November 03, 2009

Dregs : More poll bullshit and ELECTION NIGHT!

  • Well, more information came out this afternoon about the Texas Tribune/YouGov (remember them?) poll

    On the Democratic side, nobody had great numbers. Kinky Friedman leads the pack, with 19 percent, followed by Tom Schieffer, with 10 percent, former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, with 5 percent, Mark Thompson, with 3 percent, Felix Alvarado, with 2 percent, and Hank Gilbert, who got 0.3 percent. Earle hasn't declared, but is looking, and Thompson withdrew from the race after the poll. (The numbers might not add to 100, due to rounding.)

    Of course, we now know that Hank Gilbert wasn't in the poll which ran from October 20-27th. They 'repolled' the 'same' respondents over Halloween weekend. Repeated questions regarding how many of the respondents actually WERE re-polled have been unanswered. Also unanswered were what was offered to entice respondents the first sampling period and what was offered over the weekend. Obviously, with a poll of this nature, you'll get better responses over the week when the original poll was done than you do over the weekend when Hank was supposedly added. Oh, and we still don't know how that addition was done.

    The funniest piece was this...

    "On the Democratic side, the question is, 'Is Kinky going to hijack the Democratic primary just on name ID," said pollster Daron Shaw, a professor of government at UT-Austin.

    Kinky might concern some folks, but this poll shouldn't be the reason. What Daron isn't telling you is that the poll was of partisan self identified possibly registered voters, not of likely Democratic primary voters who actually were registered. A sawbuck says in that poll Kinky is lucky to break 6%.

    Needless to say, this poll has all the validity of the one you take that involves me and everyone else you know. The idea that this was anything other than a methodologically questionable poll is laughable. And it makes me seriously doubt the integrity of the Tribune management who made the decision to run this deeply flawed data as real news and play it off as if all candidates were treated equally.

    Just so we're clear, I mean YOU Ross and Evan. Seriously, this was used douche splashed across a screen. And if you're pissed about your launch getting shit on and looking for someone to blame, face a mirror. It was your decision to run this garbage that made everything happen the way it did. Take a bow, fellas. I still believe in what you guys are trying to do (and you have some tremendously talented people there to make it happen) but this was a real stain on what should have been a good day.

  • Interesting reads all around regarding Democratic losses in VA and elsewhere where Democratic turnout was down heavily because of weak candidates. There are also some really big WINS in Michigan where an anti-gay measure put to voters and soundly defeated and in NY where the Limbaugh/39%/Palin axis of loserdom lost what really should have been a Republican congressional seat to a Democrat. I think it's clear... this election is less about a change in the electorate and more about the electorate hating blue dogs AND teabaggers. It's time for Democrats to act like Democrats.
  • In Houston, Annise Parker is heading into a runoff with Gene Locke. Sorry Peter Brown. You tried and you failed. It's over for you.
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg as of tonight has spent more money masturbating his ego than any other candidate in history. He spent $90 million of his own money to win re-election in NYC

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