April 30, 2007

FloShap bitchslaps teachers

Oh, Florence... WTF are you thinking? Hal at Half Empty has the story on FloShap's bill to hold teachers accountable in a way that will guarantee

1) That teachers will be hard to come by
2) Teachers will refuse to take on difficult tasks
3) Kids will be the ones who get hurt

That last point is the most interesting...

No teacher will want to teach low ability students. Teaching low ability students will spell a death sentence for a teacher. I personally know teachers who request nothing but students with low learning ability because they feel they are most effective with these kids. Effective enough to get them to pass TAKS? Not always. There are other things to teach these kids – things that they can use.

Imagine teaching a class full of students with sub-100 IQs, dyslexia, Turret’s, Limited English Proficiency, and out and out sociopaths, all of this mixed in with “G/T Gangstas” who are too busy writing computer programs to do their chemistry homework. It’s a zoo.

And it’s a zoo that no one will want to teach anymore if it means that they will be fired in 3 years.

Damn, Flo. You just can't stop hating on public schools, can you? What are you, challenging Parent PAC to take your ass out?

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The House is set to debate HB 626 which will severely restrict voter registration in an effort to limit the number of people who exercise their right to vote. Matt at BOR has additional details as well as background on the origins of this bill and the fact that it's completely unnecessary. Kuffner has contact information for the folks who are generally considered swing voters in the House on this issue. Please call them today and ask them to take a stand against legislation that will negatively impact the lives of millions of Texans.

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Tolls : You're not going to lose federal funding, 39%

Well, Mikey asked one of his pals at the Federal Highway Admin to write a letter that would scare the shit out of the Lege and TXDoT. Basically, it said that the moratorium bills, as structured, might cause Texas to lose federal highway funds because they devolve project control to local and regional governments/agencies. The letter also congratulated Texas for leading the nation in public private partnerships, the euphemism most used by Republicans for 'selling off assets for pennies on the dollar'. The other, less popular phrase is 'corporate welfare'.

The really sad part? The braintrust at TXDoT is selling off the assets on the cheap. Oh sure, they talk about the billions they are getting up front. However, compared to the tens of billions to be made, even a first year B school student can tell you that our state officials are being very stupid about their decision making. So much for the business acumen of the current crop of Republican appointees.

The Republicans crow endlessly about how tolls are less regressive than a gas tax. However, what they don't tell you is that that's only true if there are real free alternatives. Since these deals restrict improvements (either to existing roads or building new freeways) and are going to be done all over the state, they'll catch everyone. Just like a gas tax. Shall we dive back into the math again? Oh, yes... lets...

Let's say you drive on a toll road 10 miles per day, pretty reasonable for a large percentage of the population in Texas, and the tolls are set at 12 cents/mile (which is super low... they are actually far higher in Austin). Let's also stipulate that to do away with tolls altogether we'd need to raise the gas tax to 80 cents/gallon. Your commute with tolls will cost you $1.20 per day. With the gas tax, assuming you get 20 miles per gallon, you'd pay 40 cents per day. Even if you went to A&M, 40 cents is cheaper than $1.20.

You'll also hear the Republicans go on and on about 'not raising taxes'. Go reread the last two paragraphs. If it's going to apply to everyone, it's a tax... even if it is paid to a private company with the blessing of Ric Williamson.

Now, back to the letter from the Feds... in it, the functionary that Krusee got to write the letter says that Texas might lose funds since the projects are controlled at the local level and they may not comply with federal enviro standards. Which is crap because EVERYTHING that uses federal money has to comply with federal standards, environmental and otherwise. Trust me, this guy at the Transportation Dept. won't be around after January, 2009. Seriously, pal, you cut your own throat trying to help Krusee.

The letter also blathers on about delays causing Texas to fall into air quality noncompliance which would jeopardize federal highway money. And 39% is all concerned about that. Which is funny because he sure as shit wasn't when TXU was trying to push through those ridiculous coal fired power plants. In truth, the environment isn't really 39%'s concern, it's HUGE Republican contributors like Zachry Construction that stand to make BILLIONS off the privatization of Texas roads. With each step the Lege takes, they see that money circling the drain and they need their bitch (39%, in case you weren't paying attention) to step up and save the day. Thus, the scary bullshit about losing money and polluting the air, all of which is utter nonsense...

“I will review this bill carefully because we cannot have public policy in this state that shuts down road construction, kills jobs, harms air quality, prevents access to federal highway dollars, and creates an environment within local government that is ripe for political corruption.”

Veto it, 39%. They'll override and in two years we'll back here again fixing the mess the Republicans made this time by keeping PPP's and tolling in place. The good thing is that this debate is showing those opposed to tolls who their real friends are. And they aren't fucking Republican.

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April 29, 2007


The Mayor, Sister Ruth and I are sitting at Mother Egans listening to an irishman cover Willie Nelson.


In truth, he's not bad though the brogue does seep in at times. And he's dressed like a welder, which creeping me and The Mayor the hell out...

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Fun with quotes

  • Via Kuffner (who's all about the funny today, apparently)

    "The information that we have is that there have been individuals who have crossed, and some that have been apprehended, that have ties back to the al-Qaida network," Perry told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on a trip to the city to speak at a Boy Scouts dinner.

    "I don't get confused that with the lack of manpower and the lack of resources that the federal government has made available that you can cross the border, and you can cross the border with enough frequency and with enough items to create a lot of havoc," he said.

    BULLSHIT, 39%. You're completely full of shit. This would have been your first campaign ad if last year if it was true. What's next, 39%? You gonna tell an audience in Cleveland that you personally foiled an al qaida plan to nuke Dallas, a la Jack Bauer?

    Pathetic slob...

  • Bill Miller's a smart guy...

    "You're kidding," Bill Miller, an Austin political consultant who works with Democrats and Republicans, said when told of a possible Lampson bid. "If Lampson is known by 5 percent of the people in the state, I'd be shocked." (which is my problem with this whole concept - TX-22 goes back to red, we do not knock off Cornyn)

    I'm still hearing bullshit about Lampson and staff trying to 'muscle people out of the primary'. Fuck that. I'll file to run for the damn office even knowing that being a blogger will hurt me. However, I'll make it up for it by not being Nick Lampson. Which is my funny way of saying I'M not lame.

    Don't kid yourself boys and girls. Lampson as the candidate for Senate is going to suck ass. Sorry, but this is too important to let anyone fuck up. We need to get rid of Cornyn and Lampson can't do it.

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    April 28, 2007

    Dregs : NAIS-lite; Burka's advice; King loves some TXU and more

  • Somervell County Salon has a great post up about the Lege passing the 'NAIS-lite' (now with VOLUNTARY compliance!) as well as news from Hank that the fight continues for full repeal. How did this happen? How was strong, popular support for full repeal hampered? Let's just say all boats weren't sailing in the same direction. And it's the absolute LAST TIME I WILL EVER take FARFA seriously. You guys shot yourselves in the foot on this and caved to Patty Rose when there was no need.
  • What is it about Paul Burka that compels him to give advice to people? The wrong advice? Paul, hermano, we love you here. Seriously, you're a top notch reporter and one of the few who's really digging into the bullshit. However, your advice to Democrats is WAY WRONG.

    hope that cooler heads prevail. The anti-Craddicks have had their fun with Craddick's bill. It's time to grow up now. Do I have to bring up the name "Arlene Wohlgemuth?" Has everybody forgotten the Memorial Day massacre when she killed the calendar in the waning days of the session? Nobody thought that was OK. It was irresponsible then and it's irresponsible now. Dunnam and the rest of the Democrat leadership have been an effective opposition this session, but they will marginalize themselves if they become total obstructionists. This has been a session when Democrats have been able to participate as equals in committee and to influence bills, even pass them. Don't throw a hissy fit over not being allowed to kill the calendar.

    The 'obstructionist' label only works if there is a silence from the accused. In case you haven't noticed, the D's are running circles, when it comes to message, around the Republicans to whom no one is listening anyway. It's funny, but of all people I would have expected Burka to realize that the world is changing. Rapidly.

  • Rep. Phil 'Burger' King is all about hugs and kisses for TXU... so much so that he's making it easy for them to continue their price gouging in North Texas by watering down the House version of SB 483. Nice work, douchie!
  • Tenet's book comes out on Monday and it should be loads of fun watching him pound away, mostly on Rice and Cheney. Rice, for her part, is declining the subpoena issued by the House. I guess no one told her she can't quite do that. Dem's in Congress: Would y'all hurry up with the subpoena, cite her for contempt and impeach her worthless ass?
  • John McClelland is running for Dallas City Council. The DMN decided not to endorse him because he thinks the Trinity Toll Road is a wasteful project that's doomed to failure. He happens to be right and the DMN happens to be wrong (seriously, anyone keeping a running list on how often the DMN fucks up on policy?). Here's his response...
  • As part of the investigation into the firing of US Attorneys around the country, Congress is asking for emails sent by Karl Rove through an RNC server. What else might have been transmitted by Rove during this time? Possibly details on election fraud in Ohio

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    Not the smartest guys in the room

    If you've been sitting on your couch, watching the Lege while eating Doritos and drinking Diet Coke, you may have gotten the impression that freshman senator Dan Patrick (R-Looneyville) would be a shoo-in for Captain of the US Olympic Stupid Team. Sad to report the hate radio host-turned-lawmaker actually faces some pretty serious competition for that honor.

    Utah County GOP delegate links illegal immigration to Satan

    The devil is sticking his pitchfork into the nation's immigration politics.

    At least that's what one of Utah County's Republican delegates thinks.

    Don Larsen, a district chairman, has submitted a resolution equating illegal immigration to "Satan's plan to destroy the U.S. by stealth invasion" for debate at Saturday's Utah County Republican Party Convention.

    Referring to a plan by the devil for a "New World Order ... as predicted in the Scriptures," the resolution calls for the Utah County Republican Party to support "closing the national borders to illegal immigration to prevent the destruction of the U.S. by stealth invasion."

    Some say the illegals are only doing the jobs American Satanists don't want to do.

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    April 27, 2007

    Bush Official Resigns Over Call Girl Massages

    The head of Bush's foreign aide programs - Andrew Tobias - resigned after he was caught being involved in a high-priced call girl scandal.

    I guess the good news is the "high-priced" part. The bad part is telling his wife about it.

    But, yay! The call girls came over to his condo to give him massages. No sex. Perhaps facials were involved?

    He says he's moved on to Central American women. For massages.

    And, he's returned to private life for "personal reasons." So that he and his wife can have mutual massages.


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    Border Police Chiefs ask the Lege for help

    HB 13 politicizes assistance to law enforcement on the border. Needless to say, the law enforcement officials on the border don't want that... they want DPS involved. The full text of their appeal is after the jump. Rep. Farrar is already working to get this fixed, according to Kuff.

    Why the hell isn't the State Office of Homeland Security part of DPS anyway?

    April 23, 2007

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This is an open letter to the media, our state legislators, and the Texas community as a whole that serves the purpose of voicing our collective concern regarding HB 13, which was recently voted out of the House Committee on State Affairs and is set to go to the House floor for a vote in the near future. In our opinion, HB 13 is severely flawed as written and needs to be amended before it can begin to serve the purpose it claims to serve, which is the protection of the citizens of our state.

    While we do not make it common practice to get involved in political debates, we feel we cannot in good conscience abstain from voicing our concerns regarding HB 13, as we are responsible for the safety and well-being of the citizens of our communities. We feel it necessary to explain that most of us were unaware of the existence of this piece of legislation regarding Homeland Security and the disbursement of $100 million in funds to law enforcement entities until very recently, as we were never contacted or consulted on the matter. This is despite the fact that we, as municipal police chiefs, are responsible for the security and protection of the majority of people both along the border area and across the state as a whole.

    Our fundamental concern is that HB 13 gives a civilian and political office, the Governor’s State Office of Homeland Security, the authority to develop, administer, and execute programs that should be under a law enforcement agency. As law enforcement professionals, we feel it would be wise to transfer command and control of all of the border security and other activities of the Office of Homeland Security from the Office of the Governor to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS is best equipped to develop and administer these programs as well as the money it takes to run them, as they are the premier law enforcement agency in our state. DPS already works with local law enforcement and is familiar with our needs. DPS also has experience in conducting audits, administering performance tools, and evaluating success.

    Another major concern is that HB13 creates a Border Security Council that will decide where the funding for border security programs will go as well as measure the outcomes of those programs. The council consists of the director of the Sate Office of Homeland Security, the public safety director of DPS, and the executive director of the Texas Border Sheriffs' Coalition. Municipal police departments, including those that are local along the border, are not included in this decision-making body. We feel this severely jeopardizes our ability to obtain any of the funding the council will administer.

    In addition, the State Office of Homeland Security will, with advice from the Border Security Council, decide how to allocate funds for homeland security related activities in the state as well as monitor the success of those programs. Again, we are not included in this decision-making process and feel this will directly and negatively affect our chances of obtaining funding through these programs.

    Our concerns are based on that fact that the programs that have thus far been administered and funded by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security have been solely focused on providing money to border sheriffs. Municipal police departments, including those along the border, have been virtually shut-out by the border security programs so far administered by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security. We fear the current language in HB 13 will permit this practice to continue.

    In addition, we are also concerned about the results the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security has so far claimed to have obtained through its programs with the border sheriffs. Therefore, we openly question how their statistics and success rates have been calculated.

    We believe that these programs have been based on “surge” operations thus far. Using the “surge” tactic may in instances temporarily reduce crime in an area while the operation is undergoing, but it in no way produces a sustained effect. In fact, we recommend the DPS practice of disrupting and dismantling crime rather than the method currently used by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, which is disrupting and deterring crime and includes these “surge” operations.

    Let us be clear in that we do not oppose funding and support to the sheriffs of our state. In fact, we applaud and encourage it, as we feel it is important that all law enforcement personnel receive adequate and fair funding and support from the state. However, without proper organization, administration, and oversight, we feel that the money will not be used in the most efficient and successful way possible, as we feel has been the case thus far. Once again, we believe that DPS as a law enforcement agency would be much better equipped to ensure that programs related to both border security and Homeland Security as a whole are well-scrutinized and produce the results we all want to see.

    Finally, we must note that our interpretation of HB 13 leads us to believe that we will be required to enforce federal immigration laws. While we currently cooperate with the federal agencies regarding this matter, we do not feel that we are equipped in terms of training or manpower to enforce federal immigration laws as HB 13 requires.

    We call on our legislators to take into consideration our concerns, the concerns of other law enforcement professionals, and the concerns of everyday citizens when making the decision of whether or not to support HB 13 as it is currently written.

    We feel that any legislator that is genuinely concerned with equipping the Texas law enforcement community with what it needs to combat all kinds of crime, including drug trafficking and smuggling along the border area, should demand that major changes be made to HB 13 before supporting it.

