August 01, 2009

Dear Lloyd Doggett,

Unless you desired to be surrounded by nutties shouting you down, next time you hold a “town hall meeting”, try to have it in a more controlled environment with moderators and, you know, get groups involved who support health care reform. Obama for Texas and the Travis County Democratic Party would have been a good start. But God-forbid, that would not be very bi-partisan.

With several hundred in attendance, 90% being anti-government, teabaggers, nutters, birthers, imbeciles, d-bags, bullies, and libertarians(sorry, I already said nutters), you could not get out your message as shouts of socialist, ignorant, evil, and other unprintable terms, along with uncontrollable rants dominated what was supposed to be a civil debate.

Hopefully, you realize that a concept of a unity of purpose endorsed by all people is now a mute point. So screw them.

Also, the management at Randall’s at Brodie and Slaughter probably didn’t take kindly to screaming crazy people blocking the entrance to the store.

Lloyd, you had to know that this was going to happen. An angry mob following you to your car certainly had to have you thinking about your safety.

The good old days of people standing in line of a grocery store lobby to kiss your ring and complain that social security didn’t deliver their check this month must seem like a faint quaint memory.

What is really sad is that there were people who have legitimate concerns about the current drafting but were not allowed to debate in a civil manner.

Let’s go over this one more time. Fear-mongering created by corporate and conservative think-tanks flamed by Republican politicians and right-wing media for the benefit of insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

The framing, Lloyd, the framing.

Posted by Captain Kroc at August 1, 2009 02:55 PM

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Constable McCain and I plan to attend the Congressman's next "town hall meeting" held in Southwest Austin. Sorry we missed today's "event".

Posted by: McIndependant [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 1, 2009 07:46 PM

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