August 29, 2008

TV's Oddest Couple Hits The Oval Office This Fall!


Carrying on where earlier political laff fests like My Bush and Commander in Chief left off, The Ticket For America pairs curmudgeon President Jedediah O'Caine (think of an older, grumpier, somewhat less lovable Walter Matthau) with his unlikely second-in-command Mitzi Palin (sure to be this season's Amy Poehler). Palin's unlikey rise from her youth on the beauty pageant circuit through star of a moose cooking show on Alaskan public access television to being just an unsteady heartbeat away from the Presidency is retold in an ongoing series of flashbacks. Meanwhile, Jedediah spends much of his time hunting for his housekeys and trying to log on to AOL.

In the series premiere, misunderstandings lead to comedy when O'Caine has to leave the Vice President alone in the Oval Office while he attends to some "urgent business'. (The President's "going problem" is a hilarious running joke in the series.) Palin can't resist answering the big red phone despite being warned to leave it alone. Who should be on the line but the Premier of East Atlantastan, an American ally somewhere in the former Soviet Union. He's calling for diplomatic support in a dispute over a border region with his powerful neighbor. The deeply religious Mitzi doesn't understand the strange language and assumes the premier is speaking in tongues, and she replies with her own expressions of religious ecstasy. As hijinks would have it, in East Atlantastanian she promises full military backing for an invasion with their poorly trained army... the laffs go ballistic when Jedediah gets back just as the missiles starts to fly!

The Ticket For America. On Fox Sundays this fall right after Family Guy.

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Roundin' up the TPA

Do you know what the Texas Progressive Alliance blogs and bloggers have been up to this week? Well, our weekly round-up will tell you. This week's round-up was compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

refinish69 explains why Travis County and Texas doesn't need another Keel at Doing My Part For The Left.

Two White guys in Houston want each others' jobs. Former Gov. Mark might run for for mayor, and current Mayor Bill may run for governor. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has the Frick-and-Frack report.

Prepare yourself for a shock when you visit Bluedaze and see the BILLIONS in handouts given to Big Oil. TXsharon shows how these handouts, paid with our taxes, enable Big Oil to buy influence, work against our best interest, blatantly ignore laws and keep the US dependent on hydrocarbons rather than moving forward.

Mayor McSleaze at McBlogger wonders why, if Washington is broken as McThuselah's campaign says, McThuselah himself hasn't done something to fix it since he's been there more than, you know, 25 years.

The major media outlets may be arguing about whether experience, the war or the economy is the most important issue in this year's presidential election, but jobsanger says there is only one issue that matters , and it's not any of those three.

The Texas Cloverleaf exposes the plan by Congressman Michael Burgess and the Bush DOT to make I-35 from Dallas to Denton a toll road!

BossKitty at TruthHugger is concerned about WATER and what our fearless leaders plan to do about it: "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

Justin at AAA-Fund Blog wonders when Houston will find good leadership – in government, in corporations looking for good PR, anywhere – for recycling.

Off the Kuff criticizes State Sen. Dan Patrick and State Rep. Frank Corte for their request for a ruling from AG Greg Abbott that the Lege can require cities to enforce federal immigration laws.

Off the Kuff criticizes State Sen. Dan Patrick and State Rep. Frank Corte for their request for a ruling from AG Greg Abbott that the Lege can require cities to enforce federal immigration laws.

Texas Liberal says that he is not a bridge builder.

Before she took off for the DNC convention in Denver, and the Big Tent, Texas Kaos frontpager SCCS took a look at the state of the Central Texas Congressional races.

The rich get Visas while the poor were asked to self-deport notes CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chimse.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts about Perry, Dewhursts, and Craddick's new toll road plan, Texas GOP Leaders Want To Use Public Pension Funds To Build Corporate Toll Roads.

Vince from Capitol Annex takes a look at Republican State Representative candidate Van Brookshire's stupid press release about immigration and the incorrect facts he based it on.

North Texas Liberal shares a stunning tribute to Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, penned by a great friend of the late congresswoman.

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McCain gets frigid

Sen. McCain is rumored to have picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the Republican nominee for Vice-President.

Palin, 44, is a reform-minded governor in Alaska who's challenged the party's old guard, attacked pork-barrel spending and taken a keen interest in energy and environmental issues. A former Miss Alaska runnerup, Palin hold a degree in journalism and has five children, including one with Down Syndrome. If Palin is selected, it could indicate a strategy on McCain's part to siphon off women voters disaffected by Sen. Hillary Clinton's loss in the Democratic primaries to Obama, D-Ill.

First, this ain't gonna peel off any of Hillary's diehards, nor is anyone going to be persuaded that her goodwill and character will rub off on McCain. At the end of the day, the veep is largely irrelevant and the only way Independents and Democrats will vote for a Republican is if the Republican nominee stopped being John McCain.

Update 11:45 - Watching the speech now and it's clear they are going to focus on reform. I guess no one told her that the man she's running with has been an integral part of what she'd like to reform for decades. Also, I don't think she realizes she's a Republican. Look for the Democrats to make the point that we can't really afford anymore Republican 'Reform' like ever expanding deficits, low job and wage growth and dramatically higher energy prices.

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Change I believe in...

ObamaBiden-08.jpgAfter watching Sen. Obama's acceptance speech, it occurred to me that anything I could post would be woefully inadequate. His words were precisely chosen, his delivery was flawless and for 42 minutes he held a crowd of millions with specifics. And with hope.

I can, without reservation, say I am a tough sell. Yesterday afternoon while talking to Sister Ruth, I told her I wanted to be inspired by his speech. I was going to vote for him, but I wanted to believe that he was what he claimed to be, a candidate who would transcend politics and really talk about issues, frankly and fearlessly. One who would fight, head to head, on every front. Frankly, I didn't see it. Even yesterday afternoon.

Early this morning, however, I'm still in awe of the man who was willing to stand in front of a crowd of more than 80,000 and speak about real issues, genuine ideas and not worry about the smaller, pettier matters and conflicts. One who was clearly focused on leading his party and his nation back from the brink of oblivion.

Leader. That's the word that describes the man I saw just a few hours ago. A man I'm proud to say I'm voting for in November.

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August 28, 2008

Stop Domain Subsidies about to go into the toilet

According to this in the Statesman, the ballot language is set...

Shall the City Charter be amended to prohibit the City from entering into future agreements to provide financial incentives in connection with the development or redevelopment of property that includes one or more retail uses, and to stop the City from providing financial incentives under certain existing agreements in connection with the development or redevelopment of property that includes one or more retail uses?

And with that, I'd like to take my hat off and salute Stop Domain Subsidies... for thoroughly fucking this up. Y'all took a perfectly good opportunity and turned it into a giant, smelly dog turd. ONE OR MORE RETAIL USES?!?!! Why not just 86 all mixed use?!?! What a fabulous idea.

Of course, the outcome of this was ENTIRELY predictable once Linda Curtis of Independent Texans got her stupid little rat brain involved in the effort. You may remember Linda as one of the masterminds (the Idiots Stall were the others) who told the Lege last session that SB 792 was great and then went and told everyone that it was a real moratorium on tolling and the TTC.

Which, of course, it wasn't.

You people are too incompetent to achieve anything. The fact that anyone listens to you is a testament to their own stupidity. Take a bow, Linda. Now you've managed to have a hand in the ruination of two important efforts.

For many of us, SDS represented a necessary effort to stop tax payer funded subsidies for projects with questionable economics and job creation characteristics (i.e., retail). However, the language is now so broad that it includes some very necessary mixed use (residential, light commercial and retail) developments that are a key parts of the City's effort to establish Transit Oriented Developments.

It's very disheartening to see this effort dragged down into worthlessness. So, yeah, you should vote against this miasma of an amendment to the city charter.

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I'm gonna keep using the 'R' word, but thanks!

The Statesman ran this recently from a mother who doesn't like the free use of the word retard...

This is not about censorship or political correctness. This is a civil rights issue. It's about the right to be treated with dignity and respect as a human being. The disability community is glad to have the opportunity for a public discourse about the R-word.

So, you speak for the whole community? Allrighty...

I shudder at even typing the N-word, though many have few reservations about using the word "retard." When I was a child, was used only to refer to people with actual intellectual disabilities. Now, however, the R-word has fallen into casual use.

Many don't realize that people with intellectual disabilities are four to 10 times more likely to be victims of crimes. They might not know that people with intellectual disabilities were among the first victims of eugenics in Nazi Germany. Perhaps they don't realize that "termination" rates are between 89 percent and 94 percent for those diagnosed, in utero, with Down syndrome. Many families cite the cruel treatment by society as a reason for termination.

WOW. I never even thought that someone would be such an ASSHAT as to completely separate the usage of the word ENTIRELY from the context. And throw in Nazi's, all at the same time.

As a mom, even before having a child with a diagnosis, I realized how my views shaped my child and how powerful words can be. We avoid using the word "fat" in our household; instead we focus on what is "healthy." We avoid even using the word "stupid;" instead we discuss "smart" choices or "better" decisions.

Stop using the R-word. You can educate other people about its harmful ramifications.

I'm just gonna say this... when people use the word today, they aren't using it to describe someone with a mental health disability. Consider it synonymous with UNBELIEVABLY STUPID. I can't even remember the last time I heard it used to refer to someone who had a MHD. And quit whining about how offensive it is to you in general.

I'm so sick of shit like this. Feel good, meaningless crap. What she wants she's unable to ask for which is a more perfect world where everyone treats everyone with dignity and respect. I get that. However, it's the impossible dream and frankly, we'd all be bored to hell.

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It's a Man's (Political) World

What we learned this week:

Another man on man duo are nominated for POTUS and VP by the Democratic Party.

A high-powered, smart, opinionated woman is man-handled into become a simpering wifely, motherly, sisterly caricature of herself in order to make herself palatable to the American public (Michelle).

A high-powered, experienced national leader is reduced to "oh, what a good girl she is for gracefully exiting the stage". (Hillary) Gotta love it when a qualified woman is patted on the head for doing what she has always done - put country above self. The condescending bullshit about "if she had made a speech like that when she was running, she'd be the nominee now" has got to stop. The hope and change, looking for a Savior crowd weren't noticing that she's been that kind of leader, been that kind of speaker all along.

We have a nominee who surrounds himself with male advisors (well he's added a few women since the end of the primaries) and whose Texas leadership team is all male. Obama, you can do better than that and my suggestion is you start name dropping some high-powered qualified women who will be some of your closest advisors in your White House.

We've come a long way baby and if this is our time and this is our moment, I'd like to see where smart, talented, qualified women fit into that scenario.

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August 27, 2008

Great speeches overcome objections, but not ignorance

After Hillary Clinton’s rousing speech, CSPAN had their call-in segment. A woman from Alabama said she would not vote for Obama because of the radical talk he had heard as a member of “that” black church. Another woman from California, whose speech seemed slurred by intoxication, rambled on about this and that. However, her premise was she was not going to vote for any Democrat because she didn’t like giving her tax money to lazy people, and that the Dems were socialist.

This is more than anecdotal. From all the conversations and what has been spoken and printed, we find this is a disturbing attitude of many. Are they a tiny minority? After seeing current polling data, I think not.

From now until the election, do we need to waste time and energy talking to people - many in despair of personal tragedy caused in general by contemporary American conservatism and specifically by policies initiated and enacted by Republican Party rule - who will never vote for Obama?

Why is it wrong to leap to conclusions about what is in the heart of people who feel the need to denigrate equality, diversity, compassion, and the common good.

Let them fester in their own cesspool of racism and hatred.

We have our work cut out.

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Austin Chronicle Best Of...

AUCHRON.jpgThe AusChron is once again running their 'Best of...' list. I've found the thing to be largely hit or miss mostly because these things seem loaded down vote-wise by granola fucks who think healthy food ROCKS and that Ginny's Little Longhorn is just unbelievably cool because they have Lone Star... and not much else.

Not to mention that this ballot is arduous...ChronPeople, I salute you for taking the inputs from these ballots and turning them into awards. That's an assload of work. And I hope you're well compensated for it. Seriously, you deserve a fucking amazing party and the kind of bonus money that would make Paris Hilton blush.

But back to the voting... Here's a link directly topolitics and personalities. And here are a few of our humble suggestions...

Local Issue - Traffic Congestion/Mass Transit

News Story - Toby's reign of EVIL ends

Scandal - That Brewster is STILL on Council

Elected Official - Will Wynn

State Legislator - Eddie Rodriguez.

Council Member - He Who Stands Up To Toby

Unsung Behind-the-Scenester - Matt Curtis

Job - Following behind Mindy Montford with one of her signs after the County Convention

Public Service - Cleaning up shit? Somewhere? We really are not at all about this.

Nonprofit Group - Human Rights Campaign

Activist - Garry Brown

Local Politics Blog - Your choice... we'd say go for us, but honestly while we are based in Austin, we write as much about the rest of the state and the country as we do about Austin. And the last time I checked, there are only about 500 people who are physically IN Austin who read us on a daily basis. I think more people read us in Dallas than here... and I HATE Dallas like a motherfucking rash.

BOR would also be a good choice, as would EOW and TK.

Local Politics Blogger - Eh, vote for Mayor McSleaze. I want to see him get angry if he wins.

