October 06, 2009

Texas is all about FUN!

  • Texas is now #1 in SECOND teen pregnancies. You know, because condoms would promote sex.
  • Would you buy sex from this lady?

    Apparently, the cops in University Park (with the help of their big brother, DPD) think this lady is a prostitute. She claims to just be a masseuse. Honestly, having met some female masseurs, she looks more like one of them than like a prostitute. I think this is a case of a neighbor in UP not liking this lady or the house she's renting. Or wanting it as a tear down.

  • Apparently, we're not the only ones pissed about lack of a public option in some Democratic plans. And you gotta see the art that goes with the post.
  • Muse wants to know if it would be a good idea to expand Rep. Chisum's Twogetherness law to Teh Gays. So they don't get Teh Divorced which is apparently just as bad as them getting Teh Married.
  • I've been loathe to wade into the Houston mayors race, mostly because I don't live there and frankly could care less. Don't get me wrong, I like Annise Parker, but it's hard to care about a race for a city office in another place. That being said, this did catch my eye. Seriously, Gene Locke? $640 AN HOUR.

    In my world, you better damn well deliver full release to charge an hourly rate like that. And it better be AWESOME.

  • TXDOT has to give money back to the Feds... not because of some rescission issue but because they JUST DIDN'T ALLOCATE IT FOR CONSTRUCTION. Score yet another fuckup for the boys and girls managing TXDOT.
  • Speaking of transportation, the revolving door between tolling and government continues.
  • Y'all have a goodun!

    Posted by mcblogger at October 6, 2009 12:30 PM

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