July 07, 2009

Healthcare Reform and Reality

Unlike the HillaryCare fiasco in the '90's, the hardest hitting ads are coming from groups that support the public option plan. And they're targeting weak, insurance defending Dems in the Senate, like Sen. Blanche Lincoln...

The HYSTERICAL thing about this is that ole Blanche thinks that private insurance can't compete with a government run program, which it can't because the private insurance companies can't compete with that kind of efficiency. Forget about the bs arguments from the R's, look at the numbers. SG&A for an insurer is 30+%, for Medicare it's 3%. The President also made a point about this.

Oh, and on the subject of the 'private market', in Sen. Lincoln's state of Arkansas, one insurer controls 75% of the health insurance market. It is any wonder that premiums there have increased more the 500%? No, because you have a monopoly in Arkansas and the company is squeezing the market dry.

But McBlogger, I hear you thinking... What if that one insurer is just sooo awesome that they naturally own the market? What if the other companies are actually more expensive? Well, that would depend on hospital ownership and service provider (doctors, clinic, etc). In other words, not all insurers get the same price especially when one of them OWNS the hospital.

A true public competitor, an insurer that's open to everyone and run by the government, is what we need and I agree with Krugman... any option that doesn't include this is doomed to failure and we'll be stuck in the same mess. Eye on Williamson happens to think the same thing. It's funny how smart people usually come to the same conclusions.

Posted by mcblogger at July 7, 2009 09:44 AM

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