November 30, 2005

Real world? This is a faith based war, Bitch!

In the real world (you know, where most of us live), things move in a logical fashion usually. From plan, to strategy to achieve the plan and then hopefully to accomplishment of the plan and it's goals. Things happen differently in bizarro land where faith based war is all the rage!

May, 2003

October, 2005


Oh, today's speech brought us another 'plan' that will 'not work' and end in 'abyssmal failure' much like everthing this ineffectual President does.

(thanks to who thinks that next month the President will announce he's 'brainstorming' about Iraq)

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Most popular fascist ice cream flavors

1. Swastisicle

2. Spamussolini

3. Lebensraum und Cream

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Perfect Christmas Idea


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November 29, 2005

Oh, I hate this...

I can't get the main page to display the way I want, let alone allow me to make modifications. I feel like a retard.

glad you liked the line, by the way

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Making fun of McDonalds is SOOO 90s

I don't even think it's cool to make fun of Starbucks anymore.

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The bloom is off the Warner rose

"Lost his balls in a tragic polling accident.

I'm still laughing about that.

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I'm trying to get this damn thing to work

Does the title tell you enough or should I spell it out? Check back later.

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