenue is exactly the circumstance the covenants were designed to address.

    Under this circumstance the public comment provisions in the covenants should kick in. But they haven’t. Although the covenants require that a Statement of Purpose be developed and that public hearings be held both region-wide and within the donor corridor, none of these steps have been taken by CAMPO. The CTRMA seeks to waive these requirements. Some have even suggested repealing the covenants entirely.

    No word on who would like to kill the covenants. Of course, it's probably the usual suspects, like Gerald Daugherty, who love them some toll roads and hate the pesky input from their constituents. If you live in Travis County Commissioner Precinct 3, help out Karen Huber today.

  • We've all known for quite some time that the SBOE is populated with a lot of Republican nuts. Take this mad old cow...


    I know... the haircut does kind of remind me of a friend's mother who last sported that 'do in 1993. However, this isn't that mother. This is Gail 'Freakshow' Lowe who represents a swath of Texas stretching from the Hill Country to the Red River on the SBOE. She's just your normal, average, everyday lunatic who thinks:

    1)Evolution is a theory without understanding what a 'theory' means in natural sciences
    2)Teh Gays are Teh Bad
    3)Her opponents are not family friendly, whatever the hell that means

    Gail, this the SBOE not one of your nutter tent revivals. If you don't want to take the damn job seriously, then we'll surely find someone to replace you. I hate stupidity and incompetence and you are cursed with a plethora of both.

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    Shit announces merger talks with Vomit

    Remember way back in February, 2007 when we reported the about rumor a merger between GM and Chrysler? Well, it appears that the talks have since moved forward with all the deliberate speed of an accelerating Chevette.

    via The 'berg

    Combining GM, the biggest U.S. automaker, with No. 3 Chrysler would cement GM's global sales lead over Toyota Motor Corp. The money-losing Detroit companies are under pressure to boost cash as the credit crisis dries up loans for dealers and buyers, helping send U.S. auto sales to their lowest since 1991.

    ``It would be a classic consolidation,'' John Casesa, a partner at consulting firm Casesa Shapiro Group in New York, said today in an interview. ``The incentive would be to reduce cost by reducing overhead,''

    Oh.My. Casesa must have been at the bar this AM where the Bloomberg reporter who filed the story was enjoying breakfast (one egg, one english muffin and one eye opener consisting of equal parts bourbon, vodka, clamato and a quarter teaspoon of habernero chile). First off, I guess you could call this 'a classic consolidation' if you consider such success stories as Sony/Columbia and Federated/Allied 'classic consolidations'. And if you redefine 'classic consolidation' to mean 'peerless clusterfuck'.

    This is a super bad idea. You need to liquidate both the companies, guarantee the pensions of the workers and make sure that an acquirer doesn't fire them. Change the management, change the design teams and voila, you'll get a great company.

    The government would have to be involved in something like this, but that doesn't scare me. What terrifies me is allowing the managerial incompetence in place now to continue and drag down both companies. And their workers.

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    October 12, 2008

    Don't have time to go to CAMPO

    Like many of you, I have a life and a job so I'll be unable to attend the CAMPO meeting tomorrow night. HOWEVER, they do have an email where you can let them know just how you feel. No on Item 7 on accepting the terms and conditions on the 290E tollway will work just fine.

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    Evangelical, save thyself

    In a presidential election where the economy and jobs are the overwhelming issues, thoughtful evangelicals have to be wondering how the whole range of social justice issues which include health care, and the invasion and occupation of Iraq are resonating with their one issue anti-abortion brethren. Most likely on deaf ears.

    Pro-life is a misnomer for this group that gives short shrift for a person once born. When asked about after-birth compassion, the response is, “We just want the baby to breath, the rest will take care of itself.” Such ignorance is staggering.

    This is a group that not only forces their beliefs on other parishioners, but also is a self-appointed watchdog of other groups within churches, and who feel the need to condemn people on one issue. Increasingly, they are disruptive, divisive, and are disrespectful of church leaders who are attempting to end abortion with intelligent solutions. Any self-pontificating about their supposed virtues is suspect.

    The lies and misinformation coming from anti-abortion groups about Barack Obama has to stop, and if this group is too indoctrinated to regulate themselves, then reasonable people with reasonable solutions need to start standing up to them.

    For six years, Republicans had control of the presidency and congress at the same time, but they did nothing to stop abortions because to do so would have meant losing their biggest issue to raise money and get out the vote.

    So with that in mind, let’s look at the other issues that evangelicals should consider when choosing a candidate. Republicans support - maybe gleefully - the invasion and occupation of Iraq, support the death penalty, have an abysmal record on the environment, destroy worker’s rights and have a cynical disdain for working men and women, and underfund public education and programs to help children. A substantial portion of their base hates immigrants, and has no concept of solidarity and the common good.

    Evangelical’s downward spiral toward irrelevancy is a sad commentary on their contemporary role in our society. These are the people who, before being caught up in prosperity theology, were on the forefront of confronting greed, and corporate influence on our lives. They have forgotten that we are one human family, whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences, and that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

    My belief is that this disappearance of conscience formation toward the evils of money is a significant reason that this country did not heed the warnings of this economic crisis, and continued to embrace a warped philosophy that said looking out for number one was a blessing and that showing any concern toward the well-being of all is socialism.