Grassroots Movement - Texans for Mark Thompson (seriously, WAS there a bigger surprise in the primary?!?!?!)

Environmentalist - Marguerite Jones. The rest of those fools are triflin'.

As for the rest of the ballot, feel free to fill out as much as you'd like. Just say nothing of that Place That Shall Not Be Named In Midtown Where You Can Still Smoke Inside. And tell them Trudy's is your favorite restaurant.

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Senator Carona and his 'business'


I think HOA's are really just a step above extortionists. But that's me. However, I'm sure anyone who has dealt with an HOA managed by Senator John Carona's company would probably agree. Apparently, the Senator from North Dallas has decided to run his company into the ground by taking in payments... and doing no work.

Principal Management Group wouldn't go on camera, but said the association has been without a board for five years. Now the 300 or so homes are predominately rentals and getting the landlords to pay has been impossible.(KTRK13)

Oh, that's not true... HOA's have the ability to foreclose. In fact, they can scare first lien holders (if the unit is financed) into paying the back HOA dues and setting up a mandatory escrow account as part of the note repayment to make sure there is never a time when HOA dues go into arrears again. I know because the servicing division at a bank I worked for did it. HOA dues are serious business. The problem is, there's no board and with no board, there's no oversight. Which means the residents have to go through an arduous process to rid themselves of the albatross. And the garbage it's left on their doorsteps.

Kudos to Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee for stepping up to the plate and helping these folks out. And shame on Senator Carona for NOT taking the time to make things right.

Please click through here and help Rain Minns, the Democrat running to unseat Carona, today.

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August 26, 2008

Cinton to PUMA's : Really?

Hillary Clinton asked some of her erstwhile supporters "Do you really want to vote for John McCain?" during her speech tonight at the DNC.

Now, John McCainis my colleague and my friend. But we don't need four more years of the last eight years. More economic stagnation and less More high gas prices and less energy work. More foreclosures and higher prices and less help for the middle class. More wars and less diplomacy.

John McCain wants to privatize social security. And in 2008, he still thinks its okay that women don't earn equal pay for equal work. With an agenda like that, it makes sense that John McCain and George Bush will appear together in the Twin Cities -- because these days they are awfully hard to tell apart.

Yes, ma'am. They are. And in November, I'll join YOU in voting for Barack Obama.

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Blaming the Democrats...

I LOVE BLAME! I love it when one of my subordinates, whom I've asked to perform a task, blames someone else in the office (usually a peer) for failing to complete it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that the job I expected to get done, wasn't done. Well, nothing except knowing who to blame for the failure.

Oh, I'm just kidding... I usually berate the dick who didn't perform the task. Over the phone since my office is far, far from me.

Bush, on the other hand, likes to berate his peers. For high gas prices...

"This Congress has been one of the most unproductive on record. They've failed to address the challenge of high gas prices," the president said. "They need to send me a bill next month that I can sign so we can bring relief to drivers, small business owners, farmers and ranchers and every American affected by high prices at the pump."

You should never believe a liar, which is what makes this AP story sooo intriguing. It's also interesting because there are no counterquotes from the Democrats. Nothing except some lame thing from Pelosi about allowing some limited offshore drilling. Which Bush says isn't enough. And we should take his word on that because he's been right all along. He was:

1) Right about deficits not mattering.
2) Right about WMD's
3) Right about that whole Axis of Evil thing
4) Right about Vladimir Putin's soul
5) Right about how tax cuts would trickle down
6) Right about how the economy wasn't having problems
7) Right about how energy price increases (which have gone on every day since he entered office) were temporary.

The funny thing is that Bush says all this without a hint of irony since HIS party was in charge during most of the run up in gas prices. In fact, when refiners continued to gouge retailers and consumers, Bush and the Republicans did nothing. As Exxon's profits soared and Americans started to buckle under the pressure, Bush and the Republicans did nothing. Except blame Democrats who weren't in power.

The funny thing about this is that none of it is the fault of the Democrats. However, because of how retarded their leadership is in the Congress, it'll come across that way and in the end they'll fall over themselves to give the Republicans what they want.

They'll whine about how the polling data was too strong and how the R's had talking points that were engineered to win over an audience. I know this because I've heard it for two years. The reality is that none of you are really smart enough to get how to control message and win a debate in real time.

So, just save us all the time and trouble... and give in. God knows none of you know how to browbeat and intimidate the other side into caving in to you. Democrats don't do that. Well, they don't anymore.

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Lulu and Lolly's video

Remember Lulu and Lolly? Here's their first video...

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Frank Corte in a box?!

There IS a structure on the empty lot that Frank Corte calls home. It's a mailbox.

View image

Now, the question is, can he live in it? I guess I could have called this post 'DICK (in a box)'.

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Dear DNC and Barack Obama Campaign,

I am in the hospital this morning getting treated for the diabetic coma I suffered last night watching day one of the convention.

I hung on with my insulin shots until Nancy Reagan took the stage to speak adoringly of her husband. Then, I passed out.

Now that we have wasted 1/4 of the convention encouraging middle America to change channels, can we move on to kicking John McCain in the nuts?

Perhaps you can encourage Hillary to beat the living crap out of McSame tonight instead of blathering on about unity. And then, perhaps Bill Clinton can beat the living crap out of McLame tomorrow night. And then, Obama can beat the living crap out of the Republican failures on Thursday night at the football game.

This would be a step in the right direction. Not to mention, improving my health.

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August 25, 2008

Tom Delay COULD get off on a technicality

According to the Statesman, there is a very real possibility that Delay could walk on corruption and money laundering charges due to a technicality. Apparently, the law has been narrowly applied by an all Republican Appeals Court (no, I'm not making this up) to only cash transactions.

Delay and Co. used checks. So you can obviously see how that's different and all. I guess if they'd used wire transfers it would have added still another wrinkle to this convoluted bullshit. What's most irritating about this is DeGuerin.

Money-laundering charges against former U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay and two indicted co-conspirators may be dismissed because the 2002 campaign finance case involved checks and not cash, a lawyer for DeLay said Sunday night.

"We win," said Dick DeGuerin, DeLay's lawyer, "because there's nothing but checks in the case."

Yes. You win. Because of a technicality created by how an appeals court looked at the law. Much like... actually, exactly like a drug dealer whose conviction is overturned because there wasn't probably cause for the traffic stop that resulted in his original arrest (where they discovered his 'distribution business and inventory'). Should feel good, Dick. You've worked hard to make sure a demon remains free to roam the Earth.

DA Earle is not a happy monkey as one might expect...

Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle said the check-versus-cash argument is absurd: "The court's reasoning is like saying that you can get away with murder if you pay the hit man with a check."

Prosecutors can file a motion for a rehearing before the appellate court.

But there's still more dick. Kind of like in a porno...

"If this is how it ends," DeGuerin said, "it means every crime Ronnie Earle indicted Tom DeLay for was not a crime."

No, it means you helped him dodge his criminality based on a technical issue. And a partisan court bought the argument.

Of course, all of this is largely irrelevant. Delay's seat is gone. He's gone as a political force. He's a washed up loser who will be stepped on every time he pops his crooked head up. So, if that's all... then no big deal.

And thank you, Ronnie Earle for having the stones to take this on.

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Really, Target? Really?


I'm guessing an overwhelming number of Target shoppers are retards who think plastic shopping bags are a swell idea for baby playtime.

What the hell does that say about me since I shop at Target? Oh, and underneath... ideas for "ways to reuse this bag". Idea #1? A trash bin liner. Clever, these people who design the bags at Target.

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The Transportation Daisy Chain

A certain political consultant emailed the release of the Republican Leadership (now ain't that just one hell of an oxymoron?) regarding their willingness to work with one another. After reading it, I responded to him with

Craddick sucks off Dewhearst sucks off Perry eats out Delisi sucks off Craddick?

To which he responded

I'd rather not have that image in my mind, but, yes, I think you have it about right.

Here's the gist...

Highlights of the new plan:

Stop funding the Texas Department of Public Safety with gas tax funds, and divert those millions to road construction. DPS could instead be funded with general revenue tax funds.

What an AWESOME idea, y'all! We've only been asking for it for years but it's good to see that you're finally doing what we told you to do. Next, find the revenue to fund DPS without the gas tax. Good luck with that, R's. WITHOUT taking away CHIP.

Create a special Transportation Finance Corporation to allow Texas-based investment funds to directly invest in state transportation projects.

Rutro! This is the kind of place where you people normally take a nosedive. Here's the inside skinny... the folks at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs (whatup, peeps!) are having problems selling toll bonds. Which means that road privatization has pretty much ground to a halt along with everything else in the debt markets, at least everything risky (read: toll revenue bonds). If Texas had issued tax-backed revenue bonds and indexed the gas tax (AS ADVISED YEARS AGO) they wouldn't have had any problems selling off the debt. However, toll bonds (much like subprime and Alt A mortgage credits) are questionable at best, valueless at worst. Which means nothing is selling and there's no way for Perry and his cronies at Zachry (and THEIR friends, Cintra (Bluebonnet)) to get the money to buy the roads. Burka has some great stuff up on just how successful road privatization has been. For investors.

So, now that private money has evaporated to finance your questionable plans, you morons want to dip into the underfunded public pensions!??!?!?! Lemme guess, you'll be giving the investment banks a cut on that transaction to work as adviser, right? And, of course, Zachry will be brought in to manage everything and take a cut. Annually. So, what does that leave for the pension fund?

Great idea, you guys! Precisely what I'd expect from folks with the intellectual capacity of sparrows.

Authorize perhaps as much as $5 billion in bonds for additional highway construction projects. Voters approved a constitutional change in November 2007 to allow these bonds, but legislation is still needed to authorize them.

Oh, those tax backed bonds! Yeah, you should totally issue those. Here's the thing, though... at some point, you R's are going to have to finally admit to folks you've been lying to them about the possibility of having economic growth, good public infrastructure and excellent services (schools, fire and police) all while paying less in taxes. Simply put, you've been selling (but not delivering) a free lunch. It's worked so far because no one's been real hungry. Now they're starving and they want something to eat.

EOW nails it and picks up on what the Statesman (and other major media sources) have always missed. These aren't REAL solutions, it's a shell game designed to make it appear that something is happening... and to put off the day when the bill really comes due.

The really wonderful post on all this comes from Paul Burka at Texas Monthly who lays it out beautifully.

The reality that no one on the R side wants to admit is that their ideology is fundamentally flawed. In the real world, privatization does not always work to the benefit of consumers, especially in the absence of substantive GOVERNMENT oversight. An old school economic conservative can you tell you that. In fact, I've done it several times. We, unlike the ideologues running the government who've never really worked in business, know from first hand experience that private enterprise can be every bit as wasteful as big government.

And we hate waste, whether it's Democratic or Republican. And crony capitalism is definitely waste.

One last point, there appear to be those who still want to parrot the old estimate that our transportation funding shortfall is $80-100 bn. It's NOT. It's not even close especially when you aren't building TODAY for capacity you won't need until the late 2040's. As a side note, I'd also like to ask the Lege to set up an independent body, appointed by the LEADERSHIP from both parties in the Lege, to audit TXDOT and what they are paying suppliers. I find it UNBELIEVABLE that true road constructions costs have escalated more rapidly than anything other than gold bullion.

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August 24, 2008

Won't you think of the children?

When you tell the WillCo Republicans to FUCK OFF?

That's right, kids! We knew it would come sooner or later but now the douchebags at the Williamson County Republican party are asking Diana Maldonado to give money to Fred Barron that she didn't receivefrom Fred Baron.

John Edwards had an affair. Fred Baron helped the woman in the affair out. It had nothing to do with Annie's List. Or Diana Maldonado.

Of course the WillCo R's want to talk about this. They can't talk about their record of leadership which has resulted in tolling being the primary method of financing new road construction. Low investment in non-freeway infrastructure, high taxes and developmental disarray that makes Downtown Austin look positively tranquil.

And let's not forget about T. Don Hutto.

Much of this failure and inadequacy is directly the result of Ogden, that asshat Gattis and Krusee the Time Traveler. The citizens of Williamson County are making a decision to give Democrats, like Diana Maldonado, a chance to come in and put things right.

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August 23, 2008

The good news...

... is that The Obama did not pick Chet Edwards (still hating on you, douchebag! Are we the only people in the Tex-o-sphere who really think this guy is a walking, talking, pile of pond scum?) to be our Vice Presidential nominee.

He did (and you had to know the bad news was coming, right?) pick the Senator from MBNA, Joe Biden of Delaware. Mostly because of his foreign relations experience since he's all the time negotiating cease-fires, treaties and trade pacts. But let's focus on his previous life as the Senator for the Credit Card issuers...

Keep in mind that Biden wasn't intimidated into voting for the Bankruptcy Bill in 2005. The guy OWNS his seat and will until he either retires or dies. He not only voted for it, he actually worked to bring other D votes to it in an effort to reach a bipartisan consensus with the Republicans on a bill that allowed a hospital or doctor to take your home for unpaid (and grossly inflated) medical bills. It also made sure that unsecured creditors could take your house as well. Isn't that nice?

