October 18, 2007

The 'Weak' Nancy Pelosi

It's been difficult to criticize Speaker Pelosi, mostly because I realize she's in a tough spot as far as policy. However, both she and Reid have done an abysmal job of controlling the debate and messaging. On that, I don't think there is any disagreement.

Darin Murphy has a great piece up on Pelosi's performance on the View. It's obvious, she's not tough enough.

If there was any doubt before, which there wasn't, it's gone now. Watching Nancy Pelosi on The View yesterday morning provided the final proof that the backbone of the House is only as strong as its speaker. Her body language said it all. There she sat in the center of the table, sandwiched between Elizabeth Hasselbeck and the "Is the world flat? I don't know" lady, looking anxious and devoid of stately confidence. She could barely look in the eyes of America's Favorite True Believer on her left, who immediately smelled fear and pounced on her prey. "If the violence in Iraq had gone up," she started in (I'm paraphrasing), "you would be insisting that the surge was a failure. Now that the reports say it's gone down drastically, aren't you willing to admit that the surge is a success?" So what does Pelosi do? Does she make like Bill Clinton versus Chris Wallace, lean into her face and retort "young lady, don't try that little conservative hit job on me. You obviously don't know fudged numbers when you see them"? No. Instead she looks somewhere in Hasselbeck's general direction and squeaks meekly, "But that's still a lot of deaths." (I'm not paraphrasing). She then quickly changes the subject as she spends the rest of the interview leaning away from Hasselbeck and focusing on the three women on her right, wishing to God they had sat her down beside Whoopi.

Come on, Nancy! Stick it to them and start rolling bill after bill to the floor. Let Bush veto and keep bringing them back. It's time to take a stand and bury these losers. Have some fun with the S-CHIP override and make. them. cave.

I know you got it, Madame Speaker. I know you can do it. But please, for the love of God, don't let an idiot like Elizabeth Hasselbeck fluster you. Even if you come across as mean, put the bitch in her place.

Posted by mcblogger at October 18, 2007 10:14 AM

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I remember when Pelosi was chosen as speaker and I thought, what an abysmally bad speaker (with a small s) she is (that was before I regularly heard Bush, of course). Erudite, no. But I was willing to forgive all that as long as she seemed to be effective. That went downhill when she said, before the election, that impeachment was off the table, and has plummeted since. We need Democratic leadership that effectively stands up against the inroads on the constitution, and she isn't the one. I'd love to see her replaced with someone who can crack the whip.

Posted by: cof [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 18, 2007 11:06 AM

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