    Because we believe that our state leaders should make an effort to include input from those of us most affected by the outcome of HB 13, we make ourselves available to these legislators to speak directly with them.

    We thank you for your time and your attention to this matter.


    Chief Fred Garza
    Uvalde Police Department
    964 W. Main
    Uvalde, TX 78801
    (830) 278-9147

    Chief R. L. McVay
    Castroville Police Department
    411 London St.
    Castroville, TX 78009
    (830) 931-2222
    Fax # (830) 931-2249

    Chief Waylon Bullard
    Del Rio Police Department
    110 E. Broadway
    Del Rio, TX 78840
    (830) 774-8576
    Fax # (830) 774-8746

    Chief Eden N. Garcia
    Falfurrias Police Department
    203 E. Allen
    Falfurrias, TX 78355
    (361) 325-5041
    Fax # (361) 325-2869

    Chief John V. Martinez
    Hondo Police Department
    1101 16th St.
    Hondo, TX 78861
    (830) 426-5353
    Fax # (830) 741-5814

    Chief Andrew W. Aston
    La Coste Police Department
    16004 S. Front
    La Coste, TX 78039-0112
    (830) 985-9494
    Fax # (830) 762-9431

    Chief James W. Bush
    Somerset Police Department
    7360 E. 6th St.
    Somerset, TX 78069
    (830) 622-5611
    Fax # 98300 429-3409

    Chief Vance E. Roberts
    Three Rivers Police Department
    PO Box 398
    Three Rivers, TX 78071-0398
    (361) 786-2743
    Fax # (361) 786-3987

    Chief Ray Garcia
    George West Police Department
    404 Nueces St.
    George West, TX 78022-2250
    (361) 449-3800
    Fax # (361) 449-8880

    Chief Ricardo Torres
    Kingsville Police Department
    1700 E. King
    Kingsville, TX 78363
    (361) 592-4211
    Fax # (361) 593-1715

    Chief Jose H. Garcia
    Roma Police Department
    PO Box 947
    Roma, TX 78584-0947
    (956) 849-2231
    Fax # (956) 849-3313

    Chief Carlos Pena
    Robstown Police Department
    PO Box 626
    Robstown, TX 78380-0626
    (361) 387-3531
    Fax # (361) 387-2316

    Chief Daniel J. Bueno
    Alice Police Department
    415 E. Main
    Alice, TX 78332
    (361) 664-0186
    Fax # (361) 668-3648

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    Obama Q&A on the Rezko work...

    In case you were looking for information on Sen. Barack Obama's dealings with indicted businessman Tony Rezko, The Chicago Sun Times has an article up on it with questions and responses.

    The Sun-Times first sought to interview Sen. Barack Obama on March 14 about indicted businessman and longtime supporter Antoin "Tony" Rezko and a series of troubled low-income housing deals involving Rezko's company, Rezmar Corp. Obama's staff asked for written questions. It responded Sunday but left many questions unanswered and didn't directly address some other questions.

    What follows are the Sun-Times' questions, asked in the preliminary stages of the newspaper's investigation, and the answers received in an e-mail from Robert Gibbs, communications director for the senator's presidential campaign

    You'll have to visit the Sun-Times for the Q&A... Hey! I work. I don't have time to call campaigns and interview them. That's what reporters get paid to do.

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    American AirlinesExecutives way smarter than employees

    Jobsanger pointed out a great story at the Star-Telegram regarding the phat bonuses that went to American Airlines executives... after they got the unions to accepts pay and benefit cuts. I gotta say, that impresses the hell out of me. Good on you, American executives! Way to be pigs at the fucking trough! With every single executive decision, you further justify my decision to stay as far away from your equity as possible. Don't worry about your long suffering shareholders or employees who've taken it up the ass from you fuckers for the better part of a decade.

    Officials with the Allied Pilots Association, American's pilots union, said Friday that they would sponsor a shareholder resolution that would give investors the ability to voice approval or disapproval with the airline's executive pay packages.

    The so-called "Say on Pay" proposal wouldn't require the com- pany to make changes but could spur additional consideration of executive pay levels, union leaders said.

    "Shareholders need to be included in the debate," said Ralph Hunter, the union's president, who pointed out that many of the airline's employees are shareholders thanks to stock options awarded in 2003. "This is not intended to be disruptive in any way; it's really a way to generate a dialogue."

    I think it kinda sucks, but the shareholders and employees deserve the treatment they receive. Why? They don't call bullshit on it. Until those two groups come together, which the above indicates may be happening, professional managers are going to keep awarding themselves compensation that is far and away more than they deserve.

    Victims are people who got taken advantage of once. Morons are constant victims. Let's see a joining of shareholder and union efforts on a massive scale. Then we can begin to rein in the massive compensation given to a miserable few for what can be, at best, described as mediocre work.

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    Edwards statement on NH Civil Unions vote

    OK, I've still not made a decision but I gotta say, this is ballsy for a southern Senator looking for the support religious conservatives and Reagan Democrats...

    "Today, Gov. Lynch and the state of New Hampshire showed us that the idea of America -- fairness, justice and equal opportunity -- can become a reality when we have the courage to stand up for what is right. New Hampshire's decision to recognize civil unions and grant gay and lesbian couples the same rights granted to heterosexual married couples is an important step in the fight for justice. This is an issue of fundamental fairness, and by passing this law, New Hampshire's leaders chose fairness over discrimination."

    Win, lose or draw Edwards appears to be running balls out and from the heart. It would be nice if some of the other Dem's chose that path rather than play it safe bullshit.

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    Dregs : Perry loves the lobbyists; Rove investigated (again); Giuliani's losing it

  • Apparently as long as taxpayers aren't paying for it, they shouldn't have anything to say about who pays for Governor Perry's travel. Uhm, yeah... conflict of interest ring a bell?
  • Rove is yet again under investigation

    It looks like Karl Rove is in trouble again. Until now, he has been the "teflon" man, with none of his criminal activities "sticking" enough to get him booted out of the government. Maybe this is the investigation that finally gets him!

    The Office of Special Counsel verified yesterday that it is investigating the actions of White House aides in the last election. The head of the agency verified that Rove is a central figure in the investigation. This small federal agency has repsonsibility for investigating violations of the Hatch Act, which prevents the coercion of federal employees.

    During the time leading up to last year's election, White House aides made presentations to several federal agencies, asking them to find ways to support Republican candidates. Some members of the General Services Agency complained this was coercive, thus kicking off this official investigation.

  • Giuliani thinks that voting for a Democrat means more terrorist attacks. Remind me who was Mayor of NYC in 2001? Why do Republicans stick to this stupid talking point long after more than 70% of the country views it as ridiculous? The reality is that there is NO WAY to absolutely stop some idiot from blowing himself up and taking those near him for the ride. Just ask the Israeli's. They've been trying to stop terrorists for DECADES.

    Keep it up, Rudy. With talk like that, Democrats will sweep even Texas. The only thing that's certain is that if a DEMOCRAT had been in the White House in 2001, Osama Bin Laden would be DEAD and we wouldn't be losing blood and treasure in Iraq. Keep it up, Rudy. You're reminding us all why we should NEVER EVER vote for a Republican again.

  • Who'd have guessed insurance rates are higher in Texas than anywhere else in the nation, despite tort deform? We would have (with some help from Muse and John Coby).
  • Did everyone have a chance to see the dancing 'tard?

  • Have a goodun!

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    April 26, 2007

    Covenant Marriage moves forward

    Everyone's favorite troll legislator, Bill Zedler is rolling out his dumbass covenant marriage bill. Seriously, this retard bill and it's author deserve to be ridiculed on a massive scale which we simply don't have the space for here.

    However, we'll give it a shot because I hate it when some puss filled anal sac wants to spend my tax dollars on marriage counseling for some weirdos who shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. Great idea, Bill, you jackass twerp.

    This ridiculous attempt to more thoroughly give the state of Texas control over people's lives will be going to the floor on Friday. Where it will waste time that would be better spent making s'mores. Seriously, at least they are tasty. Bill Zedler's bills aren't tasty. They aren't even well written. In fact, he's like the little retarded kid who tries sooo hard you want to give him a big gold star even though he never manages to really do much of anything but make himself look dumb.

    Contact your Rep and ask them to vote against this POS.

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    Dr. Ashen reviews the MEGACRISPER

    Dr. Ashen, the man who likes to review all the useless crap you see advertised on TV late at night, has a new video reviewing the MEGACRISPER which promises to allow you to make 'healthy' potato chips IN YOUR MICROWAVE!

    HT to Gizmodo

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    CD 10 and 32 in play?

  • Word on the street is that McCaul may not even run in 2008 which makes CD 10 a solid swing district. Given Ted Ankrum's amazing results last year, a better funded challenger has a real shot, even against McCaul, of taking this seat and holding it for Democrats. I've met one of the potential candidates on the D side and can tell you that if it's him vs. McCaul, a Democrat will once again be representing CD10. Just one more DeLay Republican taken out of Congress.
  • Kuff has a brill piece up on CD32, currently held by the odious Pete Sessions. Take a look at his reasoning on why Dallas Democrats should really be working on this race. I've also heard about one other Republican in the Dallas area who is a target, but I can't post much about that yet. No, I didn't sign a NDA, I just don't want to spoil the surprise.
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    True Stories of the Salon

    I got my hair cut yesterday. I've been going to the same place for years, mostly because the lady that cuts my hair does a swell job, gives me a massage and is absolutely hysterical. Not just a little funny, a whole walking talking bag 'o crazy funny. That check I write every three weeks is soooo worth it for her stories.

    No, she's not insane, she's just a marvelous storyteller of the first rank. Every single time I look at the little card I carry in my wallet and see that my appointment is coming up, I get a little happy. Because I know I'm going to get some damn funny stuff (and candy... she's all the time about the candy). Today's story was just wonderful, so funny in fact that I'm choosing to share it with you people. Even though you've done nothing for me recently. It's because I'm a giver. It's my crime.

    Before I tell you the story, I have to give you a little background... Stylist and I hate one of her co-workers. I don't mean a little bit hate, I mean a lot hate because the woman is a bitch. She's constantly interrupting Stylist with one of her dumb stories and Stylist tries to act like she cares, but I know her. She's secretly hoping that bitchface will burst into flames (she's told me as much on several occasions. Normally, something like that coming from someone who has some VERY sharp scissors VERY close to my brain would be alarming. You just have to know Stylist). 'nuff said? OK, I'll move on...

    Stylist, in very hushed tones, told me that earlier in the day, bitchface had a pedi that happened to be some older man. Apparently, when she was done, old man had a problem getting his shoes back on. And no shoe horn could be found. So, bitchface decided to let him use Stylist's SPOON. The spoon she brought to work for soup. For cereal. For stirring tasty things into coffee and tea. And bitchface picked it up and said "Use this" to some guy trying to put his shoes back on.

    I was appalled but died laughing nonetheless. I asked her what she did with the spoon. She replied

    "I threw it away. I don't want that spoon anymore."

    I LOVE the lady that cuts my hair!!!

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    Who's suffering now?

    You know, I really try to feel some sympathy for Laura Bush. Married to the world's most famous idiot, two out-of-control children from hell, and the fashion sense of a Ukrainian potato farmer, she just pops her Xanex and smiles like a good mafia wife. And then she pulls shit like this.

    As the shade of Eva Braun tells her girlfriends in Hell, "Ja, und der shelling at der end BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! gave mein poor Adolf such headaches!"

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    Fashion Police

    Wow. This is worse than Sugarland.

    Some 150,000 women have been detained in Iran for violating strict new Islamic dress code rules, the country's top police officer has announced. "During the first four days [since the code came into effect] we have picked up 150,000 women who were not properly veiled, but many of them were released after they signed an admission of guilt and a formal apology," General Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam told journalists. An unspecified number of the women taken into custody were also forced to undergo psychological counseling, Moghaddam said.

    “Only 13 of these women are still being held and they will have to stand trial," he explained.

    Two Hundred-thirty legislators in Iran's Majlis parliament in a letter addressed to Moghaddam, expressed their support for the way police acted.

    In the letter, the legislators blame the United States and Israel for "inciting" Iranian women not to respect the Islamic dress code, including the shrouding of the head with the hijab scarf

    Radical Islamist deputy, Seyyed Mehdi Tabatabai, said that “those who do not respect the dress code and who refuse to wear the hijab have no place in an Islam country and should leave."

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    April 25, 2007

    Your mom totally wants these...

    ...you know, for Mother's Day which your delinquent ass forgot was coming up. What kind of a son/daughter are you?

    We at McBlogger are buying some for Boobs and GenVC. It's because we're mean. We'll also be sending a pair of the elastic wasted ones to Betty Brown.

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    Shelly's so funny I forgot to laugh

    We all do stupid things from time to time. But not all of us feel compelled to post the evidence on YouTube.

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    Transportation : Krusee sho do love him some gas tax and tolling MoPac

  • Remember a while back when Mikey Krusee (R - Politically Dead Man Walking) was all about the gas tax? Turns out not so much. His very own bill has been stuck in Ways and Means since February. Of course, Krusee's attitude is that constituents are bitching all the time and he frankly doesn't really need to listen to them. I'm sure the people of WillCo will be reversing him on that next year.
  • The author is listed as 'Statesman Staff' but it's pure Kelso...

    What a relief for the tourist. It's now easier to find Hutto than ever before because the Texas Department of Transportation on Friday unveiled a Hutto exit sign on Texas 130.

    "Hutto Next 2 Exits," says the green and white sign about a mile north of U.S. 79. Yes, Hutto has grown so big that it needs two exits: one for Upper Hutto and one for Lower Hutto, or Baja Hutto.

    There's no doubt that travelers should be alerted that Hutto is just ahead. "We have Home Depot and a Sonic and lots of nail salons," said Debbie Holland, Hutto's mayor pro tem. She points out that Hutto had just 680 people when she moved there in 1977 and that it has 17,000 now.

    About 25 miles northeast of Austin in Williamson County, Hutto suddenly finds itself dotted with Chili's, AutoZone, Jiffy Lube, Wachovia, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Quiznos, a pawn shop, a karate studio, Dollar General and all that other chain stuff you thought you could avoid if you drove 25 miles northeast of Austin. Ah, for the good old days, when you knew you were in Hutto when you saw Snuffy's Bar & Grill out the car window.

    In case you were wondering, people of WillCo, this is what Krusee has been working on this session

  • On the Moratorium front, EOW and Kuff have been keeping track of the bills and where they stand. At this point, it's almost as if the Lege is playing to run out the clock. In other words, they probably won't get a bill to Perry before the drop dead date. Perry has a set amount of time to do something with legislation sent to him. If the Lege gets the transportation bill to him in time, there will still be enough time before sine die to override the veto. However, that's beginning to appear unlikely due to feet dragging in the Senate.

    Texas needs roads. We need a rational funding mechanism for it that best utilizes public resources. It's time for y'all to get off your asses and do something.