The real jewel was making it almost impossible to obtain a bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the code. For the uninitiated, that's the type of bankruptcy that allows an overwhelmed debtor to wipe the slate clean and start over. It's a cornerstone of our country, the ability to a debtor to seek the relief of bankruptcy. Of course, there were always those who abused and gamed the system. Rather than going after those people by giving courts more latitude, Congress (including Joe Biden) decided instead to go the other way and restrict everyone's access to the courts.

Some say Joe is a fighter. That remains to be seen. What we do know is that he's been an unabashed defender of financial corporations vs. consumers for decades. But then, of course, so has McCain. At least The Obama doesn't have that baggage.

No, I'm not excited. How can you be over an old man who eats soup at lunch with reporters?

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Meanwhile, In My Spam Folder

Okay, in case you have somehow managed to avoid the news, Joe Biden will either be next Vice President of Earth or the fall guy if this whole Hope and Change thing does a Lakehurst in November.

Meanwhile... The last twenty-four hours have seen an explosion of Paris Hilton-related umm, err, headers....

The Last Temptation of Paris Hilton

For something to count as a temptation, don't you occasionally have to say "no"?

Paris Hilton denies screwing Ron Paul

Thanks for that image, guys!

Paris Hilton Donates Income To Children's Hospital From Mini-Me Sex

Paris Hilton's Peach - The Secret Ingredient on Iron Chef

Paris Hilton Gives Birth To Twins...Aliens

John McCain To Paris Hilton: "Cosmo, bayatch!"

And get those alien babies the hell off my lawn!

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August 22, 2008

Jokes of My Father's : Hangin' out

1. Rented boat = $75.00
2. Bait = $ 10.00
3. Camera film = $22.50
4. Showing the world that BIG fish and having it posted on the Internet....



No, this isn't my father.

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Is Kate Snow retarded?

I read PL's synopsis of the Good Morning America interview of Bill Clinton and was left with only the title of this post as a question in my mind.

Seriously, Kate, you had a man who HAS been President, who is still playing a part on a stage far larger than you can imagine, still working to make life better for those less fortunate and all you can think to ask him about is the GODDAMN PRIMARY?!?!?!?

Granted, morning television isn't for people like me (those with IQ's over 130). BUT COME ON...

(This was originally written on the 4th, however I got a little backed up with MY LIFE and didn't have a chance to post. So, why do it now? Because Kate Snow is a fucktard.)

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Ladies, I give you...

The NYT Fall Fashion preview... or at least an abbreviated version. Break out those cards and let's help out the economy!

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August 21, 2008

Hey You Kids! Get The Hell Off My Lawns!


McCain unsure how many houses he owns

Is it cold in here? It feels cold. Cathy, where's my sweater? No, not that one. The one with the zipper.

Is it July yet? I thought it was July. Or Tuesday. I can never tell them apart.

It was the messboys, I tell you. I knew the messboys ate the strawberries. Durn their hides. Why isn't there any whipped cream?

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So Gaydar is Real

Another recent study, this time from Tufts University (like THAT doesn't sound like its full of poofs), is lending evidence to the idea that, No Shit Sherlock, Gaydar might work!

Published in July's Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the study claims that people could guess fairly accurately ("better than chance") whether men were gay or straight by looking at photos of their faces.

For the study, 15 undergraduate students, both male and female, were shown photos of faces of 90 men, evenly divided between gay and straight. The photos were taken from Internet personal ads and from Facebook. The study's lead author, graduate student Nicholas Rule, says men were used in this study for convenience, because they have a greater presence on the Internet than women.

The researchers found that subjects could accurately determine in 50 milliseconds — one-twentieth of a second — whether the men were gay or straight about 60 percent of the time. Rule says all the subjects were accurate 55 percent to 70 percent of the time.
WOW. This is stunning news. To further test this out, I have placed a series of photos below for you to test your skills. Leave a comment with your guesses.





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DFA endorses McClelland!

Hurray, John!

Go throw him a few bucks while you're at it and help beautify the Texas House... by taking Myra Crownover out of it.

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Krazy like a Keel

Donna Keel, whose only distinguishing feature seems to be her decision to marry a Keel, is running for State Representative against Valinda Bolton way down southwest... in southwest Travis County. Developers love her, mostly because she views the environmentally sensitive area as nothing more than empty land on which endless mini-malls filled with dry cleaning shops, frozen yogurt stores and nail salons may be built. All those low wage retail jobs also mean she's a brill promoter of economic growth.

No one ever said Donna was smart or a protector of the environment. On the smart thing, she did, after all, marry a Keel which is a small step above marrying a Manson. By virtue of the fact that the Keels haven't killed anyone. At least no one that we know of. What we do know is that her bother-in-law and winner of the 2008 LAMEST HAIRCUT IN THE WORLD is Terry Keel and he's the one forcing her to do this. Because, in his new role as parliamentarian, he wants a buddy since all CradDICK does is repeat him. One has to assume that Donna had met Terry prior to marrying the other Keel (the one who gave her the glam name). One has to wonder about the sanity of ANYONE willing to marry into that family with eyes wide open.

Can you tell we don't like Terry? Oh, there's a reason... Terry has all the integrity of a homeless drunk, he'll do anything for a dollar, much as a drunk will for a bottle of MD20/20. From scuttling real ethics reform to helping Tom CradDICK stay in power, Terry was a miserable failure as a State Representative. Now he's firmly supporting his sister-in-law. Just what we need... feathered hair, part 2.

On the environment, a massive concern for voters in the district, Donna Keel had this to say...

Business Friendly Environment - Many businesses that were overtaxed and over regulated in other states are relocating to Texas. Many of those same states have responded by increasing taxes on the remaining businesses and individuals, perpetuating a vicious cycle .

Oh, shit. I guess they forgot about being concerned about breathable air and drinkable water. My bad! Well, let's just address her economic stupidity for a moment, shall we? What she's saying here is that we need to keep business taxes low. I'm all for that. However, the Republicans she wants to join, the same ones who've been running Texas into the ground for more than 10 years, have made sure that business pays close to nothing in taxes to support the state that supports them. They use our roads, our schools, our police, fire and most definitely our courts. Yet they pay nothing to support the state. Oh, they provide some wonderful blue collar and minimum wage jobs (massive failure that IS Cabela's anyone?) but those jobs don't inject a massive amount of tax revenue either.

The reality is that Texas is one of the few states where our elected officials are dumb enough to give up everything for bargain basement prices. And Donna, you want to be one of those people? REALLY?!??! I find that just infuriatingly stupid. However, looking at your resume it's clear that while you've had a B school education, you've never worked in private industry. So you don't know what the real world is like where we actually look for places with economic stability where the taxes may be a little higher, but government is operating efficiently and investing for the future.

Republicans and Donna Keel are quite simply, bad salesman. They don't want partners that shoulder the burden of funding our state government and infrastructure and they don't understand that partnerships are built on shared sacrifice, trust and an understanding that long term profit is better than short term gain.

They are creating, though their policies, a business class who've grown fat and happy sucking off the government teat without paying so much as a dime in taxes. So, in a situation like that, you have to ask if the economic 'growth' these companies bring in is worth the cost to our environment, if the economic gain exceeds the cost. The answer, for many of these companies, is NO. They cost us far more in health care, education, transportation, public safety, etc. than they provide in taxes. Which means they are drains on our economy and we'd be better off without them.

Donna Keel doesn't know that. Which makes me wonder what, other than the way to the Comptroller's building, she does know.

Finally, her stand on toll roads...

Toll Roads – Austin absolutely needs to improve its infrastructure, particularly at the Y in Oak Hill. These improvements should be paid for with existing funds. I would only support tolls as an absolute last resort, never on existing roads or bridges( double taxation), and never as a source of revenue in perpetuity. Once a road is paid for, the toll should be removed.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Many Republicans said the same thing in 2003... right before they voted for the bill that gave TXDOT the ability to privatize new AND existing roads as well as toll in perpetuity. Donna, further proving she has a shallow-puddle deep understanding of the issues, doesn't get that tolling is more expensive for Texans than any other financing solution. Note here she makes no mention of the gas tax which we already know would be the cheapest way to fund infrastructure. Probably because she can't do the cost per mile break down in her head to determine that she'll pay more on a per gallon basis with tolls than with the gas tax.

As for 'removing the tolls', sure Donna. We've heard that from EVERY Republican at one time or another. We believed some of them. However, we're not going to blindly trust you since your brother-in-law helped put us in this mess to begin with. And he's one of your advisers and supporters, which to us means you have bad taste in both and even worse judgment.

We can't afford another Keel. We need to KEEP VALINDA BOLTON.

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August 20, 2008

A simple question...

Why is Karl Rove running fundraisers and not in jail?

On a lighter note, there's this from Dean Rindy...

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We (heart) Hector Nieto (and Jesmer's a tool)

No, Hector, not in THAT way. So you don't have to feel nervous around us...we love you for saying this...

"Instead of resurrecting a non-issue like Fred Baron, why doesn't John Cornyn explain to the people of Texas why he voted six times against bipartisan legislation to expand the Children's Health Insurance Program? Every time a child goes to the emergency room because a parent couldn't afford quality healthcare, that parent can thank John Cornyn."

Yesterday, dippy little Rob Jesmer of the Re-Elect A Worthless Douchebag campaign (AKA, Cornyn for Senate) sent out an email about Fred Baron (who?) giving money to Rick Noriega and the Texas Democratic Party and Girl and Boy Scouts of America. While he mostly left Noriega and the TDP alone, Rob went hog wild on the poor little scouts.

"No, we don't want any more of your Fred Barron cookies. We don't want anymore of your trial lawyer sing alongs or massive settlement knots. We certainly don't want to see any more of your tort pine car derby's..." Jesmer went on to discuss the Freemason's, threatening to teleport laughing reporters into the sun (with his MIND) and the Illuminati/Rothschild/Bilderberg grand unified conspiracy theory.

He did not comment on when Cornyn will be giving up the MILLIONS in oil and energy company money he's taken while those same companies have raped Texans on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the Noriega campaign was taking a nap.

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Roundin' up the TPA

It's time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance's weekly round-up.

To kick the week off right, the TPA is unveiling its newly redesigned website where you can connect with the Alliance and our member bloggers via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, DFA, Party Builder, Ning and other social networking tools.

Mike Thomas of Rhetoric & Rhythm looks at a week's worth of opinion columns from the San Antonio Express-News and determines there is a nearly three-to-one imbalance of conservative/Republican columns compared to liberal/Democratic ones.

On Bluedaze, TXsharon busts the myths that Natural Gas is cleaner, that shale drilling will make us safer, and that Domestic Drilling can make us Energy Independent.

There was no attempt of a citizens' arrest of Karl Rove while he visited Houston last week, raising money for Texas House Republicans. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs hoped it would happen, to no avail.

WhosPlayin is concerned about operators wanting to drill for gas in Lewisville's urban forest area near Central Park.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wonders why sexual assault equates to perjury - wink, wink - if you're a person of power in Texas.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on HD-52 Democratic candidate Diana Maldonado's opponent Bryan Daniel sharing his campaign office with a local charity, IRS Complaint Filed Against Round Rock Charity.

Off the Kuff takes a look at the possible effect Libertarian candidates may have on some close State House races.

Texas Liberal uses the ancient epic Gilgamesh to discuss reactions to vulnerability and innocence in both the ancient and modern world.

McBlogger takes a look at the latest Republican fundraising pitch and finds that it's only appealing only to the same geriatric patients who are McThuselah's base. And those elephants are very tacky.

This week jobsanger is outraged by an Arkansas city that's trashing the Constitution and a small Texas country school that's allowing teachers to carry guns.

refinish69 awards the Infamous Cheese Tray Awards over at Doing My Part For The Left.

Mean Rachel supports Obama but argues against Maureen Dowd's assertion that Hillary Clinton's appearance in Denver will "dampen the dreams of our daughters."

Libby Shaw puts the pieces together for us over at TexasKos in his dairy Military Contractors Charge U.S. Taxpayers $85 Billion. Not only are we NOT saving money by outsourcing military support functions, we are pissing off people worldwide. Worst of all? Eisenhower's worst fear has come to pass, the MIC is real , alive and in control....

Justin at Asian American Action Fund Blog marvels at the coming Charlie Wilson Chair at UT, which will become the first Pakistan Studies chair in the nation.

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at a scandal that links State Sen. John Carona (D-Dallas) to a condo development in Houston that is falling apart.

Don't forget to check out other TPA member blogs for the latest news on Texas and national politics: The Agonist, Asian American Action Fund, B & B, Bay Area Houston, Beginning to Wonder, BlueBloggin, Bluedaze, Brains & Eggs, Burnt Orange Report, Capitol Annex, The Caucus Blog, Common Sense, Dallas South Blog, Dig Deeper Texas, Doing My Part For The Left, Dos Centavos, Easter Lemming Liberal News, Eye on Williamson, Feet To Fire, Grassroots News U Can Use, Half Empty, In The Pink Texas, jobsanger, Latina Lista, Lubbock Left, Marc's Miscellany, McBlogger, Mean Rachel, MindSpeak, MOMocrats, Musings, North Texas Liberal, Off The Kuff, Para Justicia y Libertad, The Red State, Rhetoric & Rhythm, Same Blog, Different Day, South Texas Chisme, StoutDemBlog, The Texas Blue, The Texas Clover Leaf, Texas Education, Texas Kaos, Texas Liberal, Texas Truth Serum, There... Already, Three Wise Men, TruthHugger, Who'sPlayin'?, and Xpatriated Texan.

