July 07, 2009

Rainbow Lounge : Ain't this just some bullshit

Like Todd over at BOR, I'm sick to death of the 'the gays grabbed our crotches, so we arrested some of them' BS that's been floating around since the first published accounts from police reports last Sunday. None of the patrons at the bar that night have been able to corroborate this account and questions have surfaced as to who authored the report (TABC or FWPD) and if any of the other officers can verify the account.

Further, while it's great to see FWPD Chief Halstead's commitment to better relations with the GLBT citizens his department serves and his decision not to carry out any further joint operations with TABC until the full investigation is complete, it all begins to feel like a gloss-over intended to silence critics. The reality is that something triggered this raid and no one has been able to answer the question as to what that was specifically... the 'disgruntled employee' is absolute bullshit. If TABC is making investigation calls based on 'disgruntled employees' then it has become the law enforcement agency equivalent of Gladys Kravitz. As such, it would need to be dismantled post haste and it's responsibilities handed over to a more professional organization like DPS (I say that, not at all, tongue and cheek because the problems at DPS are exclusive to the shitty leadership at the top and for that, we have to blame 39%).

So, how about we start at the beginning with some real answers and find out if any of the TABC officers involved have a history of being overly aggressive during raids. Let's really look at this and see if there are patterns. I and many others want to know why this bar was raided after being open for a week. No vague BS, real answers.

Either that or sooner or later some of you are going to fry. Had any of you pulled this shit on Sixth Street here in Austin, you'd have been gone within days. What these agents have done calls into question the integrity of an entire state agency.

Posted by mcblogger at July 7, 2009 12:42 PM

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