March 14, 2010

Oh, yeah... welcome, new people.

It's once again time for SXSW so to all you new people, welcome. Please be kind to the natives as they may bite. Either that or they'll take your mobile from you and beat you with it. And please, under-fucking-stand that the 3G problems you're having are all AT&T, not because you're in Austin. If you just have to make an important call and your connection sounds like it's being filtered through a fish tank, take your network mode down to 2G. If you don't know how, meet me at Red's Porch on S Lamar today at 7:30 because I want to berate you for being a nebbish in front of your goddamn staff.


For those of us natives wondering why the fuck we keep doing this, apparently there is a pretty big economic impact from SXSW. Well, not huge in comparison to the regional economy but decent... around $100mn annually. Of course, no one bothers to discover how much is spent by natives to deal with the inconvenience of SXSW. I can calculate my losses from yesterday alone which came to $12. Multiply that by 200k people and pretty soon we're talking about not much money.

So, whine away if you must or, if you can, avoid going north or south (depending on where you live) for a few days. For the rest of us, there's Ed Bluestein and CapTex since they seem to have discovered MoPac.

Posted by mcblogger at March 14, 2010 01:27 PM

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