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August 19, 2008

Having it GOOOOOD (if you're a corporation)

The WaPo decided to take some time out of it's busy schedule sucking up to McCain and his outrageously stupid staff to rain a little dookie on Senator Obama and his plan to stop offshoring American jobs and make sure corporations pay taxes on income earned by overseas divisions. Which is interesting in light of the recent report from the GAO that using loopholes, two-thirds (that's 66% for those of you who don't do fractions so well) of US and foreign corporations operating in the US didn't pay taxes between 1998 and 2005. In fact, 25% didn't pay a dime to the US Treasury on more than $1.1 TRILLION in revenue in 2005 alone.

Some of course think this is great...

I see it completely differently. First of all, corporations don't really pay any income taxes at all. People do. Every time a company decides to sell something to you, the price depends on a lot of things, including how much it costs to make the item, how much profit the company wants to make, and how high the company's tax bill is. You, the consumer, end up paying the corporate income tax with higher prices. And you want more of that?

This is, of course, untrue. Whether a company makes a dollar or $1 billion, it should pay taxes on those profits. Consider it the cost of doing business in a country with a strong consumer base, a tradition of the rule of law (at least so far as commerce is concerned) and a fantastic (though deteriorating) infrastructure. Not to mention, police and fire protection and an education system that spits out workers that are easily trained. You don't get that in many other countries, especially not in those with lower taxes.

Further, from an economic perspective, this is utter nonsense. For one thing, companies have competitors who offer similar products and servicesm not to mention a little something called demand elasticity. When consumers are gouged, they look for a cheaper alternative. Which means that it's hard to drive up prices arbitrarily, say to make more to pay your taxes as the author (a CPA) suggests.

No, these taxes hit shareholders. As a shareholder in a number of companies, I'm fine with that. After all, in other countries, my stake could be arbitrarily taken away. Not so here. In point of fact, I'm happy to pay taxes... it means I made money and am doing my part as an American to maintain the country that has allowed me to prosper. You see, I'm a true conservative who believes fundamentally you pay for what you get. Sure, I don't want government waste but at the same time I don't want private sector waste, either. And the private sector is way more wasteful. I want efficiency and despite what some supposedly conservative ideologues would like to believe, GOVERNMENT IS THE ANSWER IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS.

Finally, let's talk about corporations as people. The fact is, according to a number of SC rulings and interpretatins of the 14th Amendment, corporations ARE people. Why on earth shouldn't they pay taxes like the rest of the people?

Krugman has his take on it and takes on the argument that poor US companies are taxed too high. Actually, as a percentage of GDP, American corporations are taxed at a rate that's middle of the road for first world countries. Only Germany and French corporations pay less as a percentage of GDP, something that will no doubt infuriate those who hate these allegedly socialist countries.

The most striking thing about this debate are the ends to which some will go to dissemble. To wit...

First, while it is true that 60 percent to 70 percent of companies in the study paid no tax in a given year, there was a big qualification. The study focused on an Internal Revenue Service tax database that included millions and millions of companies. The vast majority of firms in the study were tiny mom- and-pop enterprises.

Why did the tiny mom-and-pop enterprises pay no taxes? Because they didn't make any money! The study reported that was the reason about 80 percent of the firms in the sample avoided taxes in a given year. How terrible of them.

If the GAO issued a report that added together data for nine hot dog stands and General Electric Co., and found that 90 percent of companies didn't pay any tax, it would be a harmless and silly thing to do. But if the Democrats then rush to the microphones and insinuate to the general public that 90 percent of companies are tax dodgers, the stakes change.

The author of the above is from the American Enterprise Institute and his focus was on the Democrats rightfully politicizing this. And, in case you were wondering, what he says above is utter bullshit. The focus of the study was on corporations with more than $50 mn in revenues and/or $250mn in assets. How many hot dog vendors do you think fall into that class? How many mom and pop Ebayers have more than $250mn in assets?

Of course, the author didn't bother to leave his arguments there but instead decided to reiterate the tired assertion that US corporate tax rates are the highest in the western world. Which is true if you're looking at published tax rates. What he should be looking at is the actual tax burden which is composed of the actual taxes paid by companies in the US. That number is among the lowest in the world which rather neatly rains dookie all over the argument that our poor corporations are overburdened with taxes. Want more proof? See the Krugman link again.

Leona Helmsley was often quoted as saying that only the poor pay taxes. They can't, after all, afford accountants to find exotic loopholes in the tax code and they certainly can't afford attorneys to defend them in the event of an audit.

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The Future of the Republican Party


That's right, it's not up and comers like that fuckball Todd Staples who'll get his head handed to him in the R primary in 2010. It's Dan Patrick, radio personality (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one) and State Senator. If any of you 30 other men and women in the Texas Senate want to know why people look at y'all like listing agents at a funeral, he's the reason.

BOR has some information up on Dan's latest antics, trying to get on Finance where he will no doubt make such awesome reco's as:

1) Cutting taxes to zero
2) Cutting spending to zero

Which is his dream. Of course, for the rest of us who like police, state troopers, roads and schools it'll be a nightmare. But that's OK because Dan will manage to get a law passed to privatize the entire state... and we'll pay twice as much as we do now for half as much service.

Take a bow, assweevil. And do something about those fucking teeth. They look like jacked up chiclets.

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Washington's Broken, And So Is This Record

"Washington's broken" proclaims a McThuselah campaign spot, conveniently overlooking the fact he's been there for a quarter century (that's twenty years longer than he spent as a POW) and might bear just a teeny bit of responsibility for the state of affairs he affects to deplore.

Remember when you had to actually not be part of Washington to run against Washington?

Also oddly missing is any notion that McCain's BFF, George Bush, might have had anything to do with things.

But what really chaps my ass is when he claims to be the "Original Maverick". Sorry, friend, the original Maverick was James Garner, and you're no James Garner. Hell, you're not even Jack Kelly.

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August 18, 2008

Yes, But Can Beer Goggles Work on Candidates?

So some English researchers spent some time and money (hopefully American because those exchange rates are AWESOME right now) doing some testing to find out that, No Shit Sherlock, the "Beer Goggles" effect really is real.

Turns out that booze may help mediocre men seem more fuckable and not just because of lowered inhibitions. Experimental psychologists at the University of Bristol in England gave 84 heterosexual college students chilled lime-flavored drinks that were either non-alcoholic or given a dose of vodka equivalent in alcohol to a large glass of wine or a pint-and-a-half of beer. After 15 minutes, the volunteers were shown photos of 40 other college students from both sexes.

Here's what they found: Both men and women who drank booze found these photos more attractive by roughly 10 percent and the effect was not specific to the opposite sex (meaning that your straight buddy may actually find you more attractive after a few vodka tonics and a backrub).

This leads us to two important issues.

One, this fantastic image.

Two, would they PLEASE find out if this effect applies to political candidates? Lord knows, it would help Texas Railroad Commission candidate Mark Thompson not look like a fucking train robber.

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Having drinks with Kelso

Yes, Kelso, we agree with you... there are a bunch of lightweights at Forbes and the CDC.

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FDA, once again, dismisses a preponderance of evidence...

... and says that Bisphenol A, a plastic additive so common in food containers that it's found in the urine of 93% of Americans, is safe. But don't take it from me...

The report stands in contrast to more than 100 studies performed by government scientists and university laboratories that have found health concerns associated with bisphenol A (BPA). Some studies have linked the chemical to prostate and breast cancers, diabetes, behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity and reproductive problems in laboratory animals.

Exposure to the small amounts of BPA that migrate from the containers into the food they hold are not dangerous to infants or adults, the draft said.

"FDA has concluded that an adequate margin of safety exists for BPA at current levels of exposure from food contact uses," regulators wrote in the draft report, which will be reviewed Sept. 16 at a meeting of members of an FDA advisory committee studying the safety of the chemical.

The chemical industry and the agencies that regulate the use of BPA, the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency, have deemed the chemical safe, largely on the strength of two industry-funded studies that found no problems.

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My dirty little secret...

I love dogs... even chihuahua's, though I do make fun of them. And their owners.

Cynthia Miller has, with the help of her two Maltese dogs (Lulu and Lolly), created a website dedicated to raising money for dog rescue and helping people who have rescued dogs. The site is based on a 'what if...' scenario involving Cynthia's credit cards, Lulu and Lolly's sense of wanderlust and a camera. And now it's grown to products and a blog... check it out when you have a chance!

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Globalization and the Credit Crunch

Everything is global...

The past four years have brought India economic growth of seemingly unstoppable momentum, often 9 percent a year, helped along by big inflows of foreign investment. Rising incomes and low interest rates enabled many middle-class Indians to realize the dream of owning a home, even while still in their 30s.

But economists warned that the economy was overheating, producing inflation and speculative bubbles in real estate and the stock market. So government policymakers moved to cool things down by raising interest rates and tightening the rules for home loans. Taken along with the general global slowdown and spiraling fuel costs, the measures have had the intended effect.

On Wednesday, the government projected the growth rate would fall this year to 7.7 percent, compared with nearly 9 percent last year. Industrial output slipped to its lowest in six years, growing 5.4 percent in June, compared with 8.9 percent in the same month last year.

Trapped in debt, many middle-class Indians are struggling to cope. Raina's monthly mortgage payment has gone up by 12 percent. "I have to cut corners now, or I may not be able to pay back my loan before retirement," he said. Payments on some loans have doubled since 2004, when interest rates were at a record low.

"The boom of the last four years mesmerized them to live beyond their means," said Deepak Raheja, a therapist who runs a support group called the Hope Foundation. "In the past ten weeks, I am getting five to six new patients every week with financial worries about mortgages, loan repayments and credit card bills. All in the age group of 25 to 40. They exhibit anxiety, helplessness and depression. Some even contemplate suicide."

No longer are financial shocks localized. We saw the beginnings of that in the late 1990's and it's continued to develop which points out one negative of globalization, bad policy and laws lead to a collapse in one country that can effect consumers on the other side of the planet.

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August 17, 2008

Officer who cooked his partner not guilty

WTF is with you people in Maricopa County, AZ?!?!?!

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August 16, 2008

Immigration now detaining US citizens; Law enforcement spying

Oh, this is just insane...

On its Web site, the American Immigration Law Foundation has summarized at least 10 lawsuits stemming from the raids, including the case of 7-year-old Kebin Reyes, a U.S. citizen who was held for hours when agents raided his home in the San Francisco Bay area and held his father, Noe, on suspicion of entering the country illegally. In June, the government agreed to a $30,000 settlement, according to the foundation.

So, let me get this straight... you automatically think anyone with brown skin MIGHT be an illegal immigrant? And your mistakes are costing us, TAXPAYERS, $30k a pop?!?!?!

I want these morons fired. From top to bottom, these assholes need to be canned and replaced by people who know how to enforce the law without getting us sued.

And while we're talking about law enforcement, let's talk about DOJ's new spying rules.

Quietly unveiled late last month, the proposal is part of a flurry of domestic intelligence changes issued and planned by the Bush administration in its waning months. They include a recent executive order that guides the reorganization of federal spy agencies and a pending Justice Department overhaul of FBI procedures for gathering intelligence and investigating terrorism cases within U.S. borders.

Taken together, critics in Congress and elsewhere say, the moves are intended to lock in policies for Bush's successor and to enshrine controversial post-Sept. 11 approaches that some say have fed the greatest expansion of executive authority since the Watergate era.

Tell you what, why don't we just follow the Constitution, let the current law stand and not create a national network of internal government spies. Frankly, I love police officers, but I certainly don't trust them to gather intelligence on terrorists.

Seriously, let's not be fucktards about this and let's NOT be so terribly skeered of the terrarists.

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August 15, 2008

(Not so) Great Ideas

Bad Decision

Mixing bourbon, vodka and gin with root beer (in my defense, I was 12)

SUPER Bad Decision

Making Chet Edwards the nominee of the Democratic Party for Vice-President.

Seriously, I'm not going to go on some asinine rant about how Chet's not liberal enough. Or progressive enough. Or attractive enough. Or interesting enough. He's not enough of any of those things, but at the end of the day, he's perfect for Waco and it's environs. He's conservative, he's moderately attractive, boring as a motherfucker and basically a perfect fit to represent people who voted for Bush. Four times.

And I'm certainly not going to beat up on a Democrat who can get re-elected, cycle after cycle, in the red territory most us only know as the asshole on the 35 between Austin and Dallas. Seriously, voting for the bankruptcy bill was THE right thing to do, mostly because those yokels are too stupid to realize he worked to restrict their Constitutional right to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start in their lives. They're not too bright, much like their asshat Congressman.

However, while all this not great, it's not the end of the world. Chet votes his district. However, there is one issue which makes Chettie boy as goddamn unacceptable as John McCain. On several occasions he's voted for actions and laws that were unconstitutional. He's voted to give up our rights, freedoms and disregarded his duties as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Needless to say, having a man so willing to surrender what makes us Americans a heartbeat away from the Presidency shouldn't make anyone excited.

