June 09, 2009

Process over principle

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Texas Monthly list of the best and worst from the 2009 Session. Two things are clear and the first is that Burka is in LOVE with Sen. Carona, possibly because they share a tailor. The second is that Burka is in love with process over any real substance. There was the Voter ID bullshit which killed the session and earned Rep. Dunnam a spot on the worst list. Burka would have been OK if Dunnam and the Democrats (and a few Republicans) had just accepted a de facto poll tax since then some more legislation could have passed (mostly bad along with some good).

This part, though, really takes the cake...

David Leibowitz, Democrat, San Antonio

For undermining TxDOT reform efforts with a silly proposal for elected highway commissioners.

Silly? Oh, fuckall, Paul. What are you worried about, the politicization of TXDOT? It's already happened, pal. Not to mention that an appointed board is completely disinterested in what the people of the state actually want but all too eager to fall over themselves to deliver what 39% and his contributors want, namely massive privatization and taxpayers handouts until the end of time.

There ARE worse things then letting a session go up in flames. Dunnam, Leibowitz and every other legislator that supported the scuttling of the session deserve the thanks of all Texans for doing what Speaker Straus didn't have the goddamn huevos to do. If you can't understand that, Paul, then you should turn in your credentials and start writing your book.

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