July 27, 2009

Rep. Polis, I'm gonna need my money back. Thanks.

So earlier this year Rep. Jared Polis was in Austin for the Texas Stonewall meeting. I went to a fundraiser for him at Parkside and, thinking he was a going to be a good Congressman, I gave him $50. Granted, not a lot (for him or me). However, it was my money, contributed in good faith to a man I thought would help solve the problems facing this country.

And I want it back.

Congressman Polis, If you're going to lead this bullshit, then I'm going to need that money back. There IS a class war and it's being fought by the rich against the poor and middle class, not vice versa. The biggest lie ever told was that the rich were ever not in control of this country. They've managed to convince a majority that any public option health plan is socialism. Which is funny because it's basically just putting people on Medicare/Medicaid.

They've also worked hard to convince people that the rich are getting soaked. How much will someone making $1mn per year pay in extra taxes? $9,000. That's the horrible burden we're putting on folks that absorb a disproportionate amount of income and control an outsized amount of the nations wealth. What these folks would spend on a really nice brunch (just ask the folks at Bagatelle in NYC) would allow us to fix health care in the US.

People have also heard a lot of crap about how horrible medicine is in Canada (which is completely untrue) and about how many Canadians come to the US for care (it's not many... MORE CALIFORNIANS GO TO MEXICO FOR AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE). However, none of that stops the talking heads in the Republican Party who are eager to fuck this up, not to prevent harm but simply for a political victory.

Completely left out of this debate is the fact that under the Democrats' reform proposal, doctors will choose the course of treatment for patients, not some insurance company bureaucrat. Or that it will cut out the waste in the private insurance oligopoly (don't kid yourself, what we have now isn't a free market). Or that it will stop self-dealing by doctors profiting from the care they prescribe for patients.

And Rep. Polis, like the Republicans and more than a few Democrats, is helping to destroy the best ideas and finest solutions. Just another rich guy looking to preserve his ridiculously low taxes and hoping to shift the burden to people poorer than himself. Let's not forget, Rep. Polis probably pays less in taxes as a percentage of total income than you or I.

So, Jared, I'd like my money back. You can self-finance when you run for re-election.

Posted by mcblogger at July 27, 2009 01:16 PM

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