March 02, 2009

Dregs : Van de Putte, 39% waffles and more

  • It looks like Sen. Van de Putte has a some nice support out there urging her on to run for Governor.

    1)She's a strong, positive, progressive Democrat, period. She's concise and pointed when she speaks about our failed current public officials but not nasty or divisive. Working families are her natural constituency and she resonates incredibly well with them. On every important issue for Democrats, she's on the mark and then some, with the legislative record and advocacy history to back it all up - without reservations, asterisks, or apologies. To top it all off, she's effective at her job and serves her constituents well. Think about what a breath of fresh air that would be - not just for us as activists, but for thousands of like-minded Texans who have given up on the Texas Democrats ever having the cojones (ganas?) to make it worth showing up at the polls for them. Our lack of a clear and concise message, coupled with an abject fear of wielding real money to hard-sell plausible outcomes to a statewide audience, has cost us the respect of a generation of Texas voters and led to our marginalization as a statewide party. LVdP doesn't come from timid stock and isn't content to wander in the wilderness of either the Bill Whites or the David Van Oses. She'll tell it on the mountain and the Valley, clearly and convincingly, and while I don't know this for sure, I'd bet she'd be glad to spend the jack to get it out there in something 50% of Texas voters can relate to and digest easily.
  • I continue to hope she'll run for Lt. Gov.

  • While bank lending has declined, it's held up relatively well. What hasn't is the securitization market which is larger than bank lending. And here's the plan to get it going again. I don't think the mechanism is good... what we really need to is to guarantee existing securitizations instead of cramming them down. Plus, this puts taxpayers in a prime loss position without much reward. Always a treat.
  • The stimulus package included money for high speed rail. While there's no plan for a train from LA to Vegas, there are two lines for Texas.
  • Censure Leo Berman!
  • Deficit hawks are attacking entitlements. As it turns out, while something needs to be done, it's rather more minor than Peter Peterson (who first served in government during the Nixon Administration which, of course, speaks volumes) would have you believe. Y'all already knew that but it's always nice to hear it again.

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