    Maybe their day of reckoning is at hand.

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    October 11, 2008

    Tolls : So what is CAMPO up to?

    On Monday, CAMPO's Transportation Policy Board will be meeting to discuss some some issues and make some decisions. Among them is the vote to accept the terms and conditions of the financing of the 290E Tollway. And therein lies the rub... apparently, even the rosy projections advanced by CTRMA and their friends at JP Morgan (the investment banking subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase) aren't enough to cover the debt service on the bonds used to finance the road. Which is a real problem in this market. I'd ask you to forget, for a moment, the fact that the credit markets are effectively frozen still, especially for road bonds. This'll all make sense in that context.

    Apparently, JPM is pricing the interest rate on the bonds to, what I would assume, a level that would allow them to carry the bonds on their balance sheet. But they are dangling a carrot. If CAMPO will agree to bind 290E AND 183A into the same project as part of a system then they'll reduce the interest rate. Of course, there's no word on the existing bonds used to finance the 183A road. Or the performance vs. projections of that road. What is known is that CAMPO is being asked to guarantee the bonds on 290E with revenue from 183A.

    Now, one of the arguments for toll roads is that they are financed by user fees (not evil taxes). The interesting thing in this situation is that 'user fees' from one population are being used to bolster the financing, in effect subsidizing, the users fees on another project. This would make sense if the two roads had user overlap. Or even if they were close to one another.

    These roads don't have overlapping user populations AND they are separated from one another by, well, most of Austin.

    And now, I have some questions...

    1) If we're not worried about 'user fees' being used to pay off projects where they were assessed, in effect spreading the burden evenly, why don't we spread it as evenly as possibly (and as cheaply for taxpayers) by increasing the gax tax?

    2) What about the money that TXDOT has been authorized to raise? Surely our legislators can find a way to get some of THAT money out of TXDOT to fund this project.

    CAMPO needs to realize this ISN'T the best time to raise money to build something. Whether the situation will cure in a week or a year, the reality is that 290E is not a pressing project especially given that it can't fund itself. Further, we're less than a month away from an election that is definitely going to change the legislative makeup of DC and possibly Austin. Everyone in politics knows that infrastructure is definitely needed and will be necessary to bring us out of this recession... and the mood has certainly shifted from financing that investment with tolls.

    CAMPO should table this until at least March, 2009. It's the only responsible thing to do.

    YES! I got through this entire post without calling you any of you names or deriding your intelligence. Don't think that'll continue, especially if you vote to approve these draconian terms and conditions. Simply put, and I mean no offense, none of you have a solid background in structured finance. Simply put, JP Morgan does NOT have the best interests of CAMPO in mind. You should dig VERY deeply into the structure of this and the covenants.

    CAMPO Transportation Policy Board
    Monday, October 13, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.
    University of Texas, Joe C. Thompson Conference Center, Room 2.102
    Dean Keeton and Red River, Austin, Texas

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    If People Don't Want To See A Movie, It's Hard To Stop Them

    Pity the poor conservatives. First those evil home-buying minorities wreck their economy, now Hollywood libruls hvae somehow wrecked their movie.

    That's right, when An American Carol opened last week, audiences stayed away in droves. How could such a thing happen? A movie making fun of Michael Moore? (Pretty cutting edge, if your calender is stuck on 2004.) And recycling hackneyed storytelling's most beloved Dickensian storyline? Say it ain't so, Joe. It must be... a conspiracy!

    The producers of the liberal-bashing satire An American Carol claimed Tuesday that they had received reports of "ticket fraud," and suggested that it could be the reason why the film's weekend box-office figures were so low.

    Seriously, guys, Kelsey Grammer plays George Patton? No wonder people would rather watch talking chihuahuas.

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    October 10, 2008

    I'm voting for you, Rick

    ...but this was politics, it's shitty and you're a goddamn braindead simp for saying it. Cornyn has done soooo many things wrong that there are tons of issues to attack on. Instead, like any other craven politico, you attack him on the right decision on an unpopular issue that the mouthbreathers out in the hinterlands don't understand (but just so happens to be the one thing that might keep them from abject poverty).

    You could have beaten him up for supporting the very deregulation that created this mess. You could have gotten him on supporting the very lack of oversight that allowed companies to offer mortgages at insane rates to borrowers who were clearly not qualified.

    "We can't believe anything that we hear out of Washington, D.C., any more," Mr. Noriega said in a debate broadcast statewide on public television.

    "This decision was made in haste," he said, adding that the stock market's negative reaction shows the bailout wasn't well thought out.

    "It didn't have the accountability," Mr. Noriega said. "Quite frankly, we need to see that people go to jail.

    WOW. Where to begin... the first sentence is just stupid. THIS WASN'T COMING FROM WASHINGTON YOU ASSHOLE. This has been rolling downhill all over the planet for a year. Just because you only recently became aware of it doesn't mean it wasn't out there and it wasn't just as big as many of us said.

    The second point shows nothing of the sort. This is about redemptions and people panicking, it's hardly the market passing judgment on the TARP. TARP hasn't even been started. That's analogous to saying that a miscarriage was God's way of saying that he didn't want someone to be a mother.

    As for sending people to jail, for what? Doing stupid, but legal, things? Wanna make changes to the law and regs retroactive?!

