November 16, 2009

On raising the gas tax...

Apparently, Burka and Sen. Carona agree with Hank. Meanwhile, the rest of the Democratic field is no where on the issue. Well, except for Schieffer who got soundly slapped down for saying no to taxes and no to tolls, with the lame statement that he's for eliminating waste.

No shit, Tom. What would be helpful is if you knew what the rest of us already know... there's not enough waste to cut at TXDOT to make up the funding gap. And your solution to that gap is a rhetorical non-answer?

Granted, no one likes taxes but people like paying $3.20 PER DAY in tolls even less. The reality is that we are piling on debt in guarantees to private contractors that will take generations to pay off. And it's doing nothing but providing corporate welfare. That's the Republican solution. Apparently, Tom Schieffer also thinks it's OK as a final option. Hank, on the other hand, is absolutely opposed to it. Because what the Republicans and Schieffer aren't being clear about is that if we don't fix this now, all new roads will be tolls roads. All improvements made to existing roads will be tolls. You will not, under any circumstance, be able to avoid paying a toll.

And Hank's plan costs the average Texan $1.60 PER WEEK. That's it. I know about 100k people in Willco and Travis County who'd gladly pay that rather than the tolls they are paying now.

So, you have two options... Hank's plan which restores fiscal responsibility to TXDOT OR the Republican/ Schieffer plan which will crush the taxpayers of this state by piling on debt and guarantees that will burden our children and grandchildren.

Posted by mcblogger at November 16, 2009 01:05 PM

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