April 29, 2009

uhm, yeah, but not so much

PW has a nice piece up on the number of whackjob R's in Texas who think we should secede. However, that's not the important piece...

The 2010 Texas gubernatorial race is no contest for Democrats, with either Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) easily beating Tom Schieffer (D).

This really comes as no surprise given that both Hutchison and Perry are well known in the state and Schieffer is unknown by 63% of the state. The striking thing was that quotas were assigned by registration, but the problem is we don't register party affiliation in Texas. Which means they're probably going off general election results when they should be going off 08 primary rolls. Wanna bet the numbers would have been a little different?

While we're still undecided on the 2010 D gubernatorial primary, we will say this... Schieffer, if he runs a tight, aggressive campaign, can beat either R. Perry because he's a douche and with the right pressure he'll collapse. Underneath the hair and bravado, there's nothing... no real conviction, no real faith in himself or the people of this State. Hutchison because she's a nitwit who can't make up her mind and will fall apart with a serious opponent... or show the world what an asshole she really is.

Burka's agitating for her switch parties. Were she to do that, she would win a hardfought Democratic Primary and then win overwhelmingly in the general. Not that I'm happy about it, but that's the way it would roll.

But Sen. Hutchison won't do that. Dead-enders never realize, until it's too late, that is what they are.

Posted by mcblogger at April 29, 2009 03:04 PM

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