May 04, 2009

I Believe I Smell A Wagging Dog: Slam Poetry Night At The Crazy House

Some wag observed that it used to be said that a million monkeys typing randomly might produce King Lear by sheer chance; thanks to the Internet we now know that isn't true.

However, if one peruses the comments sections on news sites, one does come across gems which, while they might not measure up to the Bard of Avon's work, could do service on Poetry Night at the local looney bin.

Orwell's gang littering themselves all over the place.
No hope while everyone stands idly by-
these are the spawnings of genocide and greed.
When will these jackals answer for themselves??
Indian blood will forever cry from the ground
for the absolute blasphemy these "men" and oh yes,
these "women" have done to our people and land.
Government?? Criminals and liars.
Wasichu! Read a book America!!!!!!!
or listen to TVZ for Christ's sake...

"I don't mind a good knife fight," he said.
------ er, ¿quien es mas macho?
welcome home "house of death" juan.
¿sleeping well?

You’ll only take 1!
But there are 12 million that need you.
I don’t listen to AM radio- it’s mostly in Spanish.

Oh for goodness sakes, you “green” people pipe down.
There’s plenty of that left - the mall is surrounded by trees.
What they need is a Cinnabun and one of them pretzel places.
I’ve been telling the manager that for months.
They could have saved themselves already.
Maybe it’s not too late…

just like the business environment.
the keys to success are:
don't speak unless spoken to,
don't question authority,
and do trust the decision-makers.
wearing suits to cover up incompetency
and laziness is also highly suggested

I wish all mean people would die.
I am so sick of mean people.
You are not cute, you are mean.

benny2, why don't you include,
the bush's the rageans
the 'chenny', 'rush',
ricky p,you moron

Oh my sweet God!
What did Texas do
to deserve such a fool
as Rick Perry
for governor?

Psy Ops of the most desperate order.
Have you been adequately distracted from the Queen's Bankers?
And, That Iranian stooge is here to keep that Israeli game going.
Left to our own devices, we wouldn't care at all what happens in or to the UK or Israel
Yes, it's all about the wealth they steal from Americans by controlling our Media, Government and Currency.
And now YouTube, my last refuge is gone.

Dream on.
I'm gonna reboot & see whats happens

Keep your heads up Austinians.
I believe I smell a wagging dog.
Watch the state cap. and D.C. carefully
also one might have to really dig through
the cooperative news media
(sorry Austin that includes the American-Statesman)
to find what is really out there in the fog,
there must be something in the wings
our elected "statesmen"
and newly appointed rock star
don't want us to see.
All hail the Czar!

the the shoes are droping
more everyday and the more
the steels and limbaughs
and the morons on fox news
keep it up they will keep
droping things has change
and they can't stand the idea
that people have woke up

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at May 4, 2009 01:03 PM

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