  • There's more from EOW including a great article from the SAEN by Terri Hall that's as reasoned and balanced an argument AGAINST road privatization as I have seen.

    The Texas Department of Transportation promises toll rates of 12 cents to 15 cents a mile, but the reality has been 44 cents up to $1.50 per mile on similar projects that just opened in Austin. When TxDOT has admitted it costs 11 cents to collect the tolls, it can’t possibly cover the operation or maintenance of that road with 12-cent to 15-cent tolls, much less pay the private toll operator its guaranteed 12 percent profit.

    In fact, TxDOT’s mantra is that the private company will charge “market rate,” which essentially means tolls without limit since there will be few, if any, alternatives. Bottom line: Using CDA private toll contracts is the most expensive option for motorists. Yet the governor and his cronies claim they’re doing all this without raising taxes.


    Since an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure, let’s revisit the gas tax to prevent this shady widespread shift to private tolling and be done with it.

  • Lastly, are tolls coming to MoPac? According to the Statesman, that's exactly what it being planned one of the two north/south freeways in Austin. Honestly, this is a stop-gap measure to deal with traffic that's been forced onto MoPac because of chronic congestion on 35. Chronic congestion that could be dramatically alleviated with NO TOLLS ON 130. I'm not averse to managed lanes in principle if the money is used to fund expansion of alternatives AND if the money doesn't go to a private contractor. Lest you think me a 'all freeways, all the time' guy, by alternatives I'm including rail.

    The safety issues are my biggest concern.

    But as with so many questions about highway safety, any comparison to what might happen with MoPac's managed lanes is necessarily inexact. The state Transportation Department, to some degree because of experience with the Dallas HOV lanes, would build the Austin lanes differently.

    On those two Dallas highways, the only separation between the HOV lane and the regular lanes is a double stripe painted on the pavement. Signs tell drivers not to cross those solid double stripes, that movement from the HOV lane to the inside regular lane is supposed to occur only every mile or so, when there is an access point indicated by a dashed line.

    On MoPac, the managed lane would be segregated from the regular lanes by a series of closely spaced, flexible plastic pylons. At entry or exit points — and there would be only five, aside from the southern and northern ends — there would be a gap in the pylons of about 1,200 feet, about a quarter-mile, where people could make the lane change.

    The reality in Dallas, according to the 2004 report, is that many people have ignored those signs, weaving in and out of the managed lane in efforts to gain advantage or (in the case of people driving alone who are illegally in the HOV lane) to avoid being caught and ticketed. Most of the accidents, Cooner said, occurred because of that rampant lane changing.

    The fundamental problem is that cars in the HOV lanes at rush hour, by and large, are going 30 to 35 miles per hour faster than cars in the regular lanes, Cooner said. That speed differential makes lane changes more problematic than on a normal freeway, where everyone typically is traveling at the same speed.

    Of course, in the article even TXDoT acknowledges that something has to be done long term to alleviate traffic on MoPac. Daigh, the Austin District Engineer, thinks it's all about making it to Austin's version of Central Expressway. Bob Daigh, you're kinda dumb. If you'll pull the damn tolls off 130 you'll move a LARGE percentage of traffic of 35. That will allow the people clogging MoPac to use it instead. It's really very simple. Pulling 30% of the current traffic on 35 onto 130 will make Austin a much nicer place to live.

    How about a common sense compromise... Between the hours of 6:30-10:00 am and 3:30-7:30 pm you guys wipe away the tolls on 130. The rest of the time, you can toll them to your hearts content.

    Of course, you'd have to abrogate the contract y'all just signed with Cintra. Which is what you should do anyway.

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    Alec Baldwin and his demon child...

    Go, on... listen to it.

    To all of you who think Baldwin should be beaten, grow.the.fuck.up. This isn't an 'out of control' parent, this is a parent that's pissed at the juvenile antics of his kid. Have a we really reached the point where some of y'all are so thin skinned that you can't handle someone calling their kid a 'rude little pig'? Trust us, your kid probably isn't the baby angel you think. Doesn't look like Ireland is, either. You know how I know? Because I was a rotten kid as well. Only difference is that my parents were totally on to my bullshit.

    Honestly, Barfly and I have both heard worse. Any nutty my mom's thrown over the years far exceeds a shouting voice mail. And we'd have just laughed at 'rude little pig'.

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    SB 1000 dies

    Vince at Capitol Annex has the deets on the death of Florence Shapiro's effort to use autistic kids as a proxy for vouchers.

    Now, Flo, why not prove how much you really DO care and get behind one of the bills the Democrats are trying advance that might actually help some kids.

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    Ice skating in hell...

    I can't believe I'm writing this, but Gardner Selby actually impressed me with this piece up on the Statesman site.

    The pretext for this legislation, which the Republican National Committee and Karl Rove have championed, is that voter impersonation is a significant problem. That assertion is without proof.

    During a six-hour debate that cut off the rest of the day’s long calendar, Rep. Scott Hochberg, D-Houston, pointed up that the Republican assertion that dead people are voting is based on “research” done using an on-line genealogical web site.

    Brown allowed the “poll tax” pig to be dressed up. She accepted an amendment exempting anyone 80 or over from the voter ID requirement, which is an exception that proves the rule. The 80-and-over amendment sounds awfully unconstitutional in that it attaches a greater significance to some voters than others and therefore violates the equal protection clause with regard to voters under age 80.

    She took an amendment that would give victims of natural disasters a chance to vote without having to produce picture ID for a year and another amendment that would exempt disabled veterans.

    The Republicans also acceded to an amendment making photo ID cards available without a fee if a prospective voter cannot pay.

    But Republicans voted down a variety of other amendments, including a substitute proposal by Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin, which would have substituted an upgraded enforcement mechanism in cases of voter fraud for the ID requirement that would inconvenience millions of law-abiding Texans.

    The real intent behind this bill showed up in this space a couple of weeks ago in a New York Times story on a report demonstrating that states that have adopted so-called “voter ID” rules have seen a two or three percentage point drop in voting, mainly among minorities and the elderly.

    Those voters tend to be Democratic. It’s that simple.

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    April 24, 2007

    Impeachment is beginning to sound VERY reasonable

    Tom Raum at the AP wrote a great piece on corruption and scandal within the Administration. While none of it is a smoking gun (yet), it paints a vivid picture of a President that's clearly out of control. Just in terms of staffing. He never thought of hiring an HR troll to make things so hellish for everyone that only the best and most dedicated would stay?

    Just in case you are thinking about impeachment, SnatchCracker at INPT pointed this out earlier today.

    Bush Administration Awash in Scandals
    Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON — Campaigning in 2000, Texas Gov. George W. Bush would repeatedly raise his right hand as if taking an oath and vow to "restore honor and integrity" to the White House. He pledged to usher in a new era of bipartisanship.

    The dual themes of honesty and bipartisanship struck a chord with many voters and helped propel Bush to the White House in one of the nation's closest-ever elections. Americans re-elected him in 2004 after he characterized himself as best suited to protect a nation at war.

    Now, with fewer than two years left of his second term, the Bush administration is embroiled in multiple scandals and ethics investigations. The war in Iraq still rages. Bush's approval ratings are hovering in the mid-30s. And Democratic-Republican relations have seldom been more rancorous.

    In the highest-profile current case, even some key Republicans are questioning the truthfulness and judgment of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. The panel is investigating whether the prosecutors were dumped to make way for more politically obedient successors.

    Gonzales is fighting to hold onto his job. So far, two top aides have resigned, one indicating she would invoke her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination if questioned by Congress. E-mails and other evidence released by the Justice Department suggest Bush political adviser Karl Rove played a part in the firings.

    Congress is also investigating whether Rove and other Bush political advisers improperly used Republican e-mail accounts to discuss the firings and other official business. The White House concedes the possibility but says much of the e-mail was lost or deleted.

    "I don't believe that," asserted Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.. , chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino acknowledged that "we screwed up."

    The furor over Gonzales and Rove's e-mail practices follow disclosures of shoddy medical treatment of war-injured veterans, FBI abuses of civil liberties, and the conviction of a top White House aide of lying to a grand jury.

    What ever happened to restoring honor and dignity?

    "From the very beginning, this administration emphasized loyalty over competence. And at some point, that catches up with you," said Paul Light, a professor of public policy at New York University. He said the increase in scandals and investigations also reflects the "natural decay" that happens late in a second presidential term as many experienced people have already left and those remaining start focusing on their financial futures.

    Some recent incidents:

    _ World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, one of the architects of the Iraq war as deputy defense secretary, acknowledged he erred in helping a female friend he is dating to get transferred to a high-paying job at the State Department while remaining on the World Bank payroll. The revelations fueled calls from the bank's staff association for him to resign.

    _ Matteo Fontana, a Department of Education official who oversaw the student loan industry, was put on leave after disclosure that he owned at least $100,000 worth of stock in a student loan company.

    _ Lurita Doan, head of the General Services Administration, attended a luncheon at the agency earlier this year with other top GSA political appointees at which Scott Jennings, a top Rove aide, gave a PowerPoint demonstration on how to help Republican candidates in 2008. A congressional committee is investigating whether the remarks violated a federal law that restricts executive-branch employees from using their positions for political purposes.

    _ Julie MacDonald, who oversees the Fish and Wildlife Service but has no academic background in biology, overrode recommendations of agency scientists about how to protect endangered species and improperly leaked internal information to private groups, the Interior Department's inspector general said.

    Increasing coziness between federal officials and the industries they oversee "is not endemic to any particular administration in Washington," said Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, which seeks to reduce the role of money in politics. "This has been an ongoing problem for some time now."

    Potential conflicts "come into heavier play in the second term of two-term administrations because people who have been there for some time start leaving," said Wertheimer.

    Both the House and the Senate, responding to voter frustration with corruption and special interest influence in Washington, have approved ethics and lobbying measures. But they apply only to members of Congress, restricting their gifts and free travel, and not to the executive branch.

    Republicans like to emphasize that scandals, some large, most small, happen under Democratic presidents too. But Bush's critics say the number of current ethics allegations is unusually high. And they say evidence is strong of close links between the Bush administration and certain industries such as energy and defense.

    For instance, Philip Cooney, a former oil-industry lobbyist who became chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, acknowledged to a House committee last month that he edited three government reports to eliminate or downplay links between greenhouse gases and global warming — and defended the changes. He left the government in 2005 to work for Exxon Mobil Corp.

    Former Air Force procurement officer Darleen Druyun served nine months in prison in 2005 for violating conflict-of-interest rules after agreeing to lease Boeing refueling tankers for $23 billion, despite Pentagon studies showing the tankers were unnecessary. After making the deal, she quit the government to join Boeing.

    Scooter Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, became the first high-level White House official to be indicted while in office in more than 100 years.

    He was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in a grand jury's investigation of the outing of CIA operative Valierie Plame. The trial also implicated Rove and Cheney in a campaign to discredit her husband, retired diplomat and Iraq war critic Joe Wilson.

    Ties between Bush administration officials and convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff also taken its toll in the executive branch, as it has in Congress.

    J. Steven Griles, a former oil and gas lobbyist who became deputy interior secretary, last month became the highest-ranking administration official convicted in the Abramoff influence-peddling scandal, pleading guilty to obstructing justice by lying to a Senate committee about his relationship with Abramoff. Abramoff repeatedly sought Griles' intervention at Interior on behalf of Indian tribal clients.

    Former White House aide, David H. Safavian, was convicted last year of lying to government investigators about his ties to Abramoff and faces an 180-month prison sentence. Roger Stillwell, a former Interior Department official, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for not reporting tickets he received from Abramoff.

    Not all the administration officials who have left under a cloud have been accused of white-collar misconduct.

    Claude Allen, who was Bush's domestic policy adviser, pleaded guilty to theft in making phony returns at discount department stores. He was sentenced last summer to two years of supervised probation and fined $500.


    EDITOR'S NOTE — Tom Raum has covered national and international affairs for The Associated Press since 1973.


    April 22, 2007 - 12:41 p.m. Copyright 2007, The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP Online news report may not be published, broadcast or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

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    MySpace gets even more lame

    You all know my feelings on MySpace. Some of you have disagreed. Because you're retarded. You've not been persuaded by me yet, so I will offer one final piece of evidence.

    Congressman Ron Paul (AKA, Dr. No) is all about MySpace.

    And yes, Facebook is dumb, too.

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    Jake and Austin...awww...

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJake Gyllenhaal has a boyfriend.

    I can't think of anything more to say. Celebrigossip is really more Barfly's thing. Unfort, she didn't find out about this.

    And yes, I'd totally fuck both of them. At the same time.

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    39% wants you to believe, brother!

    39% is pimping for 'religious freedom' by claiming that Freedom of Religion DOESN'T mean Freedom FROM Religion. Which is OK by me, as long as it's my religion being taught and not some kind of freak-o tent-revival bullshit that 39% loves. Which is kinda funny because I have a feeling that 39% doesn't care anymore about my faith than I do about his. Maybe we should fight about it? That's what they used to do in Europe, right?

    Here's an idea... why don't we worship in our own way on Sundays and in public life we keep our faith to ourselves. I think that's what the Founders were shooting for.

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    April 23, 2007

    Thou Shalt Always Kill

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    Where's YOUR Representative?

    We've heard the Poll Tax is going to floor of the House today. We've also heard that it's going to pass because certain members will not be present. Some of them aren't even in Austin. Any wonder that some of them happen to be members of the Iscariot Caucus?

    Democrats who enable these bills are no better than the Republicans who vote for them. I can't believe some of these people want to play on the same team as the ridiculous and old (and ridiculously old) Betty Brown.

    Again, this is a stupid solution to a non-existent problem. Even Royal Masset thinks so. Why? Because he's thinking the same thing I am... it's going to affect both parties in horrible ways and reduce turnout and interest in government.

    While Democrats will lose poor voters under this pitiful legislation, the Republicans will lose the elderly, a solid Republican camp. Honestly, I think this will end up causing more problems for them in the short term than Democrats. From that prospective, I'm all about letting the R's cut their throats. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, PARTICIPATION trumps all concerns. We should be making it easier for people to vote.

    Instead, Republicans with the help of a few Democrats are making it harder. Nice work, y'all. Oh, and Betty... you aren't too popular these days. You're really going to hate 2008 because the same thing that's happening to Leo Berman is about to happen to you. It really sucks when people back home start planning to challenge you. In your own primary.

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    Quiz Time

    See where your beliefs put you on a scale of Jesse Jackson to Ronald Reagan and beyond. Inexplicably, I fell somewhere between Ted Kennedy and Hizzally Clintizzle. I think it's the booze and my love of pantsuits.

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    Rip 'n' Read Time Again

    Man Says Lesbian Book Caused 'Sleepless Nights'

    I'll bet.

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    April 22, 2007

    So that's where it went...

