September 13, 2009

Gotta love some red meat!

Once again, I'm volunteering for Hank Gilbert's campaign for Governor. So understand... I'm biased in the race. I promise I won't be too mean to the other people. However, YOU may think it's too mean. Suck. It. Up.

So, let's take a moment and look at what the campaign released Friday regarding 39%'s idea to send the Ranger's to the border...

Texas Governor Rick Perry has repeatedly campaigned on border safety issues, including a pricey electronic monitoring system that allowed citizens to monitor the border. “All of Perry’s border policies have been a dismal failure, best summarized by the phrase ‘too little, too late’. If the Governor was using the border as anything other than a campaign issue, then why didn’t he get his predecessor, George W. Bush, to do something to curb border violence when he was president,” Gilbert continued.

“Perry has never bothered to pay attention to the border until it is politically expedient. Earlier this year, when it became evident that he would have a battle for the hearts and minds of GOP primary voters, he began his faux begging to the Obama Administration for resources the state already possessed. He’s comical. He’s a drugstore cowboy who thinks Texas exists in a vacuum.”

Gilbert also said that Hutchison’s criticism of Perry’s announcement was laughable. “Kay Bailey Hutchison has been a U.S. Senator for more than a decade. She hasn’t done anything to curb border violence and drug cartels. For her to even lift a finger to criticize Governor Perry from her ivory tower on the Potomac is irony befitting a fiction writer,” Gilbert continued. “If sniping from Washington is her idea of leadership, then maybe she should stay in Washington and do what she does best, nothing,” he continued.

First off, just FYI, the money has been allocated for this years ago. 39% has been whining about Washington since January because this has only been a problem since January when President Obama was sworn in. It wasn't at all a problem when Bush was talking about sending troops to the CA border. Nothing at all was happening in Texas.

So, yeah, the cocksucker was all about political posturing, meanwhile the people on the border need some help. And his solution is to send in a few Texas Rangers. All bullshit about one riot, one Ranger aside, this is really the absolute least he could do and shows he doesn't give a crap about the folks on the border.

And Hank took the time, during the DNC meeting, to call him out on it.

So, here we have a candidate for the Democratic nomination to be our Governor who is aggressively taking on 39% and Senator Hairdo. And from the other folks in the race, nothing. We have one up in Dallas hawking his line of shitty products. Another who expects everyone to part the sea for him. Another who has to be begged to enter the race (and has been leaning toward running for so long I'm afraid he's gonna fall over). No even knows what Alvarado and Thompson are up to. In point of fact, my analysis from June is still spot on WRT the rest of the field.

To the other candidates in the D primary, feel free to keep running. But do it right. If you want to represent this party and lead this state, mount a credible campaign. Actually talk clearly and concisely about issues. Take on Republicans. Show some fucking heart.

Or, put your ego aside and let Hank do it. You may have noticed, he's pretty good at it.

UPDATE : Kuffner and Todd Hill at BOR have posts up about yet another story about Ronnie Earle's potential run. I was one of the people who wanted to draft Earle in the summer but with Hank in the race, I feel like we have our candidate.

That and I'm goddamn sick of Earle LEANING. Shit or get off the pot, Ronnie.

As for what his entry into the race does, opinions will be many. My read is that it will be the last gasp of the Schieffer campaign as Hank builds support among all Democratic Party segments from the establishment to activists to the student Democratic orgs at the universities. Earle will get a narrow segment of the liberal base that doesn't go for Hank. Kinky won't gain any traction with Hank in the race (let's face it, Hank's more interesting and can talk about things other than his line of cigars and badly written books). Thomposon and Shami can fight it out for 2% and that'll probably leave Hank in a runoff with Alvarado.

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