    That's fucked up, hermano. As someone who has supported you from the Draft movement on, it's absolutely shameful to me that you would politicize what is in fact a very real disaster. If this really is how you feel, then I have serious doubts about your temperament and capabilities. If I were to tally up good vs bad decisions under both you and Cornyn, I'd have to say that you're still solidly beating the hell out of Cornyn. And I'm still voting for you.

    But I'm no longer voting FOR you. I'm now simply voting for the lesser of two evils and despite the fact that you're dumb enough to box yourself in on this, you're still the lesser of the two which ain't saying much.

    Thanks a lot, Prick.

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    Shut up, Asshole

    Bush goes on TV and the Dow falls 200 points.

    We've got, what, a little over three more months of this nebbish? God in heaven, can't they just lock him in a broom closet?

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    October 09, 2008

    Greed and Fear, or, Thanks for the cheap stocks!

    Wall Street went on sale this afternoon and as I pulled cash from everywhere I could to buy the wonderful companies that were on sale, the only thing I could think of was something I was told by a manager more than a decade ago...

    Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful

    So, you think that Altria was worth 4% less today than yesterday? Who am I to argue with your stupidity? I'll be happy to take those shares off your hands. And yes, bitches, Altria is all you get. I'm not telling you what else I'm buying.

    Here are a few choice quotes from the Times article published late today...

    Trevor Callan, a financial planner in La Jolla, Calif., said he has been bombarded by calls since Wednesday from nearly every one of his clients.

    “The bottom line here is we’re witnessing complete panic,” Mr. Callan said. “There are certainly periods of time where rationality is thrown out the window, and this is one of them.”

    Yep. It's true. Mr. Callan is getting our MOTO of the Month Award. It's very prestigious. He SHOULD be quite excited.

    Michael Cerenzie, a film producer, said he has been selling out of his million dollar position in banking stocks and is looking to invest in companies specializing in natural gas and energy.

    “This isn’t going to come back,” he said of the recent stock market losses. “This is going to be a long one. We are not going to see returns like we did in the past.”

    His business partner, Christine Peters, has her money managed professionally, but also sold her bank shares this week. She has replaced them with beaten down shares of IBM, as well as investments in gold.

    No, much like your career, stocks are in permanent decline. Thank you soooo much for selling me yours (and at a discount to your purchase price)!

    And finally I give you the Dumbest Smart Man In The World

    Robert M. Solow, who won the Nobel prize in 1987 for his work on economic growth, said that “potential for instability was always there” but he is caught surprise at the magnitude of the problems in the economy and financial system.

    “I’m as puzzled as anyone else,” he said. “I don’t have any particular wisdom to sell.”

    It's a PANIC. You don't figure that out. There's nothing to figure out when humans behave irrationally. It's rather pret a porter.

    Krugman, for his part, feels as I do about still more bloviating from our President.

    Finally, I'd like to leave you with this from dear, sweet, innocent and wonderful Larry Kudlow whom I've spent years deriding and who now looks like the asshole.

    I have long believed that stock markets are the best barometer of the health, wealth and security of a nation. And today's stock market message is an unmistakable vote of confidence for the president. Even the best low-tax, limited-government economic policies can be thwarted if the men and women going to work in the morning can't get safely back to their homes and families at night.

    Really, Larry?

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    Poll shows 60% of Americans are dummies

    You know, this would have been helpful a week ago Monday when all you morons thought we weren't in any real trouble. And now that we've got things somewhat stabilized, you think the world is about to end.

    Maybe, just maybe, it's because they're reading shit like this. My favorite part:

    There is trouble here. In the absence of a functioning market, how can the bureaucrats at the Fed figure out the right prices/yields to charge? This is the same problem as valuing level 3 assets, but without a profit motive to aid in focusing the efforts of the businessman.


    Point 1 - The Fed can rather easily determine the right prices by cashflow and performance analysis. That price then becomes the new mark to market (see Point 2). For example, if someone is trying to sell a CDO to the Treasury, with a face value of $1 bn, Treasury will do an analysis of the projected yield to maturity taking into the account the performance of the CDO. If 25% is not performing, then a baseline is $750 mn, less the already paid out portion. In general, you'd probably see a discount of 10-20% which would give a price of, say $600 mn. Granted, I'm not breaking out the math and some of these securities are a great deal more complex. However, that's essentially how this works.

    Point 2 - The price the Fed pays for one security can be cross applied to a similar security (it only takes one trade to make a market price). Thus, the null valuation for level three assets goes away and suddenly bank balance sheets look a lot better.

    Point 3 - The Fed and Treasury are likely to strip these pools apart and separate the good from the non-performing. The NP will then be sold off to loss mitigation folks. The rest of it will be insured and sold back into the market. Why will the market buy it?

    Point 4 - The market will buy it because every minute someone sits in cash costs money. It's not just inflation, it's opportunity cost. How long can they afford to sit this out? A month. Maybe.

    What's being missed is that this isn't 1929. Things move at speeds that would be unimaginable to the people of that era. The crash was long, drawn out and excruciating. This one has been short, deep and very painful. The recovery took a decade. Now, if it takes a year I'd be surprised.