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWe've been wondering what happened to the Giant Wax Cock that endorsed CradDICK. We thought it had been destroyed by some girlblogger in a tragic purse accident. HOWEVER, we think we may know where it is. Who'sPlayin' suggested that it may be up the ass of none other than Rep. Dennis Bonnen. From The Texas League of Conservation Voters

    Check out the above clip of House Environmental Regulation Committee Chairman Dennis Bonnen "questioning" Jim Marston, Texas Director for Environmental Defense, on Rep. Mark Strama's "Clean Car" bill. This sort of bullying-from-the-Chair tactics are already legendary to environmental advocates. He's even done it to constituents and citizens who've driven to Austin, waited all day to testify, and then had the nerve ... the nerve! ... to disagree with industry's perspective. It appears others have also noticed the Chairman's less than friendly attitude. Check out these two recent stories on the matter from the Austin American Statesman and Texas Observer.

    No one expects a Craddick-appointed Chair of Environmental Regulations to be a huge friend to the conservation community's agenda. That's not why he got the job. It's no surprise to anyone that he carries water for the Chemical Council, let's good environmental bills die a lonely death in his committee, and fights any amendments on the floor that might ...gasp ... further regulate our already "overly-regulated" industries. But what is surprising, shocking, and disturbing, is the hostility and venom he spews.

    O.K., Chairman, we get it. You disagree. But let's at least have an exchange of ideas, a civil disagreement, a healthy debate even. That's what it was like with the former Chairman, Warren Chisum. You didn't expect much more out of Chisum in the form of good bills from his committee, but you were treated with respect, he listened to testimony, and on rare occasions, he changed his mind. Instead, we've got Dennis the Menace. As one anonymous House Member said after witnessing a Bonnen committee tirade, "Geez, what is wrong with that guy? He must have gotten his *ss-kicked a lot on the playground, or something."

    And that pretty much sums it up. A playground bully masqeurading as Committee Chair.

    I think he's bitchy because he has a Giant Wax Cock up his ass. I know that would make me kinda cranky (seriously, the damn thing was HUGE).

    (hat tip to BOR)

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    April 21, 2007

    Who'd have guessed Fox News viewers knew little?

    via Political Wire

    New Pew Research survey: "Since the late 1980s, the emergence of 24-hour cable news as a dominant news source and the explosive growth of the internet have led to major changes in the American public's news habits. But a new nationwide survey finds that the coaxial and digital revolutions and attendant changes in news audience behaviors have had little impact on how much Americans know about national and international affairs."

    The most interesting finding is that regular viewers of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart were the most knowledgeable while regular Fox News viewers knew the least.

    So, the people who watch The Daily Show know more about what's going on than those who watch Fox News? Who'd have thought that?

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    April 20, 2007

    Paris has a new boyfriend...

    Karma is a bitch...

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    Would someone turn off the Lampson?

    Lampson, you unbelievable 'tard...

    "It sickens me to know that I am a part of this body that would rather play politics rather than come up with the right kind of solution that this country can go forward with," he said. "This isn't a game of gotcha. This is real war, with real people dying every day."

    Don't worry, Congressman. You probably won't be part of the 'body' much longer.

    The problem I have with the D and R electeds in both chambers who are throwing a fit about the timeline is that they are STILL not seeing reality. Bush will keep troops there and try to put more in unless some kind of restraint is put in place. The American people are demanding it. Lampson claims this timetable is motivated by politics and it's just not true. It's motivated by an out of control executive who got us into a war based on doctored intelligence, hyperbole and, in some cases, outright lies.

    In doing this Lampson is alienating not only his Democratic base but any Republicans he could have pulled who know damn well it's time to get the hell out of Iraq. I gotta hand it to whomever is running strategy for the Cogressman, they've found that difficult spot on policy where NO ONE IS HAPPY WITH THE POSITION.

    Kuff's post on this summed up things rather well...

    Look, it's very simple. George Bush is not going to do anything different in Iraq. His plan is to keep the troops there until he's out of office. The one thing he will never do on his own is begin a withdrawal of any kind. The only way to make that happen is to pass a law mandating troops withdrawals. There is no compromise here because he isn't going to budge. The only option to a "showdown" is to acquiesce to what he wants. I can't think of any good reason to do that, and as every national poll indicates, neither can a solid majority of Americans.

    Kuff's always more diplomatic that I am, however on this we are in lock step agreement. Nick is looking for a compromise that does not exist. Like many foolish people, he is willing to give up his control over a situation in a vain attempt to compromise with someone who is thoroughly out of touch with reality. It would be nice if Lampson would realize that and another fact 'o' the day... that the best way to help the troops is to bring them the hell home.

    And this is guy some want to run for Senate? Fuck a bunch of that. It's not like Nick would have a chance in Texas anyway... even against Corpsyn. Those of you living in CD 22 better start working on a primary challenger now, just in case Lampson does decide to run again in 22. If you want to be represented by a Democrat, you've really no other choice.

    (while we do disagree completely with Congressman Lampson on this issue, we do wish him a speedy recovery...)

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    The totally true misadventures of a really bad AG

    AG Gonzales finally got to testify yesterday and blew the Senate Judiciary away, not with quick and truthful answers to questions but with his complete incompetence.

    I'm not giving this guy through the weekend.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- White House insiders tell CNN that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales hurt himself during testimony before a Senate committee Thursday on the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

    The sources, involved in administration discussions about Gonzales, told White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux that two senior level White House aides who heard the testimony described Gonzales as "going down in flames," "not doing himself any favors," and "predictable."

    "Everyone's putting their best public face on," one source said, "but everyone is discouraged. Everyone is disappointed."

    Imagine how we feel, 'one source'. This guy is our Attorney General and he comes across with all the credibility of a sociopathic liar. That being said, is anyone calling for his resignation? Sure. And that's just on the Republican side.

    Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, said Gonzales should resign.

    "The communication was atrocious. It was inconsistent -- it's generous to say that there was misstatements; it's a generous statement. And I believe you ought to suffer the consequences that these others have suffered," Coburn said, adding, "I believe the best way to put this behind us is your resignation."

    Sen. Schumer is rumored to have wanted to have the CIA 'extraordinarily render' Gonzales to Syria. So that they could have a talk with him. Go for it, Chuck!

    PDiddie who is inexplicably blogging at Feet To Fire has a highlight reel of what the freepers are saying. All I'm going to say about that is that they seem to be coming out of the delusion and reality is setting in.

    May I recommend you start with a 'training liquor' like vodka or rum, then move on to the really fun stuff? Trust us, it helps numb the pain.

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    April 19, 2007

    PSA : DON'T block Joe Pesci's driveway

    Turns out that Robbie Williams lives next door to Joe Pesci. I never thought I'd hear of stranger, more dissimilar neighbors than myself and the freaks who live next door to me. They are working hard to make their house look like a crack den, despite the efforts of our HOA. Still, Robbie Williams and Joe Pesci?

    Apparently, Robbie wanted to have some friends over for a soccer game. One of the players decided to park his car in a way that partially blocked Pesci's driveway.

    The Goodfellas actor lives next door to the former Take That singer in the Hollywood Hills and was furious when he realised where one of Williams' pals had parked.

    Williams had invited a host of his English pals to play soccer at his home, which had its own full-sized football pitch, and did not have enough driveway space to accommodate all their vehicles, much to the disdain of Pesci.

    British newspaper Daily Mirror reports Pesci stormed out of his home, brandishing a golf club and shouting, "Which one of you mother****ers blocked my drive? If you don't move in 30 seconds, I'm gonna smash your windscreen."
    A friend of Williams said: "At first, Robbie stood there smirking when Pesci bounded over waving a club. But he quickly realised the seriousness of the situation and ordered his pals to move their cars.

    "Robbie has never had any sort of dispute with his neighbours before and has now given his mates strict instructions to steer clear of Pesci's driveway."

    It's been a while since we at McBlogger have done a PSA on things not to do. So, here's a list...

    1) Don't take dieting tips from Linda Harper-Brown
    2) Don't take Leo Berman on a trip to South Texas
    3) Don't trust Tom CradDICK
    4) Don't block the bar. I mean, really, this one should be self-evident but it's surprising how many of you don't get it
    5) Always wear underwear. Especially if you're going out for the night with Paris Hilton.

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    I so need this...

    ...but instead of a towel I'd like a bottle of scotch to be attached to it. Actually, I probably need one with a towel as well since I'm all the time looking for my towel.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Seriously, if you want one, just click here.

    via Gizmodo

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    Jokes of My Father's : Sometimes they're funny...

    This one actually made me laugh... it's got that special bit of crazy that I totally dig...

    Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out. When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered Edna to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable. When she went to tell Edna the news she said, "Edna, I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love. I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad new is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him. I'm sorry, but he's dead." Edna replied, "He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry. How soon can I go home???

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    In heaven there is no beer

    However, that is not the case in Wisconsin...

    MADISON — Beer lovers of Wisconsin, rejoice! Thanks to the state Senate, you’re a step closer to getting a free (yes, free!) half-can of beer.

    The Senate today approved a bill on an unanimous voice vote that allows grocery and liquor stores to hand out samples of up to 6 ounces of free beer per day to people of legal drinking age. The Assembly was expected to take up the measure later today.

    Russ Feingold AND free beer? Behold, the power of cheeseheads!

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    April 18, 2007

    Amid controversy, Oklahoma legislators choose state vegetable

    The watermelon.

    State Senator Don Barrington, R-Lawton, sponsored the bill in the state Senate.

    "The controversy on whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable has been officially decided by the Oklahoma Legislature," Barrington said. He said watermelon comes from the cucumber and gourd families, which are classified as vegetables.

    Others are not convinced, however. Sen. Nancy Riley, D-Tulsa, said her dictionary refers to the watermelon as a fruit.

    "I guess it can be both," Barrington conceded, while adding that Oklahoma already has designated the strawberry as the state fruit.

    He said Oklahoma Department of Agriculture officials had advised anyone to answer "yes" to the question of whether watermelon is a vegetable or a fruit.

    In Washington, aides for a disappointed Senator James Inhofe pointed out that the Sooner State Republican is still in the running to be named State Nut.

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    Has John Cusack lost his edge?

    After viewing this I am thinking so. Last time McBlogger and I spoke, I told him that the new movie, 'Martian Child', looked pretty lame. It still looks pretty lame. Don't get me wrong, I will probably see it. Perhaps I will have to eat crow. People (read:chicks) love this crap. Didn't 'Must Love Dogs' turn a profit? If so, it is probably due to the women so accurately pinpointed in Chuck Klosterman's 'Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto'.

    Anyway, I have to admit that I am a fan. Not as much as this sick fuck

    but enough of one to find this amusing.

    My support of Mr. Cusack's career stems from one particular movie which I consider one of the finest works of American cinema.

    Yes, 'Better Off Dead' is a classic! If you've not seen it, you should remove your head from your ass and get to a Blockbuster immediately! Which brings me to my point. John Cusack should team with Savage Steve Holland and create another masterpiece! Yeah, Yeah. I've read that John Cusack did not like 'Better Off Dead', and 'One Crazy Summer', but that was before 'Serendipity'. Beggars can't be choosers. Sure, he's still making phat bank off the shit he's doing now, but it's not making ME laugh. Am I alone here?

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    This is why I'm going crazy...

    I'm hatin' on Research in Motion right now...

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Users of Research In Motion Ltd.'s (s: rimm] BlackBerry wireless e-mail device in the U.S. and Europe reported the service was working Wednesday morning, following reports of outages by some U.S. users. Other U.S. users and a BlackBerry owner in Europe told MarketWatch their service had not been affected. Several media reports said early Wednesday the company's network suffered a widespread service outage beginning late Tuesday. Research In Motion shares fell as low as $128.80 in early trading Wednesday. A phone call to the company wasn't immediately returned.

    Mine's been affected. And I'm mad....

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    Justice is having some staffing problems...

    It turns out, Monica Goodling wasn't the only bad apple at the Justice Dept. from Regent. According to Washington Monthly, there are 150 of her fellow Regent Alumni working at Justice, one of whom had a BIG problem with the SC striking down the Texas anti-gay 'sodomy' law.

    In a recent Regent law school newsletter, a 2004 graduate described being interviewed for a job as a trial attorney at the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division in October 2003. Asked to name the Supreme Court decision from the past 20 years with which he most disagreed, he cited Lawrence v. Texas, the ruling striking down a law against sodomy because it violated gay people's civil rights.

    "When one of the interviewers agreed and said that decision in Lawrence was 'maddening,' I knew I correctly answered the question," wrote the Regent graduate . The administration hired him for the Civil Rights Division's housing section — the only employment offer he received after graduation, he said.

    The graduate from Regent — which is ranked a "tier four" school by US News & World Report, the lowest score and essentially a tie for 136th place — was not the only lawyer with modest credentials to be hired by the Civil Rights Division after the administration imposed greater political control over career hiring.

    'Modest credentials'? These folks may as well have bought a diploma online from some completely unaccredited school. How did this happen? Well, one of the first hires by the Bush Admin for Justice was a former Dean from (oh, like you couldn't see it coming) Regent. The other enabling move was Ashcroft's decision to not have veteran lawyers screening the new applicants. So, if you go to Regent you will have no problem getting a job, as long as there are no real qualifications other than hatin' on the gays.

    The next President needs to fire all of these people.

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    Sanjaya! Maxim's girl of the day...

    For yesterday, but we were dealing with some shit yesterday...

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSanjaya Malakar

    Age: 17

    Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: You've no one but the Devil's lawyer to blame for this androgynous American Idol stowaway, who, despite being detested by the judges, somehow remains in the hunt for the show's coveted prize as this year's top 40 footnote. We stopped watching after the auditions (the only digestible part of the show), but it's our understanding that we have Sanjina to thank for the "ponyhawk," a hair-novation destined to tickle your underarm as you noogie hordes of copycat hipsters.

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    Appraisal 'relief' passes...

    You dumb assholes.

    Normally I'm not stunned by the Lege (I think most of y'all are irredeemably stupid... even a few of the D's) or any of the really dumb shit that gets passed session to session. Why? Because you're really all mostly ego and little intellect. Take MOST of the Republicans who'd be drooling on themselves if not for CradDICK closing their mouths for them. This is not to say I'm brilliant... I'm not. In fact, I'm not even particularly clever. However, I'M SMARTER THAN 87 OF YOU.

    87 of you are knuckle dragging mouthbreathers. Take HB 216 which just tonight passed the House with the ayes numbering (I kinda phoned it in, right?) 87. You nays were smart and we'll help you spin the vote politically... in fact, by the time we're done, appraisal caps are going to look as foolish to ordinary Texans as they do those who actually know something about them.

    OK, dumbfucks (and yes, on this one I'm talking to three of my favorite Reps... Strama, Howard and Bolton) what now? How are you going to replace the revenue? You gonna finally grow a pair and pass an income tax? It won't be as hard as you think but the problem is that y'all lack the political courage to do it.

