November 03, 2009

Sure. Right. Whatev.

So the Texas Tribune launched today with some interesting polling data... now, if someone can just explain to me how a man who won a contested primary in 2006 with almost 75% of the vote polls less than 1% in this poll AND it's not a colossal screw up, I'd love to hear it. And isn't it customary, in a real poll, to scrap the sample if a mistake is made and pull in a new one?

I wonder exactly how this polling of those who had already been polled was done? Did they send out an email? What was the time limit on that? How many people actually responded or were their previous responses locked in if they didn't respond in time?

And then there's the sample size of only 266 people which is about a third what you would expect. Sure, I get that you're pulling people out of a broader universe, but there's a reason why just about no one else does that... it doesn't produce valid results. Oh, and for those of you who still think this is reliable, keep in mind Zogby's internet poll had Barbara Ann within the MOE vs Sen. Hutchison in 2006. And look how that turned out. Speaking of Sen. Hutchison, she's now gone (in a little over a month) 12 points below Perry in this poll??!?

Seriously, Tribune, love you guys but this is just too jacked to be credible. But it's a nice try and the site looks pretty. I know things will get better!

Posted by mcblogger at November 3, 2009 09:33 AM

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