    Could things spin out of control? Sure. Get over it. Simply, it's like worrying about dying. Sooner or later, it'll happen. It's worthless worrying about it.

    And quit watching Suze Orman.

    (h/t to KT)

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    October 08, 2008

    First, kill all the CEO's

    The thing I really hate about communists is that when they take over a country (it's been so long, hasn't it?) they usually start by killing the lawyers. They should start by killing senior management at most corporations.

    The Guardian is reporting that some CEOs will not participate in the Treasury's recapitalization program because it would limit their compensation. As a shareholder, I'm LOVING the fact that these parasites are holding up recovery and forcing their own demise.

    What's going to happen next is a delinking of executives from the boards. The boards will have to begin looking out for themselves as hungry lawyers greedily eye these wealthy men and women tasked with the oversight of corporations (most of whom control no stock). What will be entertaining is watching how fast these folks fall over themselves to eliminate the managers who would let their firms go down rather than take a pay cut.

    And no, there won't be any severance. You refuse to participate in the Treasury's program, then you've violated your fiduciary duty to protect the shareholders and their capital. Once that happens, we WILL cut your balls off.

    It's long past time that executives be treated like ordinary employees. And if we have to sue a few board members to get them to start doing their jobs, then so be it.

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    Debate Recap

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    October 07, 2008

    Palin, McCain, Gramm and the Stupid House Republicans

  • The NYT ran a great piece last weekend taking Little Sister Sarah to task for her admiration of the job Dick (Just Call Me Dick) Cheney and his 'reimagining' of the Constitution to expand the role of the Vice President.

    The Constitution does not state or imply any flexibility in the office of vice president. It gives the vice president no legislative responsibilities other than casting a tie-breaking vote in the Senate when needed and no executive powers at all. The vice president’s constitutional role is to be ready to serve if the president dies or becomes incapacitated.

    Any president deserves a vice president who will be a sound adviser and trustworthy supporter. But the American people also deserve and need a vice president who understands and respects the balance of power — and the limits of his or her own power. That is fundamental to our democracy.

    So far, Ms. Palin has it exactly, frighteningly wrong.

  • Little Sister Sarah has been talking about the specious link between Obama and some guy in Chicago (they once served on a board together. And they live in the same neighborhood so you can totally understand her assumption that they're the best of friends) which led someone at the WaPo to talk about McCain's friendship with the craziest A&M prof in recorded history, Phil Gramm. He's the good ole boy with the fish eyes who thinks it's just great (GREAT!) that we deregulated financial services so that they could run amok.
  • Take a bow, Jeb Hensarling. You've now separated yourself and your fellow Stupid House Republicans from even the Republican mainstream.

    Conservatives? My ass. Combined, y'all don't have the intellectual capacity to handle a job as a cashier at Wal Mart.

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    The Nightmare and Oil

    More than a year ago, I wrote this about the nightmare scenario. We've experienced spot shutdowns in CP for more than year which has squeezed the investment banks. Unfortunately, it's now spread to a systemic problem which prompted the Fed to step in this AM to become the lender of last resort for commercial paper.

    A year ago I said an event like this could well cause the dollar to lose 30% of it's value. That flawed analysis was based on a breakdown mostly in the US. However, as the freeze in the capital markets has spread worldwide and as write downs have basically eliminated $2-3 trillion from the money supply, there is a flight to the perceived quality of US Treasuries.

    Voila! Instant dollar appreciation vs. other major currencies.

    What's the net effect? Well, for the $4-5 trillion on the sidelines, it's a wakeup call that the Fed and Treasury, working in concert with other central banks, will not let the entire global system go down the drain. Further, it lets them know that there are safe risks. Finally, they have got to get this money to work and were charging exorbitant rates to borrow. Now they have an absolutely massive competitor which will have a cooling effect on credit cost increases. This should accelerate a return to normalcy.

    This was the bogeyman in the closet. Now that it's come out, we realize it's not carrying a chef's knife. It's carrying a plastic potato peeler. And we have gun.

    This doesn't mean all is rosy. Unwinding AIG and Lehman will be very difficult and probably will cause temporary shocks in certain areas as distressed assets are sold into weak markets. This is unavoidable but it's not fatal.

    But all the news is not bad. Some buyers are stepping back into the market. Take Wells Fargo's offer for Wachovia. And Citi's subsequent lawsuit. The bottom line is that Wachovia, even with it's problems, is worth a lot of money. By Citi's estimate, $60 bn. Which means shareholders won't get screwed in the ultimate sale because a buyer is going to have to pony up some money... they won't walk away with it for free (as Citi tried to do).

    One positive? With demand dropping and dollar strengthening, oil prices have fallen through the floor at $90/bbl. As the picture in financial securities begins to clear up, look for more and more speculative money to come out of oil and other commodities, dropping them still further. I do not think oil will drop much below $60-67 range which will leave intact the transition to biofuels and more efficient vehicles.

    Still, wages are slack and unemployment is climbing. That's the official number. The unofficial one is far higher. All that aide, we're heading for a recession. Which is a relief considering what we were looking into last week.

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    Campaign Updates

    Really, I'm voting for all of you and I like a great many of you. Some of you, frankly, I can't stand and I promise I'll eviscerate you at every opportunity.