    The big problem with all this is that we've neglected infrastructure in this state for decades now. Schools, roads, hospitals, you name it we've cut taxes, shifted revenue and not paid nearly enough to even keep up with additional services demanded just because of population growth. That has to change NOW and this is NOT AN AUSPICIOUS FIRST STEP. People want services but they don't realize taxes pay for those services. You have to explain it to them. Republicans just want to corrupt the budget and borrow their way into oblivion. Democrats want to freeze spending and occasionally raise taxes without ever making the necessary investments that'll keep the economy growing. At least Democrats pay off debt. What happened to the Democrats of old who passed laws to build out our infrastructure? We could really use folks like them again.

    The ayes have done their constituents a disservice. What's more, they failed to even look at how badly appraisal caps worked in California. I expect this kind of poor decision making from Republicans... they are largely to blame for most of the problems we have today. I did not expect this from Democrats I respect.

    (hat tip to Vince at Capitol Annex)

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    April 17, 2007

    The right wing spin machine still grinding out shit

    Man, oh man... the Nancy Pelosi is a socialist? Don't tell that to her husband who has millions in such capitalist companies as Microsoft and AT&T. Quite the socialist, no?

    Distinguished Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

    This is what happens when your only higher education is in Liberal Arts and you've never opened a book on business or economics. Even though it's California, HOW do these people get elected? Here's an individual who clearly doesn't understand what makes our present system work and wants to replace capitalism with socialism.

    Ms. Pelosi is a new leader in Congress. As such, we should be very concerned and hope everyone reads this. It's hard to believe there are American citizens who support her theories on social revolution and can make any sense of what she spins. Take a good hard look at what she wants. Take special note of the last paragraph. *

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on the US economy and taxes:

    Nancy Pelosi condemned the new record highs of the stock market as "just another example of Bush policies helping the rich get richer". "First Bush cut taxes for the rich and the economy has rebounded with new record low unemployment rates, which only means wealthy employers are getting even wealthier at the expense of the underpaid working class".

    She went on to say, "Despite the billions of dollars being spent in Iraq our economy is still strong and government tax revenues are at all time highs. What this really means is that business is exploiting the war effort and working Americans just to put money in their own pockets".

    When questioned about recent stock market highs she responded, "Only the rich benefit from these record highs. Working Americans, welfare recipients, the unemployed and minorities are not sharing in these obscene record highs". "There is no question these windfall profits and income created by the Bush administration need to be taxed at 100% rate and those dollars redistributed to the poor and working class". "Profits from the stock market do not reward the hard work of our working class who, by their hard work, are responsible for generating these corporate profits that creates stock market profits for the rich. We in congress will need to address this issue to either tax these profits or to control the stock market to prevent this unearned income to flow to the rich."

    When asked about the fact that over 80% of all Americans have investments in mutual funds, retirement funds, 401K's and the stock market she replied, "That may be true, but probably only 5% account for 90% of all these investment dollars. That's just more "trickle down" economics claiming that if a corporation is successful that everyone from the CEO to the floor sweeper benefit from higher wages and job security which is ridiculous". "How much of this 'trickle down' ever gets to the unemployed (Nancy, if a person is unemployed, how could they expect to benefit from “trickle down economics?) and minorities in our country? None, and that's the tragedy of these stock market highs."

    "We democrats are going to address this issue after the election when we take control of the congress. We will return to the 60% to 80% tax rates on the rich and we will be able to take at least 30% of all current, lower Federal Income Tax taxpayers off the roles and increase government income substantially. We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income in our country and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest."

    When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied, "We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long ways to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as "Americans"."

    Oh course, it's all bullshit. But what the hell... when your losing the argument lie through your teeth. Problem is, you gotta make sure the other side stays quiet. Sorry... when you take a moment, reflect on that fact that if not for the public service of his father and himself, George W. Bush would be poorer than dirt. He's driven HOW MANY companies into the ground? 3 or was it 4?

    Yeah, I'm sooo going to listen to a Republican when it comes to business and economics.

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    Saturday with the Food Network...

    I woke up early Saturday. Well, early for me at any rate. Normally I think of 1:00 PM as a proper time to get up on Saturday but, thanks to the yippy chihuahua who lives next door and hates him some squirrels (who doesn't), I woke up bright and early... at 10:45.

    For some reason there was nothing on TV... EVERY SINGLE PREMIUM CHANNEL HELD NO PROMISE. Even MTV was only showing reruns of America's Next Top Model which I'm sooo over. Thank God the FoodNetwork was showing Barefoot Contessa... yeah, I know Ina's a little large and freaks some of y'all out but I think she's sublime. Just perfect for a Saturday morning. However, even Ina Garten can't go on forever and I was soon stuck with Healthy Appetite.

    Ellie Krieger is a disturbing person. She made collard greens with CANADIAN BACON. Because it's lower in fat. Only problem is, as any southerner knows, Canadian Bacon is closer to ham than real streaky bacon. Then she made what I can only describe as crusty baked chicken. She called it 'oven fried', but (again) any southerner will tell you that to fry something you gotta drop it in grease. A large pot filled with oil, a FryDaddy, doesn't matter... it's just gotta be a vat of oil.

    A word of advice to chefs and budding TV personalities... don't try to remake things you perceive as unhealthy into some kind of ersatz healthy imitation of what it can be. And for the love of all that's good and holy, don't call baked chicken 'oven fried'. It's infuriating to the audience and it makes you look retarded.

    You listening, Ellie?

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    Tolls : Laura and Clear Channel love them; Cornyn the enabler; Legislative cowardice

  • Dallas Progress has done some interesting work on the Trinity Toll Road in Dallas. This is the great (great!) toll road that will be built along with parks and a lake in the Trinity Floodplain. That's right, they are going to build a road in the damn floodplain. Nice idea, fuckwits. The cheerleader for this ridiculous plan? The much hated Laura Miller, queen supreme of bad ideas. The only things that would make tolls palatable to people are if the money STAYED COMPLETELY IN TEXAS (no public/private partnerships) and if the tolls went away when the bonds used to build the roads are paid. Laura shits on both ideas. I guess Miller has decided she doesn't want to run for higher office.

    On the issue of toll roads having their toll booths removed once the road costs are paid in full (like it used to be):

    "Those days are over....there's never going to happen that we're going to build toll lanes when a toll disappears (her bad grammar, not mine)."

    See Laura talk. See Laura stumble. See Laura become unelectable. It's a shame, really. Sure, Laura's a waste of space and roundly hated. However, like most electeds at the local and county level, she's bought into this 'no roads or toll roads' BS, instead of calling out the horrendous actions of Republicans in the Lege (like Krusee) who haven't done a damn thing for transportation funding.

  • Laura Miller's not the only one loving tolls roads... so is Clear Channel which has decided to run billboards around the state that are pro-TTC on behalf of Texans for Safe Reliable Transportation. Remember them? Yeah, I thought you would... industry shills trying to run a second rate PR campaign and failing miserably. Losers. No matter how y'all try to sell it, reality is reality and everyone knows tolls are the most expensive way of paying for infrastructure... especially if you privatize the roads.
  • Matt over at BOR has a great piece up on what enabled this whole toll road mess off, a memo written by John Corpsyn when we was AG.

    John Cornyn created the Trans-Texas Corridor. In a 7 page Attorney General's opinion, former Attorney General of Texas, John Cornyn created the rules that created the toll roads.

    In his March 13, 2001 decision, Cornyn bends and ignores rule after rule in our state constitution. Cornyn, bent the rules to allow federal funds to be used for state toll roads.

    TxDOT was allowed to use taxpayer funds to build toll roads with only one requirement-- eventually all money had to be paid back. There is no deadline. There is no payment plan. All the opinion says is, all money has to be paid back… eventually.

    Let me guess... it won't ever be repaid? What's worse, the financing the companies are lining up to build these roads is, in part, backed by taxpayers. If they default, we get stuck with the bill. Sounds like a good deal for the private companies, doesn't it? Or you could call it 'corporate welfare' which is way more accurate.

  • Finally, Eye on Williamson has an article posted regarding legislative cowardice in raising the gas tax which has put us in the spot we're in now.

    The concept of long-term leases, however, takes that approach to a whole ‘nother level. In Indiana, Texas and elsewhere, government is putting its captive market of toll-paying travelers in the hands of a private company, which is free to generate new revenue by jacking those tolls higher than elected officials would dare.

    That’s where the “free money” paid to state governments really comes from — higher tolls paid by their own citizens.

    The long-term leases offer a way for government to privatize a tax hike. Even worse, that higher tax will be paid solely by the users of those toll roads, while revenues from that project benefit the entire state.

    Don't forget, while you're reading all this, that here in Texas toll roads are going to be EVERYWHERE and catch EVERYONE. Given that, the gas tax is hands down cheaper, less regressive and a better use of taxpayer resources. The Democrats sure as hell get it and more than a few Republicans. So why aren't we talking about an increase in the gas tax? Trust me, raise it and any challenger that raises up, you can slap back down. It's simple. For you, it was an issue of asking people to pay an extra 1 cent per mile, vs. 25 cents per mile. Your audience will understand.

  • Have a goodun!

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    I can't wait to see what he'll tell the Log Cabin Republicans

    Tommy Thompson (R) told a group of Jewish activists that making money is "part of the Jewish tradition," and something that he applauded, Haaretz reports.

    Said Thompson: "I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money. You know that's sort of part of the Jewish tradition and I do not find anything wrong with that."

    After causing "a stir in the audience," Thompson only made matters worse by trying to apologize.

    "I just want to clarify something because I didn't [by] any means want to infer or imply anything about Jews and finances and things. What I was referring to, ladies and gentlemen, is the accomplishments of the Jewish religion. You've been outstanding business people and I compliment you for that."

    Wait. Wasn't this guy a cabinet secretary?


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    April 16, 2007

    Who's being burnt in effigy today?

    It's movie star Richard Gere, and no, it's not by people upset with his portayal of Clifford Irving, author of the famous phoney autobiography of Howard Hughes.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    NEW DELHI - Angry crowds in several Indian cities burned effigies of Richard Gere on Monday after he swept a popular Bollywood actress into his arms and kissed her several times during an AIDS-awareness event.

    Photographs of the 57-year-old actor embracing Shilpa Shetty and kissing her on the cheek at an HIV/AIDS awareness event in New Delhi were splashed across Monday's front pages in India — a country where sex and public displays of affection are largely taboo.

    In Mumbai, members of the right-wing Hindu nationalist group Shiv Sena beat burning effigies of Gere with sticks and set fire to glamorous shots of Shetty.

    Similar protests broke out in other cities, including Varanasi, Hinduism's holiest city, and in the northern town of Meerut, where crowds chanted "Down with Shilpa Shetty!"

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    Good vs. Evil foosball

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Oh, you know you want it... I'm thinking about getting one for McBlogger for his birthday. He doesn't really want it but I think it's funny (and I never get him what he wants anyway).

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    Voter ID...a shitty solution in search of a non-existent problem

    As Vince over at Capitol Annex points out, there is a rumor floating around that the votes exist to bring down both of the Voter ID bills that are scheduled to hit the floor of the House Tuesday. However, the fact remains that the people who wrote these ridiculous bills should be shamed and ridiculed. In the case of the author of one of the bills, Rep. Betty Brown, Kelso's already taken a great first step, by pointing out some of the more absurd items one can use to prove your citizenship under Rep. Brown's bill...

    Besides, who has most of this other stuff on hand anyway? What kind of a witch would you have had to be married to, to carry around your divorce decree in your pants? Also, what kind of nut brings both his divorce papers and his hunter's license to the polls? Do you really want to be standing near this walking barrel of chuckles when he lights the place up?

    And how come some of these ID cards are judged to be twice as valuable as others? You can vote by showing your handgun permit. But if you show your fishing license, you have to show additional proof, like your sex change dossier.

    Does this mean the bill considers packing heat twice as valuable as limiting out on bass?

    The bottom line, as Kelso points out, is that the damn registration card should be all the proof you need. That's why we have the things.

    It would be nice if the only retarded effort on the part of the Republicans was Betty's little bill (way to waste your constituents tax dollars, Betty. I'm thinking the folks in Kaufman and Henderson Counties have more important things for you to do, like increasing funding to education). However, it's not. Never one to be left out of a concerted effort to 'do little and look busy', Rep. Phil 'Burger' King has filed his own Let's-Screw-Up-The-Vote bill which makes drastic changes to the already cumbersome process of REGISTERING to vote. Which is exactly what you'd want to do in a DEMOCRACY.

    So what's the rationale behind these bills? Is there more than one? Not really... unless you really think there are a massive number of Mexican nationals crossing the border and voting. If you do, then you're already pretty stupid and we can't help you other than to suggest euthanasia.

    (HT to Keeping Terrell in the Loop for the Kelso find)

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    Ritter gives the homebuilders a big, wet, sloppy kiss

    John Coby has done an awesome series on homebuilders and the new legislation which was ostensibly to help homebuyers but is, in reality, all about keeping them from the legal recourse they desperately need.

    It may surprise you to learn than the bill was carried by a Democrat, Representative Ritter. Rep. Ritter, why on earth would you not reign in these people? The rumor circulating around is that your business outside the Lege is dependent on homebuilders. If true, you've just put a giant target on your back from the D's and R's. I know it's hard to vote against self-interest, but that's the deal you made when you were sworn into office.

    The homebuilders in Texas today have quite a moat around them when it comes to anyone getting them to do anything once a home has been sold. Home warranties are usually worthless and taking something to the TRCC is literally one of the most frustrating things you can do with your time.

    Ritter is carrying the homebuilders bill, HB1038, that will provide only minor modifications to the Texas Residential Construction Commission, a Commission that is nearly useless for homebuyers with construction defects. Of course, Ritter will declare, as did his aide,that HB1038 will provide a plethora of consumer protection for the commission.

    This is entirely horseshit. Representative Ritter, who owns a lumber company and was honored by the National Association of Home Builders for creating the TRCC, is doing whatever he can do to protect the homebuilders. It should be no wonder that the homebuilders are praising Ritter's bill. His aide, Davis, has refused to return phone calls, emails, or address serious problems with the bill, and has attempted to bullshit consumer advocates (like myself) into thinking they are doing something good for the consumer.

    While not all homebuilders are equal (if I was looking at new construction, I'd be looking for a DR Horton sign), there are some who have made it a practice to screw their customers. This bill should be amended mercilessly to include some real protections for homebuyers. And just so y'all don't think I'm some disinterested third party, when these houses go bad and no one can or will pay to fix them, the mortgages often default. I don't like defaulted loans. It makes me have a super bad day. When I get unhappy EVERYBODY gets unhappy. It's not that I'm special or anything of the sort. It's that I'm that big a bitch.

