March 02, 2009

College Students Soon Carrying Concealed Weapons?

What's in the drinking water at the Texas Capitol?

Texas House Rep. Joe Driver and Sen. Jeff Wentworth are pushing a legislative bill that will permit college students to carry concealed weapon on campus. We're supposed to buy into the bill because the caveat is that a person must be 21 to carry a weapon.

While I believe in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, this has to be one of the craziest bill to come before the Texas Congress. Concealed weapons in our learning centers? These 2 men may have some serious mental health issues.


printed by Fox news:

Students Could Carry
Guns on Campus

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- While UT students were passing the day catching a few rays, at the state capitol, Representative Joe Driver was working to pass a new law to allow guns on college campuses.

"What we are saying, 2nd Amendment rights people that have a concealed license, can help stop a situation, but mainly to protect themselves," said Rep. Joe Driver.

Driver, a Republican from Garland, along with State Senator Jeff Wentworth from San Antonio, say the rampage two years ago at Virginia Tech justifies the need for the legislation.

"The criminals realize those are gun free zones, they'll have no opposition if they want to go there and cause problems," said Driver.

With that in mind, Texas State students continue to hold whats called empty holster rallies, wanting to concealed guns to be allowed on campus. A little more than 40 years ago, 14 people were killed here at the University of Texas. Despite the memory of the Clock Tower Shooting, faculty and students have passed resolutions opposing campus carry legislation. John Woods is leading the effort at UT.

"Yeah, its a terrible idea," said Woods.

John Woods, who is a graduate student at UT, also wears a Virginia Tech ring. He does it not just for the degree he got there, but also to honor his friends who were among those killed in the 2007 attack.

"I still feel like Im fighting for all of them" said Woods.

He does not believe armed students and faculty then would have made a difference at Virginia Tech. He says arming campuses now will not help.

"I think the gun only helps the aggressor, the person who starts it," said Woods

Almost 100,000 people currently have gun permits in Texas. Representative driver says those who believe his plan will turn campuses into armed camps just do not understand the law.

"Because they have a child probably sitting in a movie theater with somebody thats packing a gun," said Driver.

Concealed gun permit holders must be 21 years or older. That would limit those with a gun legally on a campus- other than visitors, to faculty members and graduate students.

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