August 02, 2007

Romney on the rampage

So the former Massachusettes Governor spent time recently attacking his betters, also known as the Democratic candidates for President. Disregarding the fact that people, on balance, like Mike Gravel more than him, he launched into a diatribe against the three leading Democratic candidates who (wisely) farmed the comebacks to staff. Here's the Clinton bit...

"Hillary Clinton just gave a speech the other day about her view on the economy. She said we have been an on-your-own society. She said it's time to get rid of that and replace that with shared responsibility and we're-in-it-together society," Romney told the crowd. "That's out with Adam Smith and in with Karl Marx."

A Clinton spokeswoman shot back, challenging Romney's record.

"Given how often Romney flip-flops, tomorrow he will be touting his membership in the Communist Party," Kathleen Strand said.

Nicely done, Kathleen. Mitt, we ARE in it together. Adam Smith was never about EVERYTHING for me and NOTHING for you. Capitalism is about balance and the goals (an equitable distribution of wealth) are not that different than those of Marxism. It's the mechanism of the distribution (the market vs. the state) that's different. Only stupid private equity people would be unable to get that. What WAS it you did before you went into politics, Mitt?

Then he went after Edwards...

"To have someone like Senator Edwards stand up and say there's not a war on terror, that it's a Bush bumper sticker" is unacceptable, he said. "There is a war being waged by the terrorists. If I or any other Republican president is running this country, there will be a war waged on the terrorists."

An Edwards spokeswoman said Romney's own vacillations should give voters pause.

"It seems the only thing that Governor Romney has chosen to stand firm on is the misguided, out-of-touch belief that we should continue with George Bush's failed foreign policy in Iraq," Kate Bedingfield said.

Gee... sure looks like the Democrats learned something from 2004. Mitt, you better hope you don't get the nomination. Even Dennis Kucinich would make you his bitch.

Posted by mcblogger at August 2, 2007 07:52 PM

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