February 24, 2010

We need Linda for Lieutenant Governor

Now that many of us have withdrawn to our snuggies hand-wringing about the plight of our Democratic elected officials and President Obama, and whining about those mean old lying Republicans, it’s time to snap out of it and meet the candidate to get us off our ass and do something.

Because she already strongly represents the democratic core, this appeal is for those
working class whites, described a generation ago as Reagan Democrats, who are looking for someone who’s lived the life and understands their needs. Here is your candidate!

Linda Chavez-Thompson

For the rank and file who have the gnawing feeling that working people are getting short shafted, but peer pressure kept you from voting for someone who shares your values – here is your candidate.

For all the disrespect you and your family have taken over the years from the man – here is your candidate.

For all the women who had to endure abusive, sexist louts in the work place – here is your candidate.

For all of you fed up with lobbyist, corporations, developers, and bankers telling your state government what to do – here is your candidate.

For all you worker bees with stagnant wages and disappearing benefits, provided you still have a job – here is your candidate.

So if you think it’s time for someone to do something for you, vote Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Posted by Captain Kroc at February 24, 2010 07:00 AM

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