June 30, 2009

The Special : Two items worth noting

First item worth noting, this piece from Kronberg regarding what Dunnam is thinking of in terms of a proper duration for the Special...


Wants to be clear on CDA reauthorizations; otherwise plans to expedite speedy session

The Austin rumor mill continues to churn about grand plans by House Democrats to throw a little sand into the gears of the special session.

Not so says House Democratic Leader Jim Dunnam.

"I met with Armbrister and Morrisey on another matter yesterday. I told Armbrister that while we want to be sure we understand what is in the CDA re-authorizations, we were ready to make the session go smoothly."

Dunnam added, "Of course we would like to see CHIP, unemployment insurance and TDI added to the call but we don't have any control over that."

Then there was this in the Statesman on how Sen. Nichols' zeal for open ended CDA renewal could lead us to a much longer session. My question is, simply, CAN WE JUST END THESE AND MOVE ON? The Republicans want CDA's. The Republicans want privatization. The Democrats might be OK with some of it if they know what's going on in the contracts?

Seriously, Rep. Dunnam? The fact that every time y'all vote to continue this garbage it ends up leading to a larger clusterfuck isn't enough of a clue that maybe, just maybe, y'all should just go ahead and be intransigent on the whole thing?

This is a cut and dry issue. Privatization of infrastructure is not an acceptable solution. And now, ahead of an election year, is not the time to play bipartisanship with right wing lunatics like Sen. Nichols. Not when even people in his own district are shopping for primary and general opponents for him.

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