December 17, 2007

"Bush is willing to let Americans die for telecom immunity"

That's a direct quote from Sen. Kennedy who just rained shit all over Feinstein's rationalization of telecom immunity. Bush has said he would veto the FISA bill if it doesn't include telecom immunity. In the same breath, he said that Congress had to revise FISA to protect American lives.

Dodd is saying this is about the Constitution, not fighting terrorists or some kind of partisan fight. Amen, Senator.

FDL and KOS are keeping up with this. Clinton, Obama and Biden were all nonvoting in bringing this to the floor and right now I'm not sure they are even in Washington. If they aren't, then damn them all to hell.

Here's the bottom line from my perspective... these companies acted illegally and have no affirmative defense under the law. What they did was break the laws that protect the citizens of the United States of America. I can't think of ANYTHING more deeply unpatriotic.

There is no good faith escape clause since you would have needed a warrant, EVEN IF the AG or the President said it was OK (and the AG, by the way, didn't do that). Any attorney would have known that and these companies have hundreds of them. Are you seriously telling me that my 2 semesters of business law provided me with more knowledge than attorneys billing out at $2000/hr?


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