Of course, having the endlessly spineless Pelosi pulling strings for him also makes him pretty unacceptable. Let's face it... when the American people put the Democrats in the majority they expected the Executive Branch to be held accountable. They expected a restoration of the Constitutional power of Congress. They expected Democrats to stand up and say that prosecuting the War on Terror does not mean we have to abandon what makes the US the land of the free. I'm one of millions not willing to give up my privacy so Democrats in Congress can act tough and I'm certainly not one of these crazies who thinks an imperial Executive is a good thing. I was one of the millions who helped put Democrats into office in 2006 and we expected to see accountability in Washington.

What we got, instead, were Democrats like Chet Edwards caving on issues large and small, joining with the minority Republicans to form a majority and pass bad legislation. Maybe that's why the approval rating for Congress is so low.

I refuse to stand up and endorse a man who thinks compromising his Oath of Office is good politics. I won't do it for McCain and I certainly won't cut the Bastard Of The Brazos any slack for being a Democrat. If anything, he gets double black marks for voting give up what makes this country great to add perceived safety and security.

And we all know what Benjamin Franklin had to say about those people.

As for me, I'll just call him worthless... well, except for his work for Veterans. However, given his district, is it any wonder that someone looking to get re-elected would be a big believer in giving Veterans a voice? However, maybe that is the one thing he does purely because it's the right thing to do.

Oh, and let's remember that the DMN has been Chet's biggest booster in Texas. You should keep in mind that in 2000 and 2004 the bright Ed Board at the DMN decided to endorse Bush over the Democratic nominee. The same people who see in Edwards the same things, apparently, that they saw in Bush.

Don't say you weren't warned.

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Roundin' up the TPA

(Thanks, as always, to Vince)

The Truth About Texas Republicans, a new blogger-powered website designed to expose the real truth about GOP Texas legislators looks at the stuff State Reps. Dwayne Bohac, Betty Brown, John Davis, Bill Zedler and State Sen. Mike Jackson don't want you to see.

refinish69 was happy to introduce a real progressive Democrat to the readers of Doing My Part For The Left a few weeks ago but has to wonder how to describe Mike Skelly: Democrat or Republican Lite?

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at the Texas State Teacher's Association lawsuit against the Texas Education Agency for giving public funds to private institutions.

Irony Alert: Mary McDaniels, Manager - Pipeline Safety, Texas Railroad Commission, who lied on camera about the Atmos Energy gas pipeline couplings, spoke in Ft Worth about pipeline safety, inspections and regulations, for Chesapeake Energy's Barnett Shale pipeline, says TXsharon at Bluedaze.

Julie Pippert at MOMocrats asked, "Offshore drilling---whose issue is it anyway? The people's? Or the politician's?"

Women who enter the military know they may encounter danger along the way, just as their male counterparts do. Diarist Liberal Texas at Texas Kaos highlights an additional danger they face in Assault on Women in the Military, and calls on all of us to ensure that our fighting women are protected from sexual assault from the companions they should be able to trust.

WhosPlayin used to think John McCain was worthy of respect, even if wrong on issues. But mocking conservation and lying about Obama raising taxes show who John McCain really is.

jobsanger thinks Democrats should let Clinton's backers have their vote at the convention, and believes Barack Obama has a chance to win Texas this November.

Neil at Texas Liberal talks about AIDS and African Americans.

Due to purchase of McBlogger by a rival blogging firm, the regular writers are on strike. This week, we'd like to introduce you to a new McBlogger, Rose

North Texas Liberal remarks on John McCain's anti-Obama ad comparing the Democratic nominee to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and also includes Hilton's response ad. Still waiting on Britney's energy policy...

Off the Kuff takes a look at The Queue behind KBH for her maybe-to-be-abandoned Senate seat.

YaGottaLoveIt of South Texas Chisme urges Barack Obama to have a fundraiser for money that stays in Texas while urging Hillary Clinton to campaign for Rick Noriega in South Texas.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the Williamson County DA's unwillingness to test DNA evidence in a almost 30 year old unsolved murder, Lawsuit Filed Against County For New DNA, Fingerprint Tests.

Tropical Storm Edouard was more like a decent rainstorm, but that didn't stop the media -- old as well as new, including madcap reporter/Congressman John Culberson -- from building it up to a height it could no more sustain than its winds. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has the roundup of the hyperventilating in Houston.

BossKitty at TruthHugger is concerned about the economy "Purses Tighten, Small Business Suffers, Families Budget"

nytexan at BlueBloggin points out, as the Gerogia Russia war continues and Bush plays with U.S. athletes at the Olympics, Could The U.S. Get Pulled Into Georgia’s War?

XicanoPwr discusses the immigration survey that was sent presidential candidates Obama and McCain put together by The Sanctuary, a web base grassroots community of pro-migrant, human rights, and civil-rights bloggers.

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Thanks Eileen.

We're always thrilled to be called

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August 14, 2008

What Have We Learned?

When I came back to my desk at McBlogger Tower after last week's unpleasantness, I found this taped to my monitor...

Some leftwing writer named Jack London once wrote

After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, and the vampire, he had some awful substance left with which he made a scab.

A scab is a two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a water brain, a combination backbone of jelly and glue. Where others have hearts, he carries a tumor of rotten principles.

When a scab comes down the street, men turn their backs and angels weep in heaven, and the devil shuts the gates of hell to keep him out.

No man (or woman) has a right to scab so long as there is a pool of water to drown his carcass in, or a rope long enough to hang his body with. Judas was a gentleman compared with a scab. For betraying his master, he had character enough to hang himself. A scab has not.

Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Judas sold his Savior for thirty pieces of silver. Benedict Arnold sold his country for a promise of a commision in the british army. The scab sells his birthright, country, his wife, his children and his fellowmen for an unfulfilled promise from his employer.

Esau was a traitor to himself; Judas was a traitor to his God; Benedict Arnold was a traitor to his country; a scab is a traitor to his God, his country, his family and his class.

Pretty strong stuff, ain't it? But after reading what passes for progressive blogging in these parts...

I may be a scab, but at least I ain't a shill for Chet Edwards

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Mr. Ed to deliver the keynote

Afterward he'll stomp out his age.

Barack Obama on Wednesday chose Mark Warner, Virginia's Senate candidate and former governor, to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic convention, underscoring Democrats' all-out effort to win the Southern state for the first time since 1964.

I leave you only with this...


And yes, I'll be watching his speech. And I'll be taking a shot every time he whinnys or blows.

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Am I the only one...

... that wants to fuck Michael Phelps? Or at least use those ears as handles?


Don't look at me that way... you know damn well what I mean.

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That smell... ROMANCE in the air!

Council Members Mike Martinez and Brewster McCracken are both engaged and plan to wed in November.

McCracken, 42, proposed to fiance Sarah Groos, 29, in front of the McNay Art Museum in her hometown of San Antonio.

Groos is a program manager at the LBJ Foundation. The two dated for a little more than 10 months.

It will be the second marriage for McCracken and the first for Groos. McCracken said he and Groos enjoy many similar interests but admits she isn’t a big fan of politics, which could be a challenge given McCracken’s almost certain run for mayor next year.

Politics is definitely in the blood of Martinez’s fiancée Lara Wendler, 41, who serves as chief of staff Texas Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston. Martinez, 39, said he and Wendler met four years ago and have dated seriously since last spring.

He proposed in the living room of his East Austin home while his 10-year-old son captured the moment on camera. It will be a second marriage for Martinez and Wendler, a native Austinite.

“We feel really, really good about it, and we’re really happy,” Martinez said.

We at McBlogger would like to wish Councilman Martinez (or, as we like to call him, He Who Stands Up To Toby) all the best on his union. We are, to say the least, THRILLED for you!

As for Release The McCracken, we have only a question for his bride-to-be... REALLY? BREWSTER? REALLY??!?!?!


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We're here to protect you!

(Ed. Note : YOU MISS MEETINGS, YOU MISS OUT. Got it, Harry? Besides, our meetings, as always, are in a BAR. You're an attorney... it should be as natural as a courtroom to you!)

So I'm completely sucked into "Fair Labor Standards Act Litigation for F@#$ing Idiots" when I decide to come up for air and see what's doing in the other cubicles. Thanks SO MUCH, McBlogger and Mayor, for copying me on the memo that we were all supposed to be on strike! Not to mention the memo announcing that those Amalgamated douchebags sold us back the blog....NOT!

Anyway, I start catching up on the latest postings and the one about the cheapass elephant bribe really struck a chord with me. Because I, too, have an aging grandparent highly susceptible to such chicanery. Grampa Milo has really gone around the bend lately with his 2nd Amendment enthusiasm, to the point that JUST THIS WEEK he got a handwritten letter from Charlton Heston and immediately sent the fucker a check!

So consider this a Public Service Announcement: Old Folks reading this at home, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save your money and don't give into the chicanery and hucksterism out there. At this stage in life, you don't need to be worrying about all the political bogeymen out there and giving away your fixed income to anybody who sends you mail. No sir. What YOU need to be worrying about is ROBOTS! Big mean scary inhuman robots who want to take over your life and enslave you! Quick! Before it's too late! Buy Robot Insurance Today!

Just make out your check to the Balczac Insurance Agency, c/o Mother Egan's Pub, West 6th Street, Austin, TX ATTN: McBlogger Employee Morale Fund. Act Today - So You Can Sleep Well Tonight!

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Condi and why the Soviets should be scared...

Well, they WOULD be scared. If they still existed. Click here for THE BEST ASSESSMENT of Condoleeza Rice ever written.

I don't believe Condoleezza Rice can actually play piano. Everything else she's ever touched has been a fraud and a catastrophe, why should her alleged musical abilities be any different? Think about it. Think about any event she's been even remotely involved in since you first heard her name. An endless string of threats and blundering and arrogant bluffs turned squalid pigfucks. It's not that she can't do her job; she can't do anything. I think when she plays piano the piano catches fire and the audience dies.

So yeah, sure, Condoleezza Rice for Vice President. Time's a wastin'.

Oh, yes... it gets better. Just click the link.

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August 13, 2008

What A Crock

Today's email from the Travis County Democratic Party begins...

This election year promises to be one of the most exciting years in American history. Barack Obama and Rick Noriega have inspired Texas Democrats like never before, but if we are to achieve our goal of turning Travis County 100% blue, then we also need to focus on the important down-ballot races.

Just to inject a note of reality into this lovefest, on March 4 a hundred thousand more Texans were inspired to vote for Hillary Clinton than were for Prince Charming. And while Rick Noriega did manage to avoid a runoff by eking out 51 percent of the primary vote, his three opponents were a teacher who had never run for anything before, a conspiracy theorist, and a perennial candidate whose preferred method of communication is reputed to be notes left in a potted plant on his porch. And all three combined didn't have two dimes to rub together in financing. So while I hope Rick does send Big Bad Boxturtle into retirement, he's not exactly pulling Roger Staubach or Willie Nelson numbers on the inspirationmeter.

Yes, we need to get out the vote and win our downballot races. But please, TCDP, if you want my help, don't insult my intelligence with this sort of horseshit.

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Contribute to demons, receive...

... a retarded, cheaply made stuffed elephant. Named Victor.


Never, ever, in the history of crap has anything this inane been created as a 'thank you' gift for giving someone money. For me, I'd rather have a handwritten letter from my Republican candidate, much like the one I get from Nagoki Obuyon who sends me a letter every week thanking me for the nutritious food that I give her with my generous donation to whichever company it is that has access to my checking account and gives gruel to starving people around the world. Sally Struthers used to shill for them, but then she got fat and they didn't think it was appropriate.

Apparently people thought SHE was eating all the food meant for those starving people. Isn't that tacky? I'm wwwaaayyy off the point here, right?

So back to the Republicans. They will be giving Victor (or one of these other Made In China nightmares) if you'll just give them $35 which is a pretty good deal when you consider they have to hold these in inventory, package and ship them to you. Oh, and they have to pay whatever nasty factory in China poops these gross things out. Unless... Well, unless they're made from the same material as the carpet in my first apartment which was a petroleum based facsimile of burlap and felt twice as rough.

Which will make this perfect for the kids when they get these from their senile (and cheap) grandparents for birthdays or Christmas. I should know. I have a framed picture of George Bush and Dick Cheney on the nightstand next to my bed at my mother's house that my grandmother gave me when she was starting to run downhill. Toward the end she was giving money to all sorts of Republican organizations. Until my father took control of her accounts and cut the freeloaders off.

That's exactly what this kind of thing is aimed at... Frugal old people who can be easily manipulated by the GOP into being scared of the terrawrists (and terra itself) and think they are giving money so their grandchildren won't go to school with poor kids. Well, that and they think the kids will LOVE the stuffed animals. Even the grandchildren that are 16. Oh, they'll listen intently at Thanksgiving as their grandchildren tell them what they want (MP3 players, a new car, college, a gross of condoms). They'll nod and smile that rheumy smile. In the end they already have your present picked out.

And they got it by helping one of their fellow geriatrics.

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MOTO : Gas Prices are top issue

Really? I needed the Statesman to tell me what I (and everyone I know) already knew? Tell you what... try sharing this with Democratic consultants who AREN'T Kelly Fero and Dean Rindy. Better yet, why don't you candidates start using AND listening to them instead of the people who told you Iraq was still the big issue.