    But that's enough about my feelings for little Patty Rose who, coincidentally, had a big, big, BIG fundraiser recently to celebrate his ability to take money from someone, then stab them in the back. Congrats, Patty!

    I just gotta tell you that I LOVE the 18,000 emails I get a day from candidates around the country, not just those in Texas. At least 4,000 of them alone come from Jeff Merkley who is running in OR to unseat Sen. Smith who is just slightly more stable than the lady down the street who tried to kill her husband.

    I kid. She's actually a rock in comparison to Smith who damn near went into seizures over the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (or, as I like to call it, the I Won't Have To Eat Ramen Economic Recovery Act Of 2008).

  • Sherrie Matula moves into the final stretch of the cycle with a BIG fundraising advantage over a certain Republican douche who unfortunately DIDN'T receive the endorsement of ParentPAC... Matula got that as well.
  • Sen. Brimer lost his appeal to get Wendy Davis off the ballot. With all the bullshit he's pulled, we're wondering not if Davis will beat him, but by how much
  • Some bitchface retard Governor of some state that has a total population less than Austin called Texas "Alaska's little sister". Why don't you come back after the election, say that over the PA in a bar and then try to make it to the door. I know more than a few ol' gals who would beat your hockey mom ass down like a baby seal.
  • Larry Joe is kicking some ass in CD 10. A recent poll has him within 5 points of Mike McCaul (R-Clear Channel). I'm moving this race to TOSS UP given Doherty's talent in the campaign organization and in media and McCaul's polling weakness. This is an election that is going to bring large numbers of voters who are outside the usual polling samples and those voters are going to be overwhelmingly Democratic.
  • We're still waiting to hear about Diana Maldonado's CFR. Word on the street is more than $200k was raised this quarter. This is a seat we KNOW is Democratic. We're only sad Diana has to win it from some nebbish and not from that ratfucker Krusee.
  • Havagoodun!

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    October 06, 2008

    McCain (hearts) Deregulation

    It's the part with Phil Gramm at the end that's the best. Never before has a dumber person spoken more authoritatively on subjects about which he knows absolutely nothing.

    Seriously, Phil, you're a BIG reason why I'm not a shareholder in UBS. Any company dumb enough to have you on the Board of Directors is clearly not an organization that cares about it's owners.

    Posted by mcblogger at 01:32 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack

    Stupid, Sebastian. Very Stupid.

    Those who comprise the pseudo-intellectual backbone of the right are mounting a stirring, if misguided and thoroughly wrong, defense of deregulation. First up today, Sebastian Mallaby in the WaPo which is apparently trying to compete more vigorously with the WaTimes.

    If that doesn't convince you that deregulation is the wrong scapegoat, consider this: The appetite for toxic mortgages was fueled by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the super-regulated housing finance companies. Calomiris calculates that Fannie and Freddie bought more than a third of the $3 trillion in junk mortgages created during the bubble and that they did so because heavy government oversight obliged them to push money toward marginal home purchasers. There's a vigorous argument about whether Calomiris's number is too high. But everyone concedes that Fannie and Freddie poured fuel on the fire to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

    OK, first off it's clear that Mallaby is completely ignorant of this. This WAS an absolute failure of deregulation at all levels. Mallaby wishes to cast the final blame on cheap money from the Chinese (their recycled trade profits) and the investors all over the world with an appetite (Mallaby stupidly assumes) for risky sub-prime credits. First off, money is money and whether it's cheap or expensive, prudent underwriting standards are a constant. The rules don't really change. You can't justify, ever, giving someone a loan with a balance more than 20 times their annual salary. Needless to say, you can blame China all you want but it's still a decision that someone IN THE UNITED STATES made to make these loans.

    Second, Mallaby's ignorance of structured finance and the sales plans for these securities really should disqualify him from writing on this topic. Of course, the WaPo doesn't know any better so they'll let any idiot fill their pages with pap. As long as they work for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the AEI or (in Mallaby's case) the CFR. But I digress... Back to blaming the buyer. The reality is that these investors DO deserve some of the blame. These are folks who manage billions in assets and frankly should have been a little more concerned with the tranching, the credit classes (and homogeneity) in those tranches and the overall credit profile. They should have been concerned about the credit enhancements... why WERE they needed? Who was the counterparty on those insurance policies? What was their reserve? In their defense, some managers DID dig into these questions. They received assurances that the pools in the CDO were perfectly constructed, the enhancements (credit default swaps) were solid which brought the credit rating (according to the ratings agencies) up to A and the counterparties on the CDS were all well rated. None of that was a lie... well, not exactly, The consistency in the pool was at issue, as was the historic risk on low documentation loans (not to mention those which added to that layer of risk with a high loan to value ratio and relatively low FICO scores). However, even some of the issuers didn't understand the risks they had ultimate underwriting responsibility for at the pool level. That aside, these investors were paying A paper prices on C credits. When these credits began to perform like C credits, THEN they started asking questions which caused the systemic breakdown because the answers weren't what they were expecting.

    Not to mention the fact that the enhancements became effectively worthless as issuers folded up shop.

