January 04, 2010

No, it won't. And the President can go fuck himself

More from Jane on the President's decision to fuck the vast majority of people in this country who wanted a public option. And it's all based on this...

Given that the public dislikes the Senate bill--which, right now, looks like the only feasible framework for health reform--and that Americans probably won't be getting what they said they wanted in poll after poll throughout the health care debate--namely, a public option--it could be a challenge for Democrats to sell this bill to the American people once it's over and done with. But the debate over health care has worn on, and it wouldn't be too surprising to see a sigh of relief get expressed in poll results, with health care receiving a bump as it nears and achieves legislative completion.

Actually, no... that's not at all what's happening. The problem is that up until very recently the public option WAS going to have to happen. It wasn't until recently that Senator Reid decided to fold up. And the President is looking, as Jane says, at a strategy that brings his numbers up by dropping his base in the grease... it all appears to be going so well and will continue to do so until the moment of discontinuity when people realize they've been screwed and that there's no public option coming... just a mandate to buy health insurance.

Then watch the President's poll numbers become comparable to President Bush's numbers just prior to leaving office.

Posted by mcblogger at January 4, 2010 11:48 AM

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