Energy and food inflation are THE issues. The fact that asshat Ted Delisi gets it's better than some of our folks is, quite simply, infuriating.

And someone ask that ugly bitch Myra Crownover to keep her mouth shut? WE DID BAIL OUT PRODUCERS IN
THE 80's, YOU SLOB. We cut taxes on production to zero and bailed out their bad loans and the shitty banks that lent to them. We called it the S&L crisis. What, were you drunk while the 80's were happening or was that the time you were enjoying a first hand view of your colon?

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August 12, 2008

REALLY stupid people and their worthless ideas

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course, THEY never had their good ideas copied by the The House Stooges. Fattie, Hypocrite and Voter Fraud have decided they are going to roll out some lame imitation of Gingrich's (and Luntz's) Contract with America thus fulfilling the dire predictions of their elementary teachers who chastised them for copying off the smart kid AND STILL FAILING THE TEST.

Why? Well, take a look what they want to roll out:

  • Appraisal caps... because they worked sooo well in California. Yes, the massive budget deficits the Golden State has enjoyed were directly related to this brilliant idea to cap the value of real estate used for ad valorem taxation at the previous sales price which overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy since they tend to move less. So Fattie and the boys thought, why not bring that kind of fiscal irresponsibility here?

    Of course, none of these folks are smart enough to realize that the problem with real estate taxes is that people no longer earn money from their land. Which means that values have become completely detached from productive capacity. Which means, and you had to see this coming, THAT WE NEED A NEW WAY TO TAX TO PAY FOR OUR GOVERNMENT. No new idea here, just an old bad one from folks who collectively have 20% of a retarded brain.

    I know! Let's tax the stupid people like these retards!

  • Passing Voter ID - Come on, Linda Lardass. Call the bill what it IS, the Keep The Poor Minorities From Voting Act. We know you masterminded this one. After all, while Phil and Bill don't really like the blacks and messicans, they sure as hell aren't clever enough to figure out a way to keep them out of the polls. We tried explaining to them why this was a bad idea, but they can't read, either. Just what we need... more bad legislation from a bunch of racist crackers.
  • Fighting illegal immigration - Again with the beating up on the messicans, eh? This one is sure to piss off a lot of stalwart Republican business owners who, frankly, LOVE them some inexpensive labor. People like Zachry Construction and Dr. Leininger. Of course, none of the merry band of stupidiots cares about the effect this will have on our economy as illegals PAY far more in taxes than they consume in services. Of course, they also build our houses and roads.
  • Eliminate sales tax exemptions... ON FOOD. Jesus, Phil, even Reagan didn't want to tax the food the poor need to survive. Taxing formula for babies. What an AWESOME idea. Word is that The Gluttonous Pig is not so much for this part of the Contract because it would disproportionately impact her income since she buys and consumes a disproportionate amount of food.
  • Oh, there's more and Vince has the deets at Capitol Annex. I really can't discuss more without having a barely suppressible desire to insert my leg, up to the knee, into Phil King's ass.

    And yes, I'm certain he'd enjoy every second of it.

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    Rational Radio opens in Dallas

    Don't know a thing about this... just got a note via email...

    Rational Radio, 1360AM is a new 50,000-watt station for the progressives, and those who love them, and quiet frankly, is years past due. (or you can say, and quiet frankly, we need their voices now more than ever.

    My name is Jack E. Jett and I will host a fun, quirky and progressive chat show that
    will begin airing on Rational Radio on September 6, 2008 from 1:00 to 3:00pm. The
    show will air live every Saturday and Sunday with a repeat at midnight.

    I would also like to invite you to our launch party that will take place on
    Saturday, August 16, 2008 at MARDI GRAS in Dallas, located at 2720 Stemmons Freeway
    from 1:00 to 5:00pm.

    There is no cover so please join us for free entertainment, as well as an awesome
    opportunity to mingle with like-minded folks.

    If anyone goes, let us know the deets!

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    August 11, 2008

    The anthem of our triumphant return

    I want this playing when we come out to accept the Blogger Of The Year award which we're certain to win now that we've beaten back the evils hordes from ACC. And mortgaged our future, much like the Republicans with the US Treasury.

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    August 10, 2008

    We're close to a deal to retake McBlogger

    "Our long national nightmare is over." Gerald Ford, President of the United States
    "Dude... they aren't going to cave. I'm offering to buy the damn thing back. " McBlogger to Mayor McSleaze

    Just wanted to let y'all know that we couldn't come to an agreement with ACC regarding working conditions. However, they have apparently been doing so poorly with their investment that they are willing to sell the blog back to us. We're currently negotiating the trade and it's complex. Eurodollar futures, credit default swaps and a derivative based on the future price of milk. In 2190. So, if on a bright summer day in 2190 we show up on your doorstep asking for room and board, the trade went the wrong way and we owe more than the US owes China.

    Of course, it could go the other way which would mean we will own the blog forevermore and we'll become thousandaires. Which is hella exciting.

    You should also know we'll be keeping some of the new talent, mostly because ACC is paying to get rid of them and they'll work for free. People like Rose Petal, Vinnie and Chandra.

    In the meantime, here's a little bit of our special, unique and altogether unerringly correct take on current events.

  • House Republicans continue their little stunt. Democrats like Prick Lampson (the cocksucker from CD22) continue to pander about Drill.Everywhere. Meanwhile nothing gets done to actually fix the motherfucking problem. Oh, and dipshit Obama, our fucktard candidate, can't keep his goddamn mouth from pandering almost as much as that senile old bastard. Almost. McCain has earned his own special place in hell... the man is demanding that Congress do something. Meanwhile, he's been an absentee Senator for damn near, what, a year? Fuck you, old man. AND GET OFF MY LAWN.

    While we're on the subject of ABC's dippy little poll, it's worth noting that the only thing the damn poll reveals is that Americans don't know a fucking thing energy policy or sustainability. It also shows that the Democrats are once again pandering to the lowest common denominator in a futile effort to try to deny the Republicans an issue... by playing to their strengths. From a strategy perspective, you can all eat out my asshole while I'm shitting out corn from last night.

    You know, I expect this kinda crap from the Republicans. But you Democrats are smarter and should know better. Instead, like the weak little bitches you are, you're folding up like lawn chairs. To hell with all of you. And especially you, Rep. Noriega. We're done with your ass and your shitty campaign. When y'all get a goddamn clue, run for something else. Until then, don't waste the fucking money if you're not going to run a real fucking campaign.

    Don't get me wrong, Democrats will probably have a big year in Texas anyway. Even Lampson and Noriega will more than likely win because the environment is just so toxic for Republicans... well, it is except for the wildcard energy bullshit that the Democrats refuse to stand firm on and the R's are rather effectively turning on them. However, none of you will win because of talent or skill. You'll be accidentally elected. Which, though not necessarily bad, will make a lot of you look better than you are. And give you a false sense of security.

    As for you staffers, frankly some of you suck balls. Actually, a lot of you suck balls. Some of your people will win but it won't happen because of any special talent you bring to the table.

    I'm tired of sing-song, party line bullshit. If it smells like shit, looks like shit and motherfucking tastes like shit then it's shit. Don't act like I've got to eat what you serve because the shit from the other side is so much worse. Your JOB is not to pander, it's to fucking lead and fuckall if almost every Democrat I support hasn't forgotten that and become about as clueless as the short bus Republicans. Some that is bad staffing and bad consulting. Some of it is bad candidates. However, the reason doesn't matter. What matters is fixing it NOW.

    If this were 1948 and you people were running Truman's campaign, we'd have elected Dewey. That's how bad you're doing and the fact that you'd bother to argue the point with me makes my case.

  • RUSSIA AND GEORGIA ARE AT WAR. While this little conflict has been mostly ignored by everyone, our own Mayor McSleaze has been keeping up with it. Meanwhile, the conventional press has been obsessed with John Edwards and where his dick has been which is interesting since he's never been a big moral crusader unlike Republicans who really love their condemnation of others... and their off the record pussy. And ass.
  • There is also this from the Washington Post...
    This administration will leave office having trashed the place -- and I'm not talking about a few "W's" pried loose from White House computer keyboards by the exiting Clinton crew. I'm referring to the myriad ways in which this administration, dismissive of the role of government, abused the enterprise it was entrusted with overseeing.

    My favorite sentence in the Goodling report sums up the hiring practices in the department's supposedly nonpartisan career ranks: "Tell Brad he can hire one more good American."

    This was the response by Goodling, who served as Justice's liaison with the White House, to a request from Bradley Schlozman, the interim U.S. attorney in Kansas City, Mo., to bring aboard a new prosecutor. "Good American" is Goodling's code for "Republican."

    Every victorious administration enjoys the legitimate spoils of government. The president is entitled to bring in his people -- those who have voted for him, written checks to him and back his policies. Every administration has its Goodlings, inexperienced punks who flaunt their authority as conspicuously as a West Wing badge.

    Most administrations find ways to keep the Goodlings under control and the grown-ups in charge. The trouble with this one is that it is riddled with Goodlings Gone Wild, incapable of or unwilling to distinguish between the proper pursuit of political aims and the responsible administration of government.

    To take one other recent example, the NASA inspector general found last month that press officers in the space agency "reduced, marginalized, or mischaracterized" studies of global warming, toning down politically unwelcome conclusions. A news conference on global warming was postponed, according to a senior scientist, because the "administration does not want any negative environmental news before the [2004] election."

    So what's the deficit got to do with it? The deterioration of the nation's budgetary picture under the reckless stewardship of this administration is the fiscal equivalent of the Goodlingization of the executive branch. President Bush put adherence to Republican theology -- taxes must be cut -- over prudent governing.

    In February 2001, when the new president presented his first budget to Congress, he described the fiscal situation this way: "We have increased our budget at a responsible 4 percent, we have funded our priorities, we have paid down all the available debt, we have prepared for contingencies and we still have money left over."

    That happy situation, he said, justified -- no, necessitated-- a tax cut: "The growing surplus exists because taxes are too high and government is charging more than it needs. The people of America have been overcharged, and on their behalf, I am here asking for a refund."

    The next president will confront a far gloomier situation. The deficit, the administration's budget experts reported Monday, will be $482 billion -- a huge number that is probably a low-ball. Among other things, it assumes only $70 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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    Are You Good Enough ANd Smart Enough?

    And Darn It, will Presidnet Barrack Obama like you?

    Persoamally, I scored a 14 on that scientific test, which makes me a embarracksment to our futire presidnet.

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    August 09, 2008

    Dusty Rhodes – The American Dream

    My dawg Buddy works at Amalgamated. That’s not his real name because right now we’re sparking up a fatty and getting hiiiigh. Yeah! Insane in the membrane. We’re over at my sister’s house because my apartment a/c is broke and Buddy’s wife gets all pms when we fire up. I always say it’s never too early to show the yard apes the proper technique of rolling one

    Man, you guys never have any sports shit. That’s lame. Let me tell you, WWE rules

    The greatest wrestler of all time is Dusty Rhodes. The dude was awesome. He was called Stardust and White Soul King.

    “Hey dawg, what’s with the bogart? Just grab the bong.”

    Uh, I was saying something about Dusty. Oh man, go to this website.

    “Dude, not the bong water. My sister is going to kill me. You’re an embarrassment.”

    I gotta go.

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    Plug-in Hybrids: The Devil's Wheels?

    That's the word on the street, yo.

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    August 08, 2008

    When do tickets go on sale?

    Another politician has an affair. Whoopi shit. John Edwards is rich, famous, good-looking. Duh, Hello

    This is what's really important with the boys down in the Amalgamated maintenence shed.

    Hope she keeps the fat. I like'em meaty

    I'd show you pictures from Hustler and Barely Legal, but Claude tells me these assholes in security monitor our computers. They should mind their own business.

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    Pelosi ASSRAPES Culberson

    I guess we need to talk a little bit about politics. Apparently, there's some douche named Culberson from Houston (it's a state?) who is a Congress. He and the other Republicans are using something called twatter to communicate with other twats (people who also use twatter). They were having this big old thing about gas prices in the Capitol building and Nancy Pelosi who is the leader of the Democrats and runs the place shut off the lights because they were talking about dumbass shit that wouldn't do anything to cut prices.

    How's that for fucking cool? Shut off the lights on people bitching to give more of our money to oil companies. Take that, fuckballs!

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    Polls are fun!

    In a poll of Austintonians, it was determined that people don't like it when you cut them off in traffic.

    And the fatties still like their minidonuts.

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    August 07, 2008

    Austin Prefers Mini Donuts

    Austintonians gave delicious mini-donuts the thumbs up as their favorite fair food, beating out cheese curds and corn dogs. To tell, the truth, I'm kind of surprised, I would have thought some sort of cooked meat would be more popular in Texas. But then again who can resist yummy frosting? Especially yummy fronting on a minidonut, where the proprtion of surface area to overall volume is greater. I guess that's why frosting and entire longhorn cow never caught on.

    Posted by SCAB at 04:26 PM | Comments (2) | TrackBack

    There's something about Mary

    OMG! LOL! I'm sooooooo glad I don't live in Austin. So, last night late our boss comes in and bitches at us (Rose, Vinnie, myself, Chandrakant (who comes from India which is a whole other country or something where they do NOTHING but answer phones) and Ted about not posting enough. No big deal, I think... this posting stuff is kinda easy.