    As a side note, Mallaby should maybe take a look at this. While the NYT did a pretty piss poor job on the story, it's still pretty clear that the decisions made by FNMA and FHLMC weren't forced by regulation. They weren't even coerced, despite the tilt of the reporter. In reality, Fannie (in this case) was trying to compete with aggressive investment and commercial banks who were offering extremely risky loans. In other words, this was a failure of the leadership who made the decision to chase the market rather than stay the rational course.

    The interesting thing is the argument that these 'toxic mortgages' , or at least the ones clogging balance sheets, are always made to poor and minority borrowers. Which isn't true... Alt A (which comprises the vast majority of these 'toxic mortgages') wasn't much for low income or risky credit profiles. And of course, Mallaby (much like the NYT) makes no mention of the fact that the majority of these loans, the overwhelming majority, are still performing. Which means this is all more a panic than an actual financial avalanche. It's obvious why Mallaby doesn't want to talk about the failure of the market because it acknowledges Mr. Market's #1 flaw... it's made up of PEOPLE. Irrational, sometimes stupid, people.

    Finally, all this talk on both sides ignores one simple fact... if tax policy had been different, restructured to really promote wage growth and low inflation (you can have both), this probably wouldn't have happened. This was a case of the mortgage industry trying to find ways to make loans to a populace that really couldn't afford them anymore. Sure, eventually something would have stopped up the system and at some point we'd have had a day of reckoning. However, it would have been a lot easier. If you really want to tack this disaster on an economic theory or concept, supply-side economics is a pretty great scapegoat because of it's unerring ability to concentrate wealth at the top.

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    October 05, 2008

    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

    I've seen this movie before. Only last time it was called The Devil Wears Prada.

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    October 04, 2008

    We're looking to invest!

    McBlogger is looking for some cash starved businesses in which we can invest. Some might call it 'vulture' investing but we prefer to think of it as 'kicking someone when they're down' investing. We're currently looking for what you might call non-traditional investments. Sure, we know financial stocks are in the toilet, but that doesn't mean we think America is down and out! Quite the contrary, we think it's the perfect time to invest in businesses that show tremendous profit potential with little in capital expenditures. Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Puppy Mills - What's not to love? Buy one good bitch, then breed her out! Don't even need particularly good food and there's no air conditioning costs!
  • Medical and low-level radioactive waste disposal - Humans produce a lot of trash when they're healthy. When they're sick, fagedaboudit! With so many companies making a killing off injection wells, we figured it was our time to step in and drink some blood!
  • Rendering plants - America needs it's fats and with the price of oil what it is, it makes sense to use this natural resource for fertilizers and fuels (plus, it'll help us deal with excess inventory from the puppy mill). Why NOT run your car off the fat from a pork chop? I mean, it's better used doing that than sitting on your ass. Which reminds me, we need to talk about your ass.
  • And NO, for the last time, we are NOT interested in the Statesman. Not even in the land underneath it. Well, we aren't at the current price. But we ARE willing to negotiate.

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    October 03, 2008

    Recap bill passes the House; Republicans still spouting the stupid

    In spite of dippy little retards like Michelle Bachmann, the recap bill passed the House. The Republicans, even though we all know their ideology and philosophy of unfettered commerce were abject failures, are still sticking to their knitting and now, in the case of the aforementioned Bachmann, actually have the temerity to declare this was all the result of TOO MUCH regulation.

    Michelle, here's exhibit A in the proof of just how absolutely wrong you are.

    The 2004 decision also reflected a faith that Wall Street’s financial interests coincided with Washington’s regulatory interests.

    “We foolishly believed that the firms had a strong culture of self-preservation and responsibility and would have the discipline not to be excessively borrowing,” said Professor James D. Cox, an expert on securities law and accounting at Duke School of Law (and no relationship to Christopher Cox).

    “Letting the firms police themselves made sense to me because I didn’t think the S.E.C. had the staff and wherewithal to impose its own standards and I foolishly thought the market would impose its own self-discipline. We’ve all learned a terrible lesson,” he added.

    Michelle, this was a failure of the central tenet of your ideology... that the market can police itself. It can't. And when individual players make imprudent decisions, it can cause a systemic failure. This was a failure of cooler heads to regulate in a sensible way. And you're an idiot tax attorney who thinks she knows better. Tell you what, Michelle... why don't you let those who actually know something about banking handle this. We'll call you if we need advice on tax treatments.

    Whatever you do, don't repeat that lame argument that this was because of CRA or Fannie and Freddie. CRA didn't require Bear to leaver AS A FIRM to 33:1. It also didn't require them to fund loans to borrowers who could only prove that they were breathing.


    (And, Michelle, just in case you're wondering... it was your appearance on Bloomberg that prompted this post. A word of advice, better to be thought an idiot than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. Get me?)

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    33 Pastors Agree

    To tell the IRS to piss off.

    We told you this was going to happen. Apparently, these people just have to tell their congregants that Obama is the devil. And that the little Baby Jesus will cry if you vote for him.

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    The Sideshow

    At a time when politicians pander, on both the right and left, while the economy hangs in the balance, I can't honestly say I expected much from the Vice Presidential Candidates Debate. I expected no obvious gaffes from Palin and I expected Sen. Biden to show his formidable command of the facts.

    I also expected those ridiculous looking glasses, perched on Governor Palin's face and her silly chrysanthemum hair which looked worse in HD with the highlights than I've ever seen it.

    The debate was Biden's. But there were a few things that struck me as, well, irritating.

