February 25, 2010

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar...

And sometimes it's a signal for all-out Obama Derangement Syndrome, toe to toe with the Moonies.

image descriptionIt seems the latest thing to get rightwing panties all in a bind is the new logo for the Missile Defense Agency. The knuckledragger crowd detects traces of the sinister Obama logo, the sinister Islamic crescent and moon emblem, and the sinister Iranian Space Agency logo. All of which led Frank Gaffney, who passed for a strategic thinker during the Reagan years and later accused Grover Norquist of being soft on Islam to whine...

Team Obama is behaving in a way that — as the new MDA logo suggests — is all about accommodating that ‘Islamic Republic’ and its ever-more aggressive stance.

Me, I think it looks like the sinister Starfleet logo.

Be that as it may, if this is what's coming from the Big Brains on the Right, what could the rank and file loonies be saying? Luckily, we don't have to wonder, all we have to do is check the comments in the Washington Times.


This looks very similar to the flag of the former Soviet Union. I wonder what type of message we are sending.

You may be on to something there, Wendy. Except for the Soviet banner being red cloth with a hammer and sickle, there's hardly any difference. And what message are we sending? Perhaps that publicly funded mental health care is desperately needed in this country?


Why was this even made? Why are BOTH logos being left on the site? Maybe one to be used when shown among his Muslim friends, and one for the stupid unsuspecting American public who voted for their own demise? So many little signals that mean "nothing". Right. And we don't have terrorist training camps hiding all over the country, either. 'Course not.

First they came for the paranoid flagwavers, and I said nothing.


I certainly didn't vote for this Worthless Excuse of a President and until he shows a long form BC, he will not be my president ever! Obama and his Legion of Demons are America's Greatest Enemy! November, People! End the Legion of Demons Reign!

Paging Doctor Taitz. Paging Doctor Taitz.

I swear, if Jeff Foxworthy ever wants to reinvent himself as a political humorist he could change his tagline to "You might be a batshit insane wingnut if..."

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at February 25, 2010 07:18 PM

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