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    Alanis My Hump

    I LURVE it when celeb's rip on one another...

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    April 15, 2007

    This is what my kid will be like...

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    April 14, 2007

    Can you take me to HymieTown?

    OK, I gotta tell you, Al Sharpton coming out against el douche supreme Don Imus is kinda irritating... Al, quit inserting yourself into everything. No one has to kiss your ring. Trust me, I think you're a fabu guy and a real leader... don't roll around in every pile of shit that gets dropped in NY metro.

    As for Jesse Jackson getting in on the action, Oh.Hell.No. Not the mayor of HymieTown. By the way, does anyone have a copy of Eddie Murphy's Don't Let Me Down,HymieTown? I've got the lyrics posted in the SS... I would buy drinks for someone who sent me a link to the video.

    Another perspective? He makes some good points though I think he's needlessly hostile to Sharpton.

    Good e v ening, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jess e Jackson.
    (audience cheers)
    And I was re cently quoted in "The Washington Post"
    as referring to a certain group of people as "H ymies."
    The y also said that I called N ew York, "H ymietown."
    I realize that kind of talk isn't kosher,
    but let me s ee if I can explain it to you all in song.
    (R&B music plays)
    As I said, I'm Jess e Jackson,
    and I'm running for President of the U nited States.
    I'm a Libra,
    and this is a v ery spe cial message to all you chos en people out there.
    - Don't let me down - Jess e: No, no
    - Don't let me down - No, no, no, no
    Don't let me down...
    H ymietown
    Hymietown, well, well Hymietown...
    I was your one and only until I read the news
    Well, now I'm sad and lonely since I put down the Jews
    We hav e so much in common
    'Caus e we'v e both been so oppress ed
    Singer: All right
    We both hav e big nos es
    And gold chains on our chests
    I wanna say pleas e now
    - Don't let me down - I'm begging you, pleas e
    - Don't let me down - I'm down on my knees, well
    - Don't let me down - H ymietown
    Hymietown, well, well... Hymietown...
    I want to form a new coalition,
    of soul people and bagel people.
    From the Chitlin' District, to the Diamond District.
    From catfish to gefilte fish.
    We all need to liv e as one.
    I want to look out ov er the crowd and s ee both leather hats
    and yarmulkes side by side.
    So come on, you brothers and sisters...
    all you hymies and hymettes...
    - Let's get it together. - Yeah!
    Let's bring it all down, well, well, well
    I wanna talk about lov e for one another
    H ymietown...
    Want to form a soul and kosher coalition
    I lov e thos e black suits you wear
    And them little tiny curls that hang down in your hair
    You know we all need one another
    I want to stay right here in H ymietown, well, well
    With all my hymie brothers and sisters
    Sometimes I feel a little hymie mys elf
    Baruch ata adonai
    H ymietown.

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    April 13, 2007

    Ewe. Surely the nastiest sex scandal...

    ...since Maureen Stapleton and Wilford Brimley in Cocoon. Turns out that some hussy in Washington has the hots for Paul Wolfowitz?


    This guy...

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYeah. I know. Gross.

    And now he is in yet more trouble, this time over the promotion and lavish pay rises accorded to his partner, a former senior employee of the Bank. Shaha Riza is a British national of Libyan ancestry who grew up in Saudi Arabia. She and Wolfowitz have been together since his previous marriage broke down in 2001. Indeed, her strong belief in bringing democracy to the Arab world is said to have only strengthened her partner's determination to confer that boon on Iraq.

    Their relationship became public when Wolfowitz succeeded James Wolfensohn at the helm of the Bank in mid-2005. At first he attempted to keep her in her job as communications adviser at the Bank's Middle East department, even though that was flatly against the ethics rules of the organisation. In the end she was sent to the State Department, but stayed on the World Bank's payroll. She was promoted and given two rises well above staff norms, bringing her salary to $193,000 (£98,000) - more than Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State.

    Among Bank employees, the indignation was widespread and understandable. Given Wolfowitz's reputation as a neoconservative and his identification with George Bush's war in Iraq, he was an unpopular choice as president from the outset.

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    Republican hijinks : 39% channels Hoover, Chisum is divorced and Dan Patrick gets slapped down

    Recently I commented to a friend that the Lege has been pretty boring this year. Sure there was the Speaker's race but after that, everything kinda turned anti-climatic since with CradDICK back as Speaker things headed in a predictable direction.

    Luckily, things have returned to crazy over the last 48 hours and thank God, it's the Republicans bringing the stupid.

  • Turns out that 39%, much like J. Edgar Hoover, likes to keep files on folks. Vince at Capitol Annex has the full deets and I'm posting a release from Rep. Raymond on his bill to shift this clandestine database to DPS... where it belongs. We always knew 39% was a nosy asshole, but this is insane.
  • Muse has more on Warren Chisum's smackdown by Rep. Senfronia Thompson. It would seem his dumb ass marriage counseling bill is dead for this session and good riddance. Here are some choice quotes, via Muse, on the issue:

    "I do not believe it is good policy for the state to intervene in the sanctity of a marriage," said Rep. Tommy Merritt, R-Longview. "For us to say an eight-hour course is going to make a marriage sustain itself is not the prudent way to encourage a Christian marriage." (so, only Christians were going to have to take Warren's class?)

    Tommy, I like you but I gotta tell you that sometimes you're as dumb as a box of hair. You're right, the state shouldn't be getting into marriage. Why the hell didn't you have this opinion in 2005 when HJR 6 was up? You and the others who voted to discriminate against gays and lesbians opened the door to Chisum and his particular brand of crazy.

    Rep. Gary Elkins, R-Houston, said he had a gnawing concern about government's proper role in society. "Marriage is sanctioned by the state, but it's really a Biblical or historically religious ceremony. I don't know how government's going to counsel people or give people advice," he said.

    Well, HOLY SHIT, Gary! Who the fuck woke you up? Go the hell back to bed, you halfwit. Just like Tommy, you opened the door to this in 2005. I like Tommy somewhat but you don't get that kind of a pass. You're from Houston and you should know better, douchie.

    Damn with all stupid ass Republicans! Y'all quit listening to asshats and start thinking things through, 'K? Keep in mind we're cutting you some slack because you voted with the right side this time. Keep doing it and we may stop referring to you privately as a cockwipe.

  • Dan Patrick, the minor radio personality and Senator from somewhere in Houston (in that order), tried to bully recently re-liver-fied Senator Mario Gallegos yesterday. Shock of shocks, Sen. Lucio and Sen. Whitmire rose up, got their angry on, and bitchslapped his ass.

    It started like this: Sen. Mario Gallegos was railing against the money set aside in the budget for property-tax cuts a couple of years down the road. Echoing earlier sentiments from Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, he described the reduction in school property tax rates approved last year as a tax cut for the rich.

    Then Patrick, the bombastic GOP talk-radio host from Houston, stood up and said he was tired of hearing that the property tax cuts were for the rich. He said people who make $60,000 or $70,000 per year and own homes would benefit from them, and, in a somewhat heated tone, questioned who was looking out for the middle class.

    Keep in mind this was the first day back for Gallegos, D-Houston, who has been gone since the beginning of the session recovering from a liver transplant.

    Sen. Eddie Lucio objected to Patrick’s tone with Gallegos, and Sen. Steve Ogden questioned whether the brewing discussion was germane to the budget debate. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst allowed it to continue. Then Whitmire stepped in and lambasted Patrick for lambasting Gallegos.

    The man returns from a major transplant and Patrick decides to jump up his ass his first day back. Dick move, hermano.

  • Who's up for drinks later?

    Richard Peña Raymond

    District 42 - Laredo

    Chuy Gonzalez

    April 12, 2007
    (512) 463-0558

    Rep. Raymond Bill Will Protect Citizen Privacy by Moving Perry's Improper TDEx Data
    Base to DPS

    ~Raymond Calls for Immediate Action and Oversight Needed~

    Austin- Tomorrow morning I will seek permission from the House to introduce
    legislation to immediately move Governor Rick Perry's Texas Data Exchange (TDEx)
    data base out of his office and into the Depart of Public Safety.

    An investigative report by the Texas Observer has disclosed that the office of Gov.
    Perry has spent over $3.6 million to create an extensive centralized database (TDEx)
    containing detailed personal information on thousands of taxpaying Texans. The data
    base is not in the custody or under the control of any state or federal law
    enforcement agency. Rather, this information is under the control of Rick Perry and
    those he authorizes. It is imperative that this information be retrieved and be
    secured within the Dep. of Public Safety. It should not be used until guidelines
    are determined to protect the privacy rights if the Texans included in the Governors
    improper data file.

    There is no right greater as an American citizen than the right to privacy. This
    basic right has been put in jeopardy by the Governors reckless and improper handling
    of Texans personal information. According to the Texas Observer, the Governor has
    used both State and Federal funds to organize and compile this massive data base and
    has allowed at least 7,000 individuals access to the data. This action was taken
    without any specific authorization for oversight by the Legislature.

    As a member to the Defense Affairs and State-Federal Relations committee, which has
    oversight on the Governors Office of Homeland Security, I am also calling on the
    office of Governor Rick Perry and his Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw to
    come before this committee and explain why they have invaded the privacy of millions
    of Texans.

    No Texan regardless of ideology or political party believe a governor should have
    unlimited access to into the lives of private individual. It is disappointing that
    Rick Perry has been blind to the basic fundamental rights of those that elected him.


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    Goodbye Anna Nicole, or, More booze for the rest of us

    I once thought blogging anything about Anna Nicole Smith was beneath me. McBlogger does not agree. I guess once you admit to religiously watching Britney Spears' 'Chaotic', you pretty much lose any ability to claim that your tastes are more refined. So with all the paternity hullabaloo coming to end, I think it is time to say farewell to the gold digging, baby voiced train wreck that was Anna Nicole Smith.

    When I heard Anna died, it did not really surprise me. Anyone who watched her 2002-2004 reality show on E! had to know that it was a complete tick-tock situation. Don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan of the show! Never missed an episode! I confess I watched in glassy eyed fascination as she wallowed on the couch whining for a pickle while her tooth less cousin cased the grounds outside. The Christmas special was my favorite, but I have a special place in my heart for every moment. Well... maybe not the moments with Bobby Trendy. He was/is so
    fucking gross! With that one exception, it is fair to say that I was totally addicted! In fact, I once even had a guy tape an episode that I was going to miss. He later called to tell me to throw away the tape. Apparently, the tape he had given me had porn on it. Not that I cared. However, how fucking pathetic are you that you can't just buy porn on DVD like everyone else? Taping late night Skinemax is beyond lame!

    Anyway, my point is anyone who watched the show knows that there was no fucking way Howard Stern was the father of Dannielynn. ( Which, by the way, is an awful name. Could nobody get the damn woman a book of baby names? She was barely coherent sober and she is naming a human being! For shame!) During the taping of
    the show one could clearly observe that she was heavily under the influence. A diet of pickles and pills will do that to you (I like to follow a more sensible diet of Scotch and cigarettes). Even in that condition, it was obvious that Anna had zero desire to fuck Mr Stern. And, if memory serves, she was very open to any options. I think at one point she even took to humping the furniture. Anyone could tell that Howard was there to make sure life ran smoothly for Anna. His daily tasks probably included everything from reviewing endorsement offers to
    fetching a fried twinkie. There was no passion there. Case closed.

    So DNA has proved that Larry Birkhead is the dad and he seems pretty happy about it.I don't really know why, but whatever. I hope that pretty much wraps it up. I mean how much coverage does Anna Nicole Smith's death/paternity suit really deserve? And, please media outlets, for the love of all that is holy, stop comparing Anna to
    Marilyn Monroe! I am talking to you, Entertainment Tonight! Besides blonde hair, big boobs, and Playboy, the two had very little in common. It is really an insult to Marilyn Monroe's memory if you ask me.

    Check this out when you have some time
    . I think it says goodbye to Anna Nicole Smith with all the dignity she deserves.

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    Democrats want to help with the subprime mess

    I hate the term 'bailout'... it reeks of the Resolution Trust Corporation and assets being sold for pennies on the dollar, while taxpayers bear the brunt. However, that is exactly what some Democrats in Congress are proposing. Some of this is good, some of it is bad. What I dislike is the blanket assumption that all these people were taken advantage of. It's bullshit. 95-98% of this is bad acts on the parts of mortgage brokers and banks. The rest is pure and simple greed and stupidity on the part of borrowers. So, what to do to minimize the damage, especially going forward. I've got some ideas:

    McBlogger's Handy Tips for fixing the

    subprime mess...

    1) Disclosure, Compliance and Regulations... Don't add, enforce what's there already. Trust me, I've worked throughout the lending industry and there are more rules and regulations than anyone realizes. The problem is, enforcement is LACKING. It's like Congress made the rules, patted themselves on the back and then zero'd out the funding to enforce them. Predictably, not everyone complies. The solution here is a massive funding increase to HUD and the state agencies that oversee brokers and banks.

    2) No damn Bailout. Keep in mind, many of these people KNEW what they were getting into. They made the decision assuming that their homes would appreciate astronomically allowing them to sell, realize the gain and move on to a more affordable place.

    3) Borrowers... don't buy more than you can afford. If you're spending more than 40% of your gross income on TOTAL housing expense (mortgage, taxes and insurance) then you're just setting yourself up for trouble. Make sure you have at least six months of the payment in the bank at a maximum or three months at a minimum. When you own a home, you're responsible for the air conditioner, the water heater, etc. Make sure you have the ability to pay for repairs that may become necessary.

    4) Require that borrowers with scores below 600 being credit counseling as part of the mortgage, coupled with credit repair. How the hell some of these people expect to refinance without improving their credit is beyond me.

    5) Expand and modernize the Federal Housing Administration. Drop the 3% down payment requirement, raise the MIP cost slightly to compensate on new originations and raise the loan limits to 75% of conforming. Finally, streamline the lender approval and annual audit process. Make it easy for the brokers to set up for FHA and they'll do that rather than send borrowers to subprime.

    Keep in mind that the real estate market is always driven by speculation and that periodically, there is a spike. Couple that with some irrational lending and you have the problems we have today. To fix it, return stability to the market. Which brings me to my final suggestion... implement an immediate 75% capital gains tax on all profits made from the sale of a home that's been owned for less than 2 years.

    If you want to drive out speculators, tax the hell out of their profits. Speculation always ends up hurting people and when the final chapter is written on this particular bubble, they will be the ones that bear the majority of the blame.

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    April 12, 2007

    Did John Cornyn break into my house and assrape me last night?

    Just wondering... 'cause I'm sore as hell and it really feels like I just got fucked by a Republican (too fast, too hard and not nearly enough lube).

    An even bigger joke? Corpsyn received an award from some newspaper group (they're still around... we use them for kindling) for supporting open government. Which is a bit like honoring Phillip Morris for their efforts to stop people from smoking.

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    Help Melissa Noriega!