    1) Palin's crooked mouth. She's forming it to give her voice that Minnesota tonality. I'd been wondering if maybe that was fake and now I feel pretty sure.

    2) The cutesy, smarmy, Eddie Haskell-like charm she exudes like an odor. Exhibit A, her use of the word 'heckuva'. Coming from her, it's anything but genuine. Exhibit B, her walking out asking Sen. Biden if she could call him 'Joe'. It's always nice when people like Sarah act down to earth and chummy. It's also complete bullshit.

    3) Her thorough command of the financial meltdown as seen through the eyes of the most Americans. And her thorough misunderstanding of taxation in relation to patriotism.

    It's point 3 that gives me the most pause. If it's genuine, then that's scary because most Americans haven't the faintest idea how close THEY are to oblivion. If it's not, then it's nothing more than pandering. Either way, it's pretty scary coming from a person who could be President.

    As for the patriotism and paying taxes, well, you all know how I feel about that. We live in an amazing country that allows us all to live well and financially benefit. We all have opportunities unavailable in other countries around the world. And our tax dollars support that. I find it DEEPLY OFFENSIVE that a candidate for the Vice Presidency of the United States would denigrate the patriotism of paying your taxes. I thank God every year when I do my return because I did well enough to pay into the country that has, in every way, shaped who I am. And I won't put up with people who say we pay too much or who cheat. The only way this country, our grand collective experiment in self governance, endures is if we all do our part.

    And people like Sarah Palin glibly decide that it's something they shouldn't have to do.

    I'll leave you only with this... Governor Palin at several points made a comment that we NEED oversight of our financial institutions and in damn near the same breath stated that we need LESS government regulation.

    Now, if you can square up that non sequitur, you're a better person than I.

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    October 02, 2008

    No, no... you can SUCK MY BALLS, Best Buy

    Goddamn, what's a faggot gotta do to spend some money up in this beeyotch?!

    So, as some of you are aware, I changed jobs yet again. That's right, kids, I once again have a real office in Austin with a great view of the 360 which usually resembles a parking lot. However, we're short on computers so I went to buy one. No big deal, right? Just a simple 17" laptop (I need a ten key... you wouldn't understand). My first stop, Office Depot. They had one. It looked like a piece. I passed.

    Next stop, Best Buy. Service has never been a big deal at Best Buy which usually staffs from local high schools exclusively with the kids who are pissed as hell they have to work. They don't mind letting you know in oh-so-subtle ways that they really are disgruntled employees. I found one, couldn't get anyone to help me and decided to move to Fry's. My thought was, honestly, why did I even bother with these triflin' fools. Why didn't I just go to Fry's first?

    I went back to the overstocked laptop section and there were a plethora of desktop replacement options. I was giddy with the knowledge that, despite my previous errors, I was about to finally be able to drop some coin and leave with a new computer. I even found one of the scruffy nerds that work at Fry's and despite his lack of product knowledge and general "shit, I dunno" attitude, I finally settled on a computer. He ran back to his monitor to check inventory and came back to me

    Fry's Guy : Well, we have three in stock plus the floor model. However, those three are returns.
    McB : Returns?
    FG : (rolls eyes) Yeah, people brought them back.
    McB : (irritated) No? Really? I get that, but I'm wondering why they'd be back in inventory.
    FG : (shrugs shoulders) Dunno. Would you like one? Or I could pull the floor model but it wouldn't have the software. Or a box.
    McB : Let's see, one of the THREE computers have been returned for God knows what reason OR the floor model that everyone has slobbered all over for weeks?
    FG : It doesn't have software either.
    McB : Yeah, I got that. MMM. Let me weigh those options. (brief pause) No. Let me look around for another.

    We proceeded to check four more models and the story was a variation on the original one I wanted. I was CRUSHED. The salesman was nonplussed about the whole thing and, I think, annoyed that I'd eaten up so much of his wander-around-aimlessly-with-a-dazed-look time.

    I then went home and got on Best Buy online. I easily found the model I wanted and without stupid kids to screw up my purchase, I quickly gave up my credit card. There, I thought to myself, problem fucking solved. Fuck a bunch of retail.

    Well, at least that was how it was until this AM when I rec'd a note from BB telling me that they couldn't deliver to my address and that my order had been cancelled. Sorry! Folks, I get merchandise, overnights and all manner of crap delivered to me all the time and have for YEARS. Never once have I ever had an issue with my address. I, still wanting the computer, called the 800 number. I spoke with someone who transferred me to a dead line. I called back. By this time, I was a little annoyed but I thought what the hell... then I got on the phone with the bitch queen of telesales who informed me I'd made a stupid error in typing my address. I hadn't put SUITE in front of the unit and number.

    REALLY? About that time my voice did get a little elevated and she asked me to stop shouting. WHICH I WASN'T. I asked her if she could just revise the order. She said no. I asked her how long it would be before the money was returned to my account. She said a WEEK. And as I tried to explain to her that was unacceptable, bitch hung up on me. Those of you who know me know that when I get REALLY angry I speak in a very low voice, usually because I'm gritting my teeth.

