September 06, 2009

Save Them Skule Chillurnz!!

I realize my planned weekly post on lawyerin' is now so overdue that more than a fortnight o' lawyerin' has gone uncovered, but that's not where the action is right now.

Where the action is, is in pointing out and staring at the tsunami wave of Stupid that has washed over this nation since word got out about the President wanting to speak directly to small children about such controversial, highly-charged partisan issues as staying in school.

The Mayor has already addressed this issue and nailed down what has to be the most reasonable hypothesis for explaining the hysteria, the last time out having gone so poorly and all. Still, you have to figure that even if there is a solemn pledge to suspend all air traffic and not read any goat stories this time around, that won't get people to come down from off the ceiling.

Here's what I think the President should do. Let this controversy continue to fester and blow up waaaay out of proportion. Let the Crazies pull their kids out of school. Let them carry their collective cow to full term. Let them have a completely drug-free natural cow birth. Then, when the day of the speech comes, President Obama should simply lead the children in the Lord's Prayer and sign off.

Now, I know that would be inappropriate and not entirely consistent with the Establishment Clause, blablabla....But talk about some heads exploding! THAT would be fun to watch! It would be like when the immovable object meets the irresistible force - what would happen? Would the Crazies' sheer unalloyed hatred of Obama compel them to object to a good old-fashioned Christian prayer in school, or would their fanatical devotion to school- sanctioned Protestant religious rituals force them to have to choke down their open abhorrence of Obama? I don't know which would happen. But it would be a really neat science experiment either way. (Hey! that would be ANOTHER tie-in to stuff about education!)

In fairness, it makes internal sense from Teh Crazy viewpoint to worry about potential indoctrination of schoolchildren. Because that's what THEIR fave U.S. President did when he had the opportunity. So logically, they expect Obama to do the same. We can all see where that would lead, right? Reach today's impressionable grade-schoolers, and you've captured the minds of a whole generation of young voters, just in time for the election of 2016, when Obama is conveniently up for his third ter-........oh, wait, that doesn't......

Ah, I give up. They're just batshit crazy.

P.S. - Props to MSNBC's John Harwood for saying so, out loud, on the air.

Posted by hbalczak at September 6, 2009 11:54 PM

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This is seriously funny! Most of the " Dan Clan" are clomid babies! Ya know the drug that helps women conceive, make multiple babies etc,. So, it's interesting to know that The "herds" cowboy supports blood sampling from a fender bender and is putting Texas citizens at risk for a menu of diseases brought on by police due to not knowing how to be a phlebotomist. I thought that socialism was a democratic thing? I'm not republican or democrat, I just can't seem to keep the animals straight. But, it seems to me that most of what the "Dan Clan" stands for is a "christian" version is socialism.

Posted by: rachyrach [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 17, 2009 09:42 PM

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