    Wanna elect an excellent candidate to Houston City Council? Sure you do... you people in Houston are just one step away from chaos and anarchy, with only Melissa Noriega standing between you and unmitigated disaster.


    ('you people'... did y'all like my Imus impression?)

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    Amazing Expressions of Religious Tolerance, part 3209

    The Pakistani Tourism Minister was part of a charity event in France where she was photographed receiving a hug. Predictibly, the radical clerics threw a nutty and issued a fatwa against her.

    The fatwa demanded that Bakhtiar be sacked, given some other unspecified punishment and that her family should “force her to ask for forgiveness so that she does not repeat this un-Islamic act.”….

    She accused Pakistani newspapers of presenting “distorted” captions accompanying the pictures. She said she had jumped without any previous training and her French instructor had just given her a pat.

    “It was just a pat because he felt so proud of me,” Bakhtiar said. “I felt very happy also because it was affectionate and very encouraging.”

    The decree from the Red Mosque is the latest chapter in a Taliban-style anti-vice campaign launched by its hardline clerics in defiance of state authority in the relatively liberal Pakistani capital — despite President Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s sworn hope to promote moderate Islam.

    Jack Cluth over at PRoS has a great read on this, as just another example of religious extremism and social control, zealotry masquerading as faith. While it's interesting to point and laugh at some crazy Pakistani douches, we have our own craptastic zealots here. You know, the guys who predict the world will end ... and then, when it doesn't, spend a bunch of time talking about their weight loss shake (has anyone tried it?).

    Goldwater scared the fuck out of people in '64 saying that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. I could not more vehemently disagree. In the minds of these people, they are defending and advocating for a return to an idolized and sanitized America 'of the past' that did not, in fact, ever really exist. The problem is, the American people do not completely see it as extremism yet.

    When they do, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near any of these guys. When Americans turn on someone, they do it in a really mean way and anyone associating with these people will catch some of the anger intended for them.

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    April 11, 2007

    A giant of American culture has passed

    You may have missed it between Imus and Anna Nicole's baby, but one of our greatest living authors, Kurt Vonnegut has died.

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    Music that makes the ears bleed

    In the past I have fared well with gifts of mix tapes/CDs. I still listen to a CD that an ex made me, but I think that's only because he managed to include The Dead Milkmen's 'Punk Rock Girl'. I fucking love that song! Anyway, I have listened to friends tales of woe so I can sympathize with receiving a bad compilation. It must inspire a vast array of feelings from "Eeww, I need to get away from this person" to "So this is what you think of me?" I think that is part of what makes this clip so fucking hilarious! Enjoy!

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    Edwards receives endorsement from the gays

    No, I'm not referring to an endorsement of Edwards by myself and Spamburgler...Edwards has received support from a bevy of national LGBT leaders.

    The John Edwards for President campaign announced today that prominent LGBT leaders from across the country endorsed Senator John Edwards for President.

    "I am honored to have the support of so many well-respected LGBT leaders," said Edwards. "They work hard every day to make our country a better place and I am proud to join with them to fight for equal rights for all Americans."

    Big win for Team Edwards!

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    Viva Sanjaya!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHoward Stern has decided to fuck over American Idol by supporting the worst of the current crop of contestants.

    In a recent New York Times article, Howard Stern was given much of the credit for helping to support a vote for the worst campaign that has allegedly helped to keep Sanjaya Malakar in the American Idol competition. Stern was quoted in the article as saying “All of us are routing ‘American Idol.’ It’s so great. The No. 1 show in television and it’s getting ruined.”

    I LOVE THIS. I'm not a huge Stern fan... I think he's the patron saint of geeky looking men who drive Trans Am's and wear gold chains. However, I do share his disdain for American Idol and think this just fucking rocks!

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    Sorry about the delays in posting...

    Yes, we've all been busy. The Mayor is opening a new 'factory' in Vietnam. Or maybe it was Bolivia. I don't really remember. I am doing my best to clean up the mess left by New Century and help a few Realtors and Mortgage Brokers stay in business and keep food on the table. The fact that it also helps me financially has been noted.

    Boobilicious is working on some project that involves opening a clinic to make bigger boobs (natch) and Daisy is busily trying to get cheese off the street in Dallas Metro... she doesn't want that street shit competing with her lucrative smack business. Grimace McB, Barfly and Spamburgler are all together on a six week drunk somewhere in the midwest (Orlando? no, that doesn't sound right...). They abandoned Captain Kroc somewhere in Iowa. Or maybe it was Arizona. The rest of the staff are with The Mayor.

    We'll do our level best to keep on top of things and, as always, if you hear anything please hit us up.

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    Tolls : When Krusee loses, Texas wins

    Well, while we may not have been able to liveblog the floor action, the always excellent Eye on Williamson and Capitol Annex were and both have excellent recaps up. In the end, Kolkhorst's Amendment survived even the evil machinations of Mikey Krusee and was passed, 134 -5-2. Now it's on to the Senate where it will likely pass in a similar, if not identical, version which will then (more than likely) be vetoed by 39%.

    Kinda anti-climatic, no?

    We're not jazzed about the composition of the committee and the fact that 39% gets to name anyone to it. As far as we're concerned, 39% should be left out of the decision making process entirely as his decisions to date have been completely disastrous for Texans.

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    April 10, 2007

    Toll moratorium on the floor of the House...

    The House has taken up the toll moratorium... Faith over at Texas Kaos has the deets and contact information for our electeds. I'll have a recap later this evening or manana.

    Don't think for a minute we aren't paying attention just because we aren't liveblogging this...

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    Fat bastard says what?

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSenator Levin says that if Bush vetoes the supplemental spending bill, the Democrats will simply pull the timeline.

    "We can keep the benchmarks part of the bill without saying that the troops must begin to come back within four months," Levin said. "If that doesn't work and the president vetoes because of that, and he will, then that part of it is removed, because we're going to fund the troops.

    Carl, the President has y'all between a rock and a hard place. The reality is that the American people handed control of Congress to the Democrats to stop President Bush from needlessly prolonging this conflict. The only way you're going to do that is to put a timetable in and hold to it. The only mechanism Congress has to control the President is the power of the budget. So, you're going to have to suck it up and end this thing.

    The hard to face truth, at least for some, is that we've taken this as far as it's going to go. The longer we stay in Iraq, the more likely it becomes that a real force will materialize and remove our troops. We are not an army of liberation, we are an army of occupation and that NEVER works out well. There is no mission left to accomplish... there is only pain and suffering for the troops and their families. The only way you are going to end that, Senator Levin, is to put the brakes on a maniacal, out of control President.

    Cut the funding. Make him come to you.

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    YAY! Nuclear fuel! YAY!

    The Iranians have announced that they can refine uranium into reactor fuel! Who's the BSD now, bitch!

    "With great honor, I declare that as of today our dear country has joined the nuclear club of nations and can produce nuclear fuel on an industrial scale," Ahmadinejad said. The U.N. has imposed limited sanctions on Iran until it suspends enrichment a key process that can produce either fuel for a nuclear reactor or the basis of a warhead. The United States and its allies accuse Iran of seeking to build nuclear weapons, a claim the country denies.

    I know I'm excited!

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    April 09, 2007

    Be careful what you wish for, theocrats

    Lightseeker over at Feet To Fire NAILS IT in this piece on why religion should stay out of politics.

    So, what am I saying in this blog against theocracy? I am saying that when we resist the improper influence of clergy and church in secular affairs, we are saving some arrogant and benighted men (usually), and their followers, from themselves. The kingdom they seek cannot be legislated , cannot be built on the bodies of "unbelievers". That way lies not heaven on earth, but hell.

    Politics and religion are corruptible, usually when they mix. That, my friends, is why they should always remain separate. I'm reminded today, while reading this, of why I have such strong feelings when it comes to public piety. Jesus warned us about it in Matthew, Chapter 6.

    5"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 6But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

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    Jokes of My Father's : Religion is sooo a joking matter

    Ah, Easter. A time to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with family, candy and, in the case of my father, a series of increasingly horrendous jokes involving religion. This one popped out of mi padre's mouth Friday evening just after dinner was over...

    There are three fundamental religious truths. Jews do not consider Jesus Christ the Messiah, Protestants refuse to acknowledge the Pope as the leader of the Christian Church and Baptists become invisible to each other in a liquor store.

    Happy postEaster Everyone! We survived another year. Anyone have Reese's peanut butter eggs they want to trade for some crappy Twix?

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    Hey Belgium! Help us out!

    So, remember last week when el Presidente decided to appoint that douche Fox Ambassador to Belgium? Sister Ruth certainly does and pointed out that, if so inclined, the Belgians could refuse to accept him. So, in the spirit of domestic tranquility and positive international relations, we'd like you to join us in asking the Prime Minister of Belgium to refuse to accept Fox as the US Ambassador. How? Well, you can call or fax the Prime Minister of Belgium or you can contact the Belgian Ambassador to the US...

    H.E. Dominique Struye de Swielande Ambassador Tel: (202) 333-6900 Fax: (202) 333-3079

    We've also found an email address for the First Secretary which is way easier than sending a fax.

    Mr. Piet Heirbaut First Secretary Tel (202) 625-5866 Fax: (202) 333-3079 E-mail: Piet.Heirbaut@diplobel.fed.be

    Take a moment to voice your opinion on 'Ambassador Fox' and ask the Belgians to help us appoint someone better to represent the US.

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    April 08, 2007

    Mr. Fusion can't be far behind...

    A high school student in Michigan decided to build a fusion reactor. Wouldn't you love to have this kids SAT scores...

    For two years, Olson researched what he would need and scrounged for parts from eBay and the hardware store. Flanges and piping? Check. High-voltage X-ray transformer? Check. Pumps, deuterium source, neutron bubble dosimeter? Check, check, check. “I have cross-country and track, so during those seasons I don’t have much time to work on it,” says Olson, a high school senior in Michigan. “It’s more of a weekend project.” Last November the machine finally delivered the hallmark of success: bubbles in the dosimeter. The bubbles indicate the presence of neutrons, a by-product of fusion—an energy-releasing process in which two hydrogen nuclei crash together and form a helium nucleus. Fusion is commonplace in stars, where hydrogen nuclei fuse in superhot plasma, but temperatures that high are hard to achieve on Earth. Still, the prospect of creating all this energy while forming only nonradioactive helium and easily controlled neutrons has made harnessing fusion one of the most sought-after and heavily funded goals in sustainable energy.

    So let me get this straight... the little fucker built a FUSION REACTOR in his basement and he got the components off EBAY? Next question... is it self sustaining. The answer is... not so much.

    Olson’s apparatus won’t work for generating commercial power because it takes more energy to run than it produces. But he has succeeded in creating a “star in a jar,” a tiny flash of hot plasma. “The temperature of the plasma is around 200 million degrees,” Olson says modestly, “several times hotter than the core of the sun.”

    That's the suck. Wonder what the power looks like for mom & dad. What about radiation? Well, it turns out the State of Michigan thought about that as well.

    And, aside from using high voltage and emitting low-level radiation, the machine has been deemed harmless. “About a week ago, the department of health from Michigan called my principal,” Olson says. “They wanted to come over and inspect it. They did that, they were impressed, and it checked out.”

    He sooo better get a full ride to MIT. I gotta say, I'm impressed since I can barely get my phone to work right (thanks Cingular!). Yet still... I hate this kid. He's the one that always blew the curve. What a dick.

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    April 07, 2007

    Support for Hillary erodes everywhere...except CA

    Via Political Wire, it appears that Hillary's early name recognition driven lead is beginning to finally evaporate.

    Sen. Hillary Clinton's once double-digit lead in New Hampshire "has eroded substantially since February, while rival John Edwards has made a run toward the front of the pack," according to a new CNN/WMUR poll.

    The survey found that Clinton leads with 27% of likely Democratic voters in the Granite State, down from 35% in the same poll in February. Meanwhile, Edwards, who was the choice of just 16% in February, saw his support jump to 21%, vaulting him past Sen. Barack Obama into second place.

    ...and there's more...

    A new University of Iowa poll finds John Edwards leading the other Democratic candidates in the first caucus state. Edwards was ahead with 34%, followed by Clinton with 28% and Obama with 19%. No other Democrat reached 2%.

    On the Republican side, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) edged out Rudy Giuliani, 21% to 20%. Mitt Romney trailed with 17%.

    ...and more.

    A new University of Iowa poll finds John Edwards leading the other Democratic candidates in the first caucus state. Edwards was ahead with 34%, followed by Clinton with 28% and Obama with 19%. No other Democrat reached 2%.

    On the Republican side, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) edged out Rudy Giuliani, 21% to 20%. Mitt Romney trailed with 17%.

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    April 06, 2007

    Creepy or Metaphoric?

    Sister Ruth, who for some reason isn't able to login and actually, you know, BLOG THIS HERSELF, sent this along. It's video of the press conference yesterday...very interesting footage.

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    Tolls : The 130 Tollway is sold and 39% can't stop spouting stupid

    ...well, 'leased' at any rate. Which is a bit like saying that someone who's dead is just 'napping until Christ returns to the Earth'. Good to know that while the Lege diddles around not accomplishing much of anything to fix transportation in Texas, TXDoT is moving full steam ahead with their horrendously ill-conceived privatization scheme.

    Meanwhile, 39% and some lackey from the Bush Administration were wandering around talking about how badly Texas needs tollroads. What they failed to mention was that private tollroads are the worst possible solution to the problem of transportation finance (far more expensive for the taxpayer). Of course, it didn't really matter since no one pays attention to what 39% says. However, one would FOR ONCE like to see a reporter actually call him out regarding the fact that these private toll roads, advertised as an innovative way to finance roads, are in reality nothing more than CORPORATE WELFARE.

    So, Republicans HATE welfare when it helps the poor but they love it when it helps incredibly wealthy corporations and squeezes the hell out of taxpayers.

    “Our message today is that building needed infrastructure is essential to creating jobs and attracting economic development investments in Texas. And you can’t accomplish that with a two-year moratorium on needed road projects,” Perry said.

    As if ANYONE needs a gimp like 39% to tell them that roads = jobs and economic growth. We all know that, you blow dried shitstain. I mean really, is there anyone left in the state who doesn't realize we need to start making a massive investment in infrastructure?

    In the 1950's, when Eisenhower first got the Interstate Highway System approved, there was discussion about tolling it instead of financing it through taxes. That discussion mostly ended when the electeds realized tolls were too expensive. Only in today's environment of stupidity created by Republican leadership (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one) in Texas has this retarded idea found true believers.

    We're watching. We're pissed. The more we learn about things and the more you try to talk it up the more agitated people get. 39%'s last two years in office are going to be brutal with a Democratic House undoing everything he's worked so hard to achieve. Hell, if things keep going this way, Democrats might even take back the Senate. Think it won't happen? Replay 2006 in your head.

