October 15, 2009

Dregs : Sen. Snowe (R-Moron), 39%'s arson link and more

  • Scarecrow over at FDL reminds us that it was Sen. Olympia Snowe who helped jack up the stimulus package, directly putting more than 40k people out of work... because of politics.
    “When history calls . . .” we’d better hope Olympia Snowe is not the only one listening. Snowe was among those responsible for weakening the stimulus, and now she’s in a position — because that’s where the White House wanted her — to do similar damage to health care reform.

    Ms. Snowe was the center of what Krugman called the “destructive centrists” whose demands on weakening the stimulus bill led to the firing of 40,000 or so teachers and thousands more state workers by stripping state budgets of a desperately needed federal rescue.

    So we have Sen. Snowe to thank for allowing the states to become dozens of anti-stimulus time bombs that are still going off, as they cut spending, raise taxes and lay off hundreds of thousands of workers tied to those budgets.

    Now she’s become a major obstacle to fixing the abysmal Baucus health bill, and so far she’s staked out positions that, if honored, will leave the Democrats with a bill no one should vote for unless they’re hoping to earn the contempt of the American voters.

    And now, she's looking to do the same thing to the public option in particular and health care in general, despite massive public support for the public option. The sad thing is that we don't need her, but the White House and certain chickenshit Congressional D's have given her this power. Never before has someone so worthless been given so much power.

  • Irony for the week... 39%'s general counsel when he denied the stay of execution for Willlingham (the guy who, it turns out, was likely innocent) was indicted for insurance fraud and... wait for it... ARSON.
  • Over in Houston, Musing has an interesting story up about some trouble for Gene Locke.
  • As it turns out, even doctors support the Public Option. So why doesn't Sen. Snowe? Or Sen. Baucus?
  • 39% and Sen. Hutchison spent some time recently fellating Grover Norquist. It's always heartening to see two Republicans giving it up to a dirtbag who isn't even from Texas. Which makes them, at best, whores.
  • Speaking of Senators, our own Junior John is now talking about how much he hates deficits. But Kuff, oddly, remembers a time when he not only loved them, he let them gang rape him and finish off with a chilli dog using his moobs. He also has a huge thing for Grover Norquist.
  • Y'all have a goodun!

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