August 28, 2009

Thinking about the food baby...

...this will create makes me all warm and happy inside.

PhotobucketKFC’s newest “sandwich” is a heart-stopping creation that seems literally to die for: it layers two kinds of cheese with bacon and oozes “Colonel’s sauce.” The twist? Instead of bread, two deep-fried chicken breasts round out the calorific concoction.

Dubbed the Double Down, the sandwich is in test markets so far, which means that only overeaters in Providence, Rhode Island, and Omaha, Nebraska, can get their greasy fill. The buzz is that it’s got more than an entire day’s worth of the recommended allowance for fat, cholesterol, sodium and protein, according to an analysis in the Vancouver Sun.

A couple of thoughts... one, what some have estimated to be a 1200 calorie disaster is actually only around 600 cals. Which will leave you enough room to go ahead and get the super megahuge assload of fries. Oh, and a soda that's actually run up with more corn syrup than water.

Second, why the fuck not Austin as a test market? Why do we always get some earth-mother vegetarian (sorry, Harry but this man can not live on black beans and Gardenburgers alone) bullshit that's NOT deep fried and doesn't come with delicious bacon? HOW MUCH MORE SOYA CHEESE WILL YOU BITCHES MAKE ME EAT?!?!!?

Now, much like a certain other restaurant I patronize a few times a year (I'll never tell you... ), I eat at KFC only 2-3 times per year. But with this on the menu, which I can only imagine is analogous to eating a baby angel, I will go a few times more. I couldn't make it weekly... I'd burn out and burning out on something like this, while decadent as a motherfucker, would ultimately make me sad. Like getting to the bottom of a really good bottle of scotch the same night you opened it.

Posted by mcblogger at August 28, 2009 09:49 AM

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600 cals? Good big or stay at home. One of these days, I am driving up to the Hardee's in Round Rock to have a 2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger. It's a double meat cheese burger with bacon for a mere 1420 cals. Might also have the bacon ranch fries for another 710 cals. Now that is a "Double Down" combo. I will wash it down with a diet coke, no sense in being excessive.

Posted by: McIndependant [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 28, 2009 11:23 PM

I hate to be a jesuit about this, but if there's no bread, there's no sandwich! What KFC needs to do is slap that thing in a bigass sourdough bun. THEN it's a sandwich!

(Remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC to give themselves a healthier image? I guess they've gotten over that.)

Posted by: Mayor McSleaze [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 30, 2009 09:07 AM

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