    I mean, you guys will read anything if I just publish it. After all, you've been reading this crap for a while. And you'll really like to hear about some of the cool stuff I have going on in my life. I haven't even told you guys about my collection of Dogs That Aren't Mine!

    Moronager (that's what I call the boss... it's a really clever combination of 'moron' and 'manager'. My Mom always said she didn't raise no dummie. Of course, she was looking at my brother when she said that, but I'm certain I was included as well) wanted us to post more 'local' stuff so I started reading the online edition of some newspaper in El Paso. Meanwhile, Moronager comes over and is doing that 'look over the shoulder and breathe heavily' thing that I can't stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I say, "Can I help you, Boss?" and he says "Yeah, why don't you go to the paper in Austin. That's where McBlogger is based, not El Paso."

    Oh. OK. FFFFIIIINNNNEEEE. Excuse the hell out of me for not knowing which part of Texas this stupid blog is in. So I go over to a newspaper in Austin and I gotta say, you guys have a good newspaper. Not a GREAT newspaper, but a pretty damn good one. Especially this Selby guy who is really very clever. However, you guys are hella nasty. TYPHOID?

    The Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department is investigating about a dozen cases of possible typhus infection, most of them reported in Central Austin.

    The type of typhus found in Texas, murine typhus, is most commonly caused by rats and their fleas, but opossums and cats can also be involved in transmitting the disease, according to the Department of State Health Services Web site. People get it from an infected flea.

    And women named Mary who like to cook, Statesman! Way to leave that out. Aren't your health inspectors smart enough to check out the staff at restaurants? DUH!

    Watch out you people in Austin. Never know when you'll end up all sick and shit.

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    Expert: Twin Towers Destroyed By Hyper-Intelligent Kitties Recruited By Knights Of Malta

    This was most probably accomplished through the use of nano-thermites, which are hightech energetic materials made by mixing ultra fine grain (UFG) aluminum and UFG metal oxides; usually iron oxide, molybdenum oxide or copper oxide, although other compounds can be used (Prakash 2005, Rai 2005). The mixing is accomplished by adding these reactants to a liquid solution where they form what are called “sols”, and then adding a gelling agent that captures these tiny reactive combinations in their intimately mixed state (LLNL 2000). The resulting “sol-gel” is then dried to form a porous reactive material that can be ignited in a number of ways.

    Hratch Semerjian, long-time director of NIST’s chemical division, was promoted to acting director of NIST in November 2004, and took over the WTC investigation until the completion of the report on the towers. Semerjian is
    closely linked to former NIST employee Michael Zachariah, perhaps the world’s most prominent expert on nano-thermites (Zachariah 2008). In fact, Semerjian and Zachariah co-authored ten papers that focus on nano-particles made of silica, ceramics and refractory particles. Zachariah was a major player in the Defense University Research Initiative on Nanotechnology (DURINT), a groundbreaking research effort for nano-thermites.

    Most of the so called eyewitnesses on the ground have been identified as either Fundie Christians or defense officials or party faithfuls of the Republican kind.That opens up questions about their reliability.

    The only eyewitness that passes the smell test, Amber Theoharis,was a helicopter traffic reporter for Channel 4 in New York who happened to be near the area where the plane was supposed to have impacted WTC2.She was live with her anchor,Susan Hansen, and did not even utter a word about seeing a plane.Instead she reported about an explosion at the Tower.

    In the many videos released about the event,a plane is shown entering the Towers at a high speed and simply vanishing inside, leaving behind no damage.This Alice-in-Wonderland fairy tale was important to the perps because the preservation of an intact fuselage was necessary to maintain the lie that a plane had impacted the Tower.That lie became necessary because a clamor for the evidence would have resulted if the plane was shown as broken up.

    The intact plane was also necessary to maintain the fiction that the Towers collapsed from the impact of the plane and the heat from the combustion of the fuel. This story sustained the perps for a long time until Professor Jones destroyed that myth.

    Because of the lengths to which this administration has gone to sustain the myths,it is necessary to ask how this plane myth even came about.From the very beginning, this administration has made it clear that it needed a New Pearl Harbor to draw the United States into seizing the oil resources of the Middle East,especially the one in Iraq, for the purpose of maintaining US Supremacy for the next century.The New Pearl Harbor had to be an event that would shock the conscience of Americans and at the same time the perps had to be identified as Arabs.Because in the American way of viewing things, an Arab is an Arab is an Arab,it would not matter if it was a Saudi or Iraqi or a transgender Moroccan.Any Arab will do.

    The ground work for this operation had been laid long before in 1993 when one of the Towers sustained an explosion set off by a truck bomb.That was clearly the work of an Arab saboteur.Half a world away, Ramzi Yousef, a Pakistani, was supposed to have sent a telegram to Osama Bin Laden that he should blow up the WTC Towers as a way to teach the Americans a lesson.He proposed that air planes be employed to do the dirty work.It is very likely that was disinformation because of the details it disclosed about the operation and the intended target.

    In order for Eugenics to work properly, someone would have to select the ideal bloodline first and then systematically prevent the mating of this ideal bloodline with inferior stock.That would call for genocide on a massive scale.

    The American disciples of Galton, notably Mrs Harriman (Averell's mother)and Mrs.Walker,influenced their sons to see the wisdom of Galton's thesis and so, the American Eugenics Society was born on the campus of Yale which, for nearly a century, has been the breeding ground of vicious racists, spies and Empire builders of various stripes.

    This would have been an academic topic on the campus of Yale except for the fact that the two men,Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman, were both financially and politically well connected and were in a position to bring their ideas to reality in short order.The most explosive of these connections involved a German aristocrat by the name Fritz Thyssen, who owned steel and coal companies in the Ruhr Valley.Because the Treaty of Versailles after WWI prohibited the rearmament of Germany, Thyssen was hampered by lack of markets for his steel.He turned to Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman to find a way to open up markets for his steel.The remedy Prescott and Averell came up with was to find a way to evade the Treaty of Versailles and start the rearmament of Germany in stealth.To accomplish this they needed a strong man who would take over the Weimar Republic and implement their proposals in defiance of international laws.Sort of like a George W.Bush of the twentieth century.

    Fortune smiled on these aristocrats as a man called Hitler emerged from the streets of Vienna to rail aginst the unfair treatment of Germany by the victors in WWI.He said that the clauses in that treaty were written to humiliate Germany.What is more, Hitler claimed that Germany only lost the war because of traitors who stabbed it in the back.He identified these traitors as Jews, the supine aristocrats and liberals and the Bolsheviks who were mostly Jews following the teachings of Marx and Engels, two more notorious Jews.

    Hitler was a spell binding speaker and could sway an audience to his way of thinking by performing theatrics in concert with his speeches.Thyssen was mesmerized by Hitler's speeches, especially the part where he identified the Bolsheviks with the Jews.When he met with Bush and Harriman, Thyssen introduced them to Hitler and the threesome provided the financial backing Hitler needed to win the election that led to the demise of the Weimar Republic and Hitler's elevation to the Chancellorship and later as the Fuehrer.

    A few months ago, I noticed something odd and decided to dig deeper. It turns out that on each of the 4 flights, aside from the pilot and co-pilot , there was at least one passenger that was a pilot (and we're not talking arab hijackers).

    This means that on all four planes, even if one or both of the pilots were overpowered by slightly built, poorly-armed arab hijackers, there was a passenger who would have been able to fly the plane. So why doesn't the Official Myth include even one brave passenger pilot attempting to take over a plane? Why wouldn't anyone want to notice these potential heros?

    So how did the pilots on four separate planes get overtaken to begin with? All of these pilots were in very good physical condition. Almost all of them, including the passenger pilots, had fighter pilot experience. No one fought back? No one attempted to save their plane? Something doesn't make sense here.

    Oh and did I mention, at least one on each flight was a fundie xian?

    It would be interesting if someone could reverse the process and find out what software was used by the perps to project the images that have come to traumatize us since 911.

    Computer aided smokescreen is what I call it.No planes,just a simple demolition and an avalanche of TV images to seize control of our minds.

    It gets better as one explores the activities of Bush and Harriman from the days of the Weimar Republic to the rise of Hitler.Hitler, as usual, was fascinated by the Science of Eugenics and was stumped as to how to achieve the extermination part.This is where Bush,Harriman and Thyssen helped him out along with corporations like IBM,Dupont and IG Farben.This team that was part of the Final Solution that Hitler devised, was instrumental in planning the extermination camps at Auschwitz.Thyssen and Krupp provided the steel for the furnaces and the cattle cars for transporting the innocent victims.IBM provided the data processing capability to keep track of all the inmates arriving and not leaving.Dupont collaborated with IG Farben in making the Zyklon B tablets that released the deadly cyanide gas in the "showers".To think that the Americans, who provided not just the intellectual underpinnings but the entire mechanism for carrying out the Holocaust have clean hands is to believe in the tooth fairy.The fact that Mr.GHW Bush, would even think of pursuing the Eugenics idea nearly twenty years after the War ended tells me that he was remorseless about the entire event.

    It is now possible to see why the American state has become such a malignant factor in the world.The ruling class in the US believe that the world has an inordinately high number of less desirable peoples,usually with brown and black skins that need to be eliminated in order for the "right" type of people to prosper and flourish.Unfortunately,the brown and black skinned people hold vast amount of resources in their territories.To plunder these resources and at the same time gradually eliminate these populations, a long term strategy was devised.Kissinger, no less an adherent than Prescott Bush called this the Depopulation Solution. His entire rationale for the War in Vietnam was based on the Depopulation Strategy.The killing of three million Vietnamese by carpet bombings was how that strategy was executed.I recall that when Peter Arnett and April Oliver disclosed that the US had used chemical and biological weapons in Laos, how exercised Kissinger and Haig got,to the point pressure was brought to bear on CBS to terminate them.It is also telling that a man of Arnett's reputation was unable to find any work in our media after this incident.

    In Iraq, the strategy has been further refined by using weapons like the Depleted Uranium bombs that release low level radiation over a long time during which the exposed populations are,in effect, condemned to a life without any future.Offspring of these populations are usually subject to all sorts of birth defects and in a few generations they are unable to reproduce.That may be the entire rationale for the Iraqi War,to decimate an entire population over time without leaving a trace.The perps,of course, would feign their concern for the problems faced by the Iraqi people knowing full well what has caused their dire straits.

    When Mr.McClennan disclosed the deceptions that Bush used to sell the Iraq War to the American people, he did not cover the full extent of it.It was not just the Press that was complicit.The entire Congress, especially, people like Hillary Clinton who voted for the IWR,were in on the game of enabling Bush to achieve what his grandfather and his father could not.

    Now we also know why Impeachment is off the table.

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    August 06, 2008

    Hi, my name is Rose Petal

    I work in the call center for Amalgamated. We can be twitter buddies. Everybody already calls me Twit.

    My team leader, who is a hairy knob, must have found out about my commenting on Taylor Swift’s MySpace. I go by the name Rose Petal. Taylor is so cool. I wish I was her. I’m always sending her poems, books, a lock of my hair, and one time, my dead pet mouse. Oh, oh, oh, I snuck backstage at her concert and was able to touch her when she walked by. Seriously, it was only a small bruise. The papers made such a big deal out of it.

    One day, I was handed something that said restraining order. I don’t know what that is, but I framed it, pricked my finger and spread blood over it, and put it in my special closest.

    Anyway, the team leader motions me to his cubicle. He thinks he’s all that because he has a plant on top of his desk and an autographed picture of some freaky guy named Carrot Top. I’m already thinking what I’m going to say at the temp agency, but instead of firing me, he wants me to post stuff on this political blog in Texas called McBlogger. Gross! Why couldn’t they have called it McTacoBell?

    I’ve heard of Obama. He’s kinda cute, but I thought he just beat some old lady for president. Now, they’re telling me that he’s against somebody called John McCain. The guy in Live Free or Die Hard? That guy is a little creepy.

    Oh my God. Jeannette, who sits beside me, just showed me a picture of the real John McCain. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. You can’t be serious. He looks like the old dudes at the nursing home where Great Granny lives. They’re always pooping and wetting themselves.

    So call me. We can share my new ring tone of Fergie’s new song. I think she’s a nice person and I bet we could sit down in the park and talk about clothes and stuff. Maybe, I’ll comment on her MySpace.

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    What's going on here? What do I do?

    I really don't know what I'm supposed to be doing here... I'm one of the new people hired by ACC to 'blog' here. I'm not even familiar with this site. They have me in front of this computer and I'm supposed to be typing out the thoughts in my head. I really don't think they want ALL the thoughts in my head (like the one about the catfish in my bathtub).

    Of course, I know what a blog is. I maintain one on MySpace.

    I guess I should say I don't really get all this politics stuff. Like these people arguing about drilling for gas? Don't the dummies know all they have to do is just go down to the Valero and get some? Just don't put it in a glass bottle and make sure (if you're driving a pickup) to take whatever you're putting the gas in OUT of the bed. They get really mad about that. Apparently, according to 'them', it can also explode.

    So what do you guys think? Who are you going to vote for in the Presidential race? I'm going for

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    August 05, 2008

    I’m not fooling around here

    You guys have pissed me off. Here I was at my cousin Louie’s house finishing a great veal scaloppini by his old lady – I mean her cooking is hard-on great – and ready to down a couple of cannoli when the boss calls. When the boss rings you during supper, you know it ain’t good.

