July 26, 2009

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

If health care reform and the public option go down in flames, it will, in large measure, be due to the Blue Dogs and their ability to carry water for their corporate donors. Well, that and the leadership's willingness not to stomp on them (looking at you, Hoyer) combined with President Obama yet again hoping to 'change' politics and create 'bipartisanship'.

How many reforms have to go down in flames before this President realizes he's not only losing the country, he's losing his party. That HE needs to work to get things done and that not having clearly defined goals leads to confusion. That not forcing issues just kills us all. That he needs to be persuading voters all over the country, not giving press conferences from the White House.

But, back to the Blue Dogs... Why do we elect these cocksuckers? They'll have aggressive R opposition, so why don't real Democrats in these districts just not vote for these assholes? It's pretty clear right now, they aren't voting their districts... they're voting to get contributions to aid their re-election. So, why let these assholes dilute the brand?

LET THEM DIE. It's should be CRYSTAL fucking clear that a moderate or liberal (what few are left) Republican is a damn site better than a Blue Dog as far as getting something done. And then, when they vote for D bills, it's bipartisanship.

I'm not saying vote for the Republican, just don't vote for a Democrat who walks, talks and acts like a Republican. Throw them under the fucking bus.

Posted by mcblogger at July 26, 2009 12:53 PM

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