    Just wait. This is a good start, but the House version still needs to come out of Krusee's committee and then survive 39%'s veto.

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    Draft Houston City Councilman Michael Berry

    Did we know about THIS freakish, right-wing talk radio host? He's the Houston City Council version of state Senator Dan Patrick (Houston spawns these people - apparently). Seems the 36-year old Berry shot his mouth off on his radio show and declared that, oh, yes, definitely educated professionals are signing up and going to Iraq. In droves! He really thought he schooled Congressman Charlie Rangel on that, who reasonably, had a different viewpoint.

    So, a caller challenged Berry to sign up! You can hear that conversation here. After all, Berry is young enough. He's professional and educated. Looks plenty fit from his photo. Ship his ass to Iraq! It's pretty obvious from the way the call went that Berry never suspected someone would suggest HE go and serve his country.

    We need fresh young ones for The Surge. We have Bush sending in an additional 12,000 Guard members to Iraq in addition to the 21,000 troops he promised to send. Bush is sneaky like that. Or, he lies. One or the other. Anyway, Berry could help support the troops, many of whom are going back for involuntary second tours after only a year break.

    Draft Michael Berry. Talk radio and sectarian violence - an irresistible combination.

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    April 05, 2007

    Where's the turn, GaryGary?

    That's right kids, Gary Busey navtones are now available for those of you who own a TomTom. It's pretty much the standard schtick, 'turn right here' and the always popular 'you have reached your destination' with some special Busey-isms tossed into the mix. Just watch the video...

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    Paging Warren Chisum...

    Dear Warren:

    You should really have a talk with this guy. He's way smarter than you AND he believes in God. In fact, he has the same belief system I have. So, can your 'literal interpretation of the Bible' crap and think this one out. Take a few days if you need to. I know thinking is hard, but it's sooo worth it.

    Nothing but love,


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    Diebold sues Massachusetts?

    Aren't corporations always bitching about frivolous lawsuits? I guess Diebold never did...

    Diebold, everyone's favorite manufacturer of easily hacked voting machines, wasn't happy when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided to go with one of their competitors when purchasing voting machines for the disabled. In fact, their feelings were so badly hurt by the snub that they've decided to sue the state.

    Yes, Diebold is suing because Massachusetts chose competitor AutoMARK instead of them. Why is it worth suing the state over this? Because Diebold thinks their machines are better. That's the reason. Really. That's the only reason. I'm speechless. –Adam Frucci

    Gee, Diebold. Maybe if your shit didn't suck you'd sell some of it. Of course, since it does you resort to a lawsuit. Maybe I should sue Paramount for not buying my movie treatment about a guy who sits in a room and does nothing all day. Except shit himself. They said it sounded like a super bad movie. I think they're all talentless hacks but I don't turn around and sue them. Mostly because I have a sneaking suspicion it's kind of a shitty idea.


    What's next, Corporate America? Suing me for not eating Linda McCartney's Tofu Treats?

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    Y'all take off the gloves now...

    ... cause it's pretty clear el Presidente's ready to throw down.

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush named Republican fundraiser Sam Fox as U.S. ambassador to Belgium on Wednesday, using a maneuver that allowed him to bypass Congress where Democrats had derailed Fox's nomination.

    Democrats had denounced Fox for his 2004 donation to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. The group's TV ads, which claimed that Sen. John Kerry exaggerated his military record in Vietnam, were viewed as a major factor in the Massachusetts Democrat's losing the election.

    Recognizing Fox did not have the votes to obtain Senate confirmation, Bush withdrew the nomination last month. On Wednesday, with Congress out of town for a spring break, the president used his power to make recess appointments to put Fox in the job without Senate confirmation.

    This means Fox can remain ambassador until the end of the next session of Congress, effectively through the end of the Bush presidency.

    I can't believe even a single Republican in Congress would let this happen without turning on Bush. In fact, I'd be surprised if more than a few didn't flip parties. Y'all better start thinking about it because it's sure as hell clear now that none of you can be trusted and bipartisanship is something only Democrats care about. In short, if you want to salvage your party, you better start toeing the Democratic line.

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    April 04, 2007

    Remembering MLK...

    On this day in 1968, some asshole shot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While everyone remembers Dr. King's life and work, does anyone other than The Mayor remember who shot him? The point? Though a bullet can bring down a man, it can not destroy the dream he made all us believe was possible. It is his legacy that lives on and endures, not the hatred of one jackass.

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    History with Barack Obama

    There's an interesting article up over at the WaPo about Obama's book of personal recollections that apparently never happened.

    "I felt my face and neck get hot," Obama wrote. "My stomach knotted; the type began to blur on the page."

    The child had, for the first time, confronted racism and its hideous consequences.

    Only there is no such issue of Life magazine. So says the Chicago Tribune, which has gone through the Obama memoir with commendable thoroughness. The newspaper conducted "more than 40 interviews with former classmates, teachers, friends and neighbors" from Obama's youth and found both trivial and substantial differences between the stories Obama tells and those recalled by others. What emerges from the Tribune's reporting is a man who seems much less fixated than he insists on finding his racial identity.

    When the Tribune told Obama that Life magazine historians could find no such story, Obama suggested it might have been Ebony -- "or it might have been . . . who knows what it was?" (The Tribune says Ebony's archivists also could not come up with such an article.) Indeed, the memory of the event/non-event is so firmly planted in Obama's mind that it seems to have become an emotional truth for him, far more powerful than an intellectual truth.

    It's not unusual for someone to remember something in strange ways, to associate a memory with an event that never occurred but was, instead, imagined. It doesn't delegitimize the memory; specifically what you took away from the experience. However, presenting something in a narrative to make yourself appear to be more than you are is pure old school politics, something I thought I'd never see from the self described change agent.

    He may be manipulating the facts in order to wrap raw ambition in the gauze of a larger cause. Sheer ambition is no longer tolerated in American public life.

    That Obama wants to be President is undeniable. The question many have had is whether or not his campaign for a new kind of politics is real. Without that theme, what is Obama?

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    Well, it would seem the Iscariot Caucus isn't quite done yet carrying water for Speaker CradDICK. Former State Representative Glen Maxey has a great post up about the fine work of the Iscariot Caucus in partially restoring CHIP after the drastic and pointless 2003 cuts. How'd they accomplish such a miracle? By voting against an amendment to the bill that would have restored the program FULLY.

    How low can y'all go? Even Republicans jumped the fence on this one and there you are making sure that the only health care available to the least among us is that which is most expensive for taxpayers, the emergency room.

    Oh and as for the Republicans who didn't vote for the amendment, there are too many of you to single out. Don't worry though, no one's being forgotten. You bunch of Bulllshit Fiscal Conservatives who can't grasp the basic fact that spending a $1 at the state level is better than spending $4 at the local level are all in trouble and you don't even realize it. You're all a bunch of chickenshits and when we force even more of you out in 2008, this will be one of the reasons voters turn against you. Listening, Linda? Dwayne? Vicki? It's going to hurt like hell when people start realizing that you're nothing more than empty slogans and higher property taxes.

    Just wait. You bitches haven't seen mean.

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    April 03, 2007

    More solar for Texas

    OK, so it's a little old but the op/ed piece is great. There hasn't been a lot out about the bills being advanced by Rep. Coleman and Sen. Ellis in support of clean, efficient solar power in Texas.

    TexSun wouldn't just provide value for people with the solar systems, but for everyone who uses the electricity grid. Solar PV generates the most electricity during long hot summer days, when electricity is the most expensive to produce, reducing the need to build new power plants and transmissions lines.

    The state as a whole would benefit by leveraging significant private investments to support our public electricity infrastructure. And with growth in demand, the economies of scale will help make solar affordable for everyone.

    TexSun would also be great news for our environment. By reducing demand for fossil fuels, the fund would reduce smog pollution by 5,000 tons and global warming pollution by 3 million tons.

    This is a great, make sense program that will help lower the cost of PV systems, making solar more affordable by creating an incentive for the expansion of the manufacturing base. Hell, power companies used to receive subsidies, why shouldn't solar which has a better long term cost profile.

    Not to mention keeping more pollution from going into the atmosphere.

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    President Bush all but challenges the Congress to impeach

    OK, truth be told I really don't like el Presidente Cabeza de Caca (was it obvious?), however I've not been real adamant about impeachment. Until today.

    I'm watching the President's news conference and am stunned. This man is no longer living in reality. On the US Attorney fiasco

    President has ability to remove US Attorney's at will.

    True. However, you can't do so to protect members of your party from prosecution. That's illegal. It's called obstruction of justice.

    Democrats' delay could keep some troops in Iraq longer. Congress should pass "clean" funding bills for troops. It's clear that veto of troops withdrawal bill will be sustained. Democrats sem determined to make a political statement. Armed Forces will have to make cuts if the bill is not passed. Delay in war funding bill will have 'serious consequences'.

    So, basically, if you don't give me what I want I'm going to make it an absolute living hell for the troops rather than comply with the will of the Congress. So you should really give me a bill without any timetable. And quit trying to bow up and act all co-equal and shit. I'm the BSD in this outfit. If you don't do what I want, something way bad is going to happen.

    Oh, yeah, and the terrorists are coming here if we don't git 'em in EYE-Rack.

    Reporters are now asking about Dowd's comments. The President understands that Matthew is anguished about war especially in light of the fact that Dowd's son is deployable.

    I'm not kidding. The man just threatened a critic directly, in front of cameras.

    "We should take a look at the sober consequences of failure in Iraq". Huh. Perhaps you should have made a sober decision BEFORE you went into Iraq and dragged us along with you.

    Congress: Impeach the psychotic before he decides to nuke Tehran. Remove him from office. But first, go for the outright funding cutoff.

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    Going through my head...

    I don't know why but this song has been going through my head for the last two days. I think I'm going to blame 101X which is what my alarm is set on. I think they are playing it in the mornings.

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    April 02, 2007

    Dating... for the loser in you...

    As seen on the bathroom wall at Mother Egans

    “Tired Of Getting Shot Down? Here's How To Get Attractive Women To Approach You.”

    You’re about to learn...

    The 5 proven methods guaranteed to get the girl you want to approach you instead.

    Old, ugly, poor? How to get desirable women to approach YOU first, no matter your age, looks, or income…

    How to attract that "one special girl" for a passionate, long-term relationship that never gets dull.

    Threesomes? Here's how to actually make them happen, over and over again.

    Stop getting shot down and start getting laid. Fill in your name and email address to gain access to our free report now.

    Click here to be added to their email list. I would but I think it's best if my ass sit this one out. That and the fact that I'm not so much for dating girls.

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    Austin to be one fo the first to get 4G Wireless


    When it's unrolled in DC and Chicago early next year it'll provide 2-4Mbps speeds for $55 a month, and it'll be open access. That means you won't be stuck in the "walled garden" of approved sites that some cellular web carriers put you in, and it'll provide open access to the Internet like your broadband account. If it's as reliable and as fast as they claim this has the potential to replace cable and DSL lines as people's connection of choice.

    That'll be just about the time I drop Cingular on it's ass. Seriously, am I the only one irritated that the service constantly is dialing down? I switch from EDGE to GPRS all the time and it's frustrating as hell.

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    What a bunch of losers...

    I seriously feel, bad (oh so very bad) for Republicans. I still have friends who are Republican because they haven't given up on the party that brought the world retarded nuts like George W. Bush, Senator Inhofe and that Tancredo guy. However, even they are starting to get worried about the Republican Presidential field in 2008.

    They should be. What a bunch of pathetic goobs. If the candidate who generates the most enthusiasm is the jackass from Days of Thunder then even Richardson could win. And he wouldn't have to do anything other than repeat his terribly lame appearance the other night on the Daily Show. I kid. It was only a little boring and made me actually uncomfortable just a few times. Not anything like McCain's last appearance which made me sad for the 'can-do' codger from AZ. It also made me wish Zombie Barry Goldwater would eat him.

    Now that you mention it, I might be willing to vote for Zombie Barry Goldwater. Towards the end he was more of a Democrat than some of our guys.

    Someone also told me Senator Thompson was on Law&Order AS THE DA. WTF is up with that??!?! Did Adam Schiff die? Thompson should be shunned only because he displaced a totally believable NY DA and brought to the screen the guy who called Tom Cruise a monkey.

    Actually, whoever handles casting for Dick Wolf should be run down on the 405.

    Now it turns out even the more traditional nuts in the Republican Party are scared of 2008...

    "Republicans across the country are warning that increasing public discontent toward President Bush, the Iraq war and the GOP brand in general threatens to send the party's 2008 campaign planning into a tailspin," reports The Politico.

    "Already, the problems are having tangible effects. Some of the party's top recruits in key races from Colorado to Florida are refusing to run for Congress. Business executives -- the financial backbone of the GOP -- are sending more and more money to Democrats. Overall Republican fundraising is down sharply from the same time frame during the past two presidential elections."

    So what will the Republicans do?!!? Of course, 2008 will be a rebuilding year as will 2010. All in preparation for the next Bush, fat Jeb.

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    It's opening day

    ...and our society is renewed through the annual rebirth of our national pastime with all its attendant traditions and glories: the crack of the bat, the artistry of a well-turned double play, and of course the insights of the fans, many of whch are not necessarily safe for work.

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    April 01, 2007

    April Fools!

    The Mayor and I had thought about dummying up a fake McBlogger for April Fools Day. Instead, we went to drinks and changed the plan to instead just redirect the site, for the day, to something boring like Greg Wythe's House of Stupid. However, I just woke up and am running late.

    So, that's what the Confession Time post was all about. I wrote it to be obvious, so if you sent me an email asking if I was serious, I'm going to hold that over your head. Because you're retarded.

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    Confession Time: I'm Republican and Straight...

    Last night, around 12:01, I realized that it was time for me to finally come clean with y'all. I'm totally a Republican who loves pussy. Seriously, y'all, I had sex with some random girl last night and loved it. Then, in the afterglow, we talked about how great President Bush was and how much we admired

  • Tom DeLay

  • Dennis Hastert

  • Pat Robertson

  • Tom Craddick

  • Rick Perry... even though we have issues with the TTC
  • We're getting married next week and moving to Virginia (it's for lovers) so that we can be closer to the epicenter of the Republican Revolution. I will be taking a job with Grover Norquist's Americans for Fax Reform and Mindy (that's the girls name) is already pregnant with our first child (what can I say...) and will be staying home to raise the baby (and those that will follow) while I shall venture forth into the world to provide for them. Because that's the way it should be... A Daddy who goes to work, a Mommy that stays home and tends the house (with the help of our loyal housekeeper, Mayebeth) and raises the kids.

    Anyone know of a good megachurch in Northern Virginia? Actually, nevermind... you godless Democrats wouldn't know a good megachurch if you ran into it with your Prius. I'll ask my new b-fri Ann Coulter to recommend a place. I'm sure she knows them all.

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