October 31, 2009

Tommy Terrific on Transportation

What. A. Joke. Then, read this.

Not for nothing but the Schieffer campaign's pathetic attempt to step on the coverage of Hank Gilbert's transportation policy was really stupid on a number of levels.

  • You point out, far better than the Gilbert campaign ever could, that you don't have a plan. You have an incoherent statement followed by another incoherent (and conflicting statement). EXACTLY what is the last resort!??! Tolls or the gas tax? Where's your urban transit plan?!?!
  • You propose a solution (cutting waste) that EVERYONE agrees won't solve any of the formidable problems we face regarding infrastructure. There just isn't enough fat left to cut to get us where we need to be to actually fund transportation. Anyone who disagrees with that is, frankly, out of their depth on transportation issues.
  • You talk about how Hank's plan will hurt the poor and middle class which gives Team Gilbert yet another opportunity to point out just how cheap the gas tax increase is vs. your 'last resort', tolls (it's $1.60 a week vs. $1.60 or more PER DAY for the average family)
  • You once again allow Hank to point out he's way ahead of you in terms of understanding the real problems facing Texas and proposing realistic solutions to them.
  • You reopen questions about your support for tolling and privatization which is overwhelmingly opposed by Texans. You also show you know nothing about business growth in this state which is heavily dependent on infrastructure.
  • Finally, by being bitchslapped within hours by Hank's campaign, you further undermine any faith your supporters had in your ability to beat 39% in the general and reinforced the argument being made persuasively by the Gilbert campaign that only Hank can beat 39% or Sen. Hutchison.
  • We finally have a Democrat who not only makes sense on transportation but can persuade the electorate to agree with him. There is one guy on the Democratic side that can win against 39% or Hutchison. That man is Hank Gilbert. At this point is there ANYONE out there who thinks the other Democratic candidates have a campaign or a candidate that's even close to Hank?

    Yes, I'm supporting Hank. I'm volunteering for him as well. Now you all know why.

    Posted by mcblogger at October 31, 2009 12:34 AM

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