August 18, 2009

A Point Requiring Further Clarification

So by now, I guess everyone has heard or read that the CEO of Whole Foods has come out against the kind of health care reform most of us would like to see enacted.

Of course, what naturally follows is a hue and cry from the left hemisphere of the blogosphere calling for boycotts of the grocery chain. As there are some other issues in play for some of us, I just need to clear something up.

Up to now, I have not shopped at Whole Foods for a variety of reasons:

1. Central Market kicks their ass in the produce department.

2. Pretty much anywhere else has better prices. The "Whole Paycheck" joke has some truth to it.

3. Not to mention that all their alternative/meatless/veganful/gluten-free/organic/otherwise-morally-superior brands and products aren't that good and never fail to disappoint.

4. It's even more disappointing when you pay that much.

5. Half their clientele appears to consist of carpetbagging Beautiful People who just flew into town from L.A. to close on a half-million dollar vacation condo (I know I'm being provincial and superficial here, but just go with it). From outward appearances, these people have no organic connection to Austin. Which is funny and ironic when you think about where they shop.

6. Where else can you go just to buy some groceries for the house and end up feeling like you've spent your day and your wallet at Six Flags by the time you leave?

That said, however, let it be unequivocal that from this point forward, I, Harry Balczak, will NOW not shop at Whole Foods because John Mackey wrote some things about health care reform that I disagree with.

Just so's ya know.

Posted by hbalczak at August 18, 2009 12:11 PM

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