    He says he’s got a problem in Texas. That’s my cue to pack the bags and go on a trip. Texas? What the hell. Who goes to that place anymore? He hears on the grapevine that some blog run by some nancy boys is going on strike to raise 100 G’s for some hillbilly politician called Jim Bob or Bubba Joe or some Walton family wet dream name, and a lady who is Michael Bolton’s daughter.

    Well, it’s really less a problem and more the boss wants to go legit. He’s been keeping track of these mega churches’ televangelists who get the rubes all riled up about gays, Jews, and immigrants, and they give these guys millions so Jesus will save them from the fiery pit. The boss calls it prosperity theology. This could be good for the boss since he can be very persuasive.

    So he sees this opportunity to take over this established blog and start influencing readers. Oh yeah, and have the 100G’s donated to the cause. That’s where I come in. Hey, don’t think I’m just some stupid gumba. I know my way around a website. Back in the day, we twisted some arms till they saw the light, but we now take a kinder and gentler approach – unless. Fair warning

    They’ll be calling me a scab. So what? The ex used to call me worse even when I was slipping her the one-eyed jack. When I’m done with you guys, you’ll finally have grown a pair. So start handing over the protection money, uh, I mean donations. We have plans.

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    Not too long ago I sold the blog to settle up a bar tab (it was really a very good deal... for me) to Amalgamated Corporate Company. They have, of course, made some changes that we find unbearable, like:

    1) Not allowing us to drink during lunch.
    2) Not allowing us to drink during staff meetings.
    3) Not allowing us to nap in the early afternoon after a big lunch.
    4) Not paying for the aforementioned big lunch.
    5) Requiring that 'happy hour' start at 5, not 10:30.
    6) Threatening to fire us for showing up to work drunk (YOU try staying sober after a pitcher of bloody marys).
    7) Making us actually, you know, blog. And hang out with bloggers.

    So, in an effort to show our new Corporate Masters who is really running things, we're ON STRIKE. In the meantime, we would like to encourage you to contribute to some great candidates. Like Larry Joe Doherty and Valinda Bolton. In fact, if we can raise a significant amount of money, say $100,000, we might be coaxed to come back to work. As long as we get that and the other shit we want. And the kegerator back in the break room.

    And the wet bar in my office.

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    Get well, Pat Crow!

    Last night we received word that Pat Crow, longtime operative here in Travis County, had successfully come through bypass surgery but suffered a stroke during the procedure.

    Those few of you who don't know Pat should just take our word that she's an exceptional person with a razor sharp mind, phenomenal wit and an easy, infectious laugh. You should also know that's she's one of few operatives in Travis County for whom we have genuine affection (we like and respect a whole bunch of you, but there are few we really love. Pat is one of them).

    Please keep Pat and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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    August 04, 2008

    May The Lord Bless The Tsar And Keep Him Far From Us

    Three days after McBlogger's original post, I'm still astonished by Homeland Security honcho Chertoff's remarks about the policy allowing the indefinite detention of laptops, flash drives, papers, and other "storage devices" seized from travellers at our borders.

    ..."The most dangerous contraband is often contained in laptop computers or other electronic devices." Searches have uncovered "violent jihadist materials" as well as images of child pornography...

    "Violent jihadist materials"? Does al Qaeda have some knock-off video game called Grand Theft Camel? And while kiddie porn will find few friends, exactly what sort of a threat does it pose to the security of the Republic? Remember when Republicans were all about getting government "off our backs". not about expanding powers of search and seizure? Where are all those "strict constructionists" these days, anyway?

    Even more chilling is the information from the original linked article that

    The policies cover "any device capable of storing information in digital or analog form," including hard drives, flash drives, cellphones, iPods, pagers, beepers, and video and audio tapes. They also cover "all papers and other written documentation," including books, pamphlets and "written materials commonly referred to as 'pocket trash' or 'pocket litter.' "

    And that got me to wondering. Where had I run across this sort of paranoia, this fear of words which might be smuggled, like a contagion, across borders. And then I remembered. Among the books in the McSleaze library is a copy of the 1914 Baedeker guide for travellers to Russia, which warns prospective visitors

    Books in large quantities are submitted to a censor. Travellers should avoid works of a political, social, or historical nature.

    Unprinted paper only should be used for packing, to avoid any cause of suspicion.

    Russia, of course, was in those days regarded as a tyranny. A few years later, the tsars were gone and the Bolsheviks erected a tyranny of their own. Now they are gone and what is modern Russia? Well, certainly a state where ruler, a former bigshot in the secret police, hand-picks his successor and still seems to be running the place is no Smileygrad. And America? I can't help but recall something Lincoln wrote to an associate in 1855, while still a rather obscure Illinois lawyer. And to put this in some sort of context, Lincoln was commenting on the Know-Nothings, antebellum America's precursors of Lou Dobbs:

    I am not a Know-Nothing--that is certain. How could I be? How can any one who abhors the oppression of the negroes be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that 'all men are created equal.' We now practically read it 'all men are created equal except negroes.' When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read, 'all men are created equal except negroes and foreigners and Catholics.' When it comes to that, I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty--to Russia for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy."

    One wonders how the Great Emancipator would rate American despotism, vintage 2008.

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    Notes on a scandal

    So, Pete Sessions (R - North Texas Douchebag) had a fundraiser in a Vegas strip club. He called it a burlesque show, but we've all been to one of those places and we think Pete's a lying sack of shit (granted that's not much of a stretch for the retard).

    PhotobucketHere's Pete with some supporters. We're really not sure which one is Pete (it was hella dark in the club) but we're reasonably certain he's not Asian. And that he's not a woman.

    Here's some more on the scandal with audio and then there's this from D Magazine.

    Really, Pete, a burlesque show? What is this, the 1890's??!? Do you really think anyone's going to be believe that you weren't watching the dancing ladies and that 'Little Pete' (girls talk) wasn't standing at full mast?

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    No, not me you jackass... Trey FLEMING...

    I wanted to give you an update on the campaign. You all know that we've knocked on quite a few doors and now we are starting to get a lot of attention as a battleground district in Texas. In a Quorum Report article, a well known GOP political consultant offered a simple turnout ratio as a metric for active battleground races in Texas. A 2:1 Democrat to Republican ratio was a clear Democratic district. Anything at 1.5:1 or lower is leaning towards the Republican. However, everything in between should be considered a battleground district that can be won by a fighting Democrat in November. Texas House District 135 was at nearly a 1.8 : 1 ratio. With the high turnout combined with the Cy Fair ISD financial crisis, our major transportation challenges in Northwest Houston and the recent Texas Ethics Commission complaints against my opponent (for allegedly using campaign funds to pay for his personal property in Austin), this district is now heavily in play! As such, my campaign finance plan has now increased substantially and I need to raise much more money than originally anticipated. Fortunately I have picked up the support of several major contributors in town but I need to reach out to everyone I know for support where possible. I'm contributing a substantial amount of my own money to cover our grassroots costs but we've got to grow the mass media capability. I'm shooting for an additional $30,000 by September 2. That is where each of you come in. If you or anyone you know can help out, be it $25, $250 or more, every dime will help out. I have a link set up whereby you can contribute online, or you can send a check to the Fleming for Texas campaign at the address below. Thanks in advance and let's get fired up for a great run to November!

    Why yes, I will be supporting anyone with the good sense to be named Trey!

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    August 03, 2008

    Roundin' up the TPA

    It's time once again for another Texas Progressive Alliance roundup. Here are the blog highlights for the week of July 28:

    TXsharon challenges you to view these pictures of Domestic Drilling Armageddon in the Barnett Shale and still support the Drill and Burn Domestic Drilling agenda.

    U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez' Republican challenger for the 23rd Congressional seat is taken to task by Mike Thomas of Rhetoric & Rhythm for shirking his responsiblity on a critical hospital expansion vote before the Bexar County Commissioner's Court.

    WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the GOP's "latest" energy plan in Carter, Oil, & Hair Of The Dog.

    Neil at Texas Liberal asks what would be the impact if Polar Bears could vote.

    Off the Kuff looks at a Texas Monthly overview of the effects of the Presidential race on downballot elections in Texas and offers his criticism of it.

    Guest Columnist JR Behrman at Texas Kaos has a few strong words about Energy Policy: Democrats Routed. He also has a Texas Plan.

    Julie Pippert of the MOMocrats asks the Obama campaign to explain its absence in Texas after they announced the roll-out of their Spanish-Language ads as an outreach to Hispanic voters, then discusses a Senate proposal that would require 50% of US cars to have a flexible fuel system by 2012, and finally the MOMocrats share the draft of their position paper to be submitted to the Democratic National Committee for inclusion in the party platform.

    McBlogger had a great time in the subprime panel at Netroots Nation. So good in fact that he decided to offer some of his own solutions since the panelists, including the dimwitted Rep. Brad Miller, decided to offer nothing of substance.

    XicanoPwr reports on the latest poll by the Pew Hispanic Center on the Latino vote. Latino polling shows that 66% of Latino registered voters will support Obama.

    Burnt Orange Report points out that Ag Commissioner Todd Staples finally comes around to what Democrat (and future Ag Commissioner) Hank Gilbert has been saying all along- Texan's are being overcharged at the gas pump due to lack of state inspections.

    BossKitty at TruthHugger dreams about the "Count Down To Accountability - Bush, Cheney Indictments"

    refinish69 from Doing My Part For The Left invites everyone to meet Annette Taddeo- A True Progressive Democrat.

    jobsanger writes about how after years of the Bush Presidency even our cloest traditional ally no longer trusts us in Brits Don't Trust Bush On Torture.

    Obama and the down-ballot races in Texas are the focus of two articles by R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs summarizes, and finds some to agree with and some not.

    Mean Rachel writes an open letter to Rep. Elliot Naishtat, encouraging him to consider joining the technology age and starting an inexpensive, easy-to-use website tailor-made for state legislators with Wired for Change's DLCCWeb, a Netroots exhibitor.

    nytexan at BlueBloggin keeps an eye on Mitch McConnell, the GOP king of distortion and extortion. McConnell plans to block legislation that can impact Americans now and push for a bill whose product will not be seen for 10 years; McConnell Extorts Senate For Off Shore Drilling. McConnell never fails to please Bush and his corporate buddies.

    WhosPlayin looks at a new USGS petroleum estimate for the Arctic Circle, and notes that only a small portion of ANWR is estimated to be productive, and that the study doesn't address economic feasibility. (Includes Map)

    Vince from Capitol Annex tells us that, while indicted former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Sugar Land) won't accept a presidential pardon, he'd love one from Texas Governor Rick Perry.

    CouldBeTrue from South Texas Chisme gets upset with crappy newspaper article.

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    August 02, 2008

    Think the economy is good?

    Take a look at this... then tell me you're doing OK.

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    August 01, 2008

    Pack Lightly

    The LOVELY people at the Dept. of Homeland Security have the right to take and search your laptop, MP3 player, flash drive, etc. Oh, and they can keep it as long as they want. The money quote comes from Chertoff himself...

    PhotobucketHomeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff wrote in an opinion piece published last month in USA Today that "the most dangerous contraband is often contained in laptop computers or other electronic devices." Searches have uncovered "violent jihadist materials" as well as images of child pornography, he wrote.

    Bullshit, Michael you skeletal fucking waste of skin. You found rants from unhappy people (I.E., my posts) and called them 'jihadist'. As for the child porno, where are the convictions, asshat? And you found this on how many computers? One? Two?

    Chertoff is playing a game that bureaucrats like him LOVE, Justify Your Existence. The sad truth is that there is no need for him TO exist. In fact, we could significantly scale back DHS and achieve the same result. Meanwhile our coasts and our borders leak like sieves and there are few (if any) real inspections of shipping containers entering the US through our major ports. Containers that could easily hold 20 W88 class nukes. But Michael and his staff are more concerned about what might or might not be on your computer.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Once again, Feingold is leading the way to refocus on DHS on REAL problems...give him your help.

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    Sen. Kirk Watson NAILS IT

    Here's a sample of today's WatsonWire...

    But the Mansion fire isn’t only a symbol. It’s a symptom of the self-interested neglect and mismanagement that have come to define those who purport to lead this state. While Texas is blessed with dedicated, hard working, public service-oriented employees, they have been denied the tools and leadership they need.

    Texas, and every Texan, deserves better. It’s time to demand a government that works.

    Read the rest here. Kirk, we need this from you... and we need you desperately to be a leader on transportation funding that won't leave the majority of the state in the slow lane.

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    Jokes of My Father's : Putting the funny in funeral

    Received today from my father...

    Muldoon lived alone in the Irish countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Muldoon went to the parish priest and asked, 'Father, my dog is dead. Could ya' be saying' a Mass for the poor creature?'

    Father Patrick replied, 'I'm afraid not; we cannot have services for an animal in the church. But there are some Baptists down the lane, and there's no tellin' what they believe. Maybe they'll do something for the creature.'

    Muldoon said, 'I'll go right away Father. Do ya think $5,000 is enough to donate to them for the service?'

    Father Patrick exclaimed, 'Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus! Why didn't ya tell me the dog was Catholic?

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