April 19, 2009

Susan Roesgen ROCKS!

Take a moment to watch this clip of Susan during her time at the teabagging event in Chicago which FOX edited to make it look just the way they wanted to line her up for attack

The FOX anchor is really classic when she talks about the bipartisan nature of the protests (they weren't... it was Republicans only) and about the lie that they were grassroots events. We already know that was lie.

And the asshole from MRC talking about the oral sex jokes simply is too stupid for words. After all, CNN and MSNBC didn't chose the word TEABAGGER to describe the protesters. It was Rep. Dick Armey who thought it was a great idea in some kind of weirdo Freudian slip.

Now, Susan was trying, even in this clip, to get the guy to state his point. Which he never really did and not because Susan interrupted him. The fact of the matter is that he had NO POINT (and, to that dumbass, LINCOLN WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO ASSES AN INCOME TAX). Neither did the crazy bitch in this video when she started ranting about not liking the way the government was spending 'her' money. Join the club, freakshow. I was pissed as hell at Bush and the Republicans for sinking us into a $3 trillion dollar hole in Iraq.

Freakshow woman also got on Susan's ass for not talking to the normal people like her. Thing is, she's not any more normal or stable than this nutjob. Additionally, the media usually focuses on the wackier elements at a protest. How many times at a progressive event int he last 10 years have we seen signs to FREE MUMIA. Protests bring out the crazies.

And those WERE the people teabagging this week. Not normal folks, crazies who think they know what they are talking about but, in reality, haven't a clue. How do I know? Watch as they go apoplectic when, in response to their statement that the income tax isn't constitutional, you politely point out that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made it constitutional.

Seriously, try it some time and then be prepared to wipe the spittle off your face.

Posted by mcblogger at April 19, 2009 01:54 PM

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The teabaggers were bipartisan: republican and Monster Raving Loony Party.

Posted by: Mayor McSleaze [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 19, 2009 02:56 PM

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