June 26, 2009

Jonah Goldberg : I want to cut off the Ayatollah's head

Jonah is also unhappy that Obama isn't willing to 'do more' to aid the protesters in Iran. Of course, he doesn't go into specifics, just assaults the President's efforts to keep us out of a third theater of combat operations.

That's the problem with someone like Goldberg. He sits in the shadows, carping and sniping, offering no real solutions. Which is appropriate since he has none.

The funniest thing about the Republicans chastising President Obama for not working harder to 'end the regime' is how it betrays their ignorance of Iran...

If the forces of reform and democracy win, Obama's plan to negotiate with the regime is moot, for the regime will be gone. And if the forces of reform are crushed into submission by the regime, Obama's plan is moot, because the regime will still be there.

Iran is a REPUBLIC with DEMOCRATICALLY elected leaders. The regime is supported by the majority of Iranians who truly believe in the Islamic Republic, despite the corruption of the theocrats who sit atop the state. Most of the protesters don't want to end the Islamic Republic... they're just pissed their candidate didn't win.

Which reminds me of Mr. Goldberg and his gang here in the US.

Posted by mcblogger at June 26, 2009 08:50 AM

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