June 14, 2009

Having some fun with Rep. Berman

A friend in Tyler (yes, there are friends of McBlogger in East Texas... when I told you I had people everywhere, I wasn't lying) called recently to chat and I casually asked him about former Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber's announcement/non-announcement that he'll run for Rep. Berman's seat should old Leo really take his long awaited dive off the deep end and make a move toward the Gub race. The source told me that Leo is prevaricating a little on his decision to run, basing it entirely off his ability to raise money for the inevitably brutal Republican primary.

There is something funny in all this as the R base really doesn't like Perry. From the HPV vaccine to the TTC, he's burned some bridges while Leo has become well known and respected by the mouthbreathers who make up the Republican socio-conservative base. With that support in place, Leo could reasonably run a race without much money and prove a serious threat to Perry and Kay Bailey. And Perry is, evidently, worried and working feverishly to get him not to run.

The funny part is, according to my source in Tyler, Seeber is going to run regardless of Berman's decision to enter the Governors race. And he's doing it with a lot of institutional support. Which makes me wonder if Leo even knows he's being shown the door.

Posted by mcblogger at June 14, 2009 02:26 PM

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