August 04, 2010

That's just horseshit...

Peter Boockvar posted this over at The Big Picture. It was the last sentence that caught my eye...

One hand, higher savings will put a crimp on consumer spending which of course makes up a majority of US GDP but on the other, higher savings is the fuel for investment which helps to finance businesses everywhere that are getting crowded out in their borrowing by the enormous needs of the US gov’t and some European ones.

Yeah, except for this and even this which make it pretty clear that in the real world, where we live, there's a massive gap between demand for fixed income (of every flavor) vs a limited supply of fixed income that even the government's massive issuance isn't able to fill. So interest rates stay low while investors fall over themselves trying to buy incrementally higher yields. So, yeah, not so much with that particular ideological talking point.

I can't fucking wait to hear that from that cocksucker Judd Gregg. Or that old, senile motherfucker from Arizona who has started defending the tax cuts he voted against, just to get back at the black man who beat him.

It's time we start calling these assholes out for their lies and bullshit, especially when they're advocating a return to treasonous economic policies that will bankrupt this country. Peter should fucking know better and the politicos are just opportunists.

Posted by mcblogger at August 4, 2010 09:07 PM

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