March 19, 2009

Karl Rove talks the walk

In response to: Obama Gives the GOP an Opening by Karl Rove

Mr. Rove,

Don't you think you are "jumping the gun" re: Obama since the man has been President for a mere 2 months?

Considering that the GOP wants Obama to fail as President and from day 1 has erected a stone wall regarding communications with the President and his administration, isn't it a bit unrealistic to proclaim that Obama has gone against his campaign pledge to bridge the partisan gap and work with Republicans? It does take 2 to tango, does it not?

In reality, should Republicans and Democrats work and play well together for the next 4 years isn't that a death certificate for the GOP's chances to seize power in the 2012 Presidential Election? Isn't that really what you and the party are hoping to avoid? Could it be that this is the reason for all the tension and animosity on Capitol Hill? It takes more than one man in power to generate open communication across battle lines.

As for spending more tax dollars and increasing the national debt, is it not the very reason for doing so a direct cause of the Bush administration's lack of good management skills, special interest pandering and lust for profiteering? After all, did not the Bush administration give corporate America everything it wanted, including significant deregulation, easy credit and unprecedented revenues? And still our economy failed?

Finally, we all know about the Bush years. They are documented historically. In a strong economy that administration set the pace for a trillion dollar deficit, a breeding ground for corruptive influences and the significant means for a crumbling decay of our economy. The final days of Bush were focused on bailing out Wall Street and financial markets due to 8 years of robbing the poor to give to the rich.

Blaming Obama for our current ills is NOT going to change the last 8 years of American history.

Your article is an obvious attempt to undermine the current administration's efforts to slow the economic downtrend and bring back financial markets, uplift the economy and spur on employment. In addition, your not so veiled intent to persuade Americans to reject the new President's vision, promises and actions highlights the attempt by the GOP to maneuver itself into a hill-top position to seize-back control in 2012.

Nice try, but I believe most Americans won't buy it.


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Posted by pstern at March 19, 2009 10:44 AM

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