    I then sent an email to Best Buy and told them I needed to get the order reset with SUITE added before my address or it needed to be canceled. They were kind enough to let me know that the order had already been canceled and thanks for shopping Best Buy online. I then wrote back, asking them to cancel all the other stuff I ordered. WHICH THEY THEN REFUSED TO DO because it was in process. Whatev.

    One call to the bank and that finished that.

    A word to the wise... Amazon.com. You may pay a little more but it's worth it not to have to deal with morons. And fuck a bunch of buy local.

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    Senate Passes Recap Plan

    This may be the only time that I will ever find myself in agreement with how Sen. 28 Gauge voted and not agreeing with Sen. Feingold. The Senate passed the plan. The House may vote on it on Friday.

    As for the real world effects, this is just a taste. This is happening to small businesses now. Just imagine what would happen if this occurred to consumers who suddenly fund their credit cards cut off?

    And this, my friends, is what I was trying to tell you. It's page four that's the most important. I want y'all to read it. Then read it again. I want it to sink in fully so that you'll understand exactly the kind of disaster scenarios that have been going through my mind and the level of frustration I've felt from the ridiculous bullshit on both sides. Your political wrangling, fear mongering and STUPIDITY damn near drove us over the edge.

    Frankly, it may still.

    From now on, remember that I don't panic easily. And it would be nice if, in the future, you'd give me the benefit of the goddamn doubt before sending me emails about freaking out over nothing.

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    So long, KXAN


    The reality? NBC sucks except for 30 Rock and The Office. Which means KXAN's ad revenue is down. And they are trying to raise some revenue this way.

    To be honest, since we can get the shows online (and then you guys don't get any ad revenue) you might want to reconsider. I will miss Gossip Girl. YES, I'M ADMITTING I WATCH 'THAT GOSSIP GIRL SHOW'.


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    October 01, 2008

    Laboring under the delusion that everyone is as smart as you

    With all the crazy cow crap flying about as if in a West Texas windstorm, you'd think the recapitalization plan would already be DOA. That WAS the goal of the Laborers' International Union. Until someone figured out that they could lose their jobs if the banking system collapses.

    A touch of earthy fatalism from the Laborers' President Terry O’Sullivan: "We probably will have to hold our nose, grab the barf bags and do this because unfortunately we've got ourselves stuck on the same ship as those who caused this crisis and if they sink, working people sink too. But a bailout cannot just be another no-strings Bush raid on taxpayers. We need real protections to keep this from happening again and a stimulus package that creates jobs by building America."

    Couldn't agree more! What kind of stimulus package did you have in mind?

    The 500,000-member construction union, which endorsed Obama, wants $100 billion to go for a massive infrastructure program instead.

    "Investing in America has an immediate impact on our economy. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that 47,500 good jobs can be created for every $1 billion investment building America," a spokesman wrote in a statement.

    For one thing, unlike many of you mouthbreathers (on the right and left), these folks really understand the real world impact of scuttling this. They lose their jobs. Just like many of us will.

    And where they are WAY OUT in front of many of you (again, on the right and left) is that we NEED infrastructure. These folks, with this one little thing, just became the smartest people I've read about in weeks.

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    Obama to McCain : YA BURNT!

    For those of you who were sad there wasn't a gotcha moment during the debate, this should make you hap, hap, happy!

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    Roundin' up the TPA

    The Texas Progressive Alliance had another great week discussing the politics of Texas and the nation. Here are some of the best of those posts:

    The Texas Cloverleaf has the new Palin plan for foreign experience: sitting pretty with puppets.

    CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme says welcome to the United States of Corporate Greed.

    Dembones at Eye On Williamson posts on the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) and their status quo endorsements for the November election,
    TAR needs to be tarred and feathered.

    The past week has been one filled with brilliant people trying desperately to accomplish what is extremely difficult (namely, keeping the US out of a depression) and some exceptionally (some might say BREATHTAKINGLY) stupid people who are narrowly focused on the last shreds of a failed ideology. And their own egos. We at McBlogger have done our best to keep up with all the ups. And downs. First up are the always cretinous folks from the American Enterprise Institute who decided to blame the wrong people for the failures of their own plans. Then there was Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R -unfortunately from Texas) who decided his supercharged ego and underpowered little rat-brain had something useful to add. He found out pretty quickly that wasn't the case.

    Off the Kuff projects what the Houston Chronicle endorsements for November will look like.
    A majority of voters thought Obama won the first debate, but all the media pundits could talk about was what a great job McCain did.
    jobsanger wonders what debate the "Talking Heads" were watching.
    North Texas Liberal led an interesting discussion on John McCain's brief campaign suspension.

    Vince at Capitol Annex notes that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has refused to answer whether or not the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts should be subject to the Texas Public Information Act and discusses why that was a really stupid move.
    Neil at Texas Liberal did not allow the dent in his car to be fixed
    by the guy who solicited him for the work in a parking lot. That's just the type of post-hurricane scam people are being warned about.
    Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News does not like
    Bush and McCain's response to the Wall Street crisis. He has someitems he wants included in a bailout bill and not bags of money thrown at the problem.

    BossKitty at TruthHugger notes: This is where you and I must take a crash course in the money structure of this country and how to avoid loosing everything down to our underpants, because Bush Sold US Another PONZI Scheme.
    nytexan at BlueBloggin worries that McCain's Health Could Mean President Palin.

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