April 10, 2010

Runoff Endorsements

Runoff Election day is Tuesday, April 13th. If you didn’t vote in the March 2 Primary, you can still vote in the runoff.
Travis County E-Day Polling Locations

For Travis County Democrats, there’s only one race on the ballot: the 299th District Court. Your options are Karen Sage or Mindy Montford. We’re supporting Karen.

Phillip Martin wrote a great post over at BOR about why he’s supporting her. The Austin Chronicle endorsed her. Anything we add here isn’t going to say it any better. Karen and her team have been working hard for nine months, and the least you can do is spend a few minutes getting to the poll and casting your vote for her on Tuesday.

On the off chance that you’re a Republican (or that you voted in the Republican primary to screw with the system), your races for the runoff are Supreme Court Place 3, and SBOE 10. It’s hard to tell you what we’d do if we were in your shoes. One the one hand, it’d be cool if you pick the candidates that can be beaten by Democrats in November, but there is room for genuine concern if something goes awry and the Republican candidate wins after all.

In SBOE 10, it’s between Brian Russell and Marsha Farney for who will face Dr. Judy Jennings in November. It’s easy to see why Cynthia Dunbar (R-Teh Crazy) hand-picked Brian Russell to succeed her. He provides a massive contrast to the sanity of Jennings. Even though Marsha Farney will be a tougher candidate to beat, would we prefer to risk replacing one wingnut with another if Russell wins? Tough call. No endorsement.

For Supreme Court, Place 3, it’s down to Debra Lehrmann (R-Already a Judge) and Rick Green (R-Face Puncher). The sheer spectacle of watching Justice Jim Sharp (1st Court of Appeals) hand Rick Green his ass on a platter will be worth watching, but is the majority of the Texas electorate smart enough to recognize that Rick Green will be a disgrace as a judge? Again, hard to tell. And, is it worth risking Green actually getting elected just to watch the Sharp v. Green battle? Lehrmann is already a judge, and is a reasonable choice. But there’s still no endorsement. Make your own call on this one, too.

No matter how you voted on March 2 (and especially if you didn’t vote), get your butts to the polls for April 13th. These campaigns work too damn hard for us to disrespect them by staying home.

Posted by Mojito at April 10, 2010 11:51 PM

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Betting that the general public will vote for Jim Sharp because of John Sharp's name ID over Rick Green is a poor bet. Green is a snake that needs to be killed off in the runoff primary.

Rick Green is the poster boy for non-partisan judicial elections.

Posted by: McIndependant [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 11, 2010 05:41 PM

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