April 30, 2009

We must burn the infected in a cleansing fire

Apparently, now there is someone with a case of swine flu in Austin. Please, rush to get masks and panic. Oh, it would also be super if you stayed away from work, the grocery store and, well, everything else.

With a probable case of swine flu reported Wednesday at the Lucy Read Pre-Kindergarten Demonstration School in Austin, local officials held a news conference to activate their office of emergency management to monitor swine flu and gather information about it. The office will be open, for now, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will monitor and share information with agencies that include schools, law enforcement and health officials. Officials said they expect to see more cases of swine flu, and one reason is because they are looking for it.

And then there's the obligatory moto quote...

"I think there's a natural paranoid-type reaction," said Dr. Steve Berkowitz, chief medical officer at St. David's HealthCare, which operates hospitals in Travis and Williamson counties. But "there have been some horrendous epidemics in the past, and how do we know this will not be one of them? Of course, we really don't."

Berkowitz said the closing of Lucy Read in Austin was "very appropriate" and "smart." He and others said they expect the child's case to be confirmed soon.

No, Dr. Son Of Sam's Brother, no we don't know if this will be yet another horrendous epidemic which makes us even MORE paranoid. Can't imagine why, with such solid public health information, we'd be soooo paranoid. With speculation about how bad this could be coming from doctors, is it any wonder the masks will soon be out?

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