November 02, 2009

Matt Taibbi is an idiot sometimes

Matt Taibbi is the kinda reporter who gets about half of a sensational story right, then fucks it all to hell by adding extraneous garbage and outright lies.

In this piece, he proposes to run Dr. Elizabeth Warren, current chair of the TARP oversight panel, against President Obama. Why?

1) Because the President is fixing the financial crisis not by collapsing the banking sector (and the economy with it) but by actually using some of the people who know Wall St. best to fix Wall St. Which is exactly what Taibbi's hero, FDR, did. Oh, and he's not doing it nearly fast enough. Never mind that it took Roosevelt YEARS after his election to get much of the post Depression financial reforms in place.

So what's the alternative? Nationalizing everything, collapsing equity and debt markets, destroying pension plans and retirement plans. How much more expensive do you think THAT will be?

2) He hasn't closed Gitmo... OK, got me there. I want it closed too and it makes no sense to leave it open. Except the President seems intimidated by the Republicans. I personally think the same thing happened on FISA, but who the fuck knows. Why don't we get angry about THAT, Matt?

3) The Public Option... apparently, the President is reneging on the public option. Which if he were a member of Congress, I'd be pissed about. But our problem is in the goddamn Senate, not the White House. Granted, the point on Rahm is probably valid... he is a weaselly, arrogant fuck. And it finally looks like some progress is being made in Congress.

At the end of the day, Matt, you need to get the fuck over 'things aren't perfectly the way I want them ten months after the Inauguration so I'm mad'. It really agitates those of us who realize public policy doesn't turn on a dime.

Posted by mcblogger at November 